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Thu Feb 12 22:05:47 2015 UTClccn-n821317940.00Keynes: riletture e rievocazioni /0.701.00The problem of duopoly20699428Richard_Kahn,_Baron_Kahnn 82131794828046Hampstead, Richard F. of 1905-1989Kahn 1905-1989 baronKahn, baron, 1905-1989Kahn of Hampstead, Richard F. 1905-1989Kahn, R. F.Kahn, R.F. 1905-1989Kahn, RichardKahn, Richard 1905-Kahn, Richard 1905-1989Kahn, Richard 1905-1989 baronKahn, Richard 1905- Baron KahnKahn, Richard, baron, 1905-1989Kahn, Richard, Baron Kahn, 1905-Kahn, Richard F. 1905-1989Kahn, Richard Ferdinand 1905-Kahn, Richard (Richard Ferdinand), 1905-カーン, Rカーン, リチャードlccn-n79004113Keynes, John Maynard1883-1946lccn-n82132122Raffaele Mattioli Foundationlccn-n50017056Wicksell, Knut1851-1926autlccn-n79006675Robinson, Joan1903-1983autlccn-n79006354Kaldor, Nicholas1908-1986lccn-n79109072Harrod, Roy1900-1978lccn-n79054507Sraffa, Pierolccn-n99017221Leeson, Robertlccn-n79018053Robertson, Dennis HolmeSir1890-1963lccn-n79139226Weintraub, Sidney1914-1983Kahn, Richard F.(Richard Ferdinand)1905-BiographyPricesSaving and investmentMoneyQuantity theory of moneyInterestKeynesian economicsGeneral theory of employment, interest and money (Keynes, John Maynard)Economic policyEconomic developmentEmployment (Economic theory)UsuryEconomic historyEconomicsKeynes, John Maynard,IS-LM model (Macroeconomics)MicroeconomicsWeintraub, Sidney,Robinson, Joan,Kaldor, Nicholas,Robertson, Dennis Holme,--Sir,Harrod, Roy,Sraffa, PieroCapital marketPrice regulationPricingCapitalCapital movementsEconomistsValueMacroeconomicsEquilibrium (Economics)Money marketCompetitionBusiness cyclesPublic works--FinanceSupply and demandElasticity (Economics)Income distributionDuopoliesGreat Britain190519891932193519361937193819501956195819611962196519721975197619831984198719881989199920082009201118572281330.1HG4521ocn008866637ocn000341260ocn018290796ocn059100559ocn020419164ocn299357432ocn461906705ocn709594842ocn016293734ocn797737833ocn001830580ocn000270700ocn572160358ocn75526528763213ocn008866637book19830.67Kahn, Richard FThe making of Keynes' General theoryThis 1984 book describes the development of thought, both of Keynes and others, culminating in the publication in 1936 of Keynes' General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. As one of Keynes' close collaborators - from December 1929, when the writing of the Treatise was nearing its completion - Richard Khan provides a uniquely insightful analysis of these events. The author starts with a brief survey of the contributions influential in forming Keynes' early ideas, and moves on to explore the significance of the Quantity Theory of Money, and traces the development of Keynes' attitude towards the theory through his published books. Subsequent lectures are devoted to Keynes' Treatise on Money, and to his more popular writings as an economic adviser which marked the transition from the thinking in the Treatise to that in the General Theory which the author critically examines. The final lecture records the author's memory of his personal relationship with Keynes49218ocn000341260book19720.70Kahn, Richard FSelected essays on employment and growth+-+692256670526517ocn018290796book19830.82Kahn, Richard FThe economics of the short period2577ocn001830580book19360.67Wicksell, KnutInterest and prices (Geldzins und Güterpreise). A study of the causes regulating the value of moneyEl poder de compra del dinero y el promedio de los precios ; Precios relativos y precios en dinero ; La teoría del dinero según el costo de producciónLa velocidad de circulación del dinero ; La tasa de interés natural sobre el capital y la tasa de interés de los préstamos ; Las relaciones de precio internacionales635ocn020419164book19750.70Kahn, Richard FOn re-reading Keynes151ocn797815197book1983Caffè, FedericoKeynes: riletture e rievocazioni131ocn797737833book19760.47Kahn, Richard FL'occupazione e la crescita101ocn801197631book19990.47Kahn, Richard FConcorrenza, occupazione e moneta93ocn799092748book19880.47Kahn, Richard FUn discepolo di Keynes : [occupazione senza inflazione: il principale erede del pensiero keynesiano rilancia la politica dei redditi]51ocn813570316book19610.77Organisation for European Economic Co-operationThe problem of rising prices32ocn749216985book19560.63Robinson, JoanThe accumulation of capital11ocn037710660book19321.00Kahn, Richard FDecreasing costs : a note on the contributions of Mr. Harrod and Mr. Allen11ocn037709719book19371.00Kahn, Richard FThe league of nations enquiry into the trade cycle11ocn881741649art1975Kahn, Richard FOn re-reading Keynes ... : fourth Keynes lecture in Economics 6 November 197411ocn037709913book19381.00Kahn, Richard FA rejoinder11ocn222503349book19880.47Pasinetti, Luigi LRichard F. Kahn, un discepolo di KeynesBiography11ocn800523579book19500.47Kahn, Richard FThe European Payments Union11ocn037710535book19321.00Kahn, Richard FThe financing of public works - a note11ocn037709098book19371.00Kahn, Richard FThe problem of duopoly11ocn037710420book19351.00Kahn, Richard FTwo applications of the concept of elasticity of substitution842ocn235172672book20080.85Leeson, RThe Keynesian traditionHistoryBiographySourcesThis volume examines the process by which Keynes' message got interpreted and re-interpreted and thus separated into a Left and a Right political-economic stream. Archival evidence is used to shed a fresh light on many of the controversies (and colourful characters) of the Keynesian tradition+-+8514948596+-+6922566705+-+6922566705Fri Feb 13 11:11:38 EST 2015batch12730