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Fri Mar 21 17:06:15 2014 UTClccn-n821304280.10Pierre de Fermat /0.570.98Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse et sa région, actes du XXI Congrès dé̕tudes régionalles ... Toulouse ... 15 et 16 mai 196514769633Pierre_de_Fermatn 82130428826697De Fermat, Pierre.De Fermat, Pierre, 1601-1665Ferma, P'er.Ferma, Pʹer, 1601-1665Fermat, ... 1601-1665Fermat Petrus de 1601-1665Fermat, Pierre.Fermat Pierre 1601-1665Fermat, Pierre deFermat, Samuel de, 1601-1665Fermatus, Petrus 1601-1665Ферма, П., 1601-1665פרמט, פיר דה, 1601-1665フェルマー, ピエール・ドlccn-n79084279Pascal, Blaise1623-1662lccn-n79082239Devlin, Keith J.lccn-n88624295Mahoney, Michael S.(Michael Sean)lccn-n50051044Rényi, Alfrédlccn-n79150235Tannery, Paul1843-1904pbdtrledtlccn-n84805397Henry, Charles1859-1926pbdedtlccn-n82149799Diophantusof Alexandriaviaf-229049451Fermat, Samuel de1632-1690rcpedtlccn-n50010222Euler, Leonhard1707-1783lccn-n79135558FranceMinistère de l'éducation nationaleFermat, Pierre de1601-1665Records and correspondenceHistoryFermat, Pierre de,MathematiciansFranceProbabilitiesPascal, Blaise,Mathematics, GreekDiophantus,--of AlexandriaFermat's theoremMathematicsGeometryNumber theoryFermat's last theoremDescartes, René,Geometry, AnalyticCalculusLeibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm,--Freiherr von,AlgebraMaxima and minimaRefractionWiles, AndrewNapier, John,Mathematics, MedievalLogarithmsSylvester, James Joseph,TrigonometryGauss, Carl Friedrich,Euler, Leonhard,ArchimedesFourier, Charles,Riemann, Bernhard,EuclidRamanujan Aiyangar, Srinivasa,Newton, Isaac,Hypatia,Geometry, DifferentialEscher, M. C.--(Maurits Cornelis),Galilei, Galileo,Mathematics, AncientDiophantine analysisProbabilities--Famous problemsMathematical statisticsMathematics--MethodologyFrance--ToulouseEuropeMusicalsArithmetica (Diophantus, of Alexandria)1601166516481657165816591660166216651670167216791686169317411771178418071812182218451853186118801889189118941896190419101912191319141916191719201922192319241925192719281930193219331934193719391941194419491950195419551956195719591962196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019821983198519861989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220052006200720082009201020125036245473512.09QA31.D52ocn798338258ocn798338259ocn798337811ocn798714555ocn798338255ocn311335138ocn845622630ocn466607792ocn466607784ocn442503805ocn798715018ocn798338493ocn257414870ocn45918769524443ocn001141097book18220.86Fermat, Pierre deOEuvres de Fermat1524ocn002288878book19100.70Heath, Thomas LittleDiophantus of Alexandria: a study in the history of Greek algebraHistory10715ocn022650139book18530.70Fermat, Pierre dePrécis des œuvres mathématiquesRecords and correspondence796ocn006830818book19320.86Fermat, Pierre deBemerkungen zu Diophant717ocn007642193book19230.95Fermat, Pierre deEinführung in die ebenen und körperlichen Örter6210ocn005848810book16790.93Fermat, Pierre deVaria opera mathematicaRecords and correspondence598ocn490322710book19980.37Fermat, Pierre deOeuvres de Pierre Fermat574ocn006830472book19340.93Fermat, Pierre dePierre de Fermats abhandlungen über maxima und minima (1629)513ocn001521228book16790.93Fermat, Pierre deVaria opera mathematica Petri de Fermat. Accesserunt selectac quaedam ejusdem epistolae, vel ad ipsum à plerisque doctissimis viris Gallicè, Latinè, vel Italicè, de rebus ad mathematicas disciplinas, aut physicam pertinentibus scriptae504ocn013404462book19830.94About, Pierre-JoséLa correspondance de Blaise Pascal et de Pierre de Fermat : La géométrie du hasard, ou, Le début du calcul des probabilitésRecords and correspondence305ocn011985803book17710.76ApolloniusThe two books of Apollonius Pergŭs, concerning tangencies, as they have been restored by Franciscus Vieta and Marinus Ghetaldus. With a supplement. By John Lawson, B.D. rector of Swanscombe in Kent. The second edition. To which is now added, a second supplement, being Mons. Fermat's treatise on spherical tangencies302ocn845044350book19980.32Singh, SimonFermats letzter Satz : die abenteuerliche Geschichte eines mathematischen Rätsels281ocn495990750book19830.56Leibniz, Gottfried WilhelmOeuvre concernant le calcul infinitésimalRecords and correspondence252ocn611796717book19500.79Itard, JeanPierre Fermat2410ocn490223746book16790.66Fermat, Pierre deVaria opera mathematica accesserunt selectæ quædam ejusdem epistolæ, vel ad ipsum a plerisque doctissimis viris gallicè, latinè, vel italicè, de rebus ad mathematicas disciplinas, aut physicam pertinentibus scriptæ234ocn034761497book19220.96Fermat, Pierre deŒuvres de Fermat Supplement aux tomes I-IV215ocn072507893book19340.32Fermat, Pierre deAbhandlungen über Maxima und Minima (1629)217ocn714977960book18910.63Fermat, Pierre deOeuvres191ocn003721943book16700.97DiophantusDiophanti Alexandrini Arithmeticorum libri sex, et De numeris multangulis liber unus. Cum commentariis C.G. Bacheti v.c. & obseruationibus D.P. de Fermat .senatoris Tolosani. Accessit Doctrinae analyticae inuentum nouum, collectum ex varijs eiusdem D. de Fermat epistolis176ocn041961049book19990.88Fermat, Pierre deOeuvres de Pierre Fermat12434ocn213480172book20080.29Devlin, Keith JThe unfinished game : Pascal, Fermat, and the seventeenth-century letter that made the world modernHistoryRecords and correspondenceExamines the seventeenth-century correspondence between Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat that described a mathematical method that became the foundation of probability, and discusses how it later developed into the concept of risk management in the twenty-first century+-+256455019511004ocn000648966book19730.59Mahoney, Michael SThe mathematical career of Pierre de Fermat (1601-1665)Biography"Hailed as one of the greatest mathematical results of the twentieth century, the recent proof of Fermat's Last Theorem by Andrew Wiles brought to public attention the enigmatic problem-solver Pierre de Fermat, who centuries ago stated his famous conjecture in a margin of a book, writing that he did not have enough room to show his "truly marvelous demonstration." Along with formulating this proposition - x[superscript n] + y[superscript n] = z[superscript n] has no rational solution for n > 2 - Fermat, an inventor of analytic geometry, also laid the foundations of differential and integral calculus, established, together with Pascal, the conceptual guidelines of the theory of probability, and created modern number theory. In one of the first full-length investigations of Fermat's life and work, Michael Sean Mahoney provides rare insight into the mathematical genius of a hobbyist who never sought to publish his work, yet who ranked with his contemporaries Pascal and Descartes in shaping the course of modern mathematics."--BOOK JACKET+-+81118564153243973ocn000320512book19720.66Rényi, AlfrédLetters on probability1245ocn003678797book19500.79Itard, JeanPierre Fermat1072ocn221665527book20090.10Boutin, ChadPierre de FermatBiographyExamines the life ofseventeenth-century French mathematician Pierre de Fermat, discussing his early years, his love of numbers, his contributions to the field of math, and the controversy that nearly ruined his reputation+-+5615084406763ocn008150190book16790.93Fermat, Pierre deVaria opera mathematicaRecords and correspondence683ocn048425339visu20010.56Fermat's last tangoA musical fantasy inspired by Andrew Wiles and his encounters with Fermat's Last Theorem592ocn040445889book19970.70Weinrich, KlausDie Lichtbrechung in den Theorien von Descartes und Fermat571ocn320475909visu20080.23Bressoud, David MThe queen of the sciences a history of mathematicsHistoryIn the 17th century, scientist and mathematician Galileo Galilei noted that the book of nature "cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics . . . without which it is not humanly possible to understand a single word of it." The same feeling prompted German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss to call mathematics the "queen of the sciences" because of this success in uncovering the nature of physical reality. For at least 4,000 years of recorded history, humans have engaged in the study of mathematics, and this examination begins in ancient Mesopotamia and leads directly to the Human Genome Project, which uses sophisticated mathematical techniques to decipher the 3 billion letters of the human genetic code. Today quantum physics, string theory, chaos theory, information technology, and other mathematics-intensive disciplines that have transformed the way we understand and deal with the world191ocn060774566book20020.97Féron, PaulPierre Fermat, un génie européenBiography171ocn012227842book19440.79Hofmann, Joseph EhrenfriedNeues über Fermats zahlentheoretische Herausforderungen von 1657 (mit zwei bisher unbekannten Originalstücken Fermats)142ocn025049283book19900.95Cifoletti, Giovanna CleoniceLa méthode de Fermat : son statut et sa difussion : algèbre et comparaison de figures dans l'histoire de la méthode de FermatHistory142ocn013467950book17840.95Genty, LouisL'influence de Fermat sur son siècle, relativement aux progrès de la haute géométrie & du calcul, & l'avantage que les mathématiques ont retiré depuis & peuvent retirer encore de ses ouvrages; discours qui a remporté le prix double à l'Academie royale des sciences, inscriptions & belles-lettres de Toulouse, en 1783131ocn005837947book19660.98Fédération des sociétés académiques et savantes Languedoc-Pyrénées-GascognePierre de Fermat, Toulouse et sa région, actes du XXI Congrès dé̕tudes régionalles ... Toulouse ... 15 et 16 mai 1965112ocn056006283book18800.53Henry, CharlesRecherches sur les manuscrits de Pierre de Fermat : suivies de fragments inedits de Bachet et de MalebrancheHistory112ocn551081530book20100.66Journées X-UPSLes représentations linéaires et le grand théorème de Fermat112ocn254551817book20080.18Devlin, Keith JThe unfinished game : Pascal, Fermat, and the invention of probabilityRecords and correspondence+-+2564550195102ocn011248956book19700.96Albernhe, RogerPierre de Fermat, magistrat, mathématicien : discours prononcé à l'audience solennelle de rentrée du 16 Septembre 196991ocn058774869rcrd20010.93Rosenblum, JoshuaFermat's last tango a new musicalDrama81ocn013467956book19570.96Bibliothèque municipale de ToulouseUn mathématicien de génie: Pierre de Fermat, 1601-1665+-+2564550195Fri Mar 21 15:59:23 EDT 2014batch28905