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Thu Oct 16 17:50:13 2014 UTClccn-n820040470.00Appreciating originality0.191.00Méditations /108367147Thomas_Moore_(spiritual_writer)n 82004047701378Moore , Thomas <psicoterapista>Moore, Thomas William 1940-Moore, Tom 1940-ムーア, トマスlccn-n91113508Williamson, Marianne1952-np-hillman, jamesHillman, Jameslccn-n79039905Wiesel, Elie1928-lccn-n50006399Nhất HạnhThíchnp-doblmeier, martinDoblmeier, Martinlccn-no2006021724Journey Filmslccn-n80149991South Carolina Educational Television Networknp-runger, nelsonRunger, Nelsonnrtlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n50001263Ficino, Marsilio1433-1499Moore, Thomas1940-BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcCondensed booksSpiritual lifePsychology, ReligiousConduct of lifeSoulMoore, Thomas,LoveIntimacy (Psychology)Soul matesMagicNature--Religious aspectsUnited StatesGatto, John TaylorDepression, Mental--Religious aspectsNoche oscura del alma (John of the Cross, Saint)Suffering--Religious aspectsWork--Religious aspectsSexSex--Religious aspectsSex--MythologyEducation--PhilosophyEducatorsEducation, CompulsoryEducation--Aims and objectivesEducational sociologyMonastic and religious lifeForgivenessArchetype (Psychology)PsychoanalysisMythology--Psychological aspectsTeachingsJesus ChristPastoral medicineMedicine--Religious aspectsErotic stories, FrenchSadism in literatureSade,--marquis de,Criticism and interpretationReligionSelf-realization--Religious aspectsSelf-actualization (Psychology)--Religious aspectsLife change events--Religious aspectsMeditationsForgiveness of sinForgiveness--Religious aspects--ChristianityEmotionsJohn of the Cross,--Saint,MysticismAuthors, AmericanSelf-acceptanceSelf psychology1940194519571966197519801982198319861989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201425131221550158BL624ocn037974111ocn797763887ocn465719862ocn301394446ocn800190142ocn781046060ocn467566672ocn467670817ocn466976925ocn468834293ocn440620466ocn225518523ocn225518523361521ocn024065114book19910.21Moore, ThomasCare of the soul : a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday lifeA guide that shows how to add spirituality, depth, and meaning to modern day life by nurturing the soul+-+4977745155256413ocn028801453book19930.21Moore, ThomasSoul mates : honoring the mysteries of love and relationshipExplores how human relationships of all kinds -- with all their difficulties -- deepen our lives and help fulfill the needs of the soul+-+7020745155143820ocn048055861book20020.16Moore, ThomasThe soul's religion : cultivating a profoundly spiritual way of lifeA companion volume to "Care of the Soul," featuring forty short essays in which the author, a former Catholic monk, explores the meaning of true spirituality and its importance in everyday life+-+513746515513719ocn054487757book20040.16Moore, ThomasDark nights of the soul : a guide to finding your way through life's ordealsEvery human journey is filled with emotional tunnels: the loss of a loved one or end of a relationship, aging and illness, career disappointments, or just an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life. Society tends to view these "dark nights" in clinical terms as obstacles to be overcome as quickly as possible. But Thomas Moore's extensive career as a psychologist and theologian has taught him that honoring these periods of fragility as periods of incubation and opportunities to delve into the soul's deepest needs can provide healing and a new understanding of life's meaning. Dark Nights of the Soul presents these metaphoric dark nights not as the enemy, but as times of transition, occasions to restore yourself, and transforming rites of passage. Moore shows specific ways to engage life more deeply through particular challenges and shares a powerful new outlook. With the soothing, accessible tone and practical philosophy that have made Moore an internationally beloved author, Dark Nights of the Soul will help you tend to the deepest needs of the heart and spirit in a modern world full of life's challenges, and is sure to be a comforting companion during your most difficult times. Every human life is made up of the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, the vital and the deadening. How you think about this rhythm of moods makes all the difference. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Care of the Soul comes the long-anticipated sequel, an uplifting and groundbreaking approach to life's darkest hours. Moore shows specific ways to engage life more deeply through particular challenges and shares a powerful new outlook on such topics as: The healing power of melancholy; The sexual dark night and the mysteries of matrimony; Finding solace during illness and in aging; Anxiety, anger, and temporary Insanities; Linking creativity, spirituality, and emotional struggles; Finding meaning and beauty in the darkness+-+621559740612118ocn039205893book19980.20Moore, ThomasThe soul of sex : cultivating life as an act of loveShows readers how to increase the sensuality in their lives, deepen the meaning of sex, and reconcile their spirituality with their sexual needs+-+5045845155104815ocn035262473book19860.18Moore, ThomasThe education of the heart : readings and sources for Care of the soul, Soul mates, and The re-enchantment of everyday lifeHere we read the great teachers and writers of the past and present not just as representatives of historical periods but as vivid teachers who show us the way toward a richer, more spirit- and soul-filled life. The selections come from Greek tragedies and ancient magical texts; from the Renaissance philosophers so often mentioned in Moore's earlier books, such as Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Robert Fludd, and others; and from modern archetypal psychologists such as C.G. Jung and James Hillman. Moore has selected these passages not only for their brilliance in describing the soul but also for the beauty and power of their language+-+756926515596810ocn182552950book20080.16Moore, ThomasA life at work : the joy of discovering what you were born to doShows how to search for the sacred dimension of work and find life's meaning in the process+-+77077421257872ocn042290720book20000.16Moore, ThomasOriginal self : living with paradox and authenticity"The fifty meditations in this collection offer fresh interpretations of living with originality rather than conformity, presenting multi-dimensional portraits of the creative self and different angles from which to tap one's primal emotions and possibilities". -- Jacket+-+37904651557402ocn181201136visu20070.22The Power of forgivenessTo forgive someone can be simple....this simple act can have powerful consequences. From Northern Ireland to Ground Zero to the Amish countryside, explores how forgiveness can transform your life6898ocn019515960book19890.28Hillman, JamesA blue fire : selected writingsGathers the influential psychologist's writings on imaginal psychology, betrayal, suicide, parenthood, perception and consciousness+-+865674515556213ocn031628262rcrd19920.14Moore, ThomasCare of the soulPresents a new way of thinking about daily life--the everyday activities, events, problems, and creative opportunities--proposing a therapeutic lifestyle that focuses on looking more deeply into emotional problems and sensing sacredness in ordinary things+-+78519440065122ocn862399630book20140.14Moore, ThomasA religion of one's own : a guide to creating a personal spirituality in a secular world"The New York Times bestselling author and trusted spiritual adviser offers a follow-up to his classic Care of the Soul. Something essential is missing from modern life. Many who've turned away from religious institutions-and others who have lived wholly without religion-hunger for more than what contemporary secular life has to offer but are reluctant to follow organized religion's strict and often inflexible path to spirituality. In A Religion of One's Own, bestselling author and former monk Thomas Moore explores the myriad possibilities of creating a personal spiritual style, either inside or outside formal religion. Two decades ago, Moore's Care of the Soul touched a chord with millions of readers yearning to integrate spirituality into their everyday lives. In A Religion of One's Own, Moore expands on the topics he first explored shortly after leaving the monastery. He recounts the benefits of contemplative living that he learned during his twelve years as a monk but also the more original and imaginative spirituality that he later developed and embraced in his secular life. Here, he shares stories of others who are creating their own path: a former football player now on a spiritual quest with the Pueblo Indians, a friend who makes a meditative practice of floral arrangements, and a well-known classical pianist whose audiences sometimes describe having a mystical experience while listening to her performances. Moore weaves their experiences with the wisdom of philosophers, writers, and artists who have rejected materialism and infused their secular lives with transcendence. At a time when so many feel disillusioned with or detached from organized religion yet long for a way to move beyond an exclusively materialistic, rational lifestyle, A Religion of One's Own points the way to creating an amplified inner life and a world of greater purpose, meaning, and reflection. "--37810ocn055117445rcrd20040.12Moore, ThomasDark nights of the soul a guide to finding your way through life's ordealsUnabridged+-+38055379653317ocn234434689book20090.15Moore, ThomasWriting in the sand : Jesus and the soul of the GospelsExamines the original Greek texts of the Gospels to offer an reinterpretation of Jesus' teachings+-+686974659628011ocn029661581rcrd19930.13Moore, ThomasSoul matesCondensed booksExplores how relationships of all kinds - with all their difficulties - deepen our lives and help fulfil the needs of the soul+-+969494400627811ocn213340199rcrd20080.12Moore, ThomasA life at work the joy of discovering what you were born to doShows how to search for the sacred dimension of work and find life's meaning in the process+-+89805788962584ocn424560471book20100.16Moore, ThomasCare of the soul in medicine : healing guidance for patients, families, and the people who care for them+-+981074659624010ocn022181508book19900.53Moore, ThomasDark eros : the imagination of sadismCriticism, interpretation, etcIn Dark Eros, Thomas Moore shines a new light on the dark fictions of the Marquis de Sade to learn what they teach about the horrors hidden in the human heart, revealing the poetic and imaginitive powers that lie within violence and sexual victimization. By returning to the paradox of ancient medicine -- the cause of a disease is its very cure -- Thomas Moore opens the way through sadism that affects family, education, love affairs, the work place and politics+-+90189673352215ocn063180045book20050.27Gatto, John TaylorDumbing us down : the hidden curriculum of compulsory schoolingBiography"New 10th anniverary edition."--Cover+-+239962013518511ocn318419990book19930.14Moore, ThomasEl cuidado del alma : cultivar lo profundo y lo sagrado en la vida cotidiana+-+504180429319359ocn034318625book19960.19Moore, ThomasThe re-enchantment of everyday life+-+64572651553249383ocn030977052book19940.19Moore, ThomasMeditations : on the monk who dwells in daily lifeMoore draws on the twelve years he lived as a monk to examine the beauty and humor of the monk's life. He suggests a way of finding spirituality and nurturing the soul that can be applied in any walk of life+-+8552745155721ocn036236606rcrd19960.13Moore, ThomasThe Education of the heart [readings and sources for care of the soul, soul mates, and the re-enchantment of everyday life]+-+4482609415502ocn031721416rcrd19940.17Moore, ThomasMeditations on the monk who dwells in daily life263ocn036750197rcrd19950.15Moore, ThomasThe art of soulworkInterviews+-+0769526106324212ocn036837710book19970.15Moore, ThomasEl placer de cada día91ocn035527106book19960.10Moore, ThomasReflexiones : la riqueza espiritual de la vida monástica+-+846680429332ocn030996690rcrd19940.22Moore, ThomasThe art of soulful livingInterviews23ocn411941584file19980.12Moore, ThomasThe Re-enchantment of everyday lifeMoore avers that a spiritual, enchanted engagement with life is not a childish thing to be put away with adulthood but a necessity for personal and collective survival. Describes how such ordinary aspects of life as gardens, food, and language can take on a new sense of wonder and beauty21ocn035882849book19951.00Moore, ThomasMéditationsMeditations11ocn879345438book20140.47Fox, Barbara FThe dark night of the soul: conscious suffering, meaning, and transformationThis thesis explores Spanish Christian mystic John of the Cross's concept of the dark night of the soul as a process of conscious suffering that leads to empowerment, meaning in life, and enhanced wholeness. In addition, this thesis considers depth psychological concepts of individuation and Self, and the depth psychological notions of the teleological function of suffering and conscious suffering in relation to the dark night of the soul. The work of C. G. Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, James Hollis, and Barbara Sullivan, among others, is considered. Using heuristic methodology, this thesis presents the story of the author's personal experience in the darkness to illustrate how conscious suffering leads to personal transformation. Finally, the author provides a guideline for therapists working with clients who are experiencing a dark night of the soul11ocn052856436rcrd20020.10The author's voice. interviews with Gregory BergInterviews11ocn849657545mix1.00Moore, ThomasThomas Moore PapersAmerican author and psychotherapist, author of Care of the Soul and others. Collection contains videotapes, video journals, CDs, manuscripts, printed material, audiobooks and more11ocn040439056book19981.00Moore, ThomasA emoc̜ão de viver a cada dia : a magia do encantamento11ocn039160935book19981.00Moore, ThomasHashavat ha-ḳesem le-ḥaye ha-yomyom11ocn464645588visu19980.47Thomas MooreValerie Elia interviews philosopher Thomas Moore who believes it is good for our soul to revisit our innocence and recapture a sense of enchantment. Discusses the need to return to a personal Garden of Eden where one can accept a sensual and sexual existence without culturally or religiously conditioned fear and become alive again in our hearts01ocn045318559rcrd2000Moore, ThomasAppreciating originalityInterviewsThomas Moore talks about his work and influences in his writing and life01ocn039356909book1997Moore, ThomasEl reencantamiento de la vida cotidiana+-+4977745155+-+4977745155Thu Oct 16 15:01:02 EDT 2014batch32155