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Thu Oct 16 18:02:48 2014 UTClccn-n822428010.01Condoleezza Rice : being the best /0.240.95Rand Graduate School commencement exercises, July 15, 1995 /74770818Condoleezza_Ricen 82242801888995Rajs, Kondoliza 1954-Rāyis, Kūndālīzā 1954-Rice, Condi 1954-רייס, קונדוליזה 1954-ריס, קונדוליזה 1954-كوندوليزا رايس، 1954-ライス, コンドリーザlccn-n79061302National Security Council (U.S.)lccn-no95049848Bush, George W.(George Walker)1946-lccn-n79054636Stanford Universitylccn-n95061171Felix, Antonialccn-n84212364Baker, James Addison1930-lccn-n86130265Gore, Albert1948-lccn-n96098247Moore, Michael1954 April 23-lccn-no2005104919Desjarlais, Mikelccn-no2004014555Gibbs, Jefflccn-n80126198United StatesDepartment of StateRice, Condoleezza1954-BiographyHistoryJuvenile worksDocumentary filmsInterviewsUnited StatesRice, Condoleezza,Women cabinet officersNational Security Council (U.S.)StateswomenBush, George W.--(George Walker),Cabinet officersDiplomatic relationsPolitical scienceAfrican American womenAfrican AmericansFriendshipFamiliesAlabama--BirminghamAfrican American familiesRace relationsUnited States.--Department of StatePresidents--StaffSeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Iraq War (2003-2011)Contested electionsEmployeesStanford UniversityWar on Terrorism (2001-2009)International relationsWorld politicsPowell, Colin LWomen in mass mediaMass media--Social aspectsAfrican American women educatorsDiplomatic historyAfrican American diplomatsHegemonyRace relations--Political aspectsClinton, Hillary RodhamPresidents--ElectionPresidential candidatesWomen--Political activityWomen presidential candidatesSoviet UnionIraqEuropean federationGermanyUnification of Germany (1990)EuropeRelationsWomenMass mediaGender identityGender identity in mass media195419811984198519861987198819911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201432223219478BE840.8.R48ocn767836807ocn435622014288623ocn055977511visu20040.22Moore, MichaelFahrenheit 9/11Documentary filmsThrough actual news footage, interviews, and declassified documents, Michael Moore illustrates: the connections President George W. Bush has to the royal house of Saud of Saudi Arabia and the bin Ladens; how the president was elected due to possibly fraudulent circumstances; and the early days of the Bush administration prior to September 11, 2001. It follows a trail of possible warning signs that were ignored by his government and those in charge of national security prior to the 9/11 attacks. It looks at the immediate response from George W. Bush to the attacks, and after, including: issues of national security versus personal freedom; homeland security; the war on terror; government intelligence services; the United States Armed Forces recruiting strategies; and Sadam Hussein and the war in Iraq+-+929314959615456ocn767836807visu20110.26Miss representationDiscusses ways in which the media openly degrades women. Features commentary from many influential women in media and politics105831ocn032273430book19950.37Zelikow, PhilipGermany unified and Europe transformed : a study in statecraftHistoryThis work provides an analysis of the moves and manoeuvres that brought an end to the Cold War division of Europe. Coverage includes discussion of the opening of the Berlin Wall and a study of the relationship between West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and reform Communist leader, Hans Modrow+-+50780892156058ocn013593025book19860.50Dallin, AlexanderThe Gorbachev era5505ocn054992632visu20030.24Uncovered the whole truth about the Iraq WarDocumentary filmsTakes the viewer behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon and foreign service experts speak out detailing the lies, misstatements and exaggerations that served as the reasons for fighting a "preemptive" war against Iraq that wasn't necessary. Includes interviews with more than 20 experts in opposition to the U.S. war in Iraq5274ocn780553250file20120.50Council on Foreign RelationsU.S. education reform and national securityThe United States' failure to educate its students leaves them unprepared to compete and threatens the country's ability to thrive in a global economy and maintain its leadership role. This report notes that while the United States invests more in K-12 public education than many other developed countries, its students are ill prepared to compete with their global peers. According to the results of the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an international assessment that measures the performance of 15-year-olds in reading, mathematics, and science every three years, U.S. students rank fourteenth in reading, twenty-fifth in math, and seventeenth in science compared to students in other industrialized countries. The lack of preparedness poses threats on five national security fronts: economic growth and competitiveness, physical safety, intellectual property, U.S. global awareness, and U.S. unity and cohesion, says the report. Too many young people are not employable in an increasingly high-skilled and global economy, and too many are not qualified to join the military because they are physically unfit, have criminal records, or have an inadequate level of education. The report proposes three overarching policy recommendations: implement educational expectations and assessments in subjects vital to protecting national security; make structural changes to provide students with good choices; and, launch a "national security readiness audit" to hold schools and policymakers accountable for results and to raise public awareness3944ocn010532544book19840.77Rice, CondoleezzaThe Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak army, 1948-1983 : uncertain allegianceHistoryUndersøgelse af den tjekkoslovakiske hærs betydning og rolle i Tjekkoslovakiet efter 2. Verdenskrig, ikke mindst i 1948, da landet blev kommunistisk, forholdet mellem hæren og det kommunistiske parti og krisen i 1968, hvor Sovjetunionens ret til militært og politisk at gribe ind i andre østeuropæiske landes indre anliggender blev knæsat1434ocn053187498visu20020.26Al Jazeera voice of ArabiaFounded in 1996, Al Jazeera was the first 24-hour news channel in the Arab world. This documentary, shot on location in Qatar, goes behind the scenes of this popular, independent satellite TV channel. Incorporating news footage, excerpts from Al Jazeera programs, and interviews with executives, anchors and journalists, this film offers a look at the challenges faced and issues raised by the most important television channel in the Arab world1262ocn054892025book20040.93Rice, CondoleezzaA safer and better world929ocn037583232book19970.35Zelikow, PhilipSternstunde der Diplomatie : die deutsche Einheit und das Ende der Spaltung EuropasHistory703ocn034305648book19950.95Rand CorporationRand Graduate School commencement exercises, July 15, 1995On July 15, 1995, the RAND Graduate School held its ninth commencement exercises in Santa Monica, California. This Paper contains the commencement address given by Condoleezza Rice, Stanford University provost and professor of political science, and remarks made at the exercises by honorary degree recipients Lloyd Morrisett, Senator Sam Nunn, and Donald B. Rice. Also included are remarks made by Philip J. Romero, a 1988 graduate, and the remarks by student speakers Michael Dardia and Carolinda Douglass, Michael Shires, and Vladimir Shkolnikov. The paper also contains remarks made by Rob MacCoun, recipient of the Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Outstanding Teacher Award, and RAND's president, James A. Thomson, and by Charles Wolf, Jr., Dean of the RAND Graduate School661ocn039878544rcrd19980.16Bush, GeorgeA world transformedThe former president and his national security adviser share their thoughts on the tumultuous international events of his administration, from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany to the Gulf War+-+7006094215422ocn060557889visu20050.37Great speeches-- today's womenA series of speeches by women on national and international concerns and issues; each speech is preceded by a video narrative to place it in context382ocn880854668visu20140.15African-American history : great speechesHistoryContains speeches from eight current and past African-American icons. Subjects range from the civil rights movement of the 1960s to freedom for South Africa to present day politics in America. Speeches includes: Martin Luther King, Jr.; Malcolm X; Condoleezza Rice; and Barbara Jordan342ocn475449435file20100.16We rise speeches by inspirational black womenWe Rise: Speeches by Inspirational Black Women is a rare compilation of memorable speeches delivered by celebrated African-American women from both past and present. Spanning decades and elucidating the fight for equality, it not only captures important pieces of black history, but reveals the struggle from a female perspective. The live recordings in this captivating collection are preceded by a short biography to introduce each speaker+-+6279292516335ocn839375193com20110.20Rice, CondoleezzaNo higher honor : a memoir of my years in WashingtonBiographyFrom one of the world's most admired women, this is former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's compelling story of eight years serving at the highest levels of government. In her position as America's chief diplomat, Rice traveled almost continuously around the globe, seeking common ground among sometimes bitter enemies, forging agreement on divisive issues, and compiling a remarkable record of achievement. A native of Birmingham, Alabama who overcame the racism of the Civil Rights era to become a brilliant academic and expert on foreign affairs, Rice distinguished herself as an advisor to George W. Bush during the 2000 presidential campaign. Once Bush was elected, she served as his chief adviser on national-security issues ' a job whose duties included harmonizing the relationship between the Secretaries of State and Defense. It was a role that deepened her bond with the President and ultimately made her one of his closest confidantes. With the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Rice found herself at the center of the Administration's intense efforts to keep America safe. Here, Rice describes the events of that harrowing day ' and the tumultuous days after. No day was ever the same. Additionally, Rice also reveals new details of the debates that led to the war in Afghanistan and then Iraq. The eyes of the nation were once again focused on Rice in 2004 when she appeared before the 9-11 Commission to answer tough questions regarding the country's preparedness for ' and immediate response to ' the 9-11 attacks. Her responses, it was generally conceded, would shape the nation's perception of the Administration's competence during the crisis. Rice conveys just how pressure-filled that appearance was and her surprised gratitude when, in succeeding days, she was broadly saluted for her grace and forthrightness. From that point forward, Rice was aggressively sought after by the media and regarded by some as the Administration's most effective champion. In 2005 Rice was entrusted with even more responsibility when she was charged with helping to shape and carry forward the President's foreign policy as Secretary of State. As such, she proved herself a deft crafter of tactics and negotiation aimed to contain or reduce the threat posed by America's enemies. Here, she reveals the behind-the-scenes maneuvers that kept the world's relationships with Iran, North Korea and Libya from collapsing into chaos. She also talks about her role as a crisis manager, showing that at any hour -- and at a moment's notice -- she was willing to bring all parties to the bargaining table anywhere in the world. No Higher Honor takes the reader into secret negotiating rooms where the fates of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Lebanon often hung in the balance, and it draws back the curtain on how frighteningly close all-out war loomed in clashes involving Pakistan-India and Russia-Georgia, and in East Africa. Surprisingly candid in her appraisals of various Administration colleagues and the hundreds of foreign leaders with whom she dealt, Rice also offers here keen insight into how history actually proceeds. In No Higher Honor, she delivers a master class in statecraft -- but always in a way that reveals her essential warmth and humility, and her deep reverence for the ideals on which America was founded271ocn830666134visu20120.56Campaign 2012InterviewsPresents speeches from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions of 2012258ocn704541753book20100.19Rice, CondoleezzaExtraordinary, ordinary people : a memoir of familyBiographyCondoleezza Rice has excelled as a diplomat, political scientist, and concert pianist. Her achievements run the gamut from helping to oversee the collapse of communism in Europe and the decline of the Soviet Union, to working to protect the country in the aftermath of 9-11, to becoming only the second woman - and the first black woman ever -- to serve as Secretary of State. But until she was 25 she never learned to swim. Not because she wouldn't have loved to, but because when she was a little girl in Birmingham, Alabama, Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor decided he'd rather shut down the city's pools than give black citizens access. Throughout the 1950's, Birmingham's black middle class largely succeeded in insulating their children from the most corrosive effects of racism, providing multiple support systems to ensure the next generation would live better than the last. But by 1963, when Rice was applying herself to her fourth grader's lessons, the situation had grown intolerable. Birmingham was an environment where blacks were expected to keep their head down and do what they were told -- or face violent consequences. That spring two bombs exploded in Rice's neighborhood amid a series of chilling Klu Klux Klan attacks. Months later, four young girls lost their lives in a particularly vicious bombing. So how was Rice able to achieve what she ultimately did' Her father, John, a minister and educator, instilled a love of sports and politics. Her mother, a teacher, developed Condoleezza's passion for piano and exposed her to the fine arts. From both, Rice learned the value of faith in the face of hardship and the importance of giving back to the community. Her parents' fierce unwillingness to set limits propelled her to the venerable halls of Stanford University, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become the university's second-in-command. An expert in Soviet and Eastern European Affairs, she played a leading role in U.S. policy as the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Less than a decade later, at the apex of the hotly contested 2000 presidential election, she received the exciting news ' just shortly before her father's death ' that she would go on to the White House as the first female National Security Advisor. As comfortable describing lighthearted family moments as she is recalling the poignancy of her mother's cancer battle and the heady challenge of going toe-to-toe with Soviet leaders, Rice holds nothing back in this remarkably candid telling. This is the story of Condoleezza Rice that has never been told, not that of an ultra-accomplished world leader, but of a little girl ' and a young woman -- trying to find her place in a sometimes hostile world and of two exceptional parents, and an extended family and community, that made all the difference. From the Hardcover edition+-+3232302585193ocn244392357visu20080.47Leading to war [see where the truth lies]This video "documents how the Bush administration made its case to the American people for military action in Iraq, despite the opposition of many allies, the U.N., and millions of its own citizens"--Container162ocn052121942visu20010.56Great speeches--today's womenA series of speeches by women on national concerns and issues; each speech is preceded by a video narrative to place it in context295122ocn050316280book20020.21Felix, AntoniaCondi : the Condoleezza Rice storyBiographyA portrait of George W. Bush's secretary of state and former national security advisor traces her childhood, early musical ambitions, foreign policies, receipt of the NAACP Image Award, and distinguished career as a scholar, professor, provost, and advisor+-+448095200627095ocn724660729book20110.20Rice, CondoleezzaNo higher honor : a memoir of my years in WashingtonBiographyA former national security advisor and Secretary of State offers the compelling story of her eight years serving at the highest levels of government, including the difficult job she faced in the wake of 9/11269210ocn505417102book20100.19Rice, CondoleezzaExtraordinary, ordinary people : a memoir of familyBiographyThis volume is the personal account of American political scientist and diplomat Condoleezza Rice's (b. 1954) life and career. Rice served as Secretary of State in the administration of President George W. Bush. Rice was the first female African-American secretary of state, as well as the second African American (after Colin Powell), and the second woman (after Madeleine Albright). Rice was President Bush's National Security Advisor during his first term, making her the first woman to serve in that position. Her memoir presents a young woman deeply attached to her devoted parents, who encouraged her at every step of her life to overcome racism, sexism, and her own personal doubts. Her roots are deep in the South, part of a family that pridefully skirted racism -- never using the racially segregated facilities or riding in the back of the bus. Her mother, Angelena, was a cultured teacher who taught her piano, while her father, John, was a Presbyterian minister and later a college administrator who, despite his Republican politics, strongly admired black radicals, developing a friendship with Stokely Carmichael. Rice presents a frank, poignant, and loving portrait of a family that maintained its closeness through cancer, death, career ups and downs, and turbulent changes in American society+-+323230258515776ocn165956553book20070.21Bumiller, ElisabethCondoleezza Rice : an American life : a biographyBiographyA portrait of America's controversial Secretary of State offers an account of Rice's life and political career, her role as a powerful African-American woman in politics, and her successes, failures, and challenges+-+454015559613622ocn231663126file20060.39Lusane, ClarenceColin Powell and Condoleezza Rice foreign policy, race, and the new American centuryClarence Lusane tackles these difficult issues along with others, asking whether there is a black consensus on foreign policy and if so, what are its dimensions, driving forces, and prospects for stability? How can a progressive alternative to the current U.S. foreign policy be realised? Are Powell and Rice merely functionaries, or did they substantially determine the direction of U.S. foreign policy? What will be their legacies? Offers an analysis of the intersection of racial politics and American foreign policy. This book examines the roles played by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice in the construction of US foreign policy under the Bush administration, and how their racial identity challenges conventional notions about the role of race in international relations. In this groundbreaking analysis of the intersection of racial politics and American foreign policy, the author critically examines the roles played by former U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell and current Secretary of State (and former National Security Advisor), Condoleezza Rice in the construction of U.S. foreign policy under the George W. Bush administration, and how their racial identity challenges conventional notions about the role of race in international relations. Lusane argues that, despite their reluctance to be seen as racial figures, Powell and Rice have employed race strategically, using it in key circumstances to defend Bush administration policies. Criticism of their policies is blunted by race, as black liberals may be reluctant to condemn them due to a misplaced hope that leads to unrealistic expectations, and white liberals may be afraid that their criticism could be interpreted as racial bias. For their part, conservatives of both races use the presence of Powell and Rice to argue that a colour-blind society has arrived+-+446065868532411577ocn061884856book20050.21Morris, DickCondi vs. Hillary : the next great presidential raceBiographyWho will be president in 2008? Many believe that the White House is Hillary Clinton's to lose. As long-time strategists Morris and McGann reveal in this book, however, Hillary's plans are vulnerable to a challenge from the Bush administration's secretary of state and former national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice. Rice is the only figure on the national scene who has the credentials, the credibility, and the charisma to lead the GOP in 2008. And, as this first book on the subject demonstrates, a race between these two commanding, but very different, women is a very real possibility--and would prove one of the most fascinating and important races in American history. Blending insider insight and political foresight, this book surveys the strengths and weaknesses of the two candidates, finding persuasive clues about what we might expect from each of them as a chief executive.--From publisher description+-+486483515510313ocn137325100book20070.23Kessler, GlennThe confidante : Condoleezza Rice and the creation of the Bush legacyBiographyIn this glimpse into the life of one of the most powerful Secretaries of State in recent years, Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Kessler provides not only a revealing look at Condoleezza Rice but a rich portrait of the Bush administration's controversial foreign policy regime. From her errors in judgment as national security advisor to her notable influence over the president as Secretary of State, Rice has not gone unnoticed during her rise to power. But, as an intensely private person, she has--despite endless media attention--remained a mystery. As the first critical examination of Rice's skills as policy-maker, politician and manager, this definitive biography explains not only her rise, but the pivotal role she has played in history. With access to all of Rice's top aides and sources in many overseas governments, Kessler also provides dramatic new information about one of the most secretive administrations in U.S. history.--From publisher description+-+K5381876859666ocn086117489book20070.23Mabry, MarcusTwice as good : Condoleezza Rice and her path to powerBiographyThe first biography of Rice to reveal the private, driven woman behind the public image. Beyond the dramatic story of Rice's past--her ascent from segregated Alabama to the halls of power--and the controversy of her present, little is known about her as a person, and while she has broken barriers and achieved extraordinary success, she is also one of the most polarizing figures of our time. As an African American girl growing up in the South when the civil rights movement was at its most tumultuous and inspiring, her own views on race are complex. While she has benefited from advances in civil rights legislation and evolving acceptance of blacks, hers has been a singularly individualistic rise, the product of her parents' determination to make her "special."--Publisher description+-+37181394068274ocn535489969book20100.06Rice, CondoleezzaCondoleezza Rice : a memoir of my extraordinary, ordinary family and meJuvenile worksBiographyA look at one of America's most outstanding women, from her remarkable childhood in Birmingham, Alabama, in the 1950s through her rise to the highest echelons of power in the U.S. government+-+78614302853247437ocn656545817rcrd20100.13Rice, CondoleezzaExtraordinary, ordinary people [a memoir of family]BiographyThis is the story of Condoleezza Rice--her early years growing up in the hostile environment of Brimingham, Alabama; her rising in the ranks at Stanford University to become the university's second-in-command and an expert in Soviet and Eastern European Affairs; and finally, in 2000, her appointment as the first black woman ever to serve as Secretary of State+-+48150225857316ocn759123259rcrd20110.12Rice, CondoleezzaNo higher honor a memoir of my years in WashingtonBiography"From one of the world's most admired women, this is former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's compelling story of eight years serving at the highest levels of government"-- Cover verso6923ocn049415533book20030.01Wade, Mary DodsonCondoleezza Rice : being the bestJuvenile worksBiographyIntroduces National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, from her childhood in Birmingham, Alabama, to her scholarly and musical accomplishments and involvement in foreign affairs+-+24617861256593ocn054392292book20040.06Cunningham, KevinCondoleezza Rice : U.S. Secretary of StateJuvenile worksBiographyExplores the life and career of the woman appointed by President Bush as National Security Advisor in 2001 and as Secretary of State in 2004+-+46871474064948ocn057172733book20040.39Hare, DavidStuff happensDramaDrama based on the events leading up to the Iraq War in March of 2003, featuring characters representing many of the prominent political figures involved+-+K1517762053923ocn062330184book20050.66United StatesThe nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice to be Secretary of State : hearings before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, first session, January 18 and 19, 20053501ocn051848353book20030.06Ditchfield, ChristinCondoleezza Rice : National Security AdvisorJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of Condoleezza Rice, professor, author, and National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush+-+82587668053344ocn049320476book20030.06Wade, Linda RCondoleezza RiceJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of President George W. Bush's National Security Advisor+-+17880693063253ocn180989619book20070.22Brown, Mary BethCondi : the life of a steel magnoliaBiographyAn in-depth look at the life and achievements of one of America's most fascinating women, Condoleezza Rice, who rose from humble beginnings in racially segregated Alabama to become a accomplished classical pianist, Stanford University professor and provost, US national security advisor, and secretary of state. In this gripping and inspiring book, Mary Beth Brown artfully explores the roles played in Condi's life by her parents, mentors, faith, and key events and how those things have prepared her for her present position of power and global influence+-+11780004063153ocn064594276book20060.26Edmondson, JacquelineCondoleezza Rice : a biographyBiography"Shares the life story of Condoleezza Rice, a descendant of slaves who rose to become one of the most influential women in the world."--BOOK JACKET+-+02518886852972ocn052559030book20030.06Blakely, GloriaCondoleezza RiceJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the professor, author, and businesswoman who became National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush+-+5831256425+-+9293149596+-+9293149596Thu Oct 16 15:02:34 EDT 2014batch44751