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Fri Mar 21 17:02:59 2014 UTClccn-n830401500.06Ying dai er guan li zhi dao /0.300.66Physics and technology of semiconductor devices108281008Andrew_Groven 83040150929122Gróf, AndrásGrof́, Andraś 1936-Gróf, András István, 1938-Grove, A. S.Grove, A. S. 1936-Grove, A. S. (Andrew S.)Grove, A. S. (Andrew S.), 1936-Grove AndrewGrove, Andrew 1936-Grove, Andrew S.Grove, Andrew S., 1936-Grove, AndyGrove, Andy 1936-Гроув, Эндрю С., 1936-グローヴ, アンドリュー・Sグローブ, アンディグローブ, アンドリュー・Slccn-n78020122Intel Corporationlccn-n95093524Jackson, Tim1965-lccn-n79071531Tedlow, Richard S.lccn-n82087925Morgenson, Gretchenprflccn-n82221070Smith, Fred1944-prflccn-n78057465Volcker, Paul A.prflccn-n87851535Lynch, Peter(Peter S.)lccn-n85808153Rowland, Pleasant T.prfnp-ge luo fu$grove andrew s葛羅夫(Grove, Andrew S.)lccn-n97095269Byman, Jeremy1944-Grove, Andrew S.BiographyInterviewsCase studiesCondensed booksUnited StatesTechnological innovations--Economic aspectsGrove, Andrew SIntel CorporationChief executive officersSemiconductorsStrategic planningOrganizational changeIndustrial managementSemiconductor industryExecutivesCorporationsHigh technology industries--ManagementElectronics engineersHolocaust survivorsHungaryPersonnel managementInterpersonal relationsManaging your bossManagementIndustrialistsComputer industry--ManagementIndustrial productivitySmith, Fred,Lynch, Peter--(Peter S.)Volcker, Paul ARowland, Pleasant TInformation technologyComputer industryCompetition, InternationalEconomic historyMicroprocessorsBusinessmenCreative ability in businessEntrepreneurshipSloan, Alfred P.--(Alfred Pritchard),Rockefeller, John D.--(John Davison),Business enterprisesMcCormick, Cyrus Hall,Astor, John Jacob,Ford, Henry,Kroc, Ray,Vanderbilt, Cornelius,EconomicsWalton, Sam,Morgan, J. Pierpont--(John Pierpont),Woodruff, Robert BAsh, Mary KayGates, Bill,Disney, Walt,193619631966196719681971197419791981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220138954183369658.406HD31ocn057454529ocn870971791ocn466386483151021ocn009370922book19830.31Grove, Andrew SHigh output managementThe breakfast factory. The basics of production: delivering a breakfast (or a College graduate, or a compiler, or a convicted criminal...). Managing the breakfast factory. Management is a team game. Managerial leverage. Meetings - the medium of managerial work. Decisions, decisions. Planning: today's actions for tomorrow's output. Team of teams. The breakfast factory goes national. Hybrid organizations. Dual reporting. Modes of control. The players. The sports analogy. Task-relevant maturity. Performance appraisal: manager as judge and jury. Two difficult tasks. Compensation as task-relevant feedback. Why training is the boss's job+-+9337124215144632ocn034412859book19960.27Grove, Andrew SOnly the paranoid survive : how to exploit the crisis points that challenge every company and career"Under Andy Grove's leadership, Intel has become the world's largest chipmaker, the fifth-most-admired company in America, and the seventh-most-profitable company among the Fortune 500. You don't achieve rankings like these unless you have mastered a rare understanding of the art of business and an unusual way with its practice." "Few CEOs can claim this level of consistent record-breaking success. Grove attributes much of this success to the philosophy and strategy he reveals in Only the Paranoid Survive - a book that is unique in leadership annals for offering a bold new business measure, and for taking the reader deep inside the workings of a major corporation." "Grove's contribution to business thinking concerns a new way of measuring the nightmare moment every leader dreads - the moment when massive change occurs and all bets are off. The success you had the day before is gone, destroyed by unforeseen changes that hit like a stage-six rapid. Grove calls such moments Strategic Inflection Points, and he has lived through several. When SIPs hit, all rules of business shift fast, furiously, and forever. SIPs can be set off by almost anything: mega-competition, an arcane change in regulations, or a seemingly modest change in technology." "Yet in the watchful leader's hand, SIPs can be an ace. Managed right, a company can turn a SIP into a positive force to win in the marketplace and emerge stronger than ever"--Book jacket+-+730739038566217ocn000794987book19670.66Grove, Andrew SPhysics and technology of semiconductor devices+-+83447862954273ocn015016946book19870.23Grove, Andrew SOne-on-one with Andy Grove : how to manage your boss, yourself, and your coworkers14015ocn055477971book19960.28Grove, Andrew SOnly the paranoid survive+-+67383903851034ocn060312114book20060.63Burgelman, Robert AStrategic dynamics : concepts and cases"Strategic Dynamics: Concepts and Cases", by Burgelman, Grove, and Meza offers unique and valuable insight into strategy making for companies in information technology-driven industries. It is the product of over twelve years of teaching and research based on a unique combination of academic (Stanford's Robert Burgelman) and industry (Intel's Andy Grove) experience. The key themes and conceptual frameworks discussed in this book, along with its case studies and industry notes, provide instructors and students with a more complete viewpoint on the dynamic interactions of companies within industries and between industries than is typically found in books on strategy and technology strategy+-+80177682551012ocn053124172rcrd19970.16Forbes great minds of businessBiographyInterviewsCondensed booksGretchen Morgenson, senior editor of Forbes, features Andy Grove of Intel on management; Fred Smith of Federal Express on entrepreneurship; Peter Lynch, former manager of the Magellan Fund, on investing; Pleasant Rowland on marketing; and Paul Volcker, one-time chairman of the Federal Reserve, on finance. Each expert uses his or her experience to answer specific questions on how they achieved such high levels of success, and how others can, too+-+5772206215643ocn029945145visu19940.63Taking risks at Intel an interview with Andrew S. Grove, C.E.O, Intel CorporationCase studiesAndrew S. Grove explained how Intel rose from its humble beginnings to become the leading American producer of microprocessors, beating out Japanese competition, through constant experimentation and innovation551ocn038083023visu19970.27Great minds of businessInterviewsGretchen Morgenson interviews five titans of business542ocn816237436book19960.28Grove, Andrew S10 bei su shi dai522ocn035681978rcrd19960.13Grove, Andrew SOnly the paranoid survive+-+3832298005484ocn075881293book19970.33Grove, Andrew SHocheffizientes Management455ocn025519894book19710.37Grove, Andrew SPhysique et technologie des dispositifs à semiconducteur ... [Physics and technology of semi-conductor devices]453ocn813874798book20070.07Grove, Andrew SGe luo fu gei ni de yi dui yi zhi dao : ru he guan li shang si,tong shi hai you ni zi ji411ocn038531276visu19970.22Great minds of businessInterviewsGretchen Morgenson interviews Andrew Grove, chairman and CEO of Intel Corporation, on management344ocn461675491book19850.66Grove, Andrew SLe Management multiplicateur327ocn018114870book19880.66Grove, Andrew SLe Guide pratique du management au quotidien322ocn814275342book19970.06Ge luo fuYing dai er guan li zhi dao294ocn012119378rcrd19830.16Grove, Andrew SHigh output managementOn-the-job ideas for management281ocn082306680book20050.37Ge luo fuge luo fu gei jing li ren de di yi ke : ge hang ge ye du shi yong de gao gang gan lu guan li guan nian12149ocn045951561book20010.19Grove, Andrew SSwimming across : a memoirBiographyAndrew Grove, formerly Andris Grof, chronicles the experiences he and his family had while living in Hungary during the Nazi occupation+-+040370199511659ocn037109095book19970.28Jackson, TimInside Intel : Andy Grove and the rise of the world's most powerful chip company+-+K6969407056042ocn070699029book20060.25Tedlow, Richard SAndy Grove : the life and times of an AmericanBiographyBrilliant, brave, and willing to defy conventional wisdom, Andy Grove, the CEO of Intel during its years of explosive growth, is on the shortlist of America's most admired businesspeople. Grove gave Tedlow unprecedented access to his private papers, along with wide-ranging interviews and access to friends and key business associates. The result is not just a life story but a fascinating analysis of how Grove attacks problems. Born a Hungarian Jew in 1936, András István Gróf survived the Nazis only to face the Soviet invasion of his country. He fled to America at age twenty, studied engineering, and arrived in Silicon Valley just in time to become the third employee of Intel. As talented as he was as an engineer, Grove became an even better manager. Tedlow shows us exactly how that penniless immigrant taught himself to lead a major corporation through some of the toughest challenges in the history of business.--From publisher description+-+44869364061321ocn040269430book19990.08Byman, JeremyAndrew Grove and the Intel CorporationHistoryJuvenile worksDescribes the life of Andrew Grove, the head of the world's leading producer of microprocessors, which provide the "brains" for the computers in cell phones, cars, coffeepots, and cameras, as well as personal computers+-+73819383361162ocn045100310book20010.24Heller, RobertAndrew GroveBiographyCase studiesWesterhof+-+4437294325742ocn038426948book19970.27Jackson, TimInside Intel : how Andy Grove built the world's most successful chip companyHistory+-+6222007555324533ocn048272362rcrd20010.10Grove, Andrew SSwimming across [a memoir]BiographyChildhood memoir of the Intel chairman+-+8946671306431ocn055859693rcrd20040.20Brands, H. WMasters of enterprise how the titans of American business shaped the U.S. economyHistoryBiographyCase studiesA series of fourteen lectures reviewing core principles of American economic philosophy through the lives of American entrepreneurs from John Jacob Astor to Andrew Grove and Bill Gates341ocn849091631book20070.37Huo zhu jiu shi ying jia : ying te er chuang ban ren ge luo fu chuanBiography281ocn238934109book19970.22Jackson, TimInside Intel : Andrew Grove and the rise of the world's most powerful chip company+-+K696940705262ocn166627347book20060.21Tedlow, Richard SAndy Grove : an American storyBiography+-+3736936406236ocn816149174book20010.28Heller, RobertAn de luo fuBiographyCase studies141ocn041251799book19980.16Jackson, TimYingte'er san shi nian feng yun121ocn124069073book20060.33Coleman, BobLosing faith : how the Grove survivors led the decline of Intel's corporate culture+-+9563164245101ocn154101837book20070.15Tedlow, Richard SHuo zhe jiu shi ying jia : Yingte'er chuang ban ren Geluofu zhuanBiographyTraditional Chinese edition of Andy Grove The Life and Times of an American. The author, a Harvard Business School professor, who has unprecedented access to the Intel CEO, is a definitive biography which tells who this Hungarian immigrant is, how his mind works, and how he transformed not just Intel, but the Silicon Valley91ocn050257815book20010.23Grove, Andrew SGeluofu zi zhuan : Heng du sheng ming huBiography41ocn801393815com20120.07Andy Grove the life and times of an AmericanBiographyA wonderful summary of the rags to riches story by Richard Tedlow. The book describes Andy Grove's early childhood in war-torn Hungary, and how his departure along with thousands of other refugees landed him in America. From his humble beginnings his career led him to a central position in silicon valley working at Intel. From a young age Andy understood the value of getting an education and was determined to get one even if he could not afford the fees of more prominent institutions. "In 1998, Andy Grove said that 'a lot of what is good in America I learned at City College... They accepted me with respect, without condescension. They gave me a start, and they gave it in a classy way. It's an institution that is crucial to the working of America, and America should be proud of it. I am.'" We learn about the challenges Andy faced during his time at Intel, and the incredible decisions he made with his colleagues when faced with major competitors like IBM. The summary ends with a few key principles that Grove presented to the board of directors at Intel. They in themselves summarize his winning business strategy, making this an interesting read for directors, managers and technology fans42ocn051179434book20020.28Grove, Andrew SYou xiang bi an : Yingte'er chuang shi ren Gelufu zi zhuanBiography31ocn173327861book20070.27Tedlow, Richard SAndi Gelufu zhuan = Andy GroveBiography31ocn833293832book20120.19Grove, Andrew SYou xiang bi an: an di ge lu fu zi zhuanBiographyAndrew Grove, formerly Andris Grof, chronicles the experiences he and his family had while living in Hungary during the Nazi occupation+-+7307390385+-+7307390385Fri Mar 21 15:20:34 EDT 2014batch28860