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Fri Mar 21 17:07:31 2014 UTClccn-n830418570.39Expedition against the Ohio Indians0.770.96Thomas Godfrey: protégé of William Smith18592458William_Smith_(Episcopalian_priest)n 83041857930217Lover of his countryLover of his country, 1727-1803Smith, Guillaume, 1727-1803Smith, W. (William), 1727-1803Smith, William Loughtonlccn-n84140483Chalmers, James1727?-1806lccn-n84133694College, Academy, and Charitable Schools of Philadelphialccn-n79043402Franklin, Benjamin1706-1790prthnrlccn-n79139710Montgomery, Richard1738-1775lccn-n2004063957Rationalislccn-n85203627Bouquet, Henry1719-1765lccn-n50028479Hopkinson, Francis1737-1791lccn-n79063993Freemasonslccn-n80109301Washington College (Chestertown, Md.)lccn-n83061775Evans, Nathaniel1742-1767Smith, William1727-1803HistorySermonsBiographyPolitical sciencePennsylvaniaUnited StatesBouquet's Expedition (1764)Bushy Run, Battle of (Pennsylvania : 1763)Smith, William,Common sense (Paine, Thomas)American Revolution (1775-1783)Indians of North America--WarsOhioIndians--WarfareIndians of North AmericaSociety of FriendsMontgomery, Richard,French and Indian War (United States : 1754-1763)Franklin, Benjamin,Great BritainCanadian Invasion (1775-1776)Bouquet, Henry,Pennsylvania--PhiladelphiaSusquehanna Claim (1753-1808)Church of EnglandWashington College (Chestertown, Md.)Clergy--Salaries, etcBibleFreedom of the pressSermons, AmericanColonies--AdministrationUniversity of PennsylvaniaConnecticutOdesElegiac poetry, EnglishColonies--Economic policyPontiac's Conspiracy (1763-1765)PerjuryRoberdeau, Daniel,SalvationPennsylvania.--General AssemblyUniversities and colleges--CurriculaUniversities and colleges--PlanningEducation, HigherBoundariesCorporation for the Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen, in the Communion of the Church of England in AmericaNew York (State)--New YorkLearned institutions and societiesOhio River ValleyColumbia UniversityChurch and stateEpiscopal ChurchQuébec--Québec1727180317341742174517521753175417551756175717581759176017611762176317641765176617671768176917701771177217731774177517761777177817791780178317841785178817891790179117921793179517961798179918001802180318071817181818291830183918541859186218651868186918771879188018931897189819071917192719331934193519401942194319491950195119541956195719611962196419661968196919701971197219741975197619771978198019811983198419851986198719901992199319941995199619971998199920002002200320042005200720082009201020122013211974081667973.27Z1215ocn011154664ocn006793243ocn642235116ocn062803384ocn186554663ocn008403414ocn010978529ocn155834144ocn166633803ocn070086732ocn866562120ocn866020504ocn213467975ocn742375304134197ocn065349369file17550.79Smith, WilliamA brief state of the province of Pennsylvania in which the conduct of their Assemblies for several years past is impartially examined, and the true cause of the continual encroachments of the French displayed, more especially the secret design of their late unwarrantable invasion and settlement upon the river Ohio : to which is annexed, an easy plan for restoring quiet in the public measures of that province, and defeating the ambitious views of the French in time to comeHistory90914ocn000418847book19660.39Smith, WilliamExpedition against the Ohio Indians88682ocn062807403com17760.81Chalmers, JamesPlain truth addressed to the inhabitants of America ; containing remarks on a late pamphlet, entitled Common sense79957ocn062820345file17750.81Smith, WilliamA sermon on the present situation of American affairs. Preached in Christ-Church, June 23, 1775. At the request of the officers of the Third Battallion of the City of Philadelphia, and District of Southwark.HistorySermons75966ocn509342003com17760.84Smith, WilliamAn oration in memory of general Montgomery, and of the officers and soldiers, who fell with him, December 31, 1775. Before Quebec: drawn up (and delivered February 19th, 1776.) at the desire of the Honorable Continental Congress by William Smith, D.D. provost of the College and Academy of PhiladelphiaHistory55316ocn011154664book17720.79Evans, NathanielPoems on several occasions with some other compositions50626ocn013001711book18680.66Smith, WilliamHistorical account of Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio Indians, in 1764History+-+979186390549727ocn012869290book17560.73Smith, WilliamA brief view of the conduct of Pennsylvania, for the year 1755 so far as it affected the general service of the British colonies, particularly the expedition under the late General Braddock, with an account of the shocking inhumanities, committed by incursions of the Indians upon the province in October and November ; which occasioned a body of the inhabitants to come down, while the Assembly were sitting, and to insist upon an immediate suspension of all disputes, and the passing of a law for the defence of the country ; interspers'd with several interesting anecdotes and original papers, relating to the politics and principles of the people called Quakers: being a sequel to a late well-known pamphlet, intitled, A brief state of Pennsylvania ; in a second letter to a friend in LondonHistory41124ocn062820331book17530.84Smith, WilliamA general idea of the College of Mirania with a sketch of the method of teaching science and religion, in the several classes: and some account of its rise, establishment and buildings. Address'd more immediately to the consideration of the trustees nominated, by the Legislature, to receive proposals, &c. relating to the establishment of a college in the province of New-York. : [Three lines of quotations in Latin]37918ocn065349813file17660.84University of PennsylvaniaFour dissertations, on the reciprocal advantages of a perpetual union between Great-Britain and her American colonies written for Mr. Sargent's prize-medal : to which (by desire) is prefixed, an eulogium, spoken on the delivery of the medal at the public commencement in the College of Philadelphia, May 20th, 1766History36728ocn062820330book17740.81Smith, WilliamAn examination of the Connecticut claim to lands in Pennsylvania. With an appendix, containing extracts and copies taken from original papersHistory35420ocn642787783com17690.81Smith, WilliamSome account of the charitable corporation, lately erected for the relief of the widows and children of clergymen, in the communion of the Church of England in America with a copy of their charters, and fundamental rules. And also a sermon, preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, October 10, 1769, before the said corporation, on occasion of their first meeting. By William Smith, D.D. provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. Published, by order, for the benefit of the charitySermons26227ocn642407843file17650.76Smith, WilliamAn historical account of the expedition against the Ohio Indians in the year MDCCLXIV. under the command of Henry Bouquet ... To which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages ; ... The whole illustrated with a map and copper-plates. Published ... by a lover of his countryHistory24620ocn062820333com17650.84Smith, WilliamAn historical account of the expedition against the Ohio Indians, in the year 1764. Under the command of Henry Bouquet, Esq: colonel of foot, and now brigadier general in America. : Including his transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of peace. : With an introductory account of the preceeding campaign, and battle at Bushy-Run. : To which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages ; a method of forming frontier settlements ; some account of the Indian country, with a list of nations, fighting men, towns, distances and different routs. : The whole illustrated with a map and copper-plates.22914ocn510916044file17900.84Smith, WilliamA sermon, on temporal and spiritual salvation delivered in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, before the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. By William Smith, D.D. provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. Prepared and published at the request of the societySermons22016ocn062836859com17920.84Smith, WilliamEulogium on Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D. President of the American Philosophical Society, Held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge, fellow of the Royal Society of London, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, of the Royal Society at Gottingen, the Batavian Society in Holland, and of many other literary societies in Europe and America ; late minister plenipotentiary for the United States of America at the court of Paris, sometime president, and for more than half a century a revered citizen, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.Biography21811ocn065349371file17560.88Smith, WilliamÉtat présent de la Pensilvanie où l'on trouve le détail de ce qui s'y est passé depuis la défaite du Général Braddock jusqu'à la prise d'Oswego, avec une carte particulière de cette colonieHistory21425ocn006770316book17620.86Smith, WilliamDiscourses on public occasions in AmericaHistorySermons20513ocn062820323com17640.84Smith, WilliamAn answer to Mr. Franklin's Remarks, on a late protestHistory20417ocn006755297book17760.86Chalmers, JamesAdditions to Plain truth addressed to the inhabitants of America, containing, further remarks on a late pamphlet, entitled, Common sense: wherein, are clearly and fully shewn, that American independence, is as illusory, ruinous, and impracticable, as a liberal reconciliation with Great Britain, is safe, honorable and expedient3013ocn000277885book19720.59Jones, Thomas FirthA pair of lawn sleeves : a biography of William Smith (1727-1803)2458ocn012650977book18790.70Smith, Horace WemyssLife and correspondence of the Rev. William Smith, D.D. first provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia ; first president of Washington College, Maryland ... with copious extracts from his writings1875ocn001682006book19430.81Gegenheimer, Albert FrankWilliam Smith, educator and churchman, 1727-18031714ocn062810057com17580.79A Fragment of the chronicles of Nathan Ben Saddi ; a Rabbi of the JewsParodies, imitations, etc1688ocn000428555book18770.76Smith, Horace WemyssLife and correspondence of the Rev. William Smith, D.DBiography1066ocn062824050com17930.88Allison, PatrickCandid animadversions on a petition, presented to the General Assembly of Maryland by the Rev. Dr. William Smith and the Rev. Thomas Gates first published in 1783 : together with a series of papers addressed to the citizens of Maryland, which fully display the Assembly's gross partiality, flagrant injustice, and scandalous waste of public treasure, in favour of a particular denomination of Christians.995ocn062812363com17580.86Labour in vain: No I. Or, An attempt to wash the black-moor white. Humbly inscribed to the author of the ChroniclePoetryAnecdotes975ocn062811700com17570.86Honesty, ObadiahThe second edition, with additions, of A remonstrance, by Obadiah Honesty, in the case of the Reverend Mr. Sm-th with some remarks on his being call'd before the House of A-----y976ocn062817674com17780.86Paine, ThomasTo the public. In the course of a few days I shall lay before you some very interesting facts and materials, by which you will be able to distinguish between those who serve you and those who seek to deceive you.964ocn062811699com17570.86Honesty, ObadiahA remonstrance of Obadiah Honesty, in the case of the Reverend Mr. Sm-th with some remarks on his being called before the House of A----y823ocn062819961com17640.92The Scribler being a letter from a gentleman in town to his friend in the country, concerning the present state of public affairs ; with a lapidary character. : [One line from Shakespeare]Anecdotes773ocn456771878com17800.92Hopkinson, FrancisA Tory medleyHistoryMusic511ocn051181605book20020.88Fletcher, Charlotte GoldsboroughCato's Mirania : a life of Provost SmithBiography+-+9428736125517ocn681432200book18690.92Stillé, Charles JA memoir of the Rev. William Smith, D.D. provost of the College Academy and Charitable School of PhiladelphiaHistoryBiography342ocn055829661book17650.84Hunt, IsaacA humble attempt at scurrility in imitation of those great masters of the art, the Rev. Dr. S--th ; the Rev. Dr. Al----n ; the Rev. Mr. Ew-n ; the irreverend D.J. D-ve, and the heroic J--n D-------n, Esq ; being a full answer to the observations on Mr. H----s's advertisement. By Jack Retort, student in scurrilityHistory312ocn085801698com0.88Smith, Horace WemyssLife and correspondence of the Rev. William Smith, D.D. ... first president of Washington College, Maryland ... with copious extracts from his writings301ocn004918927book19430.96Gegenheimer, Albert FrankThomas Godfrey: protégé of William Smith252ocn004336766book19500.93Adams, Thomas RandolphTrial check list of the writings of William Smith, first provost of the University of PennsylvaniaBibliography151ocn838601897com17800.47Hopkinson, FrancisA Tory medleyHistoryMusic151ocn836893458com17640.47The Scribler : being a letter from a gentleman in town to his friend in the country, concerning the present state of public affairs; with a lapidary character. : [One line from Shakespeare] : [One line from Shakespeare]. being a letter from a gentleman in town to his friend in the country, concerning the present state of public affairs; with a lapidary characterAnecdotes+-+9791863905+-+9791863905Fri Mar 21 15:43:38 EDT 2014batch48063