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Fri Mar 21 17:12:46 2014 UTClccn-n830303870.00Prominent members of the Franklin Institute0.841.00Anniversary address before the American Institute October 28th, 1856 during the twenty-eighth annual fair /47067754Alexander_Dallas_Bachen 83030387920886Bache, A. D.Bache, A... D... 1806-1867Bache, Alexander Dallas, 1806-1867Bache, Alexandre DallasDallas Bache, Alexander 1806-1867lccn-n85308223United States Coast Surveylccn-n79066403U.S. Coast and Geodetic Surveylccn-n79059859Gould, Benjamin Apthorp1824-1896lccn-n80090037Girard Collegelccn-n79023046Henry, Joseph1797-1878lccn-n79128952Peirce, Benjamin1809-1880lccn-n84239125Brewster, David1781-1868lccn-n85809048Dudley ObservatoryScientific Councillccn-n93075718Slotten, Hugh Richardlccn-nr92044566Girard CollegeMagnetic and Meteorological ObservatorycreBache, A. D.(Alexander Dallas)1806-1867ObservationsMapsHistoryBiographyBache, A. D.--(Alexander Dallas),OpticsUnited StatesEuropeCharity-schoolsEducationOrphansCanals--Steam-navigationGould, Benjamin Apthorp,OrphanagesGeomagnetismSciencePhysicistsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Science--Social aspectsPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaDudley ObservatoryAstronomy--Societies, etcNew York (State)--AlbanySpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanMeteorologyTidesScientistsSouth Carolina--CharlestonNautical chartsMassachusetts--Nantucket HarborLouisianaMassachusetts--NantucketPennsylvaniaMassachusetts--Boston HarborNavigationAtlantic Ocean--Nantucket SoundSeismic wavesHarborsWeights and measuresAtlantic Ocean--Boston BayMassachusetts--BostonOregon--AstoriaCaliforniaCentral AmericaHydrometerSugar--Manufacture and refiningUnited States Coast SurveyPacific Ocean--San Francisco BayEulogiesWashington (D.C.)National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)MassachusettsStarsSurveyors18061867182618271829183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189819001901190219041905190919101912192919381941194519471950195519571958196119631964196519661967196819701976197719781979198019811988198919911994199519981999200020012002200420052006200720112013590912311893535QC357ocn009242894ocn001548043ocn719404825ocn495038445ocn809328425ocn185719852ocn846614527ocn25767480637414ocn010987095book18390.70Bache, A. DReport on education in Europe to the trustees of the Girard College for Orphans32736ocn077948140book18330.92Brewster, DavidA treatise on optics29110ocn017961827book18340.73Bache, A. DReport of experiments on the navigation of the Chesapeake and Delaware canal by steam from the Journal of the Franklin Institute27110ocn183096283com18580.88Dudley ObservatoryDefence of Dr. GouldHistory1566ocn228669688file18470.92Bache, A. DObservations at the observatory, at the Girard College, PhiladelphiaObservations1184ocn793619647com18520.88Bache, A. DReport on the harbor of Charleston8511ocn367994239book18520.86Bache, A. DAdditional notes of a discussion of tidal observations made in connection with the coast survey at Cat Island, Louisiana7311ocn003611909book18590.92Bache, A. DDiscussion of the magnetic and meteorological observations made at the Girard College Observatory, Philadelphia, in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, and 1845Observations723ocn006770426book18680.84Gould, Benjamin ApthorpAn address in commemoration of Alexander Dallas Bache, delivered August 6, 1868, before the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceBiography687ocn003655364book18630.93Bache, A. DRecords and results of a magnetic survey of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states : in 1840 and 1841, with some additional records and results of 1834-35, 1843 and 1862, and a map646ocn123536106book18560.92Bache, A. DOn the tides of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, the Gulf Stream, and the earthquake waves of December, 1854564ocn006010644book18570.95United StatesReport of the secretary of the Treasury on the construction and distribution of weights and measures5321ocn054791044map18560.93United States Coast SurveyBoston Harbor, MassachusettsMaps373ocn006491252map18560.96United States Coast SurveyMap of Central AmericaMaps364ocn003677533book18480.94McCulloh, R. SReports from the Secretary of the Treasury, of scientific investigations in relation to sugar and hydrometers, made under the superintendence of Professor A.D. Bache358ocn005963281book18620.97Totten, Joseph GilbertCommunications and reports in relation to the surveys of Boston Harbor316ocn047288051map18590.93United States Coast SurveyEntrance to San Francisco Bay, CaliforniaMaps253ocn011413610book18620.93Gould, Benjamin ApthorpStandard mean right-ascensions of circumpolar and time stars prepared for the use of the U.S. Coast SurveyObservations217ocn005710021map18480.08United States Coast SurveyNantucket HarborMaps216ocn013700746map18650.97United States Coast SurveySouthern Georgia and part of South CarolinaMaps2643ocn030978427book19940.84Slotten, Hugh RichardPatronage, practice, and the culture of American science : Alexander Dallas Bache and the U.S. Coast SurveyHistoryBiographyIn this book Hugh Richard Slotten explores the institutional and cultural history of science in the United States. The main focus is on the activities of Alexander Dallas Bache - great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin and the acknowledged "chief" of the American scientific community during the second third of the nineteenth century. Bache played a central role in the organization and management of a number of key scientific institutions, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Academy of Sciences. But his dominance in these institutions was made possible through his control of an organization less well known today, the United States Coast Survey, which he superintended from 1843 until his death in 1867. Under Bache's command the Coast Survey became the central scientific institution in antebellum America. Using richly detailed archival records, Slotten pursues an analysis of Bache and the Coast Survey that illuminates important historiographic themes. We gain a better understanding of the particular style of nineteenth-century American science by examining the role of the Coast Survey as a source of patronage. Perhaps most important, this study explores the ways in which scientific knowledge and practice are embedded within local contexts. Although Bache sought to use the Coast Survey to raise the status of American science partly by emulating European scientific elites, his efforts also reflected the cultural and political values of antebellum America. Slotten thus analyzes the interrelationship between political culture, patterns of patronage, and the institutional practice of science in the United States+-+40488967052154ocn001026929book19470.79Odgers, Merle MiddletonAlexander Dallas Bache, scientist and educator, 1806-1867Biography982ocn731011567book20110.86Jansen, AxelAlexander Dallas Bache : building the American nation through science and education in the nineteenth centuryBiographyHauptbeschreibungAlexander Dallas Bache war der Architekt des amerikanischen Wissenschaftssystems im 19. Jahrhundert, ein amerikanischer Wilhelmvon Humboldt. Als die USA im Bürgerkrieg zu zerbrechen drohten, gelang Bache 1863 die Gründung der National Academy ofSciences. Im Namen der Wissenschaft schuf Bache damit ein Zeichen für den Fortbestand der Nation. Auf originelle Weise verknüpftAxel Jansen Biografieanalyse mit Wissenschafts- und Politikgeschichte.€Biographische InformationenAxel Jansen, PD Dr., lehrt an den Universitäten in Tübingen und Frankfurt am Main+-+2008488408506ocn123535971com18700.93Henry, JosephEulogy on Prof. Alexander Dallas Bache late superintendent of the United States Coast Survey, president of the National Academy of Sciences, etc.Biography344ocn003989301book18680.84Gould, Benjamin ApthorpAn address in commemoration of Alexander Dallas Bache, delivered August 6, 1868, before the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceBiography111ocn008336162book19410.88Fagan, George VAlexander Dallas Bache, educator81ocn035281030book18571.00Bache, A. DAnniversary address before the American Institute October 28th, 1856 during the twenty-eighth annual fair71ocn027279844book18710.92Henry, JosephEulogy on Prof. Alexander Dallas Bache, late superintendent of the United States coast survey42ocn039312957book19880.96Martin, John LThe congressional struggle over the Coast Survey, 1848-1851History31ocn024464922book18981.00Presentation of the portrait of Professor Alexander Dallas Bache [to] A.D. Bache Public School, Philadelphia, April 13, 198931ocn078306975book18981.00Philadelphia (Pa.)Presentation of the portrait of Professor Alexander Dallas Bache31ocn041480794book1957Coulson, ThomasProminent members of the Franklin Institute21ocn039297104art18491.00Davis, Charles HenryReply to an article in the February number of Hunt's merchant's magazine, on the Coast Survey of the United States21ocn005256782book19791.00Henry, JosephMemoir of Alexander Dallas Bache : 1806-186722ocn017270716book1963Royal Society (Great Britain)Letters and communications from AmericansThis collection includes letters to and from Americans (including South America and the West Indies) and letters about America selected from the Society's manuscripts (Classified Papers, Letter Books, Letters and Papers, Royal Society Letters, Miscellaneous Correspondence, and other official groups) and from collections of private papers (Sir Charles Blagden, William Buckland, John Canton, Sir John F. W. Herschel, Sir Edward Sabine, and others). The documents range in time and character from John Winthrop, Jr., "A Description of the Artifice & Making of Tarr & Pitch in New England" (1662), to letters from Sir Thomas Edward Thorne to his wife describing the American West, where he was on a surveying party in the 1880s21ocn014448514book18580.88Dudley ObservatoryDefence of Dr. GouldHistory21ocn025650794book19910.92Slotten, Hugh RichardPatronage, politics, and practice in nineteenth-century American science : Alexander Dallas Bache and the United States Coast SurveyHistoryBiography21ocn070956484book0.92Bay County, Fla., papersHistoryCollection of materials including manuscripts, photocopies, photographs, maps, and publications pertaining to Bay County and Panama City, Fla., and St. Andrew Bay. Subjects include St. Andrews Bay Railroad Company (1889-1895), Bay County Chamber of Commerce, Panama City Port Authority, the United States Navy Mine Defense Laboratory, International Paper Company, the Confederate salt works, and the United States Naval Coastal System Center, along with other reports and planning documents dealing with the environment, archaeology, history, and local writers. Includes selected correspondence of and biographical material about Dora Maud Aldridge, Ethel Glass, John W. Askew, George Percy, Angus Laird, Bill Pevey, Jesse B. Hathaway, A.D. Bache, W.A. Brown, and D.K. Middleton22ocn154298244mix1964Quetelet, AdolpheObservationsThese are letters to Quetelet primarily on the subject of astronomy (meteorological observations), including charts showing directions of shooting stars21ocn043211019book1878Lamb, Martha JThe Coast SurveyHistory+-+4048896705Fri Mar 21 15:09:22 EDT 2014batch48633