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Thu Feb 12 22:03:29 2015 UTClccn-n830055190.00Biography -- DeBakey, Michael E0.391.00Papers,104710260Michael_E._DeBakeyn 83005519901388Bakey, Michael de 1908-2008Bakey, Michael E. 1908-2008Bakey, Michael E. deBakey Michael E. De- 1908-2008Bakey, Michael E. de (Michael Ellis), 1908-2008Bakey, Michael E. (Michael Ellis), 1908-2008Bakey, Michael Ellis de 1908-2008Dabaghi, Michel 1908-2008De Bakey, Michael E. 1908-2008De Bakey, Michael Ellis 1908-2008DeBakey, M. E. 1908-2008DeBakey, M. E. (Michael Ellis), 1908-2008DeBakey, Michael 1908-DeBakey Michael Ellis 1908-2008lccn-n79054919Gotto, Antonio M.autlccn-n2002133921United StatesArmy Medical ServiceHistorical Unitlccn-n82166450United StatesDepartment of the ArmyOffice of the Surgeon Generallccn-n83829432Coates, John Boydlccn-n2002132518McFetridge, Elizabeth M.lccn-n92111448McMann, Maryautlccn-n2002132535Whayne, Tom F.(Tom French)1905-autlccn-n2002132536Hays, S. B.(Silas Beach)1902-1964lccn-n2002132612Elkin, Daniel C.lccn-n78095330United StatesDeBakey, Michael E.(Michael Ellis)1908-2008RecipesPopular worksConference proceedingsCardiovascular system--DiseasesHeart--Diseases--Diet therapyHeart--Diseases--Nutritional aspectsCardiovascular systemHeart--DiseasesSurgery, MinorHeart--Diseases--TreatmentCardiovascular system--Diseases--TreatmentFood--Cholesterol contentCardiovascular system--SurgeryCold--Physiological effectCoronary heart disease--PreventionFrostbiteLow-fat dietLow-cholesterol dietWorld War (1939-1945)Medical careSurgery, MilitaryUnited StatesDeBakey, Michael E.--(Michael Ellis),Congressional AwardMedals--Law and legislationNumismaticsWar casualtiesBlood--TransfusionHeart--Diseases--PatientsHeart valve prosthesisCoronary heart diseaseThromboangiitis obliteransHeart--SurgeryFood--Fat contentFood--Caloric contentInformation resources managementMedicineCardiovascular instruments, ImplantedMedicine, MilitaryArtificial organsHeart--Diseases--PreventionChinaBlood-vessels--SurgeryCardiologistsPhysiciansNursesEnglandPoliomyelitis vaccineVirologistsTexasHealth educationSurgeonsPhysical fitness--Health aspects190820081934193519391942194319441946195119521955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931995199619971998199920002001200220052006200720082009201020112012201320146106169257616.120654RC672ocn002525286ocn036201356ocn764387188ocn014624135ocn004201331ocn003284195ocn043928613ocn244247198ocn004299874ocn015672261ocn038350731ocn807708156ocn311546748ocn300002743ocn894231943ocn074847460ocn894711857240728ocn002525286book19770.22DeBakey, Michael EThe living heartPopular worksRecipesThe pioneering heart surgeon works with a leading cardiologist, a dietician, and a psychologist to present therapeutic diets, complete with specially developed recipes, for the prevention and mangement of heart disease+-+03446162157243ocn036201356book19970.20DeBakey, Michael EThe new living heartPopular worksLearn how the heart works, the latest medical treatments and procedures, and how to protect yourself from all types of cardiovascular diseases+-+67725030064733ocn764387188book20120.16DeBakey, Michael EThe living heart in the 21st centuryPopular worksPresents the latest information on cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; discusses essential knowledge and lifesaving tips; and provides guidelines on reducing risk with the scientific rationale3464ocn033102215book19960.18DeBakey, Michael EThe New living heart dietRecipesMore than ten years agao, a team of heart specialists and dietitians at Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, created the Living Diet for their patients. Their best-selling book explained the relationship between nutrition and heart disease and helped change America's eating habits. Updated and completely revised, this book incorporates the latest information on how to minimize your risk factors for coronary heart disease and reflects changes in our tastes and eating habits. More than 300 new or revised recipes - along with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and holiday menus - are provided to make healthy cooking and eating convenient+-+K3366393153025ocn003679018book19580.80Whayne, Tom FCold injury, ground typeA record of the history of cold injury, ground type, in World War II, a summary of what was learned and formulation of a program for its prevention and control. Covers frostbite and trenchfoot encountered by military personnel2594ocn003180336book19550.85United StatesVascular surgery1806ocn014649923book19520.87Beebe, Gilbert WBattle casualties, incidence, mortality, and logistic considerationsRedegørelse for kendsgerninger om kamptab. Bogen bygger på omfattende statistisk materiale, som dækker alverdens lande1579ocn000795109book19420.93Kilduffe, Robert AThe blood bank and the technique and therapeutics of transfusions979ocn000844882book19550.92Christopher, FrederickMinor surgery785ocn009943748book19830.92Advances in cardiac valves : clinical perspectivesConference proceedings761ocn049673475book19550.74États-UnisGeneral Surgery712ocn009575426book19830.94Argenteuil SymposiumFactors influencing the course of myocardial ischemia : proceedings of the Seventh Argenteuil Symposium held under the auspices of the Fondation cardiologique Princesse Liliane in La Hulpe, Belgium, June 10 and 11, 1982Conference proceedings693ocn014624135book19630.93DeBakey, Michael EBuerger's disease; a follow-up study of World War II Army cases604ocn024376807book19910.95Michael E. DeBakey International Surgical SocietyAdvances in cardiovascular surgery : proceedings of the 8th Congress of Michael E. DeBakey International Surgical Society, 11-15 September, 1990, Yokohama, JapanConference proceedings472ocn020171124book19890.93National Library of Medicine (U.S.)Improving health professionals' access to information : report of the Board of Regents403ocn015477635visu19860.19Your heart, your healthThis videotape and booklet help you to choose a health program that fits your lifestyle and can add years to your life. Learn how to: reduce high blood pressure, stop smoking, lower high cholesterol, lose weight, control diabetes, eliminate stress, exercise effectively311ocn003284195book19740.95DeBakey, Michael EA surgeon's diary of a visit to ChinaA narrative of the author's visit to the People's Republic of China in February and March, 1973261ocn244247198book20080.92DeBakey, Michael ESelected publications, 1934-2006252ocn009691353book19660.74Vascular surgery171ocn011060695book0.80United StatesSurgery in World War II1802ocn180934590book20070.56United StatesCongressional gold medal for Michael Ellis DeBakey1382ocn000435741book19680.47Kesten, YehudaDiary of a heart patient : twice operated on by Dr. DeBakey, a patient tells of his experienceDiaries321ocn046829288visu19990.26Electric heart(Producer) Machines today can circulate blood through the human body, temporarily extending the lives of those with serious heart ailments. Nova examines the forefront of medical engineering as three separate teams of doctors race to perfect permanent electric hearts: small, implantable pumps that can assist or even replace the hearts of dying patients302ocn016247860book19720.24Thompson, ThomasHearts : DeBakey and Cooley, surgeons extraordinary101ocn050438707book20020.06Higginbotham, Evelyn BrooksMedical pioneersHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyProfiles of three pioneers in the health field: Florence Nightingale, the first nurse to make nursing a branch of the medical profession; Jonas Salk, the physician who created a vaccine against polio; and Michael DeBakey, the physician who was the first to repair a weak heart92ocn043066507book19990.06Pernick, NancyMichael DeBakey : king of heartsJuvenile worksBiography41ocn779021985book20100.47Salem, Robert JSandstorms & surgeryBiography41ocn061849231visu20050.47Soldier, surgeon, statesman a portrait of Michael E. DeBakeyBiography of Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and his contributions to the Department of Veterans Affairs11ocn122592276mix1.00Ravdin, Isidore SPapersHistoryThe papers of I.S. Ravdin reflect the entire range of his personal and professional interests. Although small in scope, the personal papers for Ravdin include representation of Ravdin's personal interests from his charitable and civic work to his hobbies. There is biographical material including sketches and data, 1938-1968. The bulk of the personal papers relate to his charitable and civic work with a variety of organizations, especially the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Ventnor Foundation. There is some material relevant to his hobbies, and in particular to his stamp collecting11ocn310373320mixBiography -- DeBakey, Michael E11ocn122556670mix1.00Albert and Mary Lasker FoundationLasker Award ArchivesThe collection includes correspondence, nominee files, legal papers, minutes, jury materals, guest lists, clippings, printed material, and files relating to award winners. It documents the selection process, public relations, and presentation of the Albert Lasker Awards. Four-year accumulations of records are added periodically11ocn223081525book19681.00Kesten, YehudaDiary of a heart patient; twice operated only by Dr. De Bakey, a patient tells of his experienceBiography11ocn042355339rcrd19971.00Wilson, L. RL.R. Wilson oral history interviewDr. L.R. Wilson, a longtime Lubbock anesthesiologist, discusses his career, changes in Lubbock medicine, and important technological development in anesthesiology and other medical specialties11ocn017530775mix0.47Seybold, William DempseyPapers of William D. Seybold, M.D. : manuscript collection no. 4 in the Harris County Medical Archive,Working papers of Dr. William Dempsey Seybold document his career from late in his surgical residency to his retirement from private practice in 1979. Collections's unpublished guide11ocn054801763book19981.00SoRelle, RuthA heart to heart with Michael E. DeBakyBiography11ocn016382991mix0.10Storck, Ambrose HowellPapersCorrespondence, reports, manuscripts, and reprints of articles from various medical journals11ocn423397820visu19651.00The way-out men"A look at the unusual breed of scientists and others whose works today will shape mankind's future. Included are visits with Dr. Michael de Bakey, Dr. John Lilly, Dr. Frank Drake, architect Paolo Solari, composer Lukas Foss, and artist Al Held"--Special edition / Dan Einstein. 198711ocn049001421rcrd20000.47Stead, Eugene ADr. Eugene A. Stead, Jr. interview 9/5/2000 Greenville, N.C.The narrator of this interview, Dr. Eugene A. Stead, is a retired physician and professor at the Duke University School of Medicine. This interview gives insight into Dr. Stead's experience as a professor at Emory Medical School and while setting up the Physician Assistant program at Duke. Also covered in this interview are memoirs of his service as an editor of "Circulation" and Dr. and Mrs. Stead's post-retirement activities. Information contained in this interview is relevant to the years 1920 to 200011ocn035850881visu19880.10CD2 formula for success in sellingDescribes principles that lead to success in any profession. Uses a formula of confidence, discipline, and determination as exemplified in the careers of three successful men11ocn060343001book20051.00Swartz, MimiTill death do us partBreakup of Baylor College of Medicine and Methodist Hospital threatens the legacy of Michael DeBakey+-+6772503006+-+6772503006Fri Feb 13 10:50:27 EST 2015batch25521