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Fri Mar 21 17:13:57 2014 UTClccn-n820771670.00Jones, Philly Joe0.301.00Jonesin' the life and music of Philly Joe Jones /56796577Philly_Joe_Jonesn 82077167773898Jones, Joe, 1923-1985Jones, Joseph RudolphJones, Joseph Rudolph, 1923-1985Jones, Philly J. 1923-1985Jones, Phylly Joe, 1923-1985lccn-n84148412Chambers, Paul1935-1969prfitrcmplccn-n50031907Coltrane, John1926-1967prfitrcmplccn-n81010509Garland, Redprfitrlyrlccn-n50035608Davis, Milesprfitrcmplccn-n81147281Evans, Bill1929-1980prfitrcmplccn-n84148411Kelly, Wyntonprfitrcmplccn-n82145589Drew, Kennyprfitrcmplccn-n81058241Fuller, Curtis1934-prfitrlccn-n81058254Morgan, Lee1938-1972prfitrcmplccn-nr89012625Jones, Sam1924-1981prfitrJones, Philly JoeJazzTrumpet music (Jazz)Bop (Music)Piano music (Jazz)Saxophone music (Jazz)JazzSaxophone with jazz ensembleTrumpet music (Jazz)Trumpet with jazz ensembleAlternate takes (Sound recordings)Bop (Music)Piano music (Jazz)Saxophone music (Jazz)Piano with jazz ensemblePopular musicJones, Philly JoeGreen Day (Musical group)Jackson, Janet,Chenille SistersMadonna,Austin, DallasGalás, DiamándaC + C Music Factory (Musical group)America (Musical group)Stone Roses (Musical group)Young, La MonteGraves, DenyceDiddy,Dead Can Dance (Musical group)Flanagan, TommyFranti, Michael,Baker, GingerBrown, James,Gatton, DannyPullen, DonSalonen, Esa-Pekka,Erickson, RokyHenderson, Fletcher,Bad Brains (Musical group)Cult (Musical group)Cale, J. JSunnyland Slim,Sanders, PharoahGould, Morton,Cinderella (Musical group)McDowell, FredLateef, YusefOhio Players (Musical group)Mulligan, GerryEtheridge, MelissaParis, TwilaRaye, CollinBabes in Toyland (Musical group)Johnson, James P.--(James Price),McKinney's Cotton Pickers192319851939194419531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220131979612182449781.656M1366.C64ocn018408417ocn018156703ocn016633536ocn047128628ocn020370200ocn017437350ocn017437395ocn021426517ocn027017187ocn017636338ocn046827197ocn053053104ocn041366158ocn043925402ocn065631057ocn021248165ocn123181751ocn262896711ocn057072676ocn593828855ocn795457620ocn795459858146347ocn018408417rcrd19570.25Coltrane, JohnBlue trainSaxophone music (Jazz)JazzJohn Coltrane considered his 1957 album to be best work. This influential album includes improved sound along with alternative takes of Lazy Bird and Blue Train107947ocn046827197rcrd19560.25Davis, Miles'Round about midnightTrumpet music (Jazz)Bop (Music)Jazz'Round midnight / Hanighen, C. Williams, T. Monk -- Ah-leu-cha / C. Parker -- All of you / Cole Porter -- Bye bye blackbird / M. Dixon, R. Henderson -- Tadd's delight / Dameron -- Dear old Stockholm / S. Getz79638ocn018156703rcrd19580.28Davis, MilesMilestones53132ocn020370200rcrd19570.28Pepper, ArtArt Pepper meets the Rhythm SectionSaxophone music (Jazz)47524ocn017437350rcrd19610.32Bill Evans TrioEverybody digs Bill EvansPiano music (Jazz)Jazz36223ocn035578513rcrd19560.29Sonny Rollins QuartetTenor madness35722ocn017437395rcrd19590.32Baker, ChetChet33215ocn017499908rcrd19560.31Miles Davis QuintetWorkin' with the Miles Davis QuintetJazz33025ocn041366158rcrd19580.27Clark, SonnyCool struttin'27721ocn021426517rcrd19580.35Rollins, SonnyNewk's time2459ocn043925402rcrd20000.31Davis, MilesMiles Davis & John Coltrane the complete Columbia recordings, 1955-19612429ocn020301995rcrd19560.35Brown, CliffordClifford Brown memorial album21516ocn029787922rcrd19690.56Dameron, TaddMating call21514ocn021467965rcrd19560.50Davis, MilesMiles Davis and the modern jazz giantsJazz21514ocn085846841rcrd19860.28Miles Davis QuintetCookin' with the Miles Davis QuintetTrumpet music (Jazz)Bop (Music)Jazz2112ocn861662820rcrd20130.14Monk, TheloniousParis 196920515ocn017202420rcrd19560.50Davis, MilesCollector's items18716ocn065631057rcrd19580.28Miles Davis QuintetRelaxin' with the Miles Davis QuintetTrumpet music (Jazz)Bop (Music)Jazz17414ocn027095714rcrd19770.53Evans, BillQuintessence17320ocn022585766rcrd19610.28Mobley, HankWorkout91ocn527366010book19960.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources11ocn055704400art1999Jones, Philly JoeBiography11ocn166328119art19880.10Philly Joe Jones11ocn856979633com20131.00Mallory, Dustin EJonesin' the life and music of Philly Joe JonesBiographyThis thesis explores the life of drummer "Philly" Joseph Rudolf Jones, one of jazz's most renowned, unknown figures. As the drummer for the Miles Davis Quintet/Sextet and a later incarnation of the Bill Evans Trio, Joe achieved worldwide fame and success. Yet, his life story has always been told in the footnotes of the towering figures he performed with: John Coltrane, Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, etc. Jazz history books recognize Joe's contributions and nearly all provide a space, albeit a small one, to recognize his accomplishments. Leonard Feather's The Encyclopedia of Jazz has an entry for Joe, Lewis Porter's An Historical Survey of Jazz Drumming Styles lists Joe as an important figure in the evolution of jazz drumming, and The Oxford Companion to Jazz states that "just about anyone of consequence worked with Jones." These texts and many others put Joe in a place of prominence for a handful of sentences. However, footnoting Joe's success overlooks the fact that he recorded on more than one-hundred albums from 1955-1960 and was probably the most recorded American drummer in any genre during that time period. Despite his popularity and critical acclaim, no published author has delved into Joe's complex life with any depth. This thesis explores Joe's musical biography and seeks to illuminate the paradoxes therin. Joe's story contains drug use, prison time, and abrasive behavior. On the other hand, he was an excellent musician and a generous man who mentored many young musicians. Joe's life is intertwined in a web of circumstantial experiences: a fatherless upbringing, military service during World War II, integrating the Philadelphia Transit Company, and working to survive as a musician in New York. There are also lesser-known parts of his life including his roots as a Rhythm and blues drummer, his love for big band music, and his associations with the avant-garde. Joe overcame the obstacles of socioeconomic status, racism, evolving musical styles, and the drug culture to become a superb musician who still found time to educate the next generation11ocn302388184score1.00Jones, Philly JoeLead sheets : unpublished copyright depositsManuscriptsFri Mar 21 15:33:33 EDT 2014batch48088