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Fri Mar 21 17:11:26 2014 UTClccn-n822187980.00Cornwell, Patricia0.151.00Virginia Currents, air date, 4/22/9436976332Patricia_Cornwelln 82218798875954C., P. 1956-Cornwell, Patricia.Cornwell, Patricia, 1956-Cornwell, Patricia CarrollCornwell, Patricia D.Cornwell, Patricia D., 1956-Cornwell, Patricia D. (Patricia Daniels)Cornwell, Patricia DanielsCornwell Patricia Daniels 1956-....Cornwell, Patricia (Patricia Daniels)Cornwell, Patsy Daniels.Cornwell, Patsy Daniels, 1956-Daniels Cornwell, PatriciaDaniels Cornwell, Patricia 1956-Daniels, Patricia Carroll, 1956-Kōnweru, PatorishiaKornvela, PatrīcijaКорнуэлл, Патрисияקורנוול, פטרישהקורנוול, פטרישה דניאלסקורנוול, פטרישיהコーンウェル, Pコーンウェル, パトリシアfast-1106563Scarpetta, Kay (Fictitious character)lccn-no96042331Reading, Kateprfnrtviaf-280104772Critt, C. J.prfnrtlccn-n93031680Jackthe Rippernc-international criminal police organizationInternational Criminal Police Organizationlccn-n79021946United StatesDepartment of Defenselccn-n50024008Sickert, Walter1860-1942lccn-n84017155Burton, Kateprfnrtlccn-n82043196Graham, Ruth Belllccn-n79054798Graham, Billy1918-Cornwell, Patricia DanielsFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistoryDetective and mystery stories, AmericanBiographyLegal storiesAnecdotesSuspense fictionDramaGuidebooksScarpetta, Kay (Fictitious character)Forensic pathologistsWomen physiciansMedical examiners (Law)VirginiaVirginia--RichmondSerial murdersPoliceFloridaPolicewomenMassachusettsPolice chiefsWomen pathologistsWomen detectivesTeenage girls--Crimes againstJack,--the RipperEngland--LondonNew York (State)--New YorkPsychopathsDeath row inmatesLouisianaSouth CarolinaEngland--London--WhitechapelNorth CarolinaVirginia--JamestownSickert, Walter,FranceTennesseePublic prosecutorsDNA fingerprintingStowawaysDetective and mystery storiesCriminal investigationWomenDetective and mystery stories, AmericanNorth Carolina--CharlotteUnited StatesSerial murderersInternational Criminal Police OrganizationCornwell, Patricia DanielsGovernment investigatorsMurder--InvestigationLiteratureMedical fiction, AmericanCold cases (Criminal investigation)FictionSerial murder investigationSmallpoxMurderForensic pathology195619761980198319841985198619881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201422212611955941813.54PS3553.O692ocn795592647ocn076406580ocn782962369ocn816052821ocn755082937ocn767875720ocn723824218ocn723091876ocn723803410ocn723943655ocn809807667ocn712598485ocn859569715ocn859019622ocn862462471ocn862462458ocn762680156654583ocn061200772book20050.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsPredatorFictionDetective and mystery storiesSuspense fictionDr. Kay Scarpetta, now freelancing with the National Forensic Academy in Florida, takes charge of a case that stretches from steamy Florida to snowboundBoston, one as unnerving as any she has ever faced. The teasing psychological clues lead Scarpetta and her team-Pete Marino, Benton Wesley, and Lucy Farinelli-to suspect that they are hunting someone with a cunning and malevolent mind whose secrets have kept them in the shadows, until now. Predator is proof once again that Patricia Cornwell has few peers with her extraordinary ability to entertain and enthrall+-+6679721685636971ocn055044519book19840.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsTraceFictionDetective and mystery storiesNow freelancing from south Florida, Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to her old haunts in Richmond, Virginia, only to encounter a host of baffling and unwelcome surprises as she investigates the death of a fourteen-year-old girl+-+4467064485618389ocn052891481book20030.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsBlow flyFictionDetective and mystery storiesLeaving Virginia in search of peace and quiet, Dr. Kay Scarpetta journeys to Florida, where a series of baffling murders entangles her in an international conspiracy that confronts her with the most unexpected circumstance of her life+-+2435064485602191ocn041211522book19990.13Cornwell, Patricia DanielsBlack noticeFictionDetective and mystery storiesChief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta of Richmond, Virginia, investigates a body found in a ship's container from Europe. A tattoo on the body sends her flying to Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France, where she learns of a killer known as The Werewolf+-+2350964485595779ocn155126690book19840.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsBook of the deadFictionDetective and mystery storiesDr. Kay Scarpetta opens a private forensic pathology practice in Charleston, South Carolina, only to find herself and her colleagues--Pete Marino and her niece, Lucy--confronted by a horrifying series of crimes that may have an underlying link+-+9848064485592981ocn038295209book19980.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsPoint of originFictionDetective and mystery storiesLegal storiesVirginia's chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta matches wits with a wily killer who uses fire to mask his crimes. The case begins with a fire in which many horses die and the embers yield a human body+-+2948964485584874ocn026547862book19930.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsCruel & unusual : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesTrying to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy, Dr. Kay Scarpetta and police lieutenant Pete Marino race against time when Kay is implicated in a second brutal killing+-+5983625385578173ocn035262491book19800.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsUnnatural exposureHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesWhile chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta investigates the remains of a dismembered woman in a Virginia landfill, she receives an e-mail message from the killer inviting her to download photos of the victim. By the author of Hornet's Nest+-+2598160795576261ocn062430939book20060.14Cornwell, Patricia DanielsAt riskFictionDetective and mystery storiesA Massachusetts district attorney running for governor wants to use some radical new DNA technology to solve a long-ago murder. But the result is a new round of violence+-+9718064485570659ocn044683434book19760.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsThe last precinctFictionDetective and mystery storiesLegal storiesAll the familiar faces--friend and foe--are here: police captain Marino, Kay's niece Lucy, the so-called Werewolf murderer, and (in memoriam) Kay's lover Benton Wesley and his killer, Carrie Grethen. Kay, who nearly killed the Werewolf in self-defense as Black Notice came to a close, now finds herself the target of a corrupt police investigation that will dredge her darkest secrets from the deepest corners of her past+-+8071964485567453ocn050518608book20020.18Cornwell, Patricia DanielsPortrait of a killer : Jack the Ripper-- case closedHistoryBiographyGuidebooksIn this new work of nonfiction, Cornwell turns her trademark skills for meticulous research and scientific expertise on one of the most chilling cases of serial murder in the history of crime--the slayings of Jack the Ripper that terrorized 1880s London. With the masterful intuition into the criminal mind that has informed her novels, Cornwell digs deeper into the case than any detective before her--and reveals the true identity of this elusive madman. Enlisting the help of forensic experts, Cornwell examines all the physical evidence available: thousands of documents and reports, fingerprints, crime-scene photographs, original etchings and paintings, items of clothing, artists' paraphernalia, and traces of DNA. Her unavoidable conclusion: Jack the Ripper was none other than a respected painter of his day, an artist now collected by some of the world's finest museums. It takes the world's premier crime writer to solve the greatest whodunit in history. Now, once and for all, the case of Jack the Ripper is closed+-+0784964485565176ocn213308424book20040.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsScarpettaFictionDetective and mystery storiesLeaving behind her Charleston forensic pathology practice to accept an assignment in New York City, Kay Scarpetta learns the story of an injured psychiatric patient who claims he was attacked by a stalker who was killing someone else at the time+-+8160064485562481ocn033079081book19900.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsCause of deathFictionAnecdotesDetective and mystery storiesIn Norfolk, Virginia, a reporter is killed while scuba diving in the naval yard. As she investigates, chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta uncovers a plot by a fascist militia to take over an atomic power plant+-+61969644853245517100ocn031900546book19950.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsFrom Potter's fieldFictionDramaDetective and mystery storiesDr. Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner of Virginia and consultant for the FBI, is in the midst of a late-night autopsy when the call comes: Temple Brooks Gault, the sadistic serial killer has struck again, and he is hunting for her+-+9340469315541383ocn030035430book19940.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsThe body farm : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesDr. Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner for Virginia, investigates the sex murder of a girl by an escaped convict. The probe requires exhuming the body for a second autopsy. Lots of information on bodies and autopsies. By the author of Cruel and Unusual+-+1240469315537154ocn191917726book20060.14Cornwell, Patricia DanielsThe frontFictionDetective and mystery storiesDispatched by the district attorney to a declining Massachusetts neighborhood to address a case related to a new public relations campaign, state investigator Win Garano suspects a deeper agenda and becomes involved with a loosely organized association of vigilante police officers, in a case during which he is assisted by his intuitive grandmother+-+8369064485534856ocn045875926book20010.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsIsle of DogsFictionDetective and mystery storiesWith an eye for the absurd & with dead-accurate aim on her targets, #1 NYT bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers Isle Of Dogs, a darkly comic portrait of politically driven law enforcement run amok. Chaos breaks loose when the governor of Virginia orders that speed traps be painted on all highways, warning that speeders will be caught by monitoring aircraft flying overhead. But the eccentric Isle of Tangier in the Chesapeake Bay, responds by declaring war on its own state. From the bestselling author of "Hornet's Nest" and "Southern Cross" comes an irreverent portrait of politically driven law enforcement run amok+-+K482964485534148ocn377696157book20090.14Cornwell, Patricia DanielsThe Scarpetta factorFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective and mystery stories, AmericanIt is the week before Christmas. A tanking economy has prompted Dr. Kay Scarpetta - despite her busy schedule and her continuing work as the senior forensic analyst for CNN - to offer her services pro bono to New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. In no time at all, her increased visibility seems to precipitate a string of unexpected and unsettling events. She is asked live on the air about the sensational case of Hannah Starr, who has vanished and is presumed dead. Moments later during the same telecast she receives a startling call-in from a former psychiatrist patient of Benton Wesley's. When she returns after the show to the apartment where she and Benton live, she finds an ominous package - possibly a bomb - waiting for her at the front desk. Soon the apparent threat on Scarpetta's life finds her embroiled in a surreal plot that includes a famous actor accused of an unthinkable sex crime and the disappearance of a beautiful millionaires with whom Lucy seems to have shared a secret past+-+4481064485517287ocn024318849book19920.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsAll that remains : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesPathologist Kay Scarpetta seeks to identify the killer of five young couples, all murdered within a 50-mile radius of Williamsburg+-+2048469315517172ocn039695751book19880.16Cornwell, Patricia DanielsSouthern crossFictionDetective and mystery storiesA woman troubleshooter is dispatched to Richmond, Virginia, to clean up the city's scandal-ridden police. For Judy Hammer, chief of police in Charlotte, North Carolina, the assignment turns out to be the most difficult of her career+-+K0199644853323ocn049821211book20020.19Beahm, George WThe unofficial Patricia Cornwell companionHandbooks, manuals, etcA reference on the life and work of author Patricia Cornwell and her heroine, forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta, presents discussions on her novels, an examination of Cornwell's fictional world, and interviews and articles+-+77825876852724ocn056684698book20050.19Feole, Glenn LThe complete Patricia Cornwell companionHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+26865707951888ocn074522313book20070.79Gregoriou, ChristianaDeviance in contemporary crime fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc"Christina Gregoriou's book explores three aspects of deviance manipulated by contemporary crime fiction: linguistic, social, and generic. In detailed case studies of the work of James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Patricia Cornwell, Gregoriou investigates the ways in which crime fiction challenges linguistic norms, the boundaries of acceptable social behaviour, and generic conventions. Through the examination of recurrent criminal archetypes such as the monster, the vampire and the spoilt child, and also through analysis of the ways in which crime fiction can be seen as a version of 'carnival', this study attempts to redefine the boundaries of a genre."--BOOK JACKET+-+2488555875191ocn644708877com20020.47Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+8003012325111ocn232329667book20040.29Authors & artists for young adultsBio-bibliography+-+648841232562ocn756803708visu20100.10At riskDramaFilm adaptationsWin Garano, rising star of the Massachusetts State Police, is sent to Tennessee by D.A. Monique 'Money' Lamont to investigate a murder that took place more than twenty years before. The calculating Monique thinks she has found the perfect mystery to showcase her new crime initiative and Garano has no choice but to follow her lead. Along with his colleague Sykes, Garano follows the evidence to a killer in Knoxville, and then back to Boston and a crime that hits much closer to home41ocn149104876book20040.10Contemporary Authors A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Televisions, and Other FielBio-bibliography+-+987211232531ocn611342936com0.19Patricia Daniels Cornwell : (1956-)Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn038946484art19970.47Bachrach, JudyDeath becomes her : Patricia Cornwell is one of the highest-paid writers in the world. She makes as much as $8 million for each of her chilling crime novels featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, and Unnatural Exposure, due out this July, is expected to rocket like her previous books to the top of the best-seller lists. But, as Cornwell reveals to Judy Bachrach, her personal life is as dark as her novels ; it is a twisted tale of betrayal, pain, and attempted murderBiography21ocn756796177visu20100.10The frontDramaFilm adaptationsDistrict Attorney Monique Lamont orders Detective Win Garano to reopen the investigation of the brutal, decades-old murder of a young blind woman named Janie Brolin. Janie's boyfriend was the main suspect in the original investigation, but Lamont has another suspect in mind: the Boston Strangler. Garano will work with no-nonsense female detective 'Stump' to uncover the truth about Janie's death and track down a psychopath who is leaving their witnesses and colleagues dead in his wake11ocn230749484book20081.00Kort, MichelePatricia Cornwell : the famed crime novelist has kept us spellbound with her fiction. Now she's telling her truth, as a happily married lesbian who's speaking out for equal rightsBiography11ocn045688402art1997Cornwell, Patricia12ocn603359497com0.10Patricia Cornwell : (1956-)Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThis Web site is the official on-line resource of mystery/crime author, Patricia Cornwell. Come and explore Patricia's talent at writing bestselling mysteries, due to her years as a former crime reporter for the Charlotte Observer, as a volunteer police officer and in her work for the Virginia Chief Medical Examiner's Office. Visitors can read Patricia's biography, gain insight into her writing style, and find out what she's currently working on11ocn387045965book20070.47Williams, SueAt the cutting edge a Kristevan approach to the subject positioning of women protagonists in the crime fiction of Patrician Cornwell and Kathy ReichsCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn819017291book19930.15Cornwell, Patricia DanielsCruel & unusual : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesTrying to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy, Dr. Kay Scarpetta and police lieutenant Pete Marino race against time when Kay is implicated in a second brutal killing+-+598362538511ocn030800802visu19941.00Virginia Currents, air date, 4/22/9411ocn722088200book0.47Junot-CornwellCollectionThe collection contains copies of newspaper articles, transcripts of interviews, and copies of articles written by Cornwell for the Charlotte Observer and Davidson College publications11ocn191674455visu20060.47Charlie RoseA panel discussion about Cuban immigration, Fidel Castro and the island's future. Panel members are: Moe Zuckerman, Juan Gonzalez of The New York Daily News, and Vogue writer Julia Reed. Crime novelist, Patricia Cornwell talks about her new book, The Body Farm. Documentary filmmaker, Frederick Wiseman discusses his new film, High School II+-+2948964485+-+2948964485Fri Mar 21 16:11:02 EDT 2014batch109081