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Fri Mar 21 17:09:20 2014 UTClccn-n810425450.00Adelaide Symphony Orchestra : [concert program], 1980, Adelaide Festival Theatre0.241.00Allen J. Winigrad slides of performing artists,29717952James_Galwayn 81042545588137Galway, JamesJames GahayJames GalawaySir James GalwayГэлуэй, Джеймс, 1939-ゴールウェイ, ジェイムズゴールウェイ, ジェームズlccn-n83045946Polytel Filmprdlccn-n80050316Films for the Humanities (Firm)lccn-n81129956Moll, Philliparrprfadppfredtitrlccn-n80117399Bailey, Derekproausdrtlccn-n80022788Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus1756-1791cmplccn-n81018168National Philharmonic Orchestra (Great Britain)prfitrmuslccn-n81139111Stoltzman, Richardprfitrlccn-n87121687Chieftainsprfitrmusvoclccn-n79047638Canadian Brassprfitrmuslccn-n83139639Robles, MarisacndprfitrGalway, JamesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHistoryMusical settingsMusicInteractive multimediaMotion picture musicNew Age musicPopular musicMusic--Instruction and studyMotion picture musicFlute with orchestra, ArrangedChristmas musicFluteFlute with orchestraIrelandFlute playersConcertos (Flute)Galway, JamesMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,AustriaCarolsFolk musicUnited StatesPopular instrumental musicPatriotic musicHymns, EnglishSeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Flute with instrumental ensembleChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestraChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), UnaccompaniedFlute music, ArrangedInstrumental musicFlute musicElectronic musicConcertos (Flute and harp)Folk dance musicPopular musicConcertos (Flute), ArrangedCarols--Instrumental settingsJazzFlute with string orchestraBrass quintets (Horn, trombone, trumpets (2), tuba), ArrangedInstrumental ensembles, ArrangedSongs (High voice) with brass ensembleCanons, fugues, etc. (Horn, trombone, trumpets (2), tuba), ArrangedCanons, fugues, etc. (String orchestra), ArrangedVariations (String quartet)String quartets, ArrangedCanons, fugues, etc. (Chamber orchestra), ArrangedCeltic musicComposersConcertosOrchestral musicCantatasOverturesSonatasMinuetsOperas193919551967196919711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133437113442688780.9ML160ocn048672834ocn024655801ocn018667121ocn031382722ocn016699476ocn036886748ocn037435403ocn024656158ocn030057104ocn071800596ocn025524754ocn023959485ocn017490157ocn032366789ocn038544620ocn026125021ocn049673817ocn040949702ocn004334980ocn038155299ocn015651304ocn811258300ocn014759540ocn013244780ocn406229614ocn017229717ocn019235474ocn021623731ocn012916710ocn025103925ocn016699476ocn014759540ocn042060519ocn016084485ocn014519041ocn013654794ocn028560052ocn012916494ocn024679700ocn043574775ocn263170251ocn263030859ocn056934800ocn269003568ocn270756047ocn263035104ocn270750998ocn268694296ocn263097854ocn263166147ocn033454219ocn013426850ocn724481006ocn751773285ocn725468564ocn725076421ocn725555282ocn724552355ocn724848524ocn725553983ocn065182535ocn055860269ocn232642948ocn079469624ocn233715489ocn313570935ocn813557586ocn813557611ocn813557603ocn780520489ocn659107888ocn659107829ocn813557573ocn813557525ocn780600950ocn263166498ocn691794185ocn760114270ocn743016876122813ocn008553784book19820.24Mann, WilliamJames Galway's music in timeCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents a chronological approach to music, featuring biographical material on the famous musicians of successive years111812ocn009827579book19820.27Galway, JamesFluteHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+286735623681812ocn053785061rcrd20020.18Shore, HowardThe lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring original motion picture soundtrackInteractive multimediaMusical settingsMusicMotion picture musicNew Age musicPopular musicSome lyrics on container insert. Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore7231ocn048672834rcrd20010.17American anthem songs and hymns" ... A collection of heartfelt songs and hymns commemorating the victims of our nation's tragedy [i.e. terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001]"--Container6523ocn035124502visu19950.18Wolfgang MozartBiographyMozart scholars paint a portrait of the outcast master whose work would revolutionize nearly every area of music. Includes performances of Mozart's works by conductor Zubin Mehta, violinist Isaac Stern and flutist James Galway58419ocn016699476rcrd19860.17Galway, JamesJames Galway's Christmas carol47123ocn036886748rcrd19730.24Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusJames Galway, Mozart4096ocn024655801rcrd19910.16Galway, JamesThe wind beneath my wings40513ocn015633238rcrd19860.19Galway, JamesIn IrelandMusic4047ocn031382722rcrd19940.18Canadian BrassNoël4004ocn027231958rcrd19900.81Lazarof, HenriMusic of Henri Lazarof39413ocn018667121rcrd19880.17Galway, JamesGreatest hits36010ocn034269796rcrd19960.17Galway, JamesThe Celtic minstrelMusic3581ocn025524754rcrd19920.18The Bells of St. Genevieve and other Baroque delights31913ocn025204149rcrd19770.23Galway, JamesAnnie's song and other Galway favorites30610ocn017490157rcrd19870.37Corigliano, JohnPied Piper fantasy Voyage : for flute and string orchestra3031ocn023959485rcrd19910.21Pachelbel, JohannPachelbel's greatest hit Canon in D28910ocn011950787visu19820.39Music in timeCriticism, interpretation, etcIntroduction to music in the Western World. James Galway demonstrates how ageless and universal is the human impulse to make music, and how logical and natural has been the development of Western music. Covers music from Gregorian chant to the present2858ocn030057104rcrd19810.19Galway, JamesPachelbel canon & other Baroque favorites2783ocn035745445rcrd19960.14Celtic Christmas II a Windham Hill collectionTraditional songs and music performed by Irish, Galician and Scottish musicians5385ocn004641844book19780.28Galway, JamesAn autobiographyBiography3824ocn319498900book20090.24Galway, JamesThe man with the golden flute : Sir James, a Celtic minstrelBiography"The internationally acclaimed, widely beloved flutist reflects on his storied career. Flutist Sir James Galway is one of the top musicians of our time, with a dazzling career that has spanned five decades and many genres of music. Now he celebrates his seventieth birthday with a look back on his incredible career, during which he has traveled around the world many times over and made countless friends, including legends from the worlds of classical and popular music. He reflects on the challenges he faced coming from the harsh environs of working-class Belfast and making the decision to go solo as a flutist, as well as the triumphs as made his way to top of his profession. Offers a rare, personal glimpse at the life of a modern musical master whose work has ranged across the musical spectrum with collaborators as diverse as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Chieftains, and Pink Floyd Includes delightful stories from Galway's career of more than fifty years Shares the challenges of touring and of melding public and private life. By turns witty and informative, engaging and inspiring, The Man with the Golden Flute is a captivating read for fans of James Galway and his music"--Provided by publisher+-+7648505295463ocn152387797book19780.19Galway, JamesJames Galway : an autobiographyBiography91ocn527355829book19900.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources51ocn053746922book19900.23Epstein, HelenPropos de musiciens51ocn017707698book19810.92Galway, JamesMA VIE DE FLUTISTEBiography11ocn861935611bookJames Galway : [concert program], 1986, Adelaide Festival TheatreThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation presents James Galway on flute with associate artist Phillip Moll on piano at the Adelaide Festival Theatre on October 11, 198611ocn219943091rcrd1984Galway, JamesJames Galway an autobiographyBiography11ocn258026193book19780.10Galway, JamesJames Galway. An autobiography. 2. edBiography11ocn317802988visu19820.47The turn of the centuryCriticism, interpretation, etcJames Galway looks at development of music in the early 1900's when an interest in the exotic East was expressed in operas by Gilbert and Sullivan and Puccini. Also discusses Debussy, Mahler, Schoenberg, Wagner and Strauss11ocn656593667visu1.00Winigrad, Allen JAllen J. Winigrad slides of performing artistsA collection of 35mm, color, mounted transparencies, depicting over 100 musical and dance artists in rehearsal either at the Mann Music Center or the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York11ocn063643158book19811.00London Artistswith Eugene OrmandyComprises 1 item from Michael Emmerson concerning James Galway and 1 item from Ormandy or his representative11ocn861917339bookAdelaide Symphony Orchestra : [concert program], 1980, Adelaide Festival TheatreSoloist: James Galway11ocn317802990visu19820.47War & peaceCriticism, interpretation, etcExamines how the First World War and events leading up to the Second World War changed the course of musical history. Presents ragtime, jazz and avant-garde works by Elgar, Satie, Scott Joplin, Prokofiev, Berlin, Ravel, Kurt Weil, Bartok, Shostakovitch and Britten11ocn084978652mix1.00Winigrad, Allen JAllen J. Winigrad photographs of performing artistsA collection of Cibachrome prints, ranging in size from 6 X 6.5 inches to 11 X 14 inches, depicting over 100 musical and dance artists in rehearsal either at the Mann Music Center or the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York11ocn038553336visu19910.10James Galway at 50 a portrait of James Galway with I Solisti Veneti conducted by Claudio ScimoneBiographyThis program celebrates the life and art of one of the greatest classical flute performers and most memorable personalities of our time. At 50, he is still an artist at his peak who has transcended the classical genre and recorded many bestselling albums01ocn317336070visu1982The sounds of musicCriticism, interpretation, etcAn introduction to western music with James Galway. He takes us backwards through time to demonstrate how ageless and universal is the impulse to make music01ocn317336073visu1982Royal patronage & renaissanceCriticism, interpretation, etcAn overview of the music of the Renaissance where court sponsorship helped composers and performers bridge the gap between sacred and secular music. With James Galway01ocn317802991visu1982Today & tomorrowCriticism, interpretation, etcJames Galway devotes this programme to the music of the present. Listen to compositions by Lennon and McCartney Varèse, Stravinsky, Copland, Tippett, Webern, Stockhausen, Boulez, Berio, Ligeti, Nono, Henze and Cage01ocn317336084visu1982Nationalism & revolutionCriticism, interpretation, etcHighlights four composers associated with nationalism : Berlioz, Liszt, Verdi and Wagner. With James Galway+-+2867356236+-+2867356236Fri Mar 21 15:44:11 EDT 2014batch57844