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Thu Oct 16 18:01:03 2014 UTClccn-n831858600.00[The South, Old and New.] A History of the South, etc. (Second edition.) [With plates.]0.511.00The election of 1876 in South Carolina59314183Francis_Butler_Simkinsn 831858601002367Butler Simkins, Francis 1897-1966Simkins, Francis B.Simkins, Francis B. 1897-1966lccn-n88274946Tillman, Benjamin R.(Benjamin Ryan)1847-1918lccn-n82060085Woody, Robert H.(Robert Hilliard)1903-1985lccn-n79071109Patton, James Welch1900-1973lccn-n50048201Roland, Charles Pierce1918-lccn-no2006041298Humphreys, James Scott1963-nc-longwood college$institute of southern cultureLongwood CollegeInstitute of Southern Culturelccn-no2009078210Blackwell, Gordon Williams1911-2004lccn-n85360421University of South CarolinaInstitute for Southern Studieslccn-n81013712South Caroliniana Societylccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenateSimkins, Francis Butler1897-1966HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyJuvenile worksSouthern StatesSouth CarolinaPolitical scienceUnited StatesTillman, Benjamin R.--(Benjamin Ryan),Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Social historyEconomic historyCivilizationRace relationsAfrican AmericansAmerican Civil WarWomenUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaSimkins, Francis Butler,HistoriansHistoriographyVirginiaArtMusic--Instruction and studyMusicLegislatorsGovernorsPolitical cultureWhite supremacy movementsUnited States.--Congress.--SenateTravelSimpkins familyElectionsPoliticiansDabney, Robert Lewis,HospitalsCharitiesUrban League of PittsburghAfrican Methodist Episcopal ChurchDaly, VictorUnited States.--Army.--Regiment, 368thRevels, Hiram Rhoades,Dabney, Wendell Phillips,Moore, Lewis B.--(Lewis Baxter),Fleetwood, Christian A.--(Christian Abraham),Journal of Negro historyTaylor, Alrutheus AmbushAfrican American periodicalsFrazier, E. Franklin,Phelps-Stokes FundStone, Melville Elijah,Rosemond, Jules,Jackson, Luther BRace discrimination189719661920192219231926192719281930193219351936193719441947194819491950195119531954195519561957195819591961196319641965196619671968196919701971197219741976197719791980198419992002200520082012717046186975F209ocn835649366175338ocn000477049book19530.35Simkins, Francis ButlerA history of the SouthHistoryFirst edition published in 1947 under title : The South, ol and new; a history ; 1820-1947119213ocn001877696book19440.56Simkins, Francis ButlerPitchfork Ben Tillman, South CarolinianHistoryBiographyBenjamin Ryan Tillman (1847-1918) accomplished a political revolution in South Carolina when he defeated Governor Wade Hampton and the old guard Bourbons who had run the state since the end of Reconstruction. Tillman and his movement aimed to expand the political control of the state to lower- and middle-class whites at the expense of African Americans and the state's former leaders. During his political ascendancy as governor and then United States Senator, Tillman introduced the state's dispensary system and shaped the state's 1895 constitution into a bulwark of white supremacy. His legacy was one of divisiveness between black and white and between whites of differing economic and geographical backgrounds. Even as Tillman championed greater equity for white farmers and mill workers, he masterminded the pernicious system of segregation and disfranchisement for African Americans during the 1890s when he not only trampled their needs, but stripped them of fundamental political and civil rights. Almost single-handedly Tillman established the iniquities of Jim Crow that countless other Southern demagogues would imitate. These "accomplishments" would plague the South and the nation until this day. Orville Vernon Burton's new introduction to this Southern classic looks at both Tillman and author Francis Simkins as prime examples of southerners with tremendous talent but unsettling accomplishments. -- from publisher marketing+-+K229855206105621ocn002791430book19320.56Simkins, Francis ButlerSouth Carolina during reconstructionHistory7109ocn000487841book19470.53Simkins, Francis ButlerThe everlasting South64312ocn000952470book19260.63Simkins, Francis ButlerThe Tillman movement in South Carolina61517ocn000510126book19470.53Simkins, Francis ButlerThe South, old and new; a history, 1820-1947History52518ocn000326632book19360.47Simkins, Francis ButlerThe women of the ConfederacyHistory1616ocn003512462book19570.35Simkins, Francis ButlerVirginia: history, government, geographyHistory1063ocn002272748book19610.74Longwood CollegeArt and music in the SouthHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1042ocn003569582book19590.79Simkins, Francis ButlerThe South in perspective94ocn013753994book19680.06Simkins, Francis ButlerStudy scrapbook of Virginia : the beginnings of American history : a word and picture story of VirginiaHistoryJuvenile works72ocn013754390book19560.06Simkins, Francis ButlerThe beginnings of American history : study scrapbook of the Old Dominion : a word and picture story of VirginiaHistoryJuvenile works61ocn005743047book19500.95Simkins, Francis ButlerThe South's democratic pose51ocn005907470book19510.47Simkins, Francis ButlerThe SouthHistory41ocn020743381book19640.92Simkins, Francis ButlerRobert Lewis Dabney. Southern Conservative41ocn009436349book19221.00Simkins, Francis ButlerThe election of 1876 in South Carolina31ocn005958457book19351.00Simkins, Francis ButlerThe work of southern women among the sick and wounded of the Confederate armiesHistory31ocn008248169book19370.92Simkins, Francis ButlerBen Tillman's view of the negro31ocn013754440book19540.06Simkins, Francis ButlerA word and picture story of Virginia : study scrapbook of the Old DominionHistoryJuvenile works22ocn504342735book1953Simkins, Francis Butler[The South, Old and New.] A History of the South, etc. (Second edition.) [With plates.]1983ocn226356596book20080.84Humphreys, James ScottFrancis Butler Simkins : a lifeBiography"A staunch activist for the study of southern history as a significant part of American history, Francis Butler Simkins (1897-1966) is today recognized as one of the twentieth century's great thinkers writing on southern history. This detailed biography examines the factors in Simkins's life that contributed to his being a radical liberal in his youth and maturing into what some termed a "reactionary conservative." Through it all, there can be little question that Simkins was a complex and eccentric man whose writing is often compared to the works of his more famous contemporaries C. Vann Woodward and Stanley Elkins." "This biography of one of the South's leading scholars illuminates the inner workings of an eccentric and even inscrutable man. As he orders Simkins's powerful intellect and personal demons, James Humphreys strives to determine the impact of Simkins's work on southern historiography and the larger public issues - especially those associated with race - that dominated his world."--BOOK JACKET+-+7017858635323ocn000069419book19660.50Francis Butler Simkins, 1897-1966, historian of the SouthBiographyFrancis Butler Simkins was born 14 December 1897 in Edgefield, South Carolina. His parents were Samuel McGowan Simkins (1858-1928) and Sarah Raven Lewis. He taught at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. He married Edna Chandler 16 August 1930. He married Margaret Robinson Lawrence 7 June 1942. They had one son, Francis, Jr31ocn067292137mix20050.47Humphreys, James ScottSouth Carolina rustic : historian Francis Butler Simkins, a lifeBiography21ocn071061722file0.96Woodson, Carter GodwinCarter Godwin Woodson papersHistoryEncyclopediasRecords and correspondencePart II, 1856-1974, relates chiefly to operations of the ASNLH and its publishing arm, Associated Publishers. Includes material concerning the Journal of Negro History; Negro History Bulletin; an unpublished Encyclopedia Africana, a comprehensive guide to African peoples, leaders, and luminaries in Africa, the U.S., South America, the Carribean, and worldwide; and W.E.B. Du Bois's project, Encyclopedia of the Negro, funded by the Phelps-Stokes Fund. Also includes primary documents relating to African-American life and history during the slavery, Reconstruction, and "New South" eras. Other subjects include Francis J. GrimkeĢ's personal finances and his ministry as pastor of the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.; the service of the 368th Regiment during World War I; and efforts of "red caps," railroad service workers, to organize11ocn081051251mix1.00Savage, HenryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, congratulatory letters, reviews, note cards, ms. drafts, typescripts, galley proofs, contractual agreements with publishers, and scrapbook (1933-1934), relating to Savage's literary career and his works, including River of the Carolinas: The Santee (1956); Seeds of Time: The Background of Southern Thinking (1959); Lost Heritage (1970); and America Goes Socialist (1933); together with addresses, newspaper clippings, and other papers, concerning his activities as mayor of Camden, S.C. (1948-1958) and his interest in history and forestry. Includes letters of Bernard M. Baruch, James F. Byrnes, Carl L. Carmer, Charles Coburn, Henry S. Commager, Thomas S. Gettys, Ernest F. Hollings, Lucius Mendel Rivers, Francis B. Simkins, and Strom Thurmond11ocn028415164mix1.00Savage, HenryHenry Savage papersRecords and correspondenceIncludes letters of Bernard M. Baruch, James F. Byrnes, Carl L. Carmer, Charles Coburn, Henry S. Commager, Thomas S. Gettys, Ernest F. Hollings, Lucius Mendel Rivers, Francis B. Simkins, and Strom Thurmond11ocn052444807mix1.00Woody, Robert HRobert H. Woody papersHistoryBiographyContains the personal and professional papers and films of Robert Hilliard Woody, a teacher and historian at Duke University from 1929 to 1970. Materials in this collection range in date from 1927 to 1985. Includes correspondence, manuscripts, short writings, vitae, certificates, diplomas, committee reports, printed material, photographs, 8 mm films, and VHS tapes. Major subjects include the Civil War, the South, South Carolina, North Carolina, reconstruction, Republicans, southern newspapers, biographies, mountain culture, folklore, history instruction, the Duke University history department, and the George Washington Flowers Collection of Southern Americana. Major correspondents include: William Preston Few, Francis B. Simkins, William K. Boyd, William T. Laprade, Francis Warrenton Dawson, Stanly Godbold, Jr., Arthur Hollis Edens, Paul M. Gross, Stanley Godbold, the Southern Historical Association, and the Historical Society of North Carolina11ocn023848764mix1.00Simkins, Francis ButlerFrancis Butler Simkins papersHistoryBiographyResearch notes of historian Francis Butler Simkins for his biography, published 1944, of Benjamin Ryan Tillman (1847-1913), South Carolina political leader; and manuscripts (typescripts with holograph corrections) of "History of the Seaboard South" (unpublished) by Simkins and Ottis Clark Skipper, with related correspondence11ocn062256174art1999Simkins, Francis Butler+-+K229855206+-+K229855206Thu Oct 16 15:05:35 EDT 2014batch21996