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Fri Mar 21 17:13:01 2014 UTClccn-n821510620.00Abbott Handerson Thayer0.691.00The law which underlies protective coloration55043769Abbott_Handerson_Thayern 82151062847086Abbott Handerson ThayerAbbott Henderson ThayerHanderson Thayer, Abbott 1849-1921Thayer, A. H.Thayer, A. H. (Abbott Handerson), 1849-1921Thayer, Abbott H.Thayer, Abbott H. 1849-1921Thayer, Abbott HendersonThayer, Abott Handerson.lccn-n80061185Eakins, Thomas1844-1916lccn-n50008686Tanner, Henry Ossawa1859-1937lccn-no2007058829Schwain, Kristin1971-lccn-n80090266Day, F. Holland(Fred Holland)1864-1933lccn-n79110303Everson Museum of Artlccn-n83008684Anderson, Ross1951-lccn-n79062876Thayer, Gerald Handerson1883-1939lccn-no97069432Pousette-Dart, Nathaniel1886-1965comlccn-nr98042241White, Nelson C.lccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Thayer, Abbott Handerson1849-1921Exhibition catalogsJuvenile worksPicture booksPhotographsThayer, Abbott Handerson,Animals--ColorArt, AmericanUnited StatesEakins, Thomas,Tanner, Henry Ossawa,Day, F. Holland--(Fred Holland),Art and religionPaintingCamouflage (Biology)Protective coloration (Biology)New HampshireCamouflage (Military science)ArtistsAnimal behaviorArt and camouflageThayer, Gerald Handerson,Art, ModernDewing, Thomas Wilmer,Saint-Gaudens, Augustus,PaintersBrush, George de Forest,Birds in artAnimals in artChildren's poetryComposition (Art)Art--Study and teachingDecoration and ornamentNatural historyNew York (State)--New YorkMimicry (Biology)Art--TechniqueAestheticsPainting--Private collectionsSandpipersNational Collection of Fine Arts (U.S.)Art appreciationGellatly, John,Freer Gallery of ArtArt, AncientArtists' modelsAcadeĢmie JulianCommunity theaterPainting--Study and teachingHistorical dramaArt, EgyptianArtSmithsonian InstitutionNew Hampshire--DublinEgypt18491921188118821890189618981899190319061907190819091912191819191921192219231931194919511952196119621967197219731974197619771979198019821983198419851986198719881989199419951996199719992000200120022007200820131820151200759.13ND237.T5ocn0256776943832ocn008857434book19820.56Anderson, RossAbbott Handerson ThayerExhibition catalogs31015ocn001459896book19090.79Thayer, Gerald HandersonConcealing-coloration in the animal kingdom; an exposition of the laws of disguise through color and pattern: being a summary of Abbott H. Thayer's discoveries184ocn015277153book19120.93Thayer, Abbott HandersonConcealing coloration : an answer to Theodore Roosevelt102ocn028457661art18961.00Thayer, Abbott HandersonThe law which underlies protective coloration41ocn025677694book18810.06Chatterbox quartette, or, Stories in picturesJuvenile worksPicture books31ocn043293532book18991.00Clark, John SpencerTeachers manual31ocn061633837book19061.00Thayer, Abbott HandersonThe Bartramian Sandpiper21ocn038682432book19490.92Thayer, Abbott HandersonCentennial exhibition of paintings by Abbott Handerson Thayer, N.A. (1849-1921) : [exhibition] August 12th through December 1949, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.CExhibition catalogs22ocn498901648book19230.59Thayer, Abbott HandersonAbbott H. Thayer22ocn661119993artThayer, Abbott HandersonIntroduction21ocn080508056book19221.00Thayer, Abbott HandersonMemorial exhibition of the work of Abbott Henderson Thayer, March 20 through April 30, 192222ocn861207009mix1.00Smith, Joseph LindonJoseph Lindon Smith papersScattered biographical material consists of family history documents for the Smith and Putnam families, a Jenkes family tree, and passports for Joseph Lindon Smith and his family22ocn870086064mix1.00Walton, MarionMarion Walton papersPhotographsFifteen folders of letters written to Marion and her mother Blanche Wetherill Walton include many from artists and photographers, writers, musicians and composers, and political figures. Also found are printed materials, photographs, and a file concerning a reception for author Jonathan Daniels22ocn849914976mix1.00Milch GalleryMilch Gallery recordsThe records of Milch Gallery document the business transactions of the corporation and the professional and personal relationships of the Milch brothers with the artists they represented, as well as with the larger community of artists and art dealers between 1911 and 1980. Unfortunately, early correspondence is sparse. In a letter responding to a 1951 request for historical information, Milch replied: "Several years ago [1947] we had to give up our gallery at 108 West 57th Street, and move to smaller quarters here. Since we had no room for old records, we had to destroy most of them."22ocn852823793mix1.00Hawthorne, Charles WebsterCharles Webster and Marion Campbell Hawthorne papersPhotographs35 photographs, including Charles and Marion Hawthorne, their residence, classes taught by Charles Hawthorne, Provincetown, Mass.; and a study for a painting by Joy Stillman, a student of Charles Hawthorne. Also included are 4 printed announcements for classes21ocn123475496book19190.47Art Institute of ChicagoExhibition of pictures illustrating protective coloration in nature and concerned with the origination of camouflage in war : by Abbott H. Thayer and Gerald H. Thayer : January 7 to February 6, 1919Exhibition catalogs11ocn080594599art19091.00Thayer, Abbott HandersonAn arraignment of the theories of mimicry and warning colors11ocn078790470book19220.47Thayer, Abbott HandersonThe availability of models for the study of high voltage line insulators11ocn082260232artEly, C. BAbbott Henderson Thayer11ocn849917926mix1.00Sterner, MarieMarie Sterner and Marie Sterner Gallery papersScrapbooks containing clippings relating to Sterner's activities and work in her art gallery4154ocn140102732book20070.70Schwain, KristinSigns of grace : religion and American art in the Gilded Age+-+42209965352122ocn001514924book19230.59Thayer, Abbott HandersonAbbott H. Thayer1073ocn003049136book19510.76White, Nelson CAbbott H. Thayer, painter and naturalist561ocn000213365book19220.84Thayer, Abbott HandersonMemorial exhibition of the work of Abbott Handerson ThayerExhibition catalogs373ocn003208192book19190.76Carnegie InstituteExhibition of paintings by Abbott H. Thayer held at Carnegie institute, Pittsburgh, April 24-June 30Exhibition catalogs262ocn008664269book19220.76Corcoran Gallery of ArtAbbott H. Thayer Memorial Exhibition, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., from Tuesday, May 9th, to Wednesday, May 31st, 1922, inclusiveExhibition catalogs223ocn014153078book19190.92Thayer, Abbott HandersonExhibition of paintings by Abbott H. ThayerExhibition catalogs171ocn007726934book19220.97Blashfield, Edwin HowlandCommemorative tribute to Abbott Handerson Thayer162ocn002953329book19610.90Lyman Allyn MuseumAbbott H. Thayer, 1849-1921 : [exhibition] January 15-February 12, 1961Exhibition catalogs73ocn229465103com19310.47Abbott H. Thayer paintings, drawings : April 13-May 2, 1931Exhibition catalogs62ocn222451408book19090.79Thayer, Gerald HandersonConcealing-coloration in the animal kingdom; an exposition of the laws of disguise through color and pattern: being a summary of Abbott H. Thayer's discoveries51ocn054028314mix0.92Lee, Elizabeth LightfootWhite fantasies : dirt, desire, and art in late nineteenth-century AmericaDissertations, Academic41ocn084528790book19220.47Brooklyn Institute of Arts and SciencesExhibition of paintings and studies illustrating camouflage in nature, by Abbott H. Thayer and Gerald H. ThayerExhibition catalogs42ocn022920046book19490.92Thayer, Abbott HandersonCentennial exhibition of paintings by Abbott Handerson Thayer, N.A. (1849-1921) : [exhibition] August 12th through December 1949, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.CExhibition catalogs41ocn697518768visu20080.47Invisible Abbott Thayer and the art of camouflage"... what pushes Thayer's story into the realm of the extraordinary was how he combined his artistic talent with a deep love of the woods to develop a theory about animal coloration that is the foundation of modern-day military camouflage. Thayer's life went beyond art. As an environmentalist, he helped save forests and birds and, as the father of camouflage, untold numbers of men." --From Publisher's website41ocn035089033book19960.96Thayer, Abbott HandersonTranscendent universe : the paintings of Abbott Handerson ThayerExhibition catalogs31ocn050562312book19521.00Boynton, Mary FuertesAbbott Thayer and natural history31ocn830003685book20130.47Thayer, Abbott HandersonAbbott Handerson Thayer : a beautiful law of naturePictorial works31ocn083990779book19190.47Exhibition of paintings by Abbott H. Thayer : Carnegie InstituteExhibition catalogs33ocn064694911art1980National Academy of Design (U.S.)Abbott Handerson Thayer+-+4220996535Fri Mar 21 15:09:52 EDT 2014batch21067