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Thu Oct 16 17:58:18 2014 UTClccn-n820935370.00Tribute in praise of poet M'Gonagall from Glasgow University0.591.00The great McGonagall /77238502William_McGonagalln 82093537790158Mac Gonagall, WilliamMacgonagall, WilliamMacgonagall, William 1825-1902Mc Gonagall, WilliamMc Gonagall, William 1825-1902McConagall, WilliamMcGonagall, William 1825-1902McGonagall, William Topaz 1825-1902M'Gonagall, WmM'Gonagall, Wm 1825-1902M'Gonagall, Wm. (William)lccn-n80067021Milligan, Spike1918-2002ausactlccn-n50036739Hobbs, Jack1926-lccn-n50010278Phillips, David1914-lccn-n50014022Smith, James Leslieedtlccn-n97054315Walker, Colin S. K.lccn-n97880397Watson, Normanlccn-no2008006460Nasmyth, Charlesnp-hunt, chrisHunt, Chrislccn-n83065791Finnissy, Michaelnp-fisher, gregorFisher, GregornrtMcGonagall, WilliamPoetryHistoryBiographyComic books, strips, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcMcGonagall, WilliamScotlandGreat BritainScotland--DundeePoets, ScottishEnglish wit and humorPoetsEnglish poetryChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with instrumental ensemble--ScoresScottish poetryEnglish poetry--Scottish authorsMilitary art and scienceWar poetry, EnglishTay Bridge Disaster (Dundee, Scotland : 1879)Humorous poetry, ScottishEnglish languageScottish wit and humorHumorous storiesGershwin, George,182519021878188318841885188618871889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219051910192419301934193619381945194619471948195019511953195419551958195919601961196219631964196519661968196919701971197219731974197519761979198019811982198519861988198919921993199719982000200120022004200520062007200820092010201120131821221403821.8PR4970.M45ocn725450760ocn05050118232259ocn006521074book18900.59McGonagall, WilliamPoetic gemsHistoryPoetry+-+460681062511510ocn000014420book19680.74McGonagall, WilliamLast poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall, poet and tragedianHistoryPoetry9822ocn002219853book19580.50McGonagall, WilliamMore poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall, poet and tragedianHistoryPoetry907ocn070765587book19930.66McGonagall, WilliamWilliam McGonagall : collected poemsWilliam McGonagall was born in Edinburgh in 1830. His father was a poor hand-loom weaver, and his work took his family to Glasgow, then to Dundee. William attended school for eighteen months before the age of seven, and received no further formal education. Later, as a mill worker, he used to read books in the evening, taking great interest in Shakespeare's plays. In 1877, McGonagall suddenly discovered himself 'to be a poet'. Since then, thousands of people the world over have enjoyed the verse of Scotland's alternative national poet. This volume brings together the three famous collections -+-+0229306936324852ocn000050720book19690.50McGonagall, WilliamWm. 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M'Gonagall, poet : a choice selection of his best pieces : with a sketch of his life and work, critical and biographical101ocn033088398visu19930.20The great McGonagallDramaScotsman William Topaz McGonagall quits work as a weaver to follow the muse and write terrible poetry91ocn851602782rcrd20130.77Zuidam, RobMcGonagall-liederMusical settingsMusic62ocn054830258book19620.50McGonagall, WilliamMore poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall, poet and tragedianHistoryPoetry51ocn029889057book19450.86Macnaughton, DonGhosting for McGonagallParodies, imitations, etc51ocn302058316book20070.56Nasmyth, CharlesThe comic legend of William McGonagallBiographyComic books, strips, etcPoetry+-+480259754653ocn364847665book19540.59McGonagall, WilliamPoetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall, poet and tragedian, with biographical sketch and reminiscences by the authorBiography41ocn863422960file20130.47McGonagall, WilliamWilliam McGonagall : the world's worst poet?BiographyThe autobiography of William Topaz McGonagall - the world's worst poet? William Topaz McGonagall is widely renowned as one of the world's worst-ever published poets. Yet his discordant muse is hugely popular all over the world - no less a figure than Spike Milligan was obsessed with him. But how do we account for this morbid fascination with verse of little or no discernible merit whatsoever? William McGonagall didn't discover he was a poet until the comparatively advanced age of 52, when he underwent something of an epiphany - the details of which you can hear in all their glory in this unintentionally hilarious and self-celebratory autobiography. Until then, he was a humble handloom weaver, eking out a living in Dundee, Scotland. But once the muse descended, there was no stopping him - he wrote over 200 poems, many celebrating places he had visited on his travels, many commemorating disasters. McGonagall had a strange relationship with misfortune - not just his own, but that experienced by others - most notably the 90 souls who died when the "Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay" collapsed in 1879 plunging the train and its passengers into the icy waters below. He was particularly obsessed with shipwrecks, composing over 20 poems on various maritime disasters. But he also branched out into conflagrations, floods and military defeats, making him an unparalleled chronicler of catastrophe. What you'll hear is not so much an autobiography, as a series in episodes in an otherwise dull and uneventful life punctuated with examples of his unparalleled verse: there's his trip to Balmoral to visit Queen Victoria - she wasn't in; an interlude in London, when a hoaxer placed an irresistible business proposition before him; sailing to New York, only to discover he could not perform there, before sailing all the way back again. And much more.So relentless was his chutzpah and self-belief, it's by turns touching, yet somehow breathtaking in its arrogance. Couldn't he tell he had no poetic talent whatsoever? This puzzle has prompted some commentators to brand McGonagall a hoax. But if the McGonagall persona is nothing but an elaborate confection, the comic genius who dreamed him up has yet to admit responsibility. And, as David Rintoul, the performer of this superb audio remarked during recording - no one appeared to have gained from the deception - least of all McGonagall himself. His frequent shortage of a shiny sixpence prompted the Monty Python team to create a similarly financially-challenged Scottish poet, one "Ewen McTeagle", whose final poem before he committed suicide was entitled "What's twenty poonds to the bloody Midland Bank?" Yet McGonagall is immortal. His verse, in all its arrhythmic, cliched awfulness, will survive us all, and is, in the poet's own words, "wonderful to behold". And now, of course, hear!31ocn035965433book19600.92Etty, RossThe Moc Gonagall : versesParodies, imitations, etc31ocn054426762file20040.26McGonagall OnlineWebsite includes various autobiographical accounts and the full autobiography of William Topaz McGonagall. The site also includes McGonagall's poetry and books, a selection of articles and links21ocn156744872book19660.92McGonagall, WilliamMore poetic gems : selected from the works of William McGonagall, poet and tragedian, died in Edinburgh 29 September 1902BiographyPoetry21ocn314574615book19641.00McGonagall year book21ocn225426044book19461.00MacDiarmid, HughThe great McGonagall11ocn314931889book19850.59McGonagall, WilliamPoetic gemsHistoryPoetry+-+0229306936324+-+0229306936324Thu Oct 16 15:45:48 EDT 2014batch26455