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Fri Mar 21 17:14:38 2014 UTClccn-n840164950.24Understanding the anointing /0.351.00The fruit of your support! a personal thank you from our graduates84033921Kenneth_E._Haginn 840164951169332Chegin, Kenet E. 1917-2003Hagin, Kenneth, 1917-....Hagin, Kenneth 1917-2003Hagin, Kenneth Erwin 1917-2003Hagin, Kenneth H.Heigins, Kenets E., 1917-Heigins, Kennets E., 1917-ヘ-ゲンケネス E, 1917-ヘーゲン, ケネス・Elccn-n88159229Kenyon, Essek William1867-1948lccn-n88199225McConnell, D. R.lccn-n79084784Jesus Christnp-roberts, oralRoberts, Orallccn-n85134449Theological Research Exchange Networknp-sullivan, steven paulSullivan, Steven Paulnc-christliches zentrumChristliches Zentrumviaf-140231221Evangelistische Vereinigungnp-geracie, patrick c$patrick charles$1955Geracie, Patrick C.(Patrick Charles)1955-nc-wort des glaubensWort des GlaubensHagin, Kenneth E.1917-CommentariesTextbooksSpiritual healingHealing--Religious aspects--ChristianityFaith movement (Hagin)FaithChristian lifeHagin, Kenneth E.,Gifts, SpiritualHoly SpiritVisionsMiracles of Jesus ChristPrayerBiblical teaching of Jesus Christ's nameApostolate (Christian theology)Grace (Theology)United StatesBible.--EphesiansPower (Christian theology)Roberts, OralBaptism in the Holy SpiritFaith--Biblical teachingPrayer--Study and teachingGlossolaliaDemonologyWomen--Biblical teachingKenyon, Essek William,Theology, Doctrinal--Study and teachingJesus ChristWealth--Religious aspects--ChristianityDevilFaith--History of doctrinesRedemption--Biblical teachingPentecostalismHealing--Religious aspectsStudy skillsBibleOklahoma--TulsaRevivalsChristian sectsPentecostal churchesHargis, Billy James,SectsRedemptionPrayer--Biblical teachingSalvationNear-death experiences--Religious aspectsHellFuture lifeApparitionsMiraclesCopeland, Kenneth,191720031942196019651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133458560942248.29BV4501.2ocn186531306ocn1865303148412ocn008190013book19780.27Hagin, Kenneth EHow you can be led by the spirit of God+-+0860127435606ocn019491809book19790.28Hagin, Kenneth EThe name of Jesus+-+7280127435586ocn018553781book19730.28Hagin, Kenneth EExceedingly growing faith+-+7150127435587ocn001945238book19750.47Hagin, Kenneth EThe woman question+-+3059127435574ocn006938365book19800.31Hagin, Kenneth EThe art of intercession : handbook on how to intercede542ocn010555876book19830.24Hagin, Kenneth EUnderstanding the anointing+-+52501274355311ocn007266980book19650.24Hagin, Kenneth EBible faith study course+-+9835127435509ocn013707321book19840.28Hagin, Kenneth EThe believer's authorityCommentaries+-+1159127435475ocn005935922book19760.28Hagin, Kenneth EGrowing up spiritually+-+1950127435476ocn006694634book19740.35Hagin, Kenneth EConcerning spiritual gifts+-+4725127435466ocn012424077book19740.27Hagin, Kenneth EThe Holy Spirit and His giftsTextbooks+-+5035127435453ocn006935633book19790.28Hagin, Kenneth EWhat to do when faith seems weak & victory lost+-+66501274354514ocn008223647book19660.37Hagin, Kenneth EWhat faith is+-+3755127435427ocn006938350book19730.32Hagin, Kenneth EThe key to scriptural healing+-+23551274354110ocn018086079book19680.47Hagin, Kenneth EThe origin and operation of demons3811ocn017242214book19730.37Hagin, Kenneth ERedeemed from poverty, sickness and death+-+K655127435383ocn006938420book19790.28Hagin, Kenneth ESeven things you should know about divine healing+-+2559127435389ocn032038587book19720.32Hagin, Kenneth ESeven vital steps to receiving the Holy Spirit+-+1855127435385ocn013689430book19740.37Hagin, Kenneth ENew thresholds of faith+-+7525127435376ocn011438792book19820.28Hagin, Kenneth EBible prayer study course+-+79351274352181ocn018771136book19880.37McConnell, D. RA different gospel : a historical and biblical analysis of the modern faith movement1122ocn031865367book19880.53McConnell, D. RA different gospelControversial literature+-+8786810106511ocn000488254book19720.32Hagin, Kenneth EI believe in visions325ocn060616797com20000.47Sullivan, Steven PaulDesign and evaluation of a college theological course on the false doctrines and practices of the Word of Faith MovementCase studiesControversial literature294ocn060459509com19930.47Geracie, Patrick CA biblical and historical examination of the positive confession movementCriticism, interpretation, etcControversial literature131ocn031051267book19940.53Crenshaw, Curtis IMan as God : the Word of Faith movement : a Reformed analysis of the beliefs with the Christian alternative also presentedHistoryChurch historyControversial literature115ocn018648845book19860.47Hunter, Jim Ernest, JrA gathering of sects : revivalistic pluralism in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1945-1985Church history81ocn038291575book19820.31Hagin, Kenneth EI went to hell+-+320712743541ocn026387634book19850.47Simmons, Dale HawthorneHagin, heretic or herald of God? : a theological and historical analysis of Kenneth E. Hagin's claim to be a prophet31ocn046950506book19840.27Hagin, Kenneth E50 years in the ministryBiography31ocn070842879book20060.81Gibson, StephenProsperity prophetsControversial literature21ocn362719884book20090.39Hejzlar, PavelTwo paradigms for divine healing Fred F. Bosworth, Kenneth E. Hagin, Agnes Sanford, and Francis MacNutt in dialogueThe dissertation presents an analysis of the theologies of healing by four major protagonists in the twentieth-century United States. While Fred F. Bosworth and Kenneth E. Hagin stand for Pentecostal healing evangelism, Agnes Sanford and Francis MacNutt, represent pastorally oriented healing ministry in mainline denominations. The thesis advanced is that these two pairs respectively embody two paradigms of the ministry of healing driven by two distinct theologies of healing. In the end, this thesis is confirmed only partly. The author takes primarily a systematic-theological approach to his subject-matter, although his work is possessed of historico-theological features as well. Evidence from the writings of the four protagonists is organized in a way that reveals what each of them has to say about individual doctrines that together make up a theology of healing. After a biographical sketch of each of the four protagonists the author shows how Bosworth, Hagin, Sanford, and MacNutt respond to the challenge of cessationism. Given their unanimous affirmation of divine miraculous interventions in the present age, the next question addressed is whether healing is offered to each and everyone. Having located the source of the healing power in the atonement wrought by Christ, the ministers of healing make clear that human cooperation is indispensable. This necessitates a discussion of the weight placed on faith, repentance, and administration of the sacraments. The author further investigates the worldview of his protagonists, inquiring about the roles they attribute to God, Satan, and human beings. Furthermore, a study in the ministry of healing would be incomplete without a discussion of divine healing vs. medical care. Finally, the protagonists are allowed to speak to the issue of social healing22ocn865546278book19930.92Romeiro, PauloSuperCrentes : o evangelho segundo Kenneth Hagin, valnice milhomens e os profetas da prosperidadeControversial literature21ocn053464211book19930.47Hanegraaff, Hendrick HWhat's wrong with the faith movement?11ocn056139267rcrd1.00The fruit of your support! a personal thank you from our graduatesTestimonies of graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center, emphasizing the value of their training there and the help given to them by the Center after graduation, when they established their own ministries, as well as its continuing support. The tape is essentially an appeal for donations to the Center11ocn166269691book20050.47Sannes, Kjell OlavDet guddommeliggjorte menneske og den menneskeliggjorte Gud : en kritisk teologisk analyse av synet på forholdet mellom mennesket og Gud hos Kenneth E. Hagin, trosbevegelsens grunnlegger og lærer11ocn642903564book20040.47Cobb, Michael LA comparison of the bibliology and hermeneutics of Kenneth Hagin with that of mainstream Evangelicals"This thesis examines the bibliology and hermeneutics of the late, controversial teacher Kenneth Hagin against the backdrop of mainstream evangelical bibliology and hermeneutics. It evaluates the similaritites and differences found during this examination and explains the significance of both. ... In order to draw the comparison referred to above, the researcher used the landmark Chicago Statements of Biblical Inerrance (1978) and Hermeneutics (1982) along with concurring evangelical voices as a standard against which to measure Hagin's teachings. The data required for the study were found within the statements and in the writings of various mainstream evangelical teachers and scholars. Hagin's views likewise were found within his writings. ... The comparison covers ... four key areas: (a) inspiration, (b) authority, (c)grammatico-historical interpretation and (d)illumination. Thus, information relevant to these topics was gathered from the Statement and and other mainstream evangelical sources and from Kenneth Hagin's writings ... It further reveals that the major cause of these differences is the prophetic ministry that Hagin claimed God had given him ... The thesis then concludes with a chapter on problems in soe of Hagin's revelations that are, for the most part, non hermeneutical and nonbibological by nature11ocn055112299rcrd1.00Hagin, Kenneth EMy personal testimonyBiographyTells the story of Hagin's childhood illness and his healing when he was sixteen years old. Teaches that acting upon God's word brings healing11ocn054927848rcrd19751.00Hagin, Kenneth EJun 26 1975 Thursday pmKenneth Hagin talks about spiritual healing and his own experiences with it11ocn017060529rcrd19760.47Hagin, Kenneth EMy testimony of healing+-+5250127435+-+5250127435Fri Mar 21 15:59:46 EDT 2014batch33312