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Fri Mar 21 17:10:08 2014 UTClccn-n821382260.18The last victim : a true-life journey into the mind of the serial killer /0.460.73Growing a therapist /32657310n 82138226834390Kottler, J.Kottler, JeffreyKottler, Jeffrey 1951-Коттлер, Джеффриコトラー, ジェフリーlccn-n92108225Kottler, Ellenlccn-n50032445Carlson, Jonedtlccn-n92104227Zehm, Stanley J.lccn-n50044940Van Hoose, William H.lccn-n98060993Moss, Jasonviaf-96080613Gacy, John Waynelccn-n97112615Kottler, Cary J.lccn-n84042489Brown, Robert W.1943-lccn-n82121651Keeney, Bradford P.lccn-n96089228Hazler, Richard J.Kottler, Jeffrey A.BiographyCase studiesPopular worksAnecdotesMethodsUnited StatesPsychotherapist and patientPsychotherapyPsychotherapists--PsychologyPsychotherapy--Practice--Psychological aspectsCounselingTeachersTeachingMotivation in educationMental health lawsPsychotherapy--Moral and ethical aspectsBlameInterpersonal conflictCollege studentsNevadaSerial murderers--PsychologyGacy, John WayneMoss, JasonFirst year teachersHigh school teachersTeacher orientationHelping behaviorCounseling--Moral and ethical aspectsProblem children--EducationEnglish language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakersLanguage and educationChildren of immigrants--EducationTeacher participation in educational counselingTeacher-student relationshipsPopular cultureViolence--Psychological aspectsViolenceMass mediaCountertransference (Psychology)Resistance (Psychoanalysis)ShamanismGenius and mental illnessMental illnessArt and mental illnessPsychotherapy--FailurePsychotherapists--Job stressBurn out (Psychology)--PreventionPsychotherapists--Mental healthTears--Psychological aspectsCryingSpiritual healingPsychotherapistsKottler, Jeffrey AKeeney, Bradford,Insanity (Law)1951197719781980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201424390151544616.8914RC480.5ocn813638325ocn781068026ocn449931385ocn451149290196026ocn013581166book19860.39Kottler, Jeffrey AOn being a therapistJeffrey Kottler provides a candid account of the profound ways in which therapists influence clients and, in turn, are impacted personally and professionally by these encounters. He shows how therapists can learn, develop, and grow during the process of therapy and explains how practitioners can use the professional skills and insights gained from their sessions to address their own personal issues, realize positive change in themselves, and so become better helpers for others. This revised edition includes discussion about how the business and practice of therapy has changed in recent years, the effects of technology and managed care, the breakdown of theoretical orientation, and the greater client diversity represented in contemporary practice+-+3872770305324153810ocn639014083file19930.53Kottler, Jeffrey AOn being a teacher the human dimensionRealize, refresh, and awaken the passionate, caring, motivated teacher inside! Who was the best teacher you ever had? Can you remember the excitement and joy that this teacher brought to learning? Do you want to be "the best teacher ever" for your students? Understanding yourself and how you relate to others is the first step in becoming the enthusiastic, inspirational teacher to whom students respond best. On Being a Teacher links teaching to the unique human characteristics that each of us possess. Written with the trainee, beginning, and experienced teacher in mind, the authors help teachers discover their own special traits that make them superlative teachers. teaching strategies Professional development activities An in-depth look at parent-teacher evenings Ideas for getting involved in your school and LEA to further your professional growth Information on learning styles and multiple intelligences Guides for individual and group reflection This book is ideal for teacher education courses and induction programs and can be used for either individual growth or group study+-+2695148535135216ocn002993536book19770.66Van Hoose, William HEthical and legal issues in counseling and psychotherapyThis new book- the first comprehensive guide to ethical and legal issues in counseling and psychotherapy- provides that knowledge. It spells out practices that pose problems; analyzes the function of ethics in the profession; and describes the role of ethical judgments in work with clients10619ocn028889571book19940.31Kottler, Jeffrey ABeyond blame : a new way of resolving conflicts in relationshipsConflict is an unavoidable part of life. Everyone has at least one relationship that is in conflict, whether it's with a family member, a co-worker or boss, a teacher, a friend, or a lover. And while it is common to blame others for the conflict, this type of strategy usually makes things worse. Beyond Blame focuses on the only party in the conflict we have any control over: ourselves. Conflict, according to Jeffrey Kottler, is an interactive process - you cannot look at a person who makes life difficult for you without also looking at yourself. While blaming others may lead to short-term relief, it often escalates conflicts and produces long-term damage. Kottler shows that to contend with conflict we must first understand the problem and then take responsibility by changing our own roles. Kottler explores the patterns of conflict in our lives and tells how to identify the unresolved issues within us that contribute to recurring problems. Beyond Blame presents specific advice on conflicts in love and at work, and explains what to do when conflicts cannot be resolved. Through many examples and helpful exercises we learn how to confront the interactions that arouse our deepest fears; harness emotional pain and use it as a force for constructive change; take responsibility without feeling the need to blame others; say no to guilt; and identify the positive functions of conflict - as a releaser of tension, a promoter of growth, and more+-+24975423259886ocn039478068book19840.18Moss, JasonThe last victim : a true-life journey into the mind of the serial killerBiographyAn exploration of the minds of serial killers draws from interviews and correspondence that the author conducted as an eighteen-year-old student with such criminals as John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson+-+75987019959246ocn038024027book19980.53Kottler, EllenSecrets for secondary school teachers : how to succeed in your first year+-+59511485358445ocn809774401file20070.39Kottler, Jeffrey AA brief primer of helping skillsA Brief primer of helping skills is a highly readable, accessible, and practical introduction to the skills of helping and making a difference in people's lives. In an engaging and concise style, author Jeffrey A. Kottler gives students in various professions an overview of the theory, process, and skills of helping methods. It is designed as an operating manual for those in human service professions to learn the basics involved in developing helping relationships, assessing and diagnosing complaints, promoting exploration and understanding, and designing and implementing action plans+-+077404769682128ocn011113588book19850.56Kottler, Jeffrey AIntroduction to therapeutic counseling+-+53230898056937ocn047658790book20020.50Kottler, Jeffrey AStudents who drive you crazy : succeeding with resistant, unmotivated, and otherwise difficult young peopleBy providing a vital model for identifying, managing, avoiding, and rising above conflicted relationships, this comprehensive how-to survival guide offers the tools necessary to help you remain motivated, effectual, and successful. The well-written text masterfully blends theory and research with tangible examples. Among the highlights are: Compelling examination of the forces that influence student behavior Specific strategies for dealing with and preventing difficult relationships, including rules of engagement Real-life scenarios to illustrate practical applications Tested techniques for overcoming conflicts with parents and colleagues Resolving internal personal issues that interfere with effectiveness+-+002324612563010ocn041606181book20000.63Kottler, Jeffrey ACounseling skills for teachers+-+05731485356036ocn050858905book20030.24Kottler, Jeffrey AThe mummy at the dining room table : eminent therapists reveal their most unusual cases and what they teach us about human behaviorCase studiesPopular worksMore than thirty therapists, including Albert Ellis, Linda Love, Kim Berg, and Scott Miller, share their most unusual and interesting cases to offer provocative insights into the human mind and the mysteries of human behavior+-+86901423255265ocn635483803book20100.27Kottler, Jeffrey AThe lust for blood : why we are fascinated by death, murder, horror, and violenceDraws on interviews with perpetrators, victims, and "consumers" of violence, including several celebrities, to explore the public's morbid fascination with violence, murder, horror, and crime+-+13779616164755ocn024550155book19920.59Kottler, Jeffrey ACompassionate therapy : working with difficult clients"Compassionate Therapy explores the characteristics of difficult clients. Arguing that resistance and conflict can be a constructive force, Kottler shows how practitioners can use these struggles to examine their own abilities, deepen their compassion, and improve therapeutic flexibility and effectiveness."--publisher description (LoC)+-+37797900064666ocn056340312file20040.47Kottler, Jeffrey AAmerican shaman an odyssey of global healing traditionsWritten for therapists, scholars, clergy, students, and those with an interest in non-traditional healing practices, this book tells the story of Bradford Keeney, the first non-African to be inducted as a shaman in the Kung Bushman and Zulu cultures+-+06739406954596ocn022305530book19910.39Kottler, Jeffrey AThe compleat therapistMethods+-+07587900063243988ocn047002121book20010.50Kottler, EllenChildren with limited English : teaching strategies for the regular classroom+-+72832461253918ocn061229603book20050.31Kottler, Jeffrey ADivine madness : ten stories of creative struggleCase studiesAnecdotesIn this fascinating exploration of the emotional origins of creativity, psychologist Kottler writes about the dramatic lives of artistic geniuses such as Virginia Woolf, Judy Garland, Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Brian Wilson and Sylvia Plath, among others+-+94963423253808ocn018871940book19890.70Kottler, Jeffrey AThe imperfect therapist : learning from failure in therapeutic practice+-+309679000637714ocn760181932file19990.56Kottler, Jeffrey AThe therapist's workbook self-assessment, self-care, and self-improvement exercises for mental health professionalsMental health professionals spend their days helping others, but who is there to help them when stress and burnout threaten their own well-being' Filled with self-assessments, journaling exercises, and activities designed to facilitate renewal, growth, and change, this timely book helps clinicians help themselves with coverage of career threatening issues, such as fear of failure, loss of confidence, and the financial stress and loss of autonomy that many clinician's experience as a result of managed care and its constraints+-+98709423253589ocn034358013book19960.37Kottler, Jeffrey AThe language of tears+-+40175423251902ocn031075031book19950.73Kottler, Jeffrey AGrowing a therapistBiography+-+9495542325+-+2497542325+-+2497542325Fri Mar 21 16:01:43 EDT 2014batch26348