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Fri Mar 21 17:14:09 2014 UTClccn-n831243940.00Spiegelbild einer Verschwörung. Die Kaltenbrunner-Berichte an Bormann und Hitler über das Attentat vom 20. Juli 1944. Geheime Dokumente aus dem ehemaligen Reichssicherheitshauptamt. Herausgegeben vom Archiv Peter für historische und zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation0.611.00[Testimony at the international military proceedings in Nuremberg, Germany]67266632Ernst_Kaltenbrunnern 83124394959326lccn-n80061235Göring, Hermann1893-1946lccn-n90647853Funk, Walther1890-1960lccn-n92095728Frick, Wilhelm1877-1946lccn-nr91022038Jodl, Alfred1890-1946lccn-no97079764Seyss-Inquart, Arthur1892-1946lccn-n79114250Keitel, Wilhelm1882-1946lccn-n87890983Sauckel, Fritz1894-1946np-krupp, gustavKrupp, Gustavlccn-n83223501Fritzsche, Hans1900-1953lccn-n85320861Ley, Robert-1945Kaltenbrunner, ErnstGermanyKaltenbrunner, ErnstNuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals (Germany : 1945-1946)War crime trialsGermany--NurembergGöring, Hermann,Hess, Rudolf,Frick, Wilhelm,Ribbentrop, Joachim von,Bormann, Martin,Rosenberg, Alfred,Keitel, Wilhelm,Streicher, Julius,Schacht, Hjalmar Horace Greeley,Dönitz, Karl,Raeder, Erich,Funk, Walther,Jodl, Alfred,Frank, Hans,Sauckel, Fritz,Seyss-Inquart, Arthur,Papen, Franz von,Speer, Albert,Schirach, Baldur von,Ley, Robert,Neurath, Konstantin,--Freiherr von,Krupp, GustavFritzsche, Hans,Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.--SchutzstaffelNazisAustriaFreemasonsWorld War (1939-1945)Underground movements, WarSpainFranceNational socialismWar criminalsAtrocitiesNuremberg War Crime Trials (Germany : 1946-1949)Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Political scienceNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.--Schutzstaffel.--SicherheitsdienstGermany.--Geheime StaatspolizeiWar crimesNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.--SturmabteilungGermany.--ReichsregierungIdeologyMilitary participation--JewishUnited States190319461944194519461948196119721980198119831984198719911993199419951999201415014150940.5344HS41461ocn064484132book19480.86IppécourtLes chemins d'Espagne; mémoires et documents sur la guerre secrète à travers les Pyrénées, 1940-194531ocn258678490book19610.47Kaltenbrunner, ErnstSpiegelbild einer Verschwörung : die Kaltenbrunner-Berichte an Bormann u. Hitler über d. Attentat vom 20.7.1944 ; geheime Dokumente aus d. ehemaligen Reichssicherheitshauptamt31ocn248570322book19440.79Schwarz, DieterDie Freimaurerei, Weltanschauung, Organisation und PolitikNationalsozialismus : Freimaurer : [Quellen]21ocn560298808book1961Reichssicherheitshauptamt (GERMANY)Spiegelbild einer Verschwörung. Die Kaltenbrunner-Berichte an Bormann und Hitler über das Attentat vom 20. Juli 1944. Geheime Dokumente aus dem ehemaligen Reichssicherheitshauptamt. Herausgegeben vom Archiv Peter für historische und zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation11ocn065134081book19451.00Kaltenbrunner, ErnstIn the International military tribunal, trial brief : Ernst Kaltenbrunner : for Robert H. Jackson, United States Chief of Counsel11ocn163783835book19610.10Spiegelbld einer Verscjwörung11ocn137341104rcrd19461.00Kaltenbrunner, Ernst[Testimony at the international military proceedings in Nuremberg, Germany]11ocn065140455book19451.00The Gestapo and the SD and Ernst Kaltenbrunner : Trial brief11ocn718873190book1984Kaltenbrunner, ErnstWandmalereien in der Kirche Greisinghof7561ocn000748042book0.63Göring, HermannTrial of the major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945-1 October 1946Trials, litigation, etc6162ocn009758161book19840.59Black, Peter RErnst Kaltenbrunner, ideological soldier of the Third ReichHistoryBiography501ocn033984501book19910.32Black, Peter RErnst Kaltenbrunner : Vasall Himmlers, eine SS-KarriereHistoryBiography165ocn034431696book19950.95SS-Obergruppenführer Ernst Kaltenbrunner Chef des Reichs- Sicherheits-Hauptamtes RSHA in Berlin 1943-1945 : eine dokumentarische Sammlung von SS-DokumentenHistorySources62ocn004633381book19720.95Houston, Wendell RobertErnst Kaltenbrunner a study of an Austrian SS and police leaderHistoryBiography61ocn028689953book19930.92Matteson, Robert EliotThe capture and the last days of SS General Ernst Kaltenbrunner : chief of the Nazi Gestapo, Criminal Police, and Intelligence ServicesHistoryBiography53ocn035602838book19810.63Black, Peter RIdeological commitment and personal politics in the Third Reich : the case of Ernst KaltenbrunnerBiography31ocn862761197book20140.10Gestapo on trialTrials, litigation, etc21ocn080967663book1.00International Military TribunalTrial brief11ocn010636570book19461.00International Military TribunalFinal pleading for Ernst KaltenbrunnerTrials, litigation, etcSources11ocn083654351book1.00International Military TribunalDefense document books11ocn011237947book1983Matteson, Robert EliotAccount of trips from 1960 to 198311ocn313810712mixMatteson, Robert EliotRobert E. Matteson papersCorrespondence, memoranda, diaries, reports, speeches, articles, clippings, a videotape, and other materials written or assembled by St. Paul (Minn.) native Robert E. Matteson, relating primarily to his career first in U.S. government service (1953-1971), on the White House staff and in other executive departments; then as director of the Sigurd Olson Institute of Environmental Studies at Northland College (Ashland, Wis., 1972-1974); and finally as lecturer, writer, and board member11ocn010645477book19461.00International Military TribunalProsecution document book III against Ernst Kaltenbrunner : extermination of Jewish popul[ation]Trials, litigation, etcSources11ocn010636510book19461.00International Military TribunalProsecution document book I against Ernst KaltenbrunnerTrials, litigation, etcSources11ocn010636546book19451.00International Military TribunalTrial brief against the defendant Ernst KaltenbrunnerTrials, litigation, etcSources11ocn183920997mix19991.00Schneider, HenryHenry Schneider CollectionClaimsThe DICEA operated under the U.S. Group Control Council, Germany (USGCC)[05.08.45-10.01.45] and its successor the Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.) (OMGUS) [01.01.45-12.05.49]. The collection contains some of the asset reports, safehaven communications and interrogation transcripts produced by the DICEA11ocn702122651mix19941.00B., SydneySydney B. Holocaust testimony (HVT-2348)Personal narrativesPersonal narratives JewishPersonal narratives AmericanVideotape testimony of Sydney B., who was born in Connecticut in 1914. He recalls Army induction in October 1943; transfer to England in March 1944; arrival on Omaha Beach on D-Day plus thirty; assignment to the 80th Infantry Division Counter Intelligence Corps; and seeking out Nazi sympathizers and former Nazis in France, then in Ludwigshafen, Weimar, Nuremberg and Kempten. Mr. B. describes a brief visit to Ebensee (on his way to Altausee) shortly after its liberation; shock and disbelief at the prisoners' condition; the crematorium and a room full of bodies; and skepticism when local residents said they did not know about the camp. Mr. B. recounts finding and arresting Ernst Kaltenbrunner; returning to the United States in November 1945; speaking little of his experiences; his heightened sense of Jewish identity resulting from his visit to Ebensee; contacts with an Ebensee survivor; and a former army colleague who has studied Kaltenbrunner extensively. He shows pictures of Ebensee and a copy of a sign he removed from the crematorium and recently donated to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum11ocn236046076book19461.00Albrecht, Ralph GerhartNotebookContents: Albrecht's notes taken during the trials of Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Joachim vn Ribbentrop, Field marshall Wilhem Keitel, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Alfred Rosenberg, Dr. Hans Frank, Dr. Wilhelm Frick, Julius Streicher, Hjalmar Schacht, Walter Emanuel Funk, and Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, with several leaves laid in, including a mimeograph copy of a poem, "Reflections on Funk's defence," by "F.E.J."11ocn026884775rcrd19461.00Kaltenbrunner, Ernst[Testimony at the international military proceedings in Nuremberg, Germany]Fri Mar 21 15:42:43 EDT 2014batch16097