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Thu Oct 16 17:58:49 2014 UTClccn-n821382160.37Judentum für Christen Vermittlung und Selbstbehauptung Menasseh ben Israels in den gelehrten Debatten des 17. Jahrhunderts /0.750.94Moses Mendelssohn's gesammelte Schriften : in sieben Bänden /64807689Menasseh_Ben_Israeln 82138216834380Ben Israel, MenassehBen-Israel, Menasseh 1604-1657Ben Joseph ben Israel, MenassehBen Joseph Menasseh ben Israel 1604-1657Ben-Yiśraʾel, Mnašeh ben Ywsep 1604-1657BenIsrael, Menasse 1604-1657Dias Soeiro, Manoel 1604-1657Dias Soeiro, Manuel 1604-1657Israël, Menasseh benIsrael, Menasseh ben 1604-1657Joseph ben Israel, Menasseh BenManasee Ben-Israel 1604-1657Manasse Ben-Israel.Manasse ben Israel 1604-1657Manasse Ben IzraelManasse ben Izrael 1604-1657Manasse ben Joseph Ben IsraelManasse ben Joseph ben Israel 1604-1657Manasseh ben IsraelManasseh ben Israel 1604-1657Manasseh ben Joseph ben IsraelManasseh Ben-Joseph Ben-Israel 1604-1657Manasses 1604-1657 RabbiManasses, Rabbi, 1604-1657MB"Y 1604-1657Menasche Ben-Israel 1604-1657Menašeh ben Yiśraʾel 1604-1657Menasheh ben YisraelMenasheh ben Yiśraʾel 1604-1657Menasheh ben Yosef ben Yiśraʾel 1604-1657Menashshe ben YisraelMenashshe ben Yisrael 1604-1657Menasse ben IsraelMenasse ben Israel 1604-1657Menaššē ben Jisrāʾel 1604-1657Menašše ben Josef ben Jiśraʾel 1604-1657Menašše Ben-Yiśrāʾēl 1604-1657Menašše ben Yosef ben Yiśrāʾēl 1604-1657Menasseh ben Israel.Menasseh ben-Israel 1604-1657Menasseh ben Joseph ben IsraelMenasseh ben Joseph ben Israel 1604-1657Menasseh ben Josseph ben IsraelMenasseh ben Yosseph ben IsraelMenasseh ben Yosseph ben Ysrael 1604-1657Menassés ben IsraelMnašeh ben Yiśraʾel 1604-1657Mnašeh ben Ywsep ben Yiśraʾel 1604-1657Soeiro, Manoel Dias 1604-1657Soeiro, Manuel DiasSoeiro, Manuel Dias 1604-1657Yisrael, Menashe ben 1604-1657בן ישראל, מנשה בן יוסףבן ישראל מנשה בן יוסף 1604-1657מנשה בן יוסף בן ישראלמנשה בן יוסף בן ישראל 1604-1657מנשה בן יוסף בן ישראל 4160־1657מנשה בן ישראל.מנשה בן ישראל 1604-1657משנה בן ישראל 1604־1657משנה בן ישראל 4061־7561lccn-n85035168Wall, Moseslccn-n78084086Méchoulan, Henrytrledtlccn-n2002054867Rauschenbach, Sinalccn-n79142935Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn1606-1669illlccn-nr2002017581Zell, Michael1962-lccn-n80004154Roth, Cecil1899-1970lccn-n81139813Nahon, Gérardedtlccn-n50036977Mendelssohn, Moses1729-1786auispktrledtlccn-n80112875Berg, Johannes van den1922-othlccn-n87872189Wall, Ernestine G. E. van derothManasseh ben Israel1604-1657HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcApologetic worksBibliography‡vCatalogsSourcesHarmoniesManasseh ben Israel,JewsJudaismNetherlands--AmsterdamLost tribes of IsraelInterfaith relationsChristianityGreat BritainEuropeIndians--OriginEnglandMessiah--Judaism--History of doctrinesReligionRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn,RabbisJews--RestorationSephardimBible.--Old TestamentJews--IdentityChristianity and other religions--JudaismJudaism--Relations--ChristianityCivilization, ModernAustriaNational socialismIndians of North America--MissionsNew EnglandJewish diasporaJews--Social conditionsSoul--JudaismPredestinationJudaism--Apologetic worksFree will and determinismBlood accusationIndians of North America--OriginCromwell, Oliver,Judaism--DoctrinesGerman lettersMendelssohn, Moses,LongevityJews--EmancipationIndians of North AmericaEthnic relationsRelations with JewsNetherlandsRabbinical literatureHalévy, J.--(Joseph),Jews--Social life and customsTravelEthiopiaMarranos160416571627162816291630163116321633163416351636163816391640164116421643164416451646164716481649165016511652165416551656165716591660166116661676169016911697169816991700170217081709171017211724174317531765178217831792181318181825182818291831183218351836184018411842184418461847185018511858186118621868186918701872187318751876187918811882188318861889189018921893189619011902190419051919192619271928192919311933193419361938193919451946195319571959196019661967196819721973197419751977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008201272535741271970.00497BM755.M25ocn012951701ocn833684270ocn080353440ocn457638253ocn312219170ocn465296670ocn318040195ocn465347620ocn459469880ocn457638297ocn049763522ocn123017708ocn032982202ocn044836538ocn014054914ocn122922870ocn319712076ocn034747186ocn122922996ocn406643921ocn038755033ocn465263220ocn180116821ocn757688862ocn257858975ocn464941022ocn798339378ocn846742125ocn846525922ocn798425583ocn798439863ocn846745237ocn798386578ocn798385328ocn798385329ocn798347889ocn782084031ocn46224295265645ocn013186244book16500.86Manasseh ben IsraelThe hope of IsraelHistory+-+657866954632424720ocn744895224file16560.77Manasseh ben IsraelVindiciae Judaeorum: or, a letter in answer to certain questions propounded by a noble and learned gentleman, touching the reproaches cast on the nation of the Jews; wherein all objections are candidly, and yet fully cleared. By Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel, a divine and physicianApologetic works21724ocn012639294book16410.88Manasseh ben IsraelTo His Highnesse the Lord Protector of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland the humble addresses of Menasseh ben Israel, a divine, and doctor of physick, in behalfe of the Jewish nationHistorySources17910ocn012903267book16560.84Jessey, HenryA narrative of the late proceeds at White-Hall concerning the Jews who had desired by R. Manasses an agent for them, that they might return into England, and worship the God of their fathers here in their synagogues, &c. : published for satisfaction to many in several parts of England, that are desirous, and inquisitive to hear the truth thereofHistorySources17517ocn000627903book18420.82Manasseh ben IsraelThe conciliator of R. Manasseh ben Israel; a reconcilement of the apparent contradictions in Holy Scripture, to which are added explanatory notes, and biographical notices of the quoted authoritiesCriticism, interpretation, etcHarmonies15714ocn002625460book19010.84Manasseh ben IsraelMenasseh ben Israel's mission to Oliver Cromwell: being a reprint of the pamphlets published by Menasseh ben Israel to promote the re-admission of the Jews to England, 1649-1656Apologetic works+-+859511789615148ocn017792537book16510.92Manasseh ben IsraelSefer Nishmat ḥayyim; kolel derushim ... ʻal ʻinyan ha-neshamah ... ve-makhriaḥ hishaʼarut ʻal pi ha-Torah ha-ḥush veha-mofet. ʻIm ḥakirot ... me-ʻinyan ha-ruḥot ve-ʻibur ve-gilgul ha-neshamot14813ocn642239745file16990.77Manasseh ben IsraelOf the term of life, viz. whether it is fix'd or alterable ; with the sense of the Jewish doctors, both ancient and modern, touching predestination and free-will. Also an Explication of several obscure Passages and Prophecies in the Old Testament ; together with some remarkable Customs observed by the Jews. Written in Latin by the famous Menasseh Ben-Israel the Jew, and now translated into English, by Tho. Pocock, A.M. Rector of Danbury in Essex, and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Bedford. To which are added, the Author's Life, by the Translator ; and a Catalogue of his WorksCriticism, interpretation, etc1427ocn012824910book16490.86Nicholas, EdwardApologia por la noble nacion de los Iudios y hijos de Israel1184ocn866854980file16610.86Spitzel, GottliebTheophili Spizelii elevatio relationis Montezinianae de repertis in America tribubus Israeliticis et eiscussio argumentorum pro origine gentium Americanarum Israelitica a Menasse ben Israel in Miḳṿeh Yiśra'el, seu, Spe Israelis conquistorum : cum celeberrimi viri Johannis Buxtorfii de Judaico isto conatu ad Theophilum Spizelium epistola976ocn003100709book0.94Mendelssohn, MosesMoses Mendelssohn's gesammelte Schriften : in sieben Bänden769ocn018397045book19790.84Manasseh ben IsraelEspérance d'Israël7514ocn005024539book18810.94Manasseh ben IsraelOrígen de los Americanos. ... esto es, Esperanza de Israel6639ocn012863273book16450.88Manasseh ben IsraelThesovro dos dinim que o povo de Israel he obrigado saber e observar5932ocn609867647book16000.56Manasseh ben IsraelRettung der Juden Als ein Anhang zu des Hrn. Kriegsraths Dohm Abhandlung: Ueber die bürgerliche Verbesserung der JudenApologetic works497ocn000245182book19190.66Manasseh ben IsraelMenasse ben Israels Rettung der JudenApologetic works471ocn832935364file0.70Manasseh ben IsraelVindiciæ Judæorum, or A letter in answer to certain questions propounded by a noble and learned gentleman, touching the reproaches cast on the nation of the Jevves; wherein all objections are candidly, and yet fully cleared. By Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel a divine and a physician(DLPS) B04456.0001.001413ocn013707094book16500.82Thorowgood, ThomasIewes in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours to make them Christian407ocn606858924book17000.74Manasseh ben IsraelDe termino vitæ; or The term of life Viz. Whether it is fix'd or alterable; with the sense of the Jewish doctors, both ancient and modern, touching predestination and free-will. Also an explication of several obscure passages and prophecies in the Old Testament; together with some remarkable customs observ'd by the Jews. Written in Latin by the famous Menasseh Ben Israel the Jew and now translated into English. To which are added, the author's life, never before publish'd; and a catalogue of his worksCriticism, interpretation, etc4014ocn028301776book16320.82Manasseh ben IsraelConciliator, sive, De convenientia locorum S. Scripturae, quae pugnare inter se videntur : opus ex vetustis, & recentioribus omnibus rabbinis, magnâ industriâ, ac fide congestumCriticism, interpretation, etc5812ocn816406188com20120.37Rauschenbach, SinaJudentum für Christen Vermittlung und Selbstbehauptung Menasseh ben Israels in den gelehrten Debatten des 17. JahrhundertsHistoryMenasseh ben Israel (1604-1657) was one of the most important Rabbis of the Early ModernAge in Europe. He became known primarily through his leading role in negotiating the readmission of the Jews to England. The England negotiations, however, were only the final chapter of a life-long program, which is fully examined in detail for the first time in this work. Menasseh is introduced as a Jewish scholar, who - despite all the success he achieved in the Christian world - also failed because his path between mediation and self-realization was understood only by a very few4822ocn047221773book20020.66Zell, MichaelReframing Rembrandt : Jews and the Christian image in seventeenth-century AmsterdamCriticism, interpretation, etcThis richly detailed study reconceptualizes a striking but enigmatic moment in Rembrandt's art from the 1650s--one of the artist's most prolific and creative periods. Michael Zell identifies a significant theological shift in Rembrandt's use of religious+-+26927757053446ocn000682191book19340.74Roth, CecilA life of Menasseh ben Israel, rabbi, printer, and diplomat2214ocn016648969book19880.84Berg, JJewish-Christian relations in the seventeenth century : studies and documentsHistory+-+K2618297541925ocn048550499book20010.63Menasse, RobertDie Vertreibung aus der Hölle : RomanFictionUnder forskning forud for et foredrag "Wer war Spinozas Lehrer?", finder Viktor Abravanel født i Wien i 1955 ud af, at der er mange paralleller mellem ham selv og læreren, den i 1604 i Lissabon fødte rabbiner Samuel Manassch ben Israel1842ocn019588911book19890.82Menasseh Ben Israel and his worldMenasseh Ben Israel and his worldHistoryBiography1215ocn065322191file16560.82Hughes, WilliamAnglo-Judaeus, or, The history of the Jews whilst here in England relating their manners, carriage, and usage, from their admission by William the Conqueror, to their banishment : occasioned by a book written to His Highness, the Lord Protector, (with a declaration to the commonwealth of England) for their re-admission by Rabbi Menasses Ben Israel, to which is also subjoyned a particular answerHistory913ocn607019694file16540.63Tillam, ThomasBanners of love displaied over the Church of Christ, walking in the order of the Gospel at Hexham: by the out-stretched arm of the King of Saints, against the jesuitical design lately attempted by the false Iew. Or, An answer to a narrative stuff'd with untruths, by four Newcastle gentlemen752ocn642542765com17530.74BritanniaAn appeal to the throne against the naturalization of the Jewish nation in which are exposed, those practices for which the Jews were expelled out of England: and, the fatal consequences that may follow, should the act of their naturalization take pace. In which are interspersed Many Particulars relating to their first Settlement in England ; and to their blasphemous crucifying of Christian Children, &c. in Derision of Jesus Christ. With an Appendix, in answer to Rabbi Manasses Ben Israel's Defence of the Jewish Nation. by BritanniaSources662ocn023768428book19900.84Coppenhagen, J. HMenasseh ben Israel : Manuel Dias Soeiro, 1604-1657 : a bibliographyHistoryBibliography474ocn839396493book16500.63Spencer, EdwardA briefe epistle to the learned Manasseh Ben Israel. In answer to his, dedicated to the Parliament. September. 6. Imprimatur John Downame411ocn001531488book19750.90Löwy, AlbertMiscellany of Hebrew literatureHistory+-+7871962835324341ocn046570873book20010.88Ifrah, LionelL'aigle d'Amsterdam : Menasseh ben Israël, 1604-1657HistoryBiographyNé marrane, Menasseh ben Israël devient rabbin à Amsterdam à 18 ans, enseigne le Talmud et crée une imprimerie hébraïque. Sa vaste culture, qui englobe les littératures rabbinique, chrétienne et classique, fait de ce polyglotte le porte-parole du judaïsme européen auprès des esprits les plus brillants de son temps. Cet humaniste juif a ouvert la voie à un dialogue judéo-chrétien constructif312ocn027277761book19890.88Manasseh ben IsraelMenasheh ben YiśraʼelBiographyApologetic works311ocn038497543book19970.90Lindenberg, DanielFigures d'Israël : l'identité juive entre marranisme et sionisme (1648-1998)HistoryL'ouvrage tend à montrer quelles sont les véritables origines, intellectuelles et religieuses, de la situation actuelle du peuple juif. [SDM]265ocn034144017book19600.82Roth, CecilMenasheh ben-Yiśraʼel : rav, diplomaṭ u-motsi la-orBiography233ocn019201042book19460.93Yaari, AbrahamMi-bet-defuso shel Menasheh ben Yiśraʼel : reshimah ʻim mavo203ocn003945927book19530.74Slotki, Judah JMenasseh ben Israel, his life and times192ocn004144868book19570.79Genootschap voor de Joodse Wetenschap in NederlandMenasseh ben Israel, 1604-1657 : catalogus van de tentoonstellingBibliography Catalogs173ocn022535858book18930.90Acosta, SoledadMemorias presentadas en congresos internacionales que se reunieron en España durante las fiestas del IV centenario del descubrimiento de América, en 1892+-+6578669546324+-+6578669546324Thu Oct 16 15:42:00 EDT 2014batch46839