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F.--(James Farl),Corrington, John WilliamRubin, Louis D.,--Jr.--(Louis Decimus),Ong, Walter J194219681969197119721973197819821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520072008200920102011201220138930133325401.41P99ocn000579111ocn301197019ocn724975912ocn080955444ocn310652480ocn612111933ocn312150882ocn462401873ocn851846549ocn851950383ocn850071099ocn461773185179517ocn042856554file19900.47Deely, John NBasics of semiotics+-+63105780753249738ocn244768158file20010.56Deely, John NFour ages of understanding the first postmodern survey of philosophy from ancient times to the turn of the twenty-first centuryHistory+-+608295753575410ocn008306756book19820.59Deely, John NIntroducing semiotic : its history and doctrine+-+123757807565111ocn560744267file20050.50Deely, John NPurely objective realityThis volume solves the problem of the subjectivity/objectivity couplet, making an indispensable contribution both to semiotics and to philosophy. Foremost American philosopher, John Deely, offers the first sustained and theoretically consistent interrogation of the means by which human understanding of 'reality' will be instrumental in the survival - or destruction - of planet Earth+-+73532598463245968ocn000579111book19720.63Deely, John NThe problem of evolution; a study of the philosophical repercussions of evolutionary science50313ocn000664012book19710.66Deely, John NThe tradition via Heidegger; an essay on the meaning of being in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger+-+K66602975440414ocn008763839book18850.79John of St. ThomasTractatus de signis : the semiotic of John Poinsot3768ocn013094187book19860.79Frontiers in semiotics+-+16285780753459ocn030975157book19940.79Deely, John NNew beginnings : early modern philosophy and postmodern thought2219ocn026974788book19930.86Deely, John NThe human use of signs, or, Elements of anthroposemiosis2146ocn043706642book20020.81Deely, John NWhat distinguishes human understanding?"Provoked by the remark of a colleague that, could this promissory note be fulfilled, it would provide "the first essay worth reading on the subject since the days of Locke and Hume," Deely decided to break with the analytic tradition of leaving promissory notes unfulfilled and to develop the alleged possible proof in full." "A colloquium convened by Professor Norma Tasca, in the Fall of 1995 in Porto, Portugal, provided Deely with the occasion. His lengthy essay for the occasion, ponderously titled "The Intersemiosis of Perception and Understanding," became the initial draft of this book."+-+82436854361866ocn123114389book20070.86Deely, John NIntentionality and semiotics : a story of mutual fecundationHow can philosophy or science claim to discover objective truth when their arguments originate from subjective beings? In "Intentionality and Semiotics", John N. Deely offers a controversial solution to the problem of subjectivity in inquiry. He creates an interface between semiotics and the concept of intentionality, as it appears in Aquinas' work, to demonstrate that every sign is irrevocably linked to human understanding. In the process, Deely builds a bridge between classical thinkers such as Aristotle and modernists such as Heidegger and Wittgenstein in this innovative volume+-+K7861143061715ocn050866885book20030.86Deely, John NThe impact on philosophy of semiotics : the quasi-error of the external world with a dialogue between a 'semiotist' and a 'realist'Contrary to what the author dismisses as false claims of postmodernity, the work shows that what is truly postmodern in philosophy both goes beyond modernity and recovers philosophy's past in a renewed understanding of the human condition+-+30286823061634ocn245564864book20080.92Deely, John NDescartes & Poinsot : the crossroad of signs and ideasHistory+-+09261143061465ocn569538183book20100.92Deely, John NMedieval philosophy redefined : the development of cenoscopic science, AD 354 to 1644 (from the birth of Augustine to the death of Poinsot)With "Medieval Philosophy Redefined" John Deely provides an in-depth, original history of medieval philosophy, tracing a common thread that coherently unifies and defines what he calls 'the Latin Age' - which reaches unbroken from the fifth-century work of Augustine through to the seventeenth-century work of Poinsot. That common thread is the philosophy of sign. Sure to be controversial, this volume will be required reading for all students and scholars of the history of philosophy and medieval specialists+-+91671143061453ocn023731609book19910.79Gannon, TimothyShaping psychology : how we got where we're goingHistory+-+62022646351206ocn225876089book20050.86Deely, John NAugustine & Poinsot : the protosemiotic developmentHistory+-+28261143061154ocn319955142book20090.88Deely, John NRealism for the 21st century : a John Deely reader+-+1396114306932ocn741415819book20120.70Ashley, Benedict MHow science enriches theology839ocn010168436book19830.70Deely, John NSemiotics 1981 : [proceedings of the sixth annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, held October 1-4, 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee]Conference proceedings32ocn045256359book19880.97Whitsitt, SamPutting 'it' in other words readings of Eco, Deely, Melville and JamesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn855116360book20130.47Cannizzaro, SaraBiosemiotics as systems theory : an investigation into biosemiotics as the grounding for a new form of cultural analysis"This thesis examines the relation of systems theory to biosemiotics. To this end, it considers the claim that biosemiotics is an uneven development of systems theory. To do this, this thesis explores theories of 'modelling' and 'information' in biosemiotics from the enhanced point of view of systems theory. It will do so following the example set by Deely's 'archaeology of concepts' (1991)." -- Abstract11ocn031966166mix1.00Percy, WalkerWalker Percy papersPhotographsThe collection includes drafts, notes, and other materials relating to all of Percy's major works and to many of his shorter efforts. Also included are subject files containing source materials and other items relating to authors and topics in which he was particularly interested, including religious themes in literature and the intellectual life of the American South. There are also materials relating to John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces (1980), which Percy helped publish. The collection contains a large amount of correspondence with authors, critics, and others. Most significant among Percy's correspondents were Shelby Foote, a life-long friend; Caroline Gordon, who, in the early 1950s, offered Percy in-depth critiques of his work and pointers on writing in general; and Donald Barthelme, who wrote about Percy's submissions to the journal Forum. Other correspondents include Zoltan Abadi Nagy, Malcolm Bell, Cleanth Brooks, Gary M. Ciuba, James Collins, Ansley Cope, John William Corrington, Robert Woodham Daniel, John N. Deely, Clifton Fadiman, Robert Giroux, Peter Handke, John Hofer, Paul Horgan, Kenneth Laine Ketner, Victor A. Kramer, Bernald Malamud, Jacques Maritain, Doug Marlette, Thomas Merton, Flannery O'Connor, Walter J. Ong, J.F. Powers, Thomas A. Sebeok, Elizabeth Spencer, Lewis P. Simpson, Allen Tate, Mark Taylor, Gene Usdin, Henry Babcock Veatch, Eudora Welty, and C. Vann Woodward. There are also over 200 formal and informal photographs, most of Percy with his family, including his uncle William Alexander Percy, but some of Percy with Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Eudora Welty, Cleanth Brooks, C. Vann Woodward, Elizabeth Spencer, Louis D. Rubin Jr., Ernest Gaines, Shelby Foote, and others. Also included are several hats and a sweater belonging to Percy+-+1237578075+-+1237578075Fri Mar 21 15:42:13 EDT 2014batch21059