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Fri Mar 21 17:06:24 2014 UTClccn-n822361550.00Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material0.701.00Catalogue of lithographs18025897Bolton_Brownn 82236155886347Bolton Coit BrownBrown, BoltonBrown Bolton Coit 1865-1936Brown, Bolton Coltlccn-n81050279Adams, Clinton1918-2002lccn-n90717238Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957lccn-n50079907Merrymount Presslccn-n94031070Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n84160265Lankes, Julius J.1884-1960lccn-n79058452Kennedy Gallerieslccn-nr2003008818Samuel Dorsky Museum of Artlccn-n79091875Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery (Syracuse University)lccn-n83022663Kleemann GalleriesBrown, Bolton1864-1936CatalogsBiographyExhibition catalogsBrown, Bolton,Lithography--TechniqueUnited StatesLithographersLithographyLankes, Julius J.,Painting--TechniqueColorsArt, AmericanLithography, AmericanArms, John Taylor,Art dealersWhitmore, Elizabeth ManningAuthors and publishersArts and crafts movementWeavingBookplatesDecoration and ornamentColor in artIllustratorsAnderson, Sherwood,Beals, Jessie TarboxKent, Rockwell,WallpaperPotteryLandscape printsIllinois--ChicagoTravelUnited States--Sierra NevadaLittle, MarieNelson-Atkins Museum of ArtArtist coloniesSteele, Zulma,Frost, Robert,Coates, Robert M.--(Robert Myron),PhotographyFurniture designGág, Wanda,Bellows, George,CabinetworkArtistsFurniture makingBurchfield, Charles Ephraim,Prints--TechniqueDrawing--Study and teachingArt publishing18641936189218971906191119131914192119221923192419291930193319381976198119831984198619881993200020022003200720089606996763NE2425ocn691701033ocn69170124228112ocn002277079book19290.56Brown, BoltonLithography for artists; a complete account of how to grind, draw upon, etch, and print from the stone, together with instructions for making crayon, transferring, etc+-+23068215961153ocn001618905book19230.86Brown, BoltonLithography752ocn005837549book19210.59Brown, BoltonJ.J. Lankes: painter-graver on wood336ocn001728862book19130.88Brown, BoltonThe painter's palette and how to master it71ocn040706002book19380.47Kleemann GalleriesCatalogue of lithographs by Bolton BrownCatalogs41ocn014935758book19381.00Brown, BoltonCatalogue of lithographsCatalogs21ocn201394273book1913Brown, BoltonPaintings by Bolton Coit Brown21ocn028417259mix0.92Brown, BoltonJournals (12 v.) containing accounts of Brown's technical experiments with lithographic materials, transcript (typewritten) of unpublished work, Lithography Since Whistler, and miscellaneous papers21ocn084424057mixBrown, BoltonArtist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material21ocn083097939book19240.92Brown, BoltonCatalogue of an exhibition of lithographs by Bolton Brown : with an introduction, and notes on the prints exhibitedExhibition catalogs11ocn122387514mix18970.47Brown, BoltonHow a college bride and groom astonished the wild Sierrans, in rational mountain costume they scaled the dizzy peaks on a bridal tour in skylandAn account written by Bolton Coit Brown of his and his wife Lucy's 8-week travels in the Sierra Nevada, including a climb of Mt. Brewer. Two sketches by Brown are included in the article11ocn038687664book0.47Brown, BoltonExercises in free-hand drawing, with full directions and explanations of their artistic significance11ocn155900312mix19331.00Brown, Boltonwith Carl Zigrosser11ocn503232611book19860.47Brown, BoltonBoyhood memories of Bolton Brown : including a philosophical treatise titled, "How I Shed Religion"11ocn083623775book1984Nelson-Atkins Musuem of ArtPrinted landscapes : four American points of view : exhibition, October 14-November 18, 1984CatalogsExhibition catalogs11ocn681381490com1.00Brown, BoltonWhat Should an Art School Be?, Bolton[Recueil. Oeuvre de Bolton Brown, Graveur américain. XIXe siècle]11ocn849917988mix1.00Art League Publishing Co. (Chicago, Ill.)Artists' biographical questionnairesIncluded are forms from: Hugo Ballin, Frederick E. Bartlett, James C. Beckwith, William V. Birney, Karl Bitter, Albert D. Blashfield, Carle Joan Blenner, Frederick A. Bridgman, Bolton Brown, Ray Brown, George Elmer Browne, George De Forest Brush, Henry Kirke Bush-Brown, Walter A. Clark, Kenyon Cox, Lockwood De Forest, Harry Fenn, James E. Fraser, Walter Granville-Smith, Jules Guerin, Birge Harrison, Thomas A. Harrison, Ernest Haskell, Albert Herter, George Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott Hitchcock, Edward Kemeys, William S. Kendall, Alonzo Kimball, Charles MacCord, Thomas R. Manley, Richard F. Maynard, George H. McCord, Thomas Meteyard, Francis D. Millet, John H. Mills, Edward P. Moran, Henry Mosler11ocn849919906mix1.00Barker, Albert WAlbert Winslow Barker selected papersBiographical information, including resumes and a typescript by Barker's wife; correspondence with his publisher and dealer, Elizabeth Whitmore; correspondence with Bolton Brown, John Taylor Arms, Albert Fowler, print societies, and suppliers; letters regarding exhibitions; a manuscript on lithography; notes on a course with Brown; clippings; photographs; drawings; and information on the Bolton Brown memorial exhibition organized by Barker11ocn832898137file1.00Brown, BoltonWhat Should an Art School Be?, ClintonCrayonstone : the life and work of Bolton Brown with a catalogue of his lithographsBiographyCatalogs731ocn019625307book19880.86Brown, BoltonBolton Brown, 1864-1936Exhibition catalogs302ocn052690213book20030.92Brown, BoltonBolton Coit Brown : a retrospective, April 5-June 15, 2003, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York, New PaltzExhibition catalogs151ocn021246095book19810.98Brown, BoltonBolton Brown, lithographer : April 19-June 20,1981, Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery, School of Art, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse UniversityExhibition catalogs81ocn016113867book19810.95Romano, RosemarieBolton Brown, a preliminary bibliographyBibliography81ocn010801084book19240.92Brown, BoltonCatalogue of an exhibition of lithographs by Bolton Brown : with an introduction, and notes on the prints exhibitedExhibition catalogs71ocn014561623book19860.47Brown, BoltonBoyhood memories of Bolton Brown : including a philosophical treatise titled, "How I Shed Religion"61ocn123354566book20030.10Brown, BoltonBolton Coit Brown : a retrospectiveExhibition catalogs31ocn222123910book19880.23Kennedy GalleriesBolton Brown, 1864-1936 : [exhibition, September, 1988]Exhibition catalogs31ocn079460194book19111.00Brown, BoltonPaintings by Bolton C. Brown : opening March 19, 1911Exhibition catalogs31ocn083219872book20030.47Samuel Dorsky Museum of ArtBolton Coit Brown : a retrospective : April 5-June 15, 2003, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New PaltzExhibition catalogs32ocn077890631book19380.47Kleemann GalleriesCatalogue of lithographs by Bolton BrownCatalogs31ocn814879023com0.47George H. Ainslie Art Galleries (New York, N.Y.)Some pictures by Bolton Coit Brown21ocn028419339mix0.92Barker, Albert WRecords and correspondenceChiefly correspondence with Elizabeth Manning Whitmore, Barker's publisher and agent, and art dealers; drawings; and photos. Other correspondents include John Taylor Arms and Bolton Brown21ocn052688888book20030.47Brown, BoltonBolton Cott Brown, a retrospective : April 5-June 15, 2003, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State Universiry of New YorkExhibition catalogs21ocn079015220bookBrown, BoltonBolton BrownExhibition catalogs11ocn182553605mixBrown, BoltonArtist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material11ocn501179713book1988Bolton Brown, 1864-193611ocn155901917mix1.00Lankes, Julius Jwith Carl ZigrosserSubjects covered in Julius J. Lankes' detailed letters include the progress of new work, prices, his printing technique, books and works of art purchased from the Weyhe Gallery, news of his home life, shipments of prints, sales, settling of accounts, ideas to generate sales, competitions and exhibitions Lankes' submitted work to, an autobiographical letter (Oct.8, 1935), his work at Wells College (1932-1939) and the exhibitions he brought there from Weyhe Gallery, his work as drafting for the Federal Government (1943-1950) and his discharge from that job, and the last years of his life. Along with the correspondence are clippings, photographs of the artist and a quantity of works of art11ocn081885123book19380.47Kleemann GalleriesThe lithographs of Bolton Brown+-+2306821596+-+2306821596Fri Mar 21 15:30:20 EDT 2014batch18515