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Thu Oct 16 17:49:40 2014 UTClccn-n830505820.00Papers, 1931-19920.721.00In memoriam Charles Gullans (1929-1993)1024789n 83050582937288Gullans, CharlesGullans, Charles B.Gullans, Charles Bennettlccn-n83009334Schneider, Franz1928-trllccn-no2011133960Allen, Sue1918-2011lccn-n93066301Feely, John1819-1878lccn-n93066538Whitman, Sarahlccn-nr2002019007Hazenplug, Frank1874-1931lccn-n80146690Espey, John J.(John Jenkins)1913-2000auiredlccn-n84226647Armstrong, Margaret1867-1944lccn-no00026614Ayton, RobertSir1570-1638lccn-n50027716Cunningham, J. V.(James Vincent)1911-1985lccn-n90634821University of California, Los AngelesLibraryDepartment of Special CollectionsGullans, Charles B.Personal narratives‡vGermanHistoryPoetryBibliographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsStalingrad, Battle of (Volgograd, Russia : 1942-1943)Russia (Federation)--VolgogradWorld War (1939-1945)United StatesPublishers' bindingsBook coversWhitman, SarahHazenplug, Frank,Armstrong, Margaret,Last letters before deathScotlandAmerican poetryAyton, Robert,--Sir,Cunningham, J. V.--(James Vincent),University of California, Los Angeles.--Library.--Department of Special CollectionsGullans, Charles BPoeticsBookbindingThayer, Lee,Cassity, TurnerBook designEspey, John J.--(John Jenkins),English poetryLibrariesAmerican literatureWinters, Yvor,Stanford, AnnSherry, Pearl AndelsonGerman lettersPowell, Grosvenor,Gunn, ThomDaryush, Elizabeth BridgesPitter, Ruth,Davie, DonaldFitzell, Lincoln,Davis, DickRobbins, MartinFields, KennethDickey, JamesGordon, Caroline,Rajagopal, DRiggs, Dionis CoffinAmes, Evelyn,Moore, Marianne,Ames, AmyasKeith, Joseph JoelSimpson, Louis,Hale, Judson DCarruth, Hayden,Middlebrook, Diane Wood,19291993195019511956195719601961196219631965196819701973197419751978198119821983198519861988198919901991199319941995200320072011188462112940.548243PS3513.U73ocn000487697ocn000749740ocn563625728ocn006315167ocn012391399ocn000429493ocn645779175ocn025157174ocn459444198ocn186343381ocn4623864025137ocn000487697book19610.37Shneider, FranzLast letters from StalingradPersonal narratives German"A theatrical arrangement of the last letters from the great World War Two battle at Stalingrad in January 1943, written by German soldiers before they were captured or killed. Impounded by the German high command, the letters were never delivered, they expressed feelings of fear, disillusionment, the uselessness of war, and introspection about the meaning of life, considered too dangerous to be conveyed to the homefront." --résumé de l'éditeur+-+85972628352465ocn028547818book19940.82Allen, SueDecorated cloth in America : publishers' bindings, 1840-1910History18713ocn000429493book19630.82Ayton, RobertThe English and Latin poems of Sir Robert AytonPoetry1797ocn000284618book19620.74Gullans, Charles BArrivals & departures1334ocn000087051book19680.82Gullans, Charles BA checklist of trade bindings designed by Margaret Armstrong926ocn010741629book19730.93Gullans, Charles BA bibliography of the published works of J.V. CunninghamBibliography805ocn025445380book19910.94Gullans, Charles BMargaret Armstrong and American trade bindings : with a checklist of her designed bindings and coversHistoryCatalogsBibliography542ocn020491008book19900.88Gullans, Charles BLetter from Los Angeles : poems+-+7429321845461ocn009689356book19830.93Gullans, Charles BThe bright universe and other poems451ocn007553739book19780.95Gullans, Charles BImperfect correspondences432ocn010777210book19810.95Gullans, Charles BMany houses331ocn009412249book19820.96Gullans, Charles BA diatribe to Dr. SteelePoetry242ocn010292949book19830.96Gullans, Charles BUnder red skies231ocn012325712book19850.94Gullans, Charles BLocal winds181ocn014562826book19860.96Gullans, Charles BThe wrong side of the rug: cross-setting152ocn006412570book19700.86Gullans, Charles BThe Decorative Designers, 1895-1932 : an essayCatalogsExhibition catalogs141ocn032577901book19950.97Gullans, Charles BSelected earlier poems121ocn032578003book19950.97Gullans, Charles BThe trees122ocn019046644book19880.97Barth, R. LA Bibliography of the published works of Turner Cassity, 1952-1987Bibliography102ocn010286064book19570.98Gullans, Charles BMoral poems162ocn021857148book19890.95Steele, TimothyMusic of his history : poems for Charles Gullans on his sixtieth birthdayPoetry151ocn015631010book19860.98Barth, R. LA bibliography of the published works of Charles Gullans, 1946-1986Bibliography81ocn013831432book19700.86Gullans, Charles BThe Decorative Designers, 1895-1932 : an essayCatalogsExhibition catalogs11ocn122553257mix0.47Cunningham, J. VIncludes 18 poems, most signed and dated, a reprint by from MODERN PHILOLOGY, "Logic and Lyric," 1953, and Charles Gullans' A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE PUBLISHED WORKS OF J.V. CUNNINGHAM, 197311ocn122510483mix0.47Stanford, Donald EDonald E. Stanford papersIncoming and outgoing correspondence, poetry drafts, photographs and newsclippings11ocn849527424mix1.00Burden, JeanJean Burden PapersPapers of the American poet, author, poetry editor for Yankee magazine. Born 1914. Correspondence, manuscript and published articles, poems, and memoirs; and memorabilia, including photographs11ocn270100041book19680.10University of California, Los AngelesIn decorated cloth : an exhibition of sixty-five trade bindings, 1894-1916, from the collections of Charles Gullans and John Espey in the college library. November 11 - December 13, 1969Exhibition catalogs11ocn038417479mix1.00Gullans, Charles BPapersArchivesCollection consists of literary manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, a magazine, and related material of Charles Gullans, former UCLA professor of English and a published poet. Includes manuscript and page proofs for his book titled, Arrivals and departures (1962), materials relating to Gullans' work on a UCLA library exhibit, and a copy of a poetry magazine containing some of the author's poems11ocn122639569mix0.47Lewis, JanetJanet Lewis papersIncoming personal and professional correspondence, including letters from William Bergsma, Gus Blaisdell, Elizabeth Daryush, Donald Davie, John Edmunds, John Fraser, Richard Freis, Charles Gullans, Thom Gunn, Maurice Lesemann, N. Scott Momaday, Grosvenor Powell, Pearl Andelson Sherry, Ann Stanford and Donald E. Stanford. Some manuscripts by Janet Lewis and others. 3 photographs. Basically an addenda to M352, the papers of Yvor Winters and Janet Lewis, with the bulk of this material dated after 198211ocn156888727book19931.00In memoriam Charles Gullans (1929-1993)Contains a poem by Mimi Bennett Gullans and memories about Gullans by his sister (Lorre J. Gullans Mehlinger), as well as his friends and colleagues, Turner Cassity, John Espey, R.L. Barth and Timothy Steele01ocn122632354mixBurden, JeanArchivesCorrespondence, manuscript and published articles, poems, and memoirs; and memorabilia, including photographs+-+8597262835+-+8597262835Thu Oct 16 14:59:30 EDT 2014batch16508