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Fri Mar 21 17:14:55 2014 UTClccn-n820279310.00Messe solennelle0.781.00The Present state of the republick of letters for July, 172894852264n 82027931725080Reid, Andrew, d. 1767?lccn-n80149523Hales, Stephen1677-1761lccn-n82041024Macquer, Pierre Joseph1718-1784lccn-nr91017670Gray, John-1769edtviaf-37809284La Roche, Michel deactive 1710-1731edtnc-royal society great britainRoyal Society (Great Britain)lccn-nr2004030754Jones, Henry-1727lccn-n85089626Martyn, John1699-1768lccn-nr92033351Eames, John-1744lccn-n85310599Lowthorp, John1658 or 1659-1724lccn-nr92027000Adam Matthew PublicationsReid, Andrew-1767?PeriodicalsReviewsBook reviewsPortraitsChemistryBibliographyBooksTarPatent medicinesChronology, HistoricalHistory, AncientWood tarTurpentineScience--Societies, etcLogarithmsChemistry, OrganicChemistry, InorganicEnglish literatureScienceTar--Therapeutic useTherapeuticsGreat BritainCheever, George Barrell,Political scienceAuthors and publishersGriswold, Rufus W.--(Rufus Wilmot),17671728173217331747174917581764176717681775177717821787179319971999200520108732599010.5AC4ocn508356511ocn312950486ocn367689121ocn728268635ocn062430018ocn005057391ocn006691009ocn014353234ocn082920400ocn725328433ocn725694578ocn725328433ocn725694578ocn725328433ocn7256945781939ocn508356511file0.81The Present state of the republick of lettersPeriodicalsBook reviewsReviews13715ocn642518640com17470.81Hales, StephenAn account of some experiments and observations on tar-water wherein is shown the quantity of tar that is therein. And also a Method proposed, both to abate that Quantity considerably, and to ascertain the Strength of the Tar-Water. Which was read before the Royal Society. By Stephen Hales, D.D.F.R.S13316ocn642275675com17470.76Reid, AndrewA letter to the Reverend Dr. Hales concerning the nature of tar, and a method of obtaining it's medical virtues, free from it's hurtful oils: whereby also the strength of each dose may be the better ascertained. By A. Reid Esq12516ocn642276979file17670.73Reid, AndrewAn essay on logarithms deducing the whole doctrine concerning them from pure arithmetical principles: in a letter to John Gray, Esq ; Rector of the Marischall College, New Aberdeen, and F.R.S. By Andrew Reid, Esq12510ocn062430018book17580.81Macquer, Pierre JosephElements of the theory and practice of chymistry Translated from the French of M. Macquer676ocn006034590serial0.88Royal Society (Great Britain)The Philosophical transactions ... abridgedPeriodicals232ocn696107809com20100.47Reid, AndrewConnectivity and morphology of the primate brain183ocn016094091book17320.73Newton, IsaacAn abstract of Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology of ancient Kingdoms. By Mr. Reid173ocn014334449book17490.84Prior, ThomasThe authentick narrative of the success of tar water, in curing a great number and variety of distempers with remarks102ocn022942711book17330.88Royal Collection (Great Britain)The philosophical transactions (from the year 1720, to the year 1732) abridged and disposed under general heads. By Mr. Reid and John Gray81ocn014861206book17930.88Prior, ThomasAn authentic narrative of the success of tarwater, in curing a great number and variety of distempers with remarks.33ocn725328433rcrd19990.23Mawby, ColinAve verum corpus21ocn066965197rcrd19970.10Messe solennelle21ocn038669629book0.92Royal Society (Great Britain)The philosophical transactions and collections ... abridg'd and disposed under general heads11ocn681131919book17580.47Macquer, Pierre JosephElements of the theory and practice of chymistry11ocn367689121serial1.00Royal Society (Great Britain)The philosophical transactions (from the year 1720, to the year 1732)Periodicals11ocn647833549mix1.00Cheever, George BarrellLetters of George Barrell CheeverPortraitsCorrespondents include Griswold, P. Greely, Jr., and Andrew Reid11ocn071500422book17281.00The Present state of the republick of letters for July, 172811ocn725694578rcrd1997Vierne, LouisMesse solennelle11ocn222654235book17580.10Macquer, Pierre JosephElements of the theory and practice of chymistryFri Mar 21 15:46:00 EDT 2014batch10138