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National Conference of Catholic Bishops)War--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchNuclear warfare--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchEconomics--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchChallenge of peace (Catholic Church. National Conference of Catholic Bishops)Peace--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchChristianity and politicsCatholic ChurchBrazil--São PauloVenezuela--CaracasProtestant churchesTorture victimsVictims of state-sponsored terrorismPolitical persecutionDisappeared personsChileCivil rightsHuman rightsLatin AmericaEconomic assistance, AmericanInternational economic relationsEvangelistic workChurchTheology, DoctrinalVatican CouncilPrayer of St. Francis of AssisiChristianity and culturePastoral theology--Catholic ChurchRelationsChurch and statePersecutionGuatemalaChurch and social problems--Catholic ChurchCaribbean AreaChurch charitiesEl SalvadorPrayers for peaceCouncils and synods, Episcopal (Catholic)Peace--Religious aspects--Christianity193819761979198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961998200020012003200420062013679055164230BR620157818ocn040696850book19870.35Berryman, PhillipLiberation theology : essential facts about the revolutionary movement in Latin America--and beyond+-+K429772235117917ocn009919775book19840.50Berryman, PhillipThe religious roots of rebellion : Christians in Central American revolutions+-+5160997406108516ocn011814028book19850.25Berryman, PhillipInside Central America : the essential facts past and present on El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa RicaOffers an appraisal of the situation from the perspective of the poor and unrepresented citizens of Central Amer6038ocn029668164book19940.56Berryman, PhillipStubborn hope : religion, politics, and revolution in Central AmericaHistory"Chronicling over a decade of war, revolution, and social change, Phillip Berryman offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the interplay between religion and politics in Central America. Focusing on Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Berryman shows how during the 1980s each country became the setting for a profound drama of faith and oppression, revolution and retrenchment." "In Nicaragua, the Sandinista revolution presented an alliance of Christians and Marxists inspired by a common ideal of social change. But with Christians also prominent in the opposition, the ensuing social conflict had a distinctly religious character. In El Salvador, as Christians increasingly opted for the cause of the poor, they found themselves sharing "the same fate as the poor," with priests, nuns, and even an archbishop among the victims of right-wing terror. In Guatemala, a succession of military governments - including one headed by a born-again Christian - resorted to wholesale massacres of the Indian population." "Throughout Stubborn Hope, Berryman highlights the contending religious and social visions that animate and divide the various churches. Particularly significant, however, is the rise of Pentecostal and evangelical churches in Central America with their challenge to the traditional status of the Catholic church. Avoiding superficial explanations, Berryman provides an insightful and sympathetic analysis of the factors that have encouraged the growth in religious pluralism in Central America, and suggests wide-ranging implications for the future." "For over a decade, Central America has challenged North Americans as a Cold War battlefield in the fight against Marxism; for many Christians, it has also served as a call to solidarity and action. For all readers, Stubborn Hope provides an essential review of that history and an opportunity to learn from its lessons."--BOOK JACKET+-+42869301065026ocn019565581book19890.32Berryman, PhillipOur unfinished business : the U.S. Catholic bishops' letters on peace and the economyWhat human ends are served by our economic policies' To whom is what "owed" in our country today' Is there an acceptable argument for just wars ' or for the proliferation of nuclear weapons' In the final years of the Reagan era, The U.S. Catholic bishops emerged as articulate sources of dissenting wisdom, publicly testing our foreign and domestic policies against the principles of morality and humanity. With the same succinct style of Liberation Theology, Phillip Berryman analyzes two recent and widely circulated texts: the 1982 Challenge of Peace (on nuclear arms) and the 1986 Economic Justice For All. Drawing on debate in and beyond church circles over these letters, Berryman argues that as we search for acceptable answers to urgent political questions we must use ethical and moral traditions if we are to confront them squarely. Only then can we promote peace and prosperity for all. From the Trade Paperback edition4099ocn035192284book19960.59Berryman, PhillipReligion in the megacity : Catholic and Protestant portraits from Latin AmericaIn this stimulating book, a leading expert on German affairs provides an overview of German political development since 1945. The key to the well-being and prosperity of Europe after 1945 was the creation of a stable and democratic West Germany. Unification in 1990 not only transformed Germany's role in Europe and the world but brought new political, social and economic problems caused by the vast expense of unity and high labour costs. The author argues that these great changes provide a new and daunting challenge to the Bonn system by calling into question the Berlin Republic's ability to meet the needs of the German nation. The difficulties resulting from Germany's commitment to European integration are also addressed. Within Europe, German insistence on deeper integration is often seen as evidence of a German wish to dominate Europe, even though the stated aim of Kohl's government is to prevent this from happening. The author believes that Germany's new power is clearly visible, and must be carefully managed both by Germans and by their European partners if grave conflict is to be avoided+-+68350252063214ocn028111609book19930.84ChileReport of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and ReconciliationBiography2102ocn020452579book19890.63Path from Puebla : significant documents of the Latin American Bishops since 1979HistoryChurch historySources1793ocn017659980book19870.79Danaher, KevinHelp or hindrance? : United States economic aid in Central AmericaThis report addresses three central question. (1) Does U.S. aid to Central America benefit the majority of Central Americans? (2) Does our foreign aid to Central America serve the interests of the majority of U.S. citizens? (3) How might U.S. aid play a more positive role in the region?1677ocn010867442book19830.73Berryman, PhillipWhat's wrong in Central America and what to do about itHistory1522ocn053183530book20040.66Comblin, JoséPeople of God+-+86700252061121ocn028947711book19930.53Conferencia General del Episcopado LatinoamericanoNew evangelization, human development, Christian culture : Fourth General Conference of Latin American Bishops, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 12-28, 1992Conference proceedings512ocn011813902book19840.86Berryman, PhillipChristians in Guatemala's struggleHistoryChurch history413ocn470979962book19870.32Berryman, PhillipLiberation theology : essential facts about the revolutionary religious movement in Latin America--and beyond+-+K4297722353610ocn024344449book19870.39Berryman, PhillipTeología de la liberación : los hechos esenciales en torno al movimiento revolucionario en América Latina y otros lugares323ocn023589640book19900.96Resonancias de Puebla : documentos significativos de los obispos latinoamericanos desde 1979HistoryChurch historySources231ocn020498806book19760.32Guide to global giving : a critical introduction to voluntary international aid agencies in the United States114ocn026040985book19890.92Berryman, PhillipNotes on El Salvador, 1989 : deepening crisis--prospects for peace? a report102ocn046617320book20010.33Boff, LeonardoThe prayer of Saint Francis : a message of peace for the world today+-+810802520671ocn034148538book19930.84Conferencia General del Episcopado LatinoamericanoSanto Domingo conclusions : new evangelization, human development, Christian cultureConference proceedings+-+0676237036324+-+K429772235+-+K429772235Fri Mar 21 15:44:21 EDT 2014batch18301