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J.Clinton, Catherine1952-HistoryBiographyJuvenile worksPoetryRecords and correspondenceDiariesEncyclopediasAnecdotesUnited StatesWomenAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Southern StatesPlantation owners' spousesSocial aspectsSocial historySex roleFamiliesAfrican American womenUnderground RailroadTubman, Harriet,SlavesAntislavery movementsActorsGeorgiaGreat BritainKemble, Fanny,United States--Confederate States of AmericaAfrican AmericansLincoln, Mary Todd,Lincoln, Abraham,Presidents' spousesPatriarchyManners and customsSlaveholdersWomen plantation ownersFeminismAfrican American soldiersWomen--Social conditionsWomen slaves--Social conditionsAfrican American women--Social conditionsRace relationsPlantation lifeAmerican poetry--African American authorsChildren's poetry, AmericanPsychological aspectsChildrenArmed Forces--African AmericansMorris Island, Battle of (South Carolina : July 10-September 7, 1863)Military participation--African AmericanCarney, William H.,MassachusettsUnited States.--Army.--Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 54th (1863-1865)South CarolinaWheatley, Phillis,African American poetsRosenberg, Rosalind,Women's studiesActions and defenses195219731980198219841986198919911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120132719157218BE444.T82ocn470258094ocn311911001ocn466922076ocn804388936ocn816833234ocn760735160ocn615353378ocn74339963926528ocn052464742book20040.21Clinton, CatherineHarriet Tubman : the road to freedomHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the fugitive slave turned "conductor" on the Underground Railroad describes Tubman's youth in the South, her escape to Philadelphia, her efforts to liberate slaves, and her work for the Union Army+-+974996168518425ocn232977263book20090.20Clinton, CatherineMrs. Lincoln : a lifeBiographyHistorian Catherine Clinton draws on important new research to illuminate the remarkable life of Mary Lincoln. Her story is inextricably tied with her husband's presidency, yet her life is an extraordinary chronicle on its own. From an aristocratic Kentucky family, she was an educated, well-connected Southern daughter, and when she married a Springfield lawyer she became a Northern wife--an experience mirrored by thousands of her countrywomen. The Lincolns endured many personal setbacks, including the death of a child and defeats in two Senate races. Mrs. Lincoln herself suffered scorching press attacks. The assassination of her husband haunted her for the rest of her life. Her downward spiral resulted in a brief but traumatizing involuntary incarceration in an asylum and exile in Europe during her later years. One of the most tragic and mysterious of nineteenth-century figures, Mary Lincoln and her story symbolize the pain and loss of Civil War America.--From publisher description+-+5595125155177312ocn008306802book19820.28Clinton, CatherineThe plantation mistress : woman's world in the old SouthThis study of the much-mythologized Southern belle offers a serious look at the lives of white women and their harsh and restricted place in the slave society before the Civil War. Drawing on the diaries, letters, and memoirs of hundreds of planter wives and daughters, the author sets before us the daily life of the plantation mistress and her ambiguous intermediary position in the hierarchy between slave and master+-+6807729485167014ocn010348440book19840.31Clinton, CatherineThe other civil war : American women in the nineteenth centuryHistoryIn the 19th century, women were pioneers; they migrated West across the Mississippi and had a major role in settling a new and hostile land. But they also were pathbreakers in the struggle against their inferior political and economic position. They were educators and suffragists, reformers and wartime nurses, artists and physicians. Women participants forged links with the major campaigns of the century: abolition, temperance, populism, socialism. Catherine Clinton deals with the great female leaders, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the GrimkeĢ sisters, and Victoria Woodhull. In addition, she chronicles the vital efforts of countless women who waged war not only in formal campaigns but also in their personal lives. Many appear rarely in traditional books: native Americans, prostitutes, poor women, black women, lesbians. Catherine Clinton has done an admirable job of placing women within the larger framework of the century's social history.--From publisher description+-+777165453514527ocn043859392book20000.23Clinton, CatherineFanny Kemble's civil warsBiographyA British stage star turned Georgia plantation mistress, Fanny Kemble is perhaps best known as America's most unlikely abolitionist, whose passionate writings against human bondage made her a heroine of the Union cause. Irrepressible in word and deed, Kemble captured the imaginations of many famous Americans of the antebellum era. Kemble's name became permanently linked to the issue of slavery when, in 1863, she published her most famous volume, "Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation". The raw power of her words made for a powerful antislavery tract, which influenced European sentiment toward the Union cause. Passages were read aloud on the floor of the House of Commons and to cotton workers in Manchester, and the book was embraced by Northern critics as "a permanent and most valuable chapter in our history"+-+696993931513418ocn040460012book19990.39Clinton, CatherineThe Columbia guide to American women in the Nineteenth CenturyHistoryThe experience of women in the nineteenth century has generated a lot of research in recent decades. This book presents recent scholarship available in a concise resource, providing thus an authoritative source of information and interpretation. The authors emphasize areas in which scholars have identified important changes (such as suffrage and reform), topics in which researchers are now making great strides (such as racial, ethnic, religious, and regional diversity), and innovative and relatively recent explorations (for example, work on female sexuality). Accessible overview articles and alphabetical encyclopedia-like entries are combined in a comprehensive volume. Part 1 contains a historiographical essay followed by a ten-chapter narrative overview. These chapters include discussions of families and households, labor and the workforce, religion and morality, feminism and equal rights, reform and voluntarism, and more. Part 2 is an A-to-Z listing of concise entries on key terms, notable figures, political movements, social and religious organizations, and legislation+-+5674566875129111ocn071323394file20060.53Clinton, CatherineBattle scars gender and sexuality in the American Civil WarHistoryAddresses how gender scholarship has changed interpretations of the Civil War. This collection examines the study of masculinity and war, expands understandings of sexuality and politics, and deals with issues of health, treason, religion, domesticity, and slavery as they affected Northern and Southern men and women during the Civil War era+-+0999260465125412ocn042649809book20000.47Clinton, CatherineSouthern families at war : loyalty and conflict in the Civil War SouthHistoryBiographyWhether it was planter patriarchs struggling to maintain authority, Jewish families coerced by Christian evangelicalism, or wives and mothers left behind to care for slaves and children, the Civil War took a terrible toll. From the bustling sidewalks of Richmond to the parched plains of the Texas frontier, from the rich Alabama black belt to the Tennessee woodlands, no corner of the South went unscathed. This volume of twelve essays provides an insight in to this watershed in American history,through the prism of the Southern family+-+093186046512406ocn064712071file19970.53The Devil's lane sex and race in the early SouthHistoryLand contested over by settlers in the early South was named "the devil's lane" with violence often befalling those who ventured there. These essays on sexuality, race and gender in the South from the 17th to 19th century, explore legal history through race, crime, punishment and slander+-+8797660465121811ocn031436313book19950.28Clinton, CatherineTara revisited : women, war & the plantation legendHistoryInvestigates the lives of Southern women during the Civil War. Includes photographs, drawings, and excerpts from letters, diaries, personal narratives, and newspaper articles+-+8406574325117010ocn022908970book19910.28Barker-Benfield, G. JPortraits of American women : from settlement to the presentBiography+-+139576046532411662ocn037980763book19980.06Clinton, CatherineI, too, sing America : three centuries of African-American poetryJuvenile worksPoetryA collection of poems by African-American writers, including Lucy Terry, Gwendolyn Bennett, and Alice Walker+-+044043048510889ocn043662238book20000.39Kemble, FannyFanny Kemble's journalsDiariesRecords and correspondence+-+K599559215104511ocn025130798book19920.39Divided houses : gender and the Civil WarHistoryDivided Houses is the first book to show how the Civil War transformed gender roles and attitudes toward sexuality among Americans. This unique volume brings together a wide spectrum of critical viewpoints by newly emerging scholars as well as distinguished authors in the field to show how gender became a prism through which the political tensions of antebellum America were filtered and focused. Through the course of the book, many fascinating subjects are explored, from new "manly" responsibilities both black and white men had thrust upon them as soldiers, to women's roles in the guerrilla fighting, to the wartime dialogue on interracial sex. In addition, an incisive introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson helps place these various subjects within an overall historical context. Divided House sheds new light on the entire Civil War experience, demonstrating how themes of gender, class, race, and sexuality interacted to forge the beginnings of a new society+-+898535046510252ocn039981229book19990.06Clinton, CatherineScholastic encyclopedia of the Civil WarHistoryJuvenile worksEncyclopediasTraces the course of the Civil War, year by year, using profiles of important people, eyewitness accounts, and period art+-+52772854057577ocn038856124book19980.24Clinton, CatherineCivil War storiesHistoryAnecdotesCivil War Stories is Catherine Clinton's fresh look at some everyday and extraordinary people whose lives were forever transformed by the impact of war. Two sisters, one a staunch defender of the Union, the other a passionate advocate of the rebel cause, are traumatized by the divide the Civil War imposes. Thousands of orphans, scattered from Maine to New Orleans, learn the hard lessons of the war at an early age. Clinton urges us to reconsider this fatherless generation's devastating losses. The war's outcome was acrimoniously contested after Appomattox. The story of two South Carolina women, one black and one white, illuminates that fires of bitterness raged even after surrender+-+03757857357142ocn042708215book20000.06Clinton, CatherineThe Black soldier : 1492 to the presentHistoryJuvenile worksChronicles the military accomplishments of African Americans who fought for the independence and preservation of the United States while struggling to be treated as equals and recognized for their valor and achievement+-+K7722104856941ocn052553734book20050.01Clinton, CatherineHold the flag highHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the Civil War battle of Morris Island, South Carolina, during which Sargeant William H. Carney became the first African American to earn a Congressional Medal of Honor by preserving the flag+-+03795051555603ocn122261972book20080.16Clinton, CatherinePhillis's big testJuvenile worksBiographyStory of Phyllis Wheatley of Boston, Mass., a slave, who published a book of poetry in 1773+-+648282361555911ocn030032966book19940.63Clinton, CatherineHalf sisters of history : southern women and the American pastHistoryLong relegated to the margins of historical research, the history of women in the American South has rightfully gained prominence as a distinguished discipline. A comprehensive and much-needed tribute to southern women's history, Half Sisters of History brings together the most important work in this field over the past twenty years.This collection of essays by pioneering scholars surveys the roots and development of southern women's history and examines the roles of white women and women of color across the boundaries of class and social status from the founding of the nation+-+214968773532412ocn232007630book1.00Rosenberg, RosalindTrials, litigation, etcCollection consists of court documents including trial dispositions, briefs, transcripts, and decisions relating to Civil Action #79-C-4373, EEOC vs. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Also Rosenberg's correspondence and articles about the case, 1985-8701ocn608767917com2009Author's hour. a lifeInterviewsCatherine Clinton discusses and signs her book "Mrs. Lincoln : A Life" in Seattle+-+9749961685+-+9749961685Fri Mar 21 15:47:27 EDT 2014batch24934