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Fri Mar 21 17:14:54 2014 UTClccn-n820903220.00Methods in molecular biology0.791.00The regulation of threonine concentration in Escherichia coli ; Deoxyribonuclease activity in Escherichia coli K12 ([lambda] after bacteriophage induction with ultraviolet irradiation85976828Arthur_Pardeen 82090322786964Beck Pardee, ArthurPardee, A. B. 1921-Pardee, A. B. (Arthur Beck), 1921-Pardee, Arthur B.Pardee, Arthur B. (Arthur Beck), 1921-Pardee, Arthur Beck 1921-lccn-nr97032753Liang, Pengedtlccn-n83164424Stein, Gary S.edtlccn-n85807613Cowgill, Robert W.lccn-n82091343Sirbasku, David A.(David Andrew)1941-edtlccn-n81117554Sato, Gordonedtnp-meade, jonathan dMeade, Jonathan D.edtlccn-n91041883Campisi, Judithedtlccn-n99009620McClelland, Michael1956-edtlccn-no00037213Wiley InterScience (Online service)viaf-94616364Reddy, G. Prem Veer1950-Pardee, Arthur B.(Arthur Beck)1921-Handbooks, manuals, etcPopular worksAbstractsBiographyRulesPolymerase chain reactionGene expression--Research--MethodologyDNA fingerprintingMessenger RNACell cycleBiochemistry--ResearchCancerCellular control mechanismsCellular signal transductionCell differentiation--Molecular aspectsCell cultureCancer cellsCancer--Endocrine aspectsCell proliferationHormonesCancer--TreatmentCells--Growth--RegulationCancer cells--Growth--RegulationCell cycle--RegulationCancer--PrognosisDNA microarraysProteins--AnalysisNucleic acids--AnalysisCulture media (Biology)Life sciencesCytologyGene expressionMolecular geneticsPardee, Arthur B.--(Arthur Beck),Sager, RuthGeneticistsBacteriophage lambdaAntigen-antibody reactionsEscherichia coliDeoxyribonucleasesGenetic regulationCharge exchangeTumors--TreatmentMolecular structureCell differentiationCell deathProteins--StructureCell physiologyHemoglobin--StructureImmunoglobulinsPacifismHaptensAntigensMolecular orbitalsPauling, Linus,1921194319471949195719581964196619811982198319861991199219971999200120042005200620082009248625102572.8QP623.5.M47ocn489753394ocn748536439ocn441123862ocn439933931ocn608358695ocn805008286ocn801194643ocn856795946ocn818449387ocn038102774ocn24682173066824ocn037514624file19970.86Liang, PengDifferential display methods and protocolsHandbooks, manuals, etcCarrying on the high standards of the first edition of Differential Display Methods, Peng Liang et al. have based their second edition on a new mathematical model of differential display (DD) that takes advantage of automation, as well as digital data acquisition and analysis. These well-versed authors explain and highlight all the recent methodological refinements, including automated liquid handling of hundreds of DD PCR reaction setups combined with capillary electrophoresis, a prototype computer program to automatically allow positive band identification from a fluorescence differential display image, and restriction fragment-based DD screenings that can link any cDNA fragment directly to a given gene once the sequence information of all transcripts becomes available. Other improvements discussed are combining DD and DNA microarrays by reducing the complexity of cDNA probes while increasing the sensitivity of detection, and a DD approach to detect prokaryotic mRNA expression. The authors also demonstrate the power of DD technology with a collection of outstanding examples of DD applications and detailed experimental procedures. The elegant studies described here have led to the discovery of many important genes involved in viral infection, Prion disease, cancer, ovulation, circadian clock, floral color, transcription repression gene silencing, mRNA polymorphism, and protein-RNA interaction. State-of-the-art and highly practical, Differential Display Methods, Second Edition offers gene hunters the possibility of genome-wide comprehensive DD screening, as well as a proven road map for any successful "gene fishing" expedition+-+931440740632440710ocn000503918book19570.73Cowgill, Robert WExperiments in biochemical research techniques3437ocn053435453book20040.84Cell cycle and growth control : biomolecular regulation and cancer+-+16250762953229ocn008629290book19810.88Sato, GordonGrowth of cells in hormonally defined media27611ocn191010116book20060.56Pardee, Arthur BThe biology and treatment of cancer : understanding cancerPopular worksOffers a broad audience a concise presentation of the most up-to-date knowledge about the biology and treatment of cancer; Full coverage of cancer prevention and control; Clear, thorough discussion of current and possible future therapies; Edited by two of the most eminent and widely recognized scholars of cancer research and therapeutics in the world, with contributions from top researchers and clinicians from across North America+-+13045552952425ocn022908209book19910.84Perspectives on cellular regulation : from bacteria to cancer : essays in honor of Arthur B. Pardee723ocn016601836book19820.32Pardee, Arthur BCancer : fundamental ideas616ocn041465670book19990.81Mcclelland, MExpression genetics : accelerated and high-throughput methodsInexpensive handheld device for the construction of high-density nucleic acid arrays. (M. Schummer, W.-I. Ng, P. S. Nelson, R. E. Bumgarner, and L. Hood). Update by M. Schummer. Adapting the Biomek 2000 laboratory automation workstation for printing DNA microarrays. (J. Macas, M. Nouzová, and D. W. Galbraith) Update by J. Macas, M. Nouzová, and D. W. Galbraith. Parallel production of oligonucleotide arrays using membranes and reagent jet printing. (D. I. Stimpson, P. W. Cooley, S. M. Knepper, and D. B. Wallace) Update by D. I. Stimpson. Agarose-embedded tissue arrays for histologic and genetic analysis. (G. S. Tsao-Wu, C. H. Weber, L. R. Budgeon, and K. C. Cheng) Update by K. C. Cheng, L. G. Beckwith and X. Wang. Using oligonucleotide probe arrays to access genetic diversity. (R. J. Lipshutz, D. Morris, M. Chee, E. Hubbell, M. J. Kozal, N. Shah, N. Shen, R. Yang, and S. P. A. Fodor) Update by M. Hurt. Direct hybridization of large-insert genomic clones on high-density gridded cDNA filter arrays. (S. Kern and G. M. Hampton) Update by L. C. Amler, S. Kern, and G. M. Hampton. TurboPrep II: and inexpensive, high-throughput plasmid template preparation protocol. (D. S. Konecki and J. J. Phillips) Update by D. S. Konecki and J. J. Phillips. Amplification of mRNAs from single, fixed, TUNEL-Positive Cells. (D. M. O'Dell, R. Raghupathi, P. B. Crino, B. Morrison 3, J. H. Eberwine, and T. K. MsIntosh) Update by D. M. O'Dell, R. Raghupathi, P. B. Crino, B. Morrison 3, J. H. Eberwine, and T. K. MsIntosh. Laser capture microdissection of single cells from complex tissues. (C. A. Suarez-Quian, S. R. Goldstein, T. Phida, P. D. Smith, J. I. Peterson, E. Wellner, M. Ghany, and R. F. Bonner) B Fingerprinting Methods. Non-Radioisotopic AFLP Protocol Applied to Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.) DNA. (A. Suazo and H. G. Hall). Chemiluminescent Detection of APLP Markers. (J.-J. Lin, J. Ma, and J. Kuo). DAF Optimization using tagushi methods and the effect of thermal cycling parameters on DNA amplification. (G. Caetano-Anollés). C. subtraction. High-Stringency substraction for the identification of differentially regulated cDNA clones. (C. P. Scutt and P. M. Gilmartin). Differential screening of a subtracted cDNA library: a method to search for genes preferentially expressed in multiple tissues. (H. Jin, X. Cheng, L. Diatchenko, P. D. Siebert, and C.-C. Huang). Update by L. Diatchenko, S. Trelogan, and P. D. Siebert. Isolation of differentially expressed genes by combining representational difference analysis (RDA) and cDNA library arrays. (M. Geng, C. Wallrapp, F. Muller-Pillasch, M. Frohme, J. D. Hoheisel, and T. M. Gress). Update by M. M. Geng, C. Wallrapp, F. Muller-Pillasch, M. Frohme, J. D. Hoheisel, and T. M. Gress. D. cDNA array applications. High-Throughput cDNA screening utilizing a low order neural network filter. (G. M. Huang, J. Farkas, and L. Hood). Update by G. M. Huang. Nonradioactive detection of differentially expressed genes using complex RNA or DNA hybridization probes. (R. Ross, X.-L. Ross, B. Rueger, T. Laengin, and A. B. Reske-Kunz). Update by R. Ross, X.-L. Ross, B. Rueger, T. Laengin, and A. B. Reske-Kunz. Representative cDNA libraries and their utility in gene expression profiling. ( W. O. Endege, K. E. Steinmann, L. A. Boardman, S. N. Thibodeau, and R. Schlegel). E. Quantitative RT-PCR. High-Throughput RT-PCR analysis of multiple transcripts using a microplate RNA isolation procedure. One-step fluorescent probe product-enhanced reverse transcriptase assay. (B. A. Arnold, R. W. Hepler, and P. M. Keller). Update by B. A. Arnold, R. W. Hepler, and P. M. Keller. Flow Cytometric quantification of surface-displayed recombinant receptors on staphylococci. (C. Andréoni, L. Goetsch, C. libon, P. Samuelson, T. N. Nguyen, A. Robert, M. Uhlén, H. Binz, and S. Stahl). Update by C. Andréoni, L. Goetsch, C. libon, P. Samuelson, T. N. Nguyen, A. Robert, M. Uhlén, H. Binz, and S. Stahl. Gene VIII-Based, Phage-Display vectors for selection against complex mixtures of ligands. (K. Jacobsson and L. Frykberg) Update by K. Jacobsson and L. Frykberg. Biopanning phage display libraries using magnetic beads Vs. Polystyrene Plates. (S. J. McConnell, T. Dinh, M.-H. Le, and D. G. Spinella). Fusion proteins could generale false positives in peptide phage display. (K. K. Murthy, I. Ekiel, S.-H. Shen, and D. Banville). Update by K. K. Murthy, I. Ekiel, S.-H. Shen, and D. Banville. Phosphorylation-Directed antibodies in high-flux screens for compounds that modulate signal transduction. (J. A. Alberta and C. D. Stiles). Update by J. A. Alberta and C. D. Stiles. B. Two-Hybrid selection. Mammalian Two-Hybrid system: A complementary approach to the yeast two-hybrid system. ( Y. Luo, A. Batalao, H. Zhou, and L. Zhu). Development of a yeast trihybrid screen using stable yeast strains and regulated protein expression. (K. J. Fuller, M. A. Morse, J. H. M. White, S. J. Dowell, and M. J. Sims). Update by K. J. Fuller, M. A. Morse, J. H. M. White, S. J. Dowell, and M. J. Sims. Use of a dicistronic expression cassette enconding the green fluorescent protein for the screening and selection of cells expressing inducible gene products. (D. D. Mosser, A. W. Caron, L. Bourget, P. Jocolieur, and B. Massie). Update by D. D. Mosser, A. W. Caron, L. Bourget, P. Jocolieur, and B. Massie. Dual-function reporte protein for analysis of gene expression in living cells. (R.N. Day, M. Kawecki and D. Berry). Fusion of green fluorescent protein with the Zeocin Resistance marker allows visual screening and drug selection of transfected euraryotic cells. (R.P. Bennett, C.A. Cox, J.P. Hoeffler). Update by R.P. Bennett, C.A. Cox, J.P. Hoeffler. Green fluorescent protein tag for studies of drug induced translocation of nuclear protein RH-II/Gu. (B.C. Valdez, L. Perlaky, Z.-J. Cai, D. Henning, and H. Busch). Fission yeast expression vectors adapted for positive identification of gene insertion and green fluorescent protein fusion. (Y. Zhao, R.T. Elder, M. Chen, and J. Cao). Update by Y. Zhao, R.T. Elder, M. Chen, and J. Cao. Tracking and quantitation of retroviral-mediated transfer using a completely humanized, red-shifted green fluorescent protein gene. (R.R. Muldoon, J. P. Levy, S.R. Kain, P.A. Kitts, and C.J. Link Jr). A combined selection and reporter gene for retroviral and transgenic studies. (J. Blake, P. C. Salinas, and S. M. hughes). Retroviral gene transfer in chondrogenic limb bud micromass cultures. (N. S. Stott, Y.-S. Lee, and C.-M. Chuong). Update by W.-P. Wang, N. Kasahara, and C.-M. Chuong. High-efficiency gene transfer and pharmacologic selection of genetically engineered human keratinocytes. (H. Deng, K.A. Choate, Q. Lin, and P.A. Khavary)+-+5974476336324507ocn040754520book19990.88Expression genetics : differential display+-+3684476336324172ocn008724929book19810.96Abstracts of papers presented at the Ninth Cold Spring Harbor Conference on Cell Proliferation : growth of cells in hormonally defined media, September 1-September 6, 1981Abstracts42ocn802502958book19640.47Cowgill, Robert WarrenTécnicas de investigación bioquímicaMetodos fisico-quimicos para la separacion e identificacion de compuestos de interes biologico; Tecnicas con isotopos radioactivos en investigacion bioquimica31ocn049949625book20010.96Ruth Sager : February 7, 1918-March 29, 1997Biography+-+663735458531ocn028345796book19910.92Creasey, William AThe cell cycle in cancer prognosisAbstracts22ocn014564969book19581.00Wormser, Eva HelenThe regulation of threonine concentration in Escherichia coli ; Deoxyribonuclease activity in Escherichia coli K12 ([lambda] after bacteriophage induction with ultraviolet irradiationRules21ocn636432811book19820.47Growth of cells in hormonally defined media : conference; Cold Spring Harbor - (N.Y., September 1-6, 1981)11ocn499500461book1997Methods in molecular biology+-+043985143511ocn729120472book1992Cell multiplication11ocn727294167book19570.47Cowgill, Robert WBiochemical Research Techniques11ocn057585116book1.00Pauling, LinusReprints of scientific writingsConsists of reprints and photocopies of writings and speeches by (or co-authored by) Linus Pauling. All of the items are from the research collection of reprints assembled by Felix Haurowitz; some items include annotations by Haurowitz11ocn074666209book19491.00Pardee, Arthur BThe reaction of simple antigens with purified antibody51ocn496022913book19910.84Perspectives on cellular regulation : from bacteria to cancer : essays in honor of Arthur B. Pardee+-+1625076295+-+1625076295Fri Mar 21 15:42:42 EDT 2014batch21253