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Thu Oct 16 17:56:14 2014 UTClccn-n830392720.07American poetry : the twentieth century /0.251.00Praise : the poetry of Robert Hass /26975Robert_Hassn 83039272928445Hass, Robert L. 1941-lccn-n2013039843Poets Laureate Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n50033350Miłosz, Czesławspktrllccn-n79060765Nims, John Frederick1913-1999lccn-n83221034Guthrie, Ramon1896-1973lccn-n50024420Eastman, Max1883-1969lccn-n81097890Hart, Lorenz1895-1943lccn-n78095822H. D.(Hilda Doolittle)1886-1961lccn-n50027716Cunningham, J. V.(James Vincent)1911-1985lccn-n93074166Freytag-Loringhoven, Elsa von1874-1927lccn-no2012011007Gillespie, Abraham Lincoln1895-1950Hass, RobertCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryAmerican poetryPoetryHass, RobertMiłosz, CzesławPoets, AmericanUnited StatesEthnic groupsMinoritiesMinorities--Intellectual lifePoetry--AuthorshipKunitz, Stanley,Hall, Donald,Dove, RitaAlegría, ClaribelForché, CarolynMcPherson, SandraKenyon, JaneBly, RobertNye, Naomi ShihabCruz, Victor Hernández,Autry, James ABarks, ColemanLee, Li-Young,Kinnell, Galway,Clifton, Lucille,TallMountain, MaryMura, DavidHongo, Garrett Kaoru,Stern, Gerald,McCarriston, LindaMerwin, W. S.--(William Stanley),Zamora, DaisyHarper, Michael S.,Troupe, QuincySnyder, Gary,Rich, Adrienne,Baca, Jimmy Santiago,Harjo, JoyOlds, SharonSundiata, SekouChin, MarilynPoetry, ModernHaikuJapanese poetry--Edo periodMarriageWeddingsLoveGreek poetryEnglish poetryLiterature, Modern19411950197119721973197419751977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201427873335602811.54PS3558.A725ocn805048137ocn813210693ocn880450691ocn468712867ocn448212023ocn503260301ocn462009883ocn724558102ocn330545174ocn844141875ocn047907552ocn870697234ocn849352069ocn793656373ocn856143870ocn813210693ocn444716663ocn435550257ocn779968773ocn877442884ocn777896657ocn185564325ocn440624913ocn437773047ocn444450553ocn469985837ocn470197625ocn078574527ocn061140324ocn052110028ocn269016285ocn191678562ocn84448041323994ocn042290811book20000.07Stewart, RandallAmerican poetry : the twentieth centuryContains over 1500 poems by more than 200 well-known American poets, including Langston Hughes, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens+-+2326658336191012ocn148886826book20070.24Hass, RobertTime and materials : poems, 1997-2005A collection of poems by twentieth-century American poet, Robert Hass, that reflect the beauty and energy of the physical world+-+637508615514488ocn029219205book19940.22Hass, RobertThe essential haiku : versions of Bashō, Buson, and IssaAn anthology of haikus--brief poems--by three Japanese masters. They are Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827), Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) and Yosa Buson (1716-1783). A sample from the latter: "You go / I stay / two autumns."+-+4728655335124512ocn034591005book19960.26Hass, RobertSun under wood : new poemsSun Under Wood extends and deepens Hass's ongoing explorations of nature and human history, solitude and the bonds of children, parents, and lovers. Here his passion for apprehending experience with language - for creating experience with language - finds supple form in poems that embrace all that is alive and full of joy. Yet Hass's most seductive and indelible lyrics reside in an exquisitely fragile moment: there is a dark undercurrent rising in this text, an increasingly acute sense of mortality in a world "so full of pain it must sometimes make a kind of singing."+-+2319655335118916ocn000666818book19710.37Hass, RobertField guide+-+7881255585324117812ocn009853393book19840.35Hass, RobertTwentieth century pleasures : prose on poetryCriticism, interpretation, etcA selection of essays written during the last five years on the importance and vitality of poetry+-+K48065533510124ocn026673886book19930.16Into the garden : a wedding anthology : poetry and prose on love and marriage+-+64197451559693ocn037213602book19980.20Hass, RobertPoet's choice : poems for everyday lifeCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of poems selected by Robert Hass during his tenure as U.S. Poet Laureate to appear in a syndicated newspaper column designed to introduce a poem a week to readers across the country+-+211065533588311ocn004037052book19790.35Hass, RobertPraisePoetry+-+57976553358349ocn018072333book19890.33Hass, RobertHuman wishes+-+47676553357351ocn800030713book20130.20The best of the best American poetry100 poems selected by Robert Pinsky that represent each volume in The best American poetry series7222ocn317919840book20100.21Constantine, Peter (EDT)/ Hadas, Rachel (EDT)/ Keeley, Edmund (EDT)/ Van Dyck, Karen (EDT)The Greek poets : Homer to the presentAn extensive volume of Greek poetry includes more than one thousand entries spanning three millennia and many diverse traditions, in an anthology that includes works by such classic and modern writers as Sappho, Pindar, and Seferis+-+28351584856848ocn031657838book19950.31Miłosz, CzesławFacing the river : new poemsA poet of immense moral authority, in these later poems, the poems of old age, of a long look back at the catastrophic upheavals of the twentieth century, Milosz writes with amazing clarity and a precise vision. Despite the preponderance of his themes, he writes with the lightness of touch found only in the great masters. Using his own translations and those of Robert Hass, with whom he has worked closely, this volume achieves the one task that seems necessary and at the same time impossible - to invent a language comprehensible "to both the living and the dead."+-+290965533567711ocn081860825book20070.26Hass, RobertNow & then : the Poet's Choice columns, 1997-2000Criticism, interpretation, etcA former poet laureate profiles poets and poetry of the pre-September 11 world, in a volume that shares his observations written between early 1997 and the start of the millennium in the nationally syndicated column "Poet's choice," and includes evaluations of the work of many important authors, along with numerous selections from their works+-+01961284066584ocn015551570book19870.30Jeffers, RobinsonRock and hawk : a selection of shorter poems by Robinson Jeffers64810ocn419858763book20100.24Hass, RobertThe apple trees at Olema : new and selected poemsPoetryThis book includes work from the author's first five books--Field Guide, Praise, Human Wishes, Sun Under Wood, and Time and Materials--as well as a substantial gathering of new poems, including a suite of elegies, a series of poems in the form of notebook musings on the nature of storytelling, a suite of summer lyrics, and two experiments in pure narrative that meditate on personal relations in a violent world and read like small, luminous novellas.--From publisher description+-+17387461556473ocn012614065book19860.31Miłosz, CzesławUnattainable earth+-+07566553356286ocn038573677book19980.26Miłosz, CzesławRoad-side dogI went on a journey to acquaint myself with my province, in a two-horse wagon with a lot of fodder and a tin bucket rattling in the back. The bucket was required for the horses to drink from. I traveled through a country of hilts and pine groves that gave way to stretches of forest, where tangles of smoke hovered over the roofs of houses, as if they were on fire, for they were chimneyless cabins; I crossed districts of fields and lakes. It was so interesting to be moving, to give the horses their reins, and wait till, in the next valley, a village slowly appeared, or a park with the white spot of a manor inside it. And always we were barked at by a dog, assiduous in its duty. That was the beginning of the century; this is its end. I have been thinking not only of the people who lived there once but also of the generations of dogs accompanying them in their everyday bustle, and one night -- I don't know where it came from -- in a predawn sleep, that funny and tender phrase composed itself: a road-side dog+-+547607928562612ocn806296065book20110.26Hass, RobertWhat light can do : essays on art, imagination, and the natural worldCriticism, interpretation, etc"[A] collection of essays on writers, place, poetry, and photography--with accompanying photos throughout"--Flap p. 1 of dust jacket+-+87487461555724ocn061130847book20060.24Miłosz, CzesławSelected poems, 1931-2004PoetrySelected Poems: 1931-2004 celebrates Czeslaw Milosz's lifetime of poetry. Widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of our time, Milosz is a master of expression and probing inquiry. Life opened for Czeslaw Milosz at a crossroads of civilizations in northeastern Europe. This was less a melting pot than a torrent of languages and ideas, where old folk traditions met Catholic, Protestant, Judaic, and Orthodox rites. What unfolded next around him was a century of catastrophe and madness: two world wars, revolutions, invasions, and the murder of tens of millions, all set to a cacophony of hymns, gunfire, national anthems, and dazzling lies. In the thick of this upheaval, wide awake and in awe of living, dodging shrapnel, imprisonment, and despair, Milosz tried to understand both history and the moment, with humble respect for the suffering of each individual. He read voraciously in many languages and wrote masterful poetry that, even in translation, is infused with a tireless spirit and a penetrating insight into fundamental human dilemmas and the staggering yet simple truth that to exist on the earth is beyond any power to name. Unflinching, outspoken, timeless, and unsentimental, Milosz digs through the rubble of the past, forging a vision--and a warning--that encompasses both pain and joy. His intellectual life, writes Seamus Heaney, could be viewed as a long single combat with shape-shifting untruth. --HarperCollins Publishers / Ecco Press+-+221336515520201ocn032201913book19950.21Moyers, Bill DThe language of life : a festival of poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryInterviewsPresents the author's interviews with contemporary poets from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds discussing their work, lives, and creativity. Includes a selection of poems by each author+-+92642903854303ocn041002748book19990.70Gardner, ThomasRegions of unlikeness : explaining contemporary poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc"In Regions of Unlikeness Thomas Gardner explores the ways a number of quite different twentieth-century American poets, including Elizabeth Bishop, John Ashbery, Robert Hass, Jorie Graham, and Michael Palmer, frame their work as taking place within, and being brought to life by, an acknowledgment of the limits of language. Gardner approaches their poetry in light of philosopher Stanley Cavell's remarkably similar engagement with the issues of skepticism and linguistic finitude. The skeptic's refusal to settle for anything less than perfect knowledge of the world, Cavell maintains, amounts to a refusal to accept the fact of human finitude, Gardner argues that both Cavell and the poets he discusses reject skepticism's world-erasing conclusions but nonetheless honor the truth about the limits of knowledge the skepticism keeps alive."--Jacket+-+7126778535552ocn173257088visu20060.37American poet laureatesInterviewsThe U.S. Poet Laureate has a unique opportunity to shape America's literary terrain by fostering public appreciation of poetry and by continuing to produce his or her own work. This News Hour collection (from both the "MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour " and the "News Hour with Jim Lehrer") profiles six such honorees at the onset of their terms. In addition, each laureate reads a few of his own poems191ocn041016104visu19970.33Poetry heavenContemporary poets read from their poems and discuss why they write and for whom. Poetic interpretations of personal and political history, poetry as work and the experience of sharing a life of poetry with fellow writers are also discussed. Some of the poets featured are Robert Hass, former Poet Laureate of the United States, Philip Levine, a Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry and Allen Ginsberg143ocn049057517book19970.31Poetry criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyPresents literary criticism on the works of poets of all nations, cultures, and time periods. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers51ocn228007668visu20070.47U.S. Poets laureate on the NewshourInterviewsU.S. Poets Laureate discuss poetry, the role of the poet laureate and read from their own works. Conversations include Robert Hass, Robert Pinsky, Stanley Kunitz, Billy Collins, and Ted Kooser after their respective appointments as U.S. Poet Laureate42ocn611350525file0.18Robert Hass : (1941-)Criticism, interpretation, etc41ocn556064227visu20070.22U.S. Poet Laureates on the NewsHourInterviews"Conversations with and poetry readings by U.S. Poet Laureates."--Container21ocn045331982book20000.92Rathmann, Andrew JohnThe social imagination of American poetry, 1970-2000HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn049527706art20010.10Hass, RobertBiography21ocn017415403book19801.00Miklitsch, Robert WilliamPraise : the poetry of Robert HassCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn851217460visu19950.47The language of life with Bill Moyers. [a festival of poets]Criticism, interpretation, etcPoetryInterviews"Poetry's ability to bridge gaps and cross boundaries is highlighted in the works of Robert Hass, Claribel Alegria, and Carolyn Forche. A diverse collection of charisma background, and style, these three artists are united in their ability to transport audiences to new places, new feelings, and new hopes."--Container11ocn057757718rcrd19790.47Hass, RobertPoetry reading at Sarah Lawrence College11ocn462019356mix0.47Pinsky, RobertRobert Pinsky papersCorrespondence, literary manuscripts, academic papers, memorabilia, prose and poetry by other writers11ocn023915730book19900.47Trammell, MichaelStyle as theme : Robert Hass's poetry and his search for the void11ocn042674692mix19990.47Holman, J. SuzetteWitness in domestic spaces in the poetry of Robert HassCriticism, interpretation, etc"The following work is a close reading of selected poems of Robert Hass, a major contemporary American poet. The thesis is a study of four poems in which domestic spaces are the foremost setting. Within this setting, the tasks of poetry in terms of the principles of witness, owed response, and transformation as well as the use of various combinations of form were studied. Hass was found to be original in his use of form, specifically as it pertained to the witness of issues pertinent in intimate situations and spaces. Robert Hass has been a proponent of writing poetry easily accessible to most readers in terms of personal relevance while retaining sophistication of subject matter and literary reference. This was found to be the major trend of his work"--Leaf 311ocn674239462book19950.47Poetry criticism, volume 16Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn712967139rcrd20091.00Hass, Robert[Interview]InterviewsRecording of Ray Suarez interview with Robert Hass on NPR's Talk of the Nation11ocn033864686rcrd19951.00Hass, Robert"The poet and the poem" from the Library of CongressInterviewsThis unedited archival tape features an interview with newly appointed U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass. In the course of the discussion, Mr. Hass reads: Concerning the afterlife; Iowa City, early April; excerpts from "Report," by Czeslaw Milosz, Robert Hass, translator; seven haikus of Basho, Robert Hass, translator; Spring rain; Late spring; and Jurisprudence11ocn701734737art19961.00Smith, JoanPoetry man : Berkeley's Robert Hass, the first western poet laureate, is committed to spreading the word about wordsInterviews+-+4226658336+-+4226658336Thu Oct 16 15:01:45 EDT 2014batch35056