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Fri Mar 21 17:03:08 2014 UTClccn-n831214320.35Remarkable mathematicians : from Euler to von Neumann /0.570.86Fibrewise homotopy theory /108126864Ioan_Jamesn 83121432957508James, I. M.James, I. M. 1928-James, I. M. (Ioan Mackenzie), 1928-James, Ioan.James, Ioan, 1928-James, Ioan Mackenzie, 1928-Mackenzie James, IoanMacKenzie James, Ioan 1928-ジェイムズ, Ilccn-n98036731Fitzgerald, MichaelDrlccn-n50034438Hilton, Peter1923-2010hnrdtelccn-n81008422Bott, Raoul1923-2005lccn-n82096313Gitler, Samueledtlccn-n85073741Kronheimer, E. H.edtlccn-n80092857Crabb, M. C.(Michael Charles)lccn-n84801170Whitehead, John Henry Constantine1904-1960viaf-241299683Dowker, Hugh1912-1982hnrlccn-n50033349Milnor, John W.lccn-n85091821Newman, M. H. A.(Maxwell Herman Alexander)1897-James, I. M.(Ioan Mackenzie)1928-BiographyHistoryBibliographyTopologyUniform spacesMathematiciansPhysicistsGenius and mental illnessAsperger's syndrome--PatientsCreative ability--Psychological aspectsAutistic peopleAsperger's syndromePhysicsAlgebraic topologyMathematics--Psychological aspectsMathematical abilityMathematical ability--Sex differencesMathematicians--PsychologyStiefel manifoldsTopological spacesAlgebraHilton, Peter,Differential topologyFiberings (Mathematics)EngineersEngineeringBiologistsBiologyFiber bundles (Mathematics)Homotopy theoryJewish scientistsMathematicsGeometry, Algebraic192819591961196219631967197219761977198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199519961998199920012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220131101769287514QA611ocn468813848ocn025392542ocn025392288ocn315328101ocn025392502ocn025392218ocn468265699ocn175084479ocn175084486ocn175084473ocn863547129ocn863553585ocn863541591ocn863544507ocn863486368ocn863502608ocn799954116ocn440046057116421ocn049225682book20020.35James, I. MRemarkable mathematicians : from Euler to von NeumannBiographyIntroduces and profiles sixty mathematicians, starting with the era which saw mathematics freed from its classical origins and ending in the development of its modern form+-+822263670510248ocn567896279file20050.39James, I. MAsperger's syndrome and high achievement some very remarkable peopleBiographyThis fascinating collection identifies famous figures from the past whose behaviour suggests they may have had autism, a disorder that was not defined until the mid-20th century. James looks at the lives of 20 individuals - scientists, artists, politicians and philosophers - examining in detail their interests, successes, indifferences and shortcomings. Among the profiles are those of mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell, who wondered in his autobiography how he managed to hurt the people around him quite without meaning to; biologist Alfred Kinsey, who excelled in academia but was i+-+033856893699315ocn052520500book20030.47James, I. MRemarkable physicists : from Galileo to YukawaHistoryBiographyThe 250 years from the second half of the 17th century saw the birth of modern physics and its growth into one of the most successful of the sciences. The reader will find here the lives of 55 of the most remarkable physicists from that era described in brief biographies. All the characters profiled have made important contributions to physics, either through their ideas, through their teaching or in other ways. The emphasis is on their varied life-stories, not on the details of their achievements, but when read in sequence the biographies, which are organised chronologically, convey in human terms something of the way in which physics was created. Scientific and mathematical detail is kept to a minimum, so the reader who is interested in physics, but perhaps lacks the background to follow technical accounts, will find this collection an inviting and easy path through the subject's modern development+-+92316367058547ocn550617234file20070.53Fitzgerald, MichaelThe mind of the mathematicianInternationally famous mathematician Ioan James and accomplished psychiatrist Michael Fitzgerald look at the complex world of mathematics and the mind. They discuss mathematics and the arts, savants, gender and mathematical ability, and the impact of autism, personality disorders, and mood disorders+-+123033653576816ocn836864189file19760.59James, I. MThe topology of Stiefel manifoldsStiefel manifolds are an interesting family of spaces much studied by algebraic topologists+-+29886767057045ocn846495184file19900.59James, I. MIntroduction to uniform spacesThis book is based on a course taught to an audience of undergraduate and graduate students at Oxford, and can be viewed as a bridge between the study of metric spaces and general topological spaces. About half the book is devoted to relatively little-kno+-+457138670570312ocn839305216com19830.59James, I. MTopological topics articles on algebra and topology presented to Professor P.J. Hilton in celebration of his sixtieth birthdayBibliographyProfessor Peter Hilton is one of the best known mathematicians of his generation. He has published almost 300 books and papers on various aspects of topology and algebra. The present volume is to celebrate the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. It begins with a bibliography of his work, followed by reviews of his contributions to topology and algebra. These are followed by eleven research papers concerned with various topics of current interest in algebra and topology. The articles are contributed by some of the many mathematicians with whom he has worked at one time or another. This book will+-+963027670559616ocn041070840book19990.63James, I. MHistory of topologyHistoryTopology, for many years, has been one of the most exciting and influential fields of research in modern mathematics. Although its origins may be traced back several hundred years, it was Poincaré who "gave topology wings" in a classic series of articles published around the turn of the century. While the earlier history, sometimes called the prehistory, is also considered, this volume is mainly concerned with the more recent history of topology, from Poincaré onwards. As will be seen from the list of contents the articles cover a wide range of topics. Some are more technical than others, but the reader without a great deal of technical knowledge should still find most of the articles accessible. Some are written by professional historians of mathematics, others by historically-minded mathematicians, who tend to have a different viewpoint+-+602873999556413ocn010697229book19840.66James, I. MGeneral topology and homotopy theory55211ocn014717008book19870.63James, I. MTopological and uniform spaces+-+011914238552312ocn000586053book19720.76Bott, RaoulLectures on algebraic and differential topology, delivered at the II. ELAM+-+K99405590845312ocn032665856book19950.70James, I. MHandbook of algebraic topologyAlgebraic topology (also known as homotopy theory) is a flourishing branch of modern mathematics. It is very much an international subject and this is reflected in the background of the 36 leading experts who have contributed to the Handbook. Written for the reader who already has a grounding in the subject, the volume consists of 27 expository surveys covering the most active areas of research. They provide the researcher with an up-to-date overview of this exciting branch of mathematics+-+94226399953549ocn017803670book19880.79James, I. MFibrewise topology+-+00743567053497ocn011372037book19840.79James, I. MAspects of topologyThis is a memorial volume to the distinguished Canadian-born mathematician Hugh Dowker+-+006327670531912ocn473455232book20100.56James, I. MRemarkable engineers : from Riquet to ShannonHistoryBiography"Engineering transformed the world completely between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries. Remarkable Engineers tells the story of 51 of the key pioneers in this transformation, from the designers and builders of the world's railways, bridges and aeroplanes, to the founders of the modern electronics and communications revolutions. The focus throughout is on their varied life stories, and engineering and scientific detail is kept to a minimum. Engineer profiles are organized chronologically, inviting readers with an interest in engineering to follow the path by which these remarkable engineers utterly changed our lives."--BOOK JACKET+-+36716067052776ocn291453909book20090.59James, I. MRemarkable biologistsHistoryBiography"Following on from the success of his two previous books, Remarkable Mathematicians and Remarkable Physicists, Ioan James now profiles 38 remarkable biologists from the last 400 years. The emphasis is on their varied life-stories, not on the details of their achievements, but when read in sequence their biographies, which are organised chronologically, convey in human terms something of the way in which biology has developed over the years. Scientific and biological detail is kept to a minimum, inviting any reader interested in biology to follow this easy path through the subject's modern development."--BOOK JACKET+-+03644167052279ocn038908611book19980.86Crabb, M. CFibrewise homotopy theoryTopology occupies a central position in the mathematics of today. The concept of the fibre bundle provides an appropriate framework for studying differential geometry. There is a large amount of literature on this subject already, so this book fulfils its aim of being a research stimulant and develops theories such as homotopy, equivariant homotopy, fibrewise homotopy and much more. Part 2 does assume a certain familiarity with the basic ideas from Part 1, but is written in such a way that the reader interested mainly in stable theory should be able to begin with Part 2 and refer back to Part 1 as necessary. Details on specific sections can be found in the introductions at the beginning of each part+-+29658870361948ocn039747230book19990.79James, I. MTopologies and uniformities"Topology is an essential part of the mathematics of today. Not only is it important in its own right, but its ideas and viewpoints influence a wide variety of other mathematical fields. This book provides the reader with a modern account of the basic concepts of topological and uniform spaces with an emphasis on the relation between the two. The material divides naturally into three sections; six chapters on topological theory, two chapters devoted to uniform theory and the final four chapters which draw on ideas from the first two sections." "The text is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students in pure mathematics who have a general understanding of sets, algebra and analysis."--BOOK JACKET+-+46158870361285ocn305175209book20090.81James, I. MDriven to innovate : a century of Jewish mathematicians and physicistsBiography+-+K770161546313ocn025392288book19620.50Whitehead, John Henry ConstantineThe Mathematical works of J[ohn] H[enry] C[onstantine] Whitehead+-+8222636705+-+8222636705Fri Mar 21 15:22:04 EDT 2014batch21786