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Fri Mar 21 17:15:10 2014 UTClccn-n821621680.29Black women in America : an historical encyclopedia /0.431.00African American woman suffragists in the Booker T. Washington era92713715n 82162168858082Penn, Rosalyn T.Penn, Rosalyn Terborg-lccn-n79067944Hine, Darlene Clarkedtlccn-n92106294Brown, Elsa Barkleyedtlccn-n80090645Harley, Sharonedtlccn-n85370213Harris, Robert L.1943-lccn-n84111839Rushing, Andrea Bentonedtlccn-n87865979Association of Black Women Historians (U.S.)lccn-n79095270American Council of Learned Societieslccn-n88121251Freedmen's Hospital (Washington, D.C.)lccn-n82059041Howard UniversityCollege of Medicinelccn-n2009183321Smith Parker, CassandraTerborg-Penn, RosalynEncyclopediasHistoryConference proceedingsPostersAfrican American womenAfrican AmericansUnited StatesWomen--SuffrageSuffragistsAfrican American women social reformersWomen, Black--Social conditionsFeminismWomen--Social conditionsAfrican American women--Social conditionsAfricaAfrican diasporaAfrican Americans--SuffrageSuffrageAfrican American physiciansWashington (D.C.)African American women--Political activityAfrican Americans--Politics and governmentWomen's rightsDouglass, Frederick,Norton, Mary BethChafe, William HHine, Darlene ClarkTerborg-Penn, RosalynKessler-Harris, AliceBanner, Lois WGordon, LindaAntler, JoyceWomenCook, Blanche WiesenLerner, Gerda,HistoriansStimpson, Catharine R.,Organization of American HistoriansCastillo Bueno, María de los Reyes,Burstyn, Joan NCollege teachersFox-Genovese, Elizabeth,Conway, Jill K.,Association of Black Women Historians (U.S.)Keller, Evelyn Fox,Chamberlain, MariamCoordinating Committee on Women in the Historical ProfessionHinding, AndreaTobias, SheilaFeministsJaneway, ElizabethDegler, Carl NSchmandt-Besserat, DenisePainter, Nell Irvin19751977197819791981198219861987198919901991199319941995199619971998199920002006200720082009201170672687920.7208996073E185.86ocn493054246ocn468611980ocn441712246ocn612771554ocn837407211235710ocn027010987book19930.29Black women in America : an historical encyclopediaEncyclopediasThis is a comprehensive guide to the lives of 641 individual black women, most of whom are significant on a national level. There are also entries to more than 150 general topics and organizations involving Black women. Listed alphabetically, the signed entries have bibliographies and many have photographs. The length of the articles vary from one or two columns to multiple pages, especially for the topical entries. Entries are balanced and easily comprehensible. The appendices include a chronology, a classified bibliography, including a directory of research centers, and the biographies classified by occupations. There is an extensive index. Recommended as a first purchase among the new biographical sources about Black women for high school libraries+-+6922788075324145812ocn560520434file20060.39Harris, Robert LThe Columbia guide to African American history since 1939HistoryMarian Anderson's famous 1939 concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a watershed moment in the struggle for racial justice. Beginning with this event, Robert L. Harris Jr. and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn chart the historical efforts of African Americans to address racism and inequality. They explore the rise of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and the national and international contexts that shaped their ideologies and methods. They consider how changes in immigration patterns have complicated the conventional ""black/white"" dichotomy in American society and discuss the often+-+8663866875121910ocn003915504book19780.47The Afro-American woman : struggles and images+-+5175329206324103811ocn037693895book19980.53Terborg-Penn, RosalynAfrican American women in the struggle for the vote, 1850-1920HistoryThis study of African American women's roles in the suffrage movement breaks new ground. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn draws from many original documents to take a comprehensive look at the African American women who sought the right to vote. She discovers numerous Black suffragists previously unknown. Analyzing the women's own stories, she examines why they joined the woman suffrage movement in the United States and how they participated in it - with white women, Black men, as members of African American women's organizations, or simultaneously in all three. Terborg-Penn further discusses their various levels of interaction and types of feminist philosophy. Noting that not all African American woman suffragists were from elite circles, Terborg-Penn finds representation from working-class and professional women as well.They came from all parts of the nation. Some employed radical, others conservative means to gain the right to vote. Black women, however, were unified in working to use the ballot to improve not only their own status, but the lives of Black people in their communities. Drawing from innumerable sources, Terborg-Penn argues that sexism and racism prevented African American women from voting and from full participation in the national suffrage movement. Following the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, state governments in the South, enacted policies which disfranchised African American women, with many white suffragists closing their eyes to the discriminatory acts. Despite efforts to keep Black women politically powerless, Terborg-Penn contends that the Black suffrage was a source of empowerment. Every political and racial effort to keep African American women disfranchised met with their active resistance until Black women achieved full citizenship+-+212667807532489513ocn016523550book19870.66Women in Africa and the African diasporaConference proceedings+-+0946307335355ocn005920310mix19770.90Terborg-Penn, RosalynAfro-Americans in the struggle for woman suffrageHistory191ocn001531263book19750.97Holt, Thomas CA special mission : the story of Freedmen's Hospital, 1862-1962History121ocn045321145book20000.84Black women's history at the intersection of knowledge and power : ABWH's twentieth anniversary anthologyHistory71ocn031811782book19930.96Quarles, BenjaminFrederick Douglass and the woman's rights movement41ocn009155128book19820.47Terborg-Penn, RosalynThe James Van Horn kindred, 1800-198031ocn045225233visu19930.47Black women in America an historical encyclopediaPostersAn advertisement for the encyclopedia. Contains pictures of noted African-American women with summaries of their accomplishments33ocn824174546book19930.33Black women in America : an historical encyclopediaEncyclopedias22ocn808104525art20090.92Terborg-Penn, RosalynComplexities of race, class and gender in reconstructing identities : Afro-Cuban and Afro-American immigrant oppositional strategies to racism in the twentieth century22ocn809699790book19930.33Black women in America : an historical encyclopediaEncyclopedias22ocn775341708book19860.47Terborg-Penn, RosalynWomen and slavery in the African diaspora: a cross-cultural approach to historical analysis11ocn037107864rcrd19961.00Terborg-Penn, RosalynAfrican American woman suffragists in the Booker T. Washington era11ocn075257932visu20061.00The Columbia guide to African American history since 1939HistoryRobert Harris provides a reading from the book he co-edited with Rosalyn Terborg-Penn. He also provides insight into the writing of the book11ocn067638046book19930.47Terborg-Penn, RosalynCaribbean women and the woman suffrage movement : the case of St. Thomas11ocn773513625art19950.47Terborg-Penn, RosalynThrough an African feminist theoretical lens : viewing Caribbean women's history cross-culturally11ocn811002313book20110.47Migration and trans-racial/national identity re-formation becoming African Diaspora women11ocn122521330mix1.00Lerner, GerdaHistoryTrials, litigation, etcCollection includes biographical information; correspondence with colleagues; lectures; writings, including reviews, articles, and drafts of books; correspondence with her publishers and from her work in professional organizations; proposals, correspondence, etc., from Documenting the Midwestern Origins of the Twentieth Century Women's Movement, an oral history project; clippings; and research material from her work on the Grimkeśisters and patriarchy11ocn793209156mix0.47Living U.S. women's history oral history projectSourcesThe collection includes fifty-one oral histories of scholars of U.S. women's history. The interviews document the emergence and development of women's history as a discipline from 1960 to 2000, as well as the interviewees' professional and personal lives, their choices, and their intellectual commitments+-+2126678075324+-+2126678075324Fri Mar 21 15:31:27 EDT 2014batch16217