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Fri Mar 21 17:15:20 2014 UTClccn-n840725240.07Zits : chillax /0.131.00Jim Borgman Collection,77222445Jim_Borgmann 840725241167063lccn-n91020646Scott, Jerry1955-illcrefast-899473Duncan, Jeremy (Fictitious character)lccn-n2009010834O'Bryant, Michaellccn-n2013028630Lockwood, George1931-2013lccn-n82005718Baskin, Johnviaf-86881958Estefanía, Oscarlccn-n88072735Vonada, Damainelccn-n79059562Reagan, Ronaldnp-chambers, don sChambers, Don S.lccn-n84072525Borgman, Lynn GoodwinBorgman, JimComic books, strips, etcFictionJuvenile worksGraphic novelsHistoryMiscellaneaHumorCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCaricatures and cartoonsFamiliesAmerican wit and humor, PictorialDuncan, Jeremy (Fictitious character)Teenage boysComic books, strips, etcTeenagersUnited StatesParent and teenagerRock concertsAmerican wit and humorGraphic novelsTattooingOhioAlmanacs, AmericanWit and humor, PictorialFathers and sonsJournalistsNewspaper editorsNewspapers--Sections, columns, etc.--ComicsMilwaukee journalPolitical scienceParentingAdolescent psychologyHigh school studentsReagan, RonaldCartoonistsBorgman, JimEditorial cartoonsSocial historyOhio--CincinnatiParentsAdolescenceBenefit performancesWorld politics--Caricatures and cartoonsPolitical science--Caricatures and cartoons195419821985198619901992199419951997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146686142202741.5973PN6728.Z55ocn054483743ocn026736854ocn036277203ocn022923397ocn866881251ocn770598964ocn421898963ocn827199356ocn076096272265619ocn046737236book19980.10Scott, JerryAre we an "us"?Juvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionFollows Jeremy's adventures as he continues through adolescence, coping with parents, school, friends, and other aspects of everyday teenage life+-+19969259256095ocn154682673book20040.12Scott, JerryAlternative ZitsComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsRandom Zits not-so-randomly combines the previous collections Road Trip! and Teenage Tales into one mega-volume. It includes popular story lines that include Jeremy and Hector fixing up their old van and take it for a clandestine joy ride, and Jeremy learning the value of tact on his girlfriend's bad hair days, selling random household items on eBay, surviving sudden radical growth spurts, and being coaxed into a fishing trip with his father, who seizes the opportunity to have "the talk." Zits captures the nature of teenage boys with uncanny precision. In one series of strips, Jeremy's mom is alarmed when she finds a fist-size hole in the wall of his room. Pressed to explain it, he balks. When he finally describes what happened, it turns out that the hole wasn't made in a moment of teen hormonal rage. It was made in a moment of teen hormonal idiocy, when he used his mom's meat tenderizing mallet to swat a bug. Anyone who has spent much time around an adolescent boy will recognize this seemingly inexplicable behavior: intelligence and impulsiveness locked in constant battle. This is the natural state of the teen male, and it's portrayed exquisitely in Zits+-+93931259255423ocn043762301book20000.12Scott, JerryHumongous Zits : a Zits treasuryComic books, strips, etcAdolescence is a time of painful growth and unpredictable change, when kids come packaged in a jumble of baggy jeans, rolling eyeballs, and grunting communication. Cartoonists Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman have captured the humor of that challenging time with Zits, in which they chronicle the life and times of the typically exasperating yet ever lovable Jeremy Duncan. In this first Zits treasury, faithful fans of Jeremy's world will get a glimpse behind the scenes with never-before-seen sketches and the stories behind the strips. Sunday cartoons appear in full-color, highlighting the strip's acclaimed drawing style. Even though the teenage terrain is rocky, Zits is warm and sympathetic. "The highest compliment we hear from readers is, 'You must have a camera hidden in our house!'" says Borgman+-+38655259254794ocn052132063book20030.12Scott, JerryZits supersized : a Zits treasuryComic books, strips, etc"Zits: Super-Sized" marks the third funny-strip treasury of the hilarious trials and tribulations of Jeremy and a dynamic cast of characters that includes girlfriend Sara, best friends Hector and Pierce, and parents Connie and Walt+-+42588259253494ocn180756664book20080.13Scott, JerryJeremy and Mom : a Zits retrospective you should definitely buy for your momHumorComic books, strips, etcA collection of "Zits" comics featuring the adventures of fifteen-year-old Jeremy and his family and friends+-+46562259252902ocn813929670book20130.07Scott, JerryZits : chillaxJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionAnticipating an epic first rock concert that he will attend unsupervised, Jeremy plans to dedicate his expected night of debauchery to his friend Tim, who is donating bone marrow to his cancer patient mother on the same night1461ocn709668333book20110.13Scott, JerrySunday brunch : the best of Zits SundaysComic books, strips, etcInside Sunday Brunch, sixteen-year-old Jeremy, the son of parentals Connie and Walt, grapples with the latest trends, confronts hot-button issues ranging from sex and impending career choices, and tackles lighter topics such as sleep schedules and appetite cravings. Next Sunday, sleep a little later and make your pancakes and mimosa even more enjoyable with Zits Sunday Brunch+-+32425949961441ocn745978639book20120.10Scott, JerryZombie parents : and other hopes for a more perfect worldComic books, strips, etcAn all-new collection of the award-winning comic strip "Zits." While 15-year-old son Jeremy is grappling with impending career choices and parental pearls of wisdom on topics ranging from driving to sex, parents Connie and Walt do their best to keep up with his latest trends, vocabulary words, and appetite cravings1291ocn319491161book20090.13Scott, JerryLust and other uses for spare hormones : a Zits look at relationshipsComic books, strips, etc"The strips in this book are some of the author's favorite examples of sweet infatuations, passionate encounters, wishful fantasies, and (most often) awkward romantic moments between the characters in Zits, including Jeremy and Sara, Pierce and D'ijon, Richandamy, and even Mom and Dad"--Publisher's description+-+89903259251132ocn061848951book20050.12Scott, JerryPimp my lunch : Zits sketchbook no. 10FictionAnother collection of Zits comic strips, which provides a humorous look at the daily lives of the Duncans, their teenage son Jeremy, and his siblings+-+78990259251071ocn045053662book19990.10Scott, JerryDon't roll your eyes at me, young man! : a Zits collection sketchbook 3Comic books, strips, etc+-+51166259251022ocn054483743book19970.23The Ohio almanac : an encyclopedia of indispensable information about the Buckeye universeHistoryMiscellaneaA compendium of facts about the state of Ohio, including statistics concerning such diverse topics as education, geography, politics, business and industry and agriculture+-+6478577336881ocn813949559book20130.79Lockwood, GeorgePeanuts, Pogo, and Hobbes : a newspaper editor's journey through the world of comicsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography711ocn794361685book20120.12Scott, JerryTriple shot, double pump, no whip Zits : a Zits treasuryComic books, strips, etcA collection of "Zits" comics, including black and white and color Sunday strips, following the ups and downs in the life of high schooler Jeremy Duncan and his family612ocn858544766book20130.10Scott, JerryZits en concert : a Zits treasuryComic books, strips, etc"Sixteen-year-old Jeremy Duncan is a high school freshman and an aspiring musician. He daydreams about the day when his band, Goat Cheese Pizza, records their first monster hit single and they all pile into his van for their cross-country, sold-out concert tour. Between naps, study hall, and band practice, Jeremy still manages to find time to be the star of the hugely popular comic strip, Zits. Jeremy is a good kid. He is intelligent and kind, yet he still has the attitude that one would expect from a teenager. His unpredictable mood swings and monosyllabic answers to his parents' mild-mannered questions often leave them baffled and bemused" -- from publisher's web page602ocn056836119book20000.08Scott, JerryZitsComic books, strips, etc+-+2225249406451ocn026736854book19920.22The Ohio almanacHistoryMiscellaneaA compendium of facts about the state of Ohio, including statistics concerning such diverse topics as education, geography, politics, business and industry and agriculture441ocn056896668book20010.08Scott, JerryZitsComic books, strips, etc+-+0325249406431ocn012782492book19850.88Borgman, JimThe great communicatorCaricatures and cartoons392ocn056900157book20010.08Scott, JerryZitsComic books, strips, etc+-+8425249406271ocn053356219book20010.23Borgman, JimMy 25 years at the Cincinnnati EnquirerBiographyCaricatures and cartoons11ocn556187413mix1.00Jim Borgman 1954- biographical fileBiographyBiographical file may contain one or more of the following: "Biographical Registry" form filled out by the cartoonist including information about education, career history, awards, signature example, and family information; biographical essays or sketches of the cartoonist; articles by or about the cartoonist; examples of the cartoonist's work in the form of clippings or photocopies11ocn024855780mix1.00Borgman, JimJim Borgman CollectionHistoryArchivesSourcesIncludes many original editorial cartoons (ink on paper) dating from 1976 to 1987; also 504 original pencil sketches and 21 color guide cels. Includes 11 scrapbooks of clippings of editorial cartoons arranged chronologically by date (6/10/76 to 8/31/83); 150 assorted tearsheets from the Cincinnati Enquirer; also posters, magazines and programs featuring the work of Jim Borgman as well as articles on the artist. Includes 2 videotapes (Mr. Carter's neighborhood; Cartoon-a-torial); Puck tearsheets (1880-1890); Congress drawn and quartered, a portfolio of 25 signed prints. The collection also contains cartoons by numerous other artists including: Brian Basset, Jim Berry, David Catrow, Draper Hill, David Levine, Jeff MacNelly, Pat Oliphant, Mike Peters, Hy Rosen, Mort Walker and L.D. Warren+-+1996925925+-+1996925925Fri Mar 21 15:09:23 EDT 2014batch20705