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Fri Mar 21 17:06:23 2014 UTClccn-n820116120.50From log-cabin to the White House: Life of James A. Garfield0.620.97Blaine against free coinage at 16-1 : speech of Hon. James G. Blaine, of Maine, in the Senate of the United States, February 7th, 187815566890James_G._Blainen 82011612708886Blaine, James G.Blaine, James G. 1830-1893Blaine, Jas. G.Blaine, Jas. G. (James Gillespie), 1830-1893lccn-n79072806Logan, John Alexander1826-1886lccn-n88041990Healy, David1926-lccn-n50015182Garfield, James A.(James Abram)1831-1881lccn-n85155670Stanwood, Edward1841-1923lccn-n80013437Sherman, William T.(William Tecumseh)1820-1891lccn-n89620530Muzzey, David Saville1870-1965lccn-n87896841Tyler, Alice Felt1892-lccn-n50026594Harrison, Benjamin1833-1901lccn-n80079701McKinley, William1843-1901lccn-n50026247Hamilton, Gail1833-1896Blaine, James Gillespie1830-1893HistoryBiographySpeeches in CongressJuvenile worksPersonal narrativesSermonsFictionBlaine, James Gillespie,United StatesPolitical scienceInternational relationsGarfield, James A.--(James Abram),Latin AmericaSherman, William T.--(William Tecumseh),American Civil War (1861-1865)Lincoln, Abraham,McKinley, William,GeneralsLogan, John Alexander,PoliticiansCabinet officersPresidentsStatesmenRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Conkling, Roscoe,United States.--CongressAmericaDiscoveries in geographyColumbus, ChristopherWorld's Columbian ExpositionTariffUnited States.--ArmySeverance, Luther,Harrison, Benjamin,Reid, Whitelaw,Silver questionAmnestyDavis, Jefferson,Constitution (United States)Finance, PublicMilitary campaignsFree tradeProtectionismDummies (Bookselling)Cleveland, Grover,Currency questionDiscovery and exploration, SpanishSouthern StatesPresidents--AssassinationImperialismAfrican AmericansLogan, John APresidential candidatesTaxationRevenuePolitical partiesCampaign biography18301893184818561860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187418751876187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618981900190219031904190519061908190919141915191719191921192419271928193019311932193319341935193719381940194119431945195019521955195819591960196219631965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119861987198919901991199219941995199819992000200120022003200420052006200720092010201120132014162639231594973.7E664.B6ocn14658886556019ocn000224628book18910.53Sherman, William TMemoirs of Gen. W.T. ShermanHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives+-+K23636730652113ocn000445582book18870.66Blaine, James GillespiePolitical discussions, legislative, diplomatic, and popular, 1856-188648210ocn001836025book19400.66Harrison, BenjaminThe correspondence between Benjamin Harrison and James G. Blaine, 1882-189346410ocn002103711book19030.56United StatesMemorial addresses delivered before the two houses of Congress on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinleySermons25517ocn009543777book18840.53Blaine, James GillespieTwenty years of Congress : from Lincoln to Garfield ; with a review of the events which led to the political revolution of 1860History2245ocn000378585book18820.70Blaine, James GillespieJames A. Garfield. Memorial address pronounced in the Hall of Representatives, February 27, 1882, before the departments of the government of the United StatesBiography+-+50165090663241715ocn070746785com19990.56Sherman, William TMemoirs of Gen. W.T. ShermanBiography+-+33363673061665ocn070767462com19990.56Sherman, William TMemoirs of Gen. W.T. ShermanBiography+-+K23636730612821ocn000423755book18920.66Columbus and Columbia : a pictorial history of the man and the nation : embracing a review of our country's progress, a complete history of America, a new life of Columbus, and an illustrated description of the Great Columbian ExpositionHistory907ocn002066456book18820.66Blaine, James GillespieEulogy on James Abram GarfieldSpeeches in Congress+-+8821209066324837ocn123390327book18560.86Blaine, James GillespieMemoir of Luther Severance806ocn001947942book18820.76Messaros, WaldoLife of Gen. Benjamin Harrison. A full account of his ancestry ... and recent political triumphs, with a sketch of the life and public services of Whitelaw Reid, together with both sides of the question; protection and free tradeBiography644ocn004539431book18760.88Blaine, James GillespieJefferson Davis amnesty552ocn000823124book18820.86Blaine, James GillespieMemorial address on the life and character of James Abram Garfield : delivered before both houses of Congress, at their request, in the hall of the House of Representatives497ocn021892061book18820.50Thayer, William MFrom log-cabin to the White House: Life of James A. GarfieldJuvenile worksBiographyFiction353ocn005582813book18900.90Both sides of the tariff question, by the world's leading men. With portraits and biographical notices354ocn016098197book18960.97Blaine, James GillespieBlaine against free coinage at 16-1 : speech of Hon. James G. Blaine, of Maine, in the Senate of the United States, February 7th, 1878Speeches in Congress312ocn004717119book18880.94Cleveland, GroverWhat shall we do with it? (meaning the surplus): taxation and revenue discussedHistory304ocn016098452book18960.97Blaine and Reed on silver : James G. Blaine in 1878, Thomas B. Reed in 1896271ocn006797260book18920.90Life of Hon. Grover Cleveland, ex-president, U.S.A. : a full account of his ancestry, boyhood, early struggles, recent political triumphs, marriage, and home life : with a sketch of the life and public services of Hon. Adlai E. Stevenson, ex-first assistant postmaster-general, together with the "Gladstone-Blaine controversy"12513ocn056476656file20010.53Healy, DavidJames G. Blaine and Latin America"The result is a deeper understanding of Blaine's ambitious vision for his country's international role, his energy and aggressiveness in moving to achieve that vision, and his effective efforts to transmit his worldview to the public. Blaine's emphasis on the importance of Latin America to the United States and his conviction that his country should be a world power influenced a new generation of leaders who, at the end of the century, would go beyond his goals and usher in a new era."--BOOK JACKET+-+K92867173512336ocn004560136book0.53Blaine, James GillespieTwenty years of Congress : from Lincoln to Garfield ; with a review of the events which led to the political revolution of 1860History113820ocn006575416book19050.56Stanwood, EdwardJames Gillespie BlaineHistoryBiography88911ocn000656771book19340.53Muzzey, David SavilleJames G. Blaine, a political idol of other days6696ocn000585774book19270.63Tyler, Alice FeltThe foreign policy of James G. Blaine55210ocn000375072book18950.59Hamilton, GailBiography of James G. BlaineBiography+-+53061426963244113ocn000836440book19310.63Russell, Charles EdwardBlaine of Maine; his life and times3213ocn040996185book19990.70Crapol, Edward PJames G. Blaine : architect of empireHistoryBiography"Though Sor Juana's work as a poet and intellectual has received increasing attention in the last decade, writing about her has rarely taken into account her role as dramatist. Guillermo Schmidhuber helps correct this critical imbalance by examining Sor Juana's plays in light of dramatic theory. He finds elements of both mannerist and baroque theatre in her work, sometimes both within the same play."--Jacket+-+095175793530533ocn000729663book18930.66Ridpath, John ClarkLife and work of James G. BlaineHistoryBiography, chiefly political and historical, of James Gillespie Blaine (1830-1893). He was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and married Harriet Stanwood in 1851, subsequently changing his permanent location to Augusta, Maine (her home state). Blaine served in Congress before and after the Civil War, coming to be the Speaker of the House. He later served in the Senate, and was twice Secretary of State. He sought the Republican presidential nomination various times, received it once, and was defeated2854ocn060713545com18930.86MaineMemorial addresses on the life and character of James Gillespie Blaine of Augusta (speaker of the House of Representatives of Maine in the Legislature, speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of the 41st, 42d and 43d Congress, Senator from Maine in Congress of the United States, and Secretary of State of the United States in the cabinet of Presidents Garfield and Harrison) : delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, Sixty-sixth Legislature, Jan. 31, 189325928ocn000492377book18840.76Conwell, Russell HThe life and public services of James G. Blaine, with incidents, anecdotes, and romantic events connected with his early life; containing also his speeches and important historical documents relating to his later yearsBiography2052ocn644503794file0.81Blaine, James GillespieTwenty years of Congress from Lincoln to GarfieldHistory18513ocn001372941book18930.66Crawford, Theron ClarkJames G. Blaine : a study of his life and career, from the standpoint of a personal witness of the principal events in his historyBiography17611ocn002142352book18920.79Johnson, Willis FletcherLife of James G. Blaine, "the plumed knight," editor, representative, speaker, senator, cabinet minister, diplomat and true patriot; a graphic record of his whole illustrious career, from the cradle to the graveBiography1736ocn011174734book19150.53Brigham, JohnsonBlaine, Conkling and Garfield a reminiscence and a character study1706ocn001110153book18930.70Boyd, James PLife and public services of Hon. James G. Blaine, the illustrious American orator, diplomat and statesmanBiography13826ocn003144279book18840.81Ramsdell, H. JLife and public services of Hon. James G. Blaine, the brilliant orator and sagacious statesman. The bosom friend of the lamented Garfield, and now the choice of the nation for president of the United StatesHistoryBiography12020ocn000444783book18840.66Houghton, Walter REarly life and public career of Hon. James G. BlaineBiography1044ocn001850018book19280.76Sherman, Thomas HenryTwenty years with James G. Blaine; reminiscences by his private secretary, Thomas G. ShermanBiography9813ocn001198575book18840.81Knox, Thomas WallaceThe lives of James G. Blaine and John A. Logan, Republican presidential candidates of 1884 ... also the complete history of the Republican party from its rise to the present time; the Constitution of the United States and its formation; a complete summary of the lives and deeds of all the presidents, from Washington to ArthurHistoryBiography+-+3336367306+-+3336367306Fri Mar 21 15:40:03 EDT 2014batch44151