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Thu Feb 12 22:12:34 2015 UTClccn-n840740130.00George Scrope (1797-1876),Thomas attwood (1873-1856), Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890), John Cairnes (1823-1875) /0.881.00A neglected English economist : George Poulett Scrope /73968491George_Julius_Poulett_Scropen 840740131136728Poulett Scrope, G. 1797-1876Poulett-Scrope, George 1797-1876Scrope, G. Poulett.Scrope, G. Poulett 1797-1876Scrope, G. Poulett (George Poulett), 1797-1876Scrope, George 1797-1876Scrope, George Julius 1797-1876Scrope George Julius Duncombe PoulettScrope, George Julius Duncombe Poulett 1797-1876Scrope, George Julius Poulett.Thomson George Julius PoulettThomson, George Julius Poulett 1797-1876Thomson, George Poulett 1797-1876lccn-n50022415Russell, John RussellEarl1792-1878lccn-no89013258Dewhirst, Jeremiahlccn-n88130571Sydenham, Charles Edward Poulett ThomsonBaron1799-1841hnrautlccn-n81033513Whately, Richard1787-1863lccn-no89020398Great BritainParliamentHouse of CommonsSelect Committee on the Irish Poor Lawlccn-n80020301Bank of Englandlccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n50008764Peel, RobertSir1788-1850lccn-n88096270Hermit in Stroudautlccn-no89014717Great BritainCommissioners of Inquiry into the State of the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in IrelandScrope, George Poulett1797-1876HistoryBiographyGreat BritainIrelandPoor lawsPoorEconomic historyLand tenureEconomicsVolcanoesCurrency questionCanadaGeologyEconomic policyLow-income housingSocial historyFranceWorking classUnited StatesEmigration and immigrationVolcanismPoor--Government policyAgricultural laborersAgriculture and stateIndustriesRural conditionsAgricultural wagesSubversive activitiesPaper moneyClassical school of economicsPolitical scienceGovernorsScrope, George Poulett,Attwood, Thomas,Chadwick, Edwin,LaborGovernors generalWagesPeasants--Government policySydenham, Charles Edward Poulett Thomson,--Baron,EuropeSocial problemsIrish questionEnglandVolcanologyAgricultureImmigrantsStatesmenCapitalism17971876180718221825182618271828182918301831183218331834183518371838184318441846184718481849185018521853185518561858185918601862186418661867187218731874187519291969197119721974197819821984198519871991200320052010201120138754208667330HB161ocn060725307ocn000021998ocn003219810ocn065278882ocn065315676ocn065309957ocn065310702ocn065315557ocn065280560ocn065280565ocn756995219ocn062351953ocn832215989ocn70943228639320ocn000021998book18330.87Scrope, George PoulettPrinciples of political economy, deduced from the natural laws of social welfare and applied to the present state of Britain3788ocn060725307file18490.87Scrope, George PoulettSuggested legislation with a view to the improvement of the dwellings of the poor34322ocn003219810book18580.87Scrope, George PoulettThe geology and extinct volcanos of central France+-+360725356633813ocn065275284file18330.92Scrope, George PoulettPlan of a poor-law for Ireland with a review of the arguments for and against it26127ocn012881154book18430.82Scrope, George PoulettMemoir of the life of the Right Honourable Charles Lord Sydenham, G.C.B., with a narrative of his administration in CanadaHistoryBiography24521ocn065267273file18310.85Scrope, George PoulettExtracts of letters from poor persons who emigrated last year to Canada and the United StatesBiography23426ocn008542863book18620.87Scrope, George PoulettVolcanos the character of their phenomena, their share in the structure and composition of the surface of the globe, and their relation to its internal forces : with a descriptive catalogue of all known volcanos and volcanic formationsWhile a student, George Poulett Scrope (1797-1876) visited Vesuvius and Etna and developed a passionate enthusiasm for volcanos. He did pioneering fieldwork in France in 1821, witnessed the eruption of Vesuvius in 1822, and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1826. Scrope became increasingly involved in economics and politics, but later in his career published revised versions of two pioneering books on volcanism he had originally published in the 1820s. Volcanos (1862), reissued here, was based on his Considerations on Volcanos (1825, also reissued in this series) and dedicated to his life-long friend and colleague Charles Lyell. This influential work on volcanic phenomena includes a substantial catalogue of 'all known volcanos and volcanic formations' as well as a dramatic illustration of Vesuvius. It was translated into French and German, went into a second English edition in 1872, and was one of the foundational texts of volcanology+-+980725356619625ocn008543144book18250.90Scrope, George PoulettConsiderations on volcanos the probable causes of their phenomena, the laws which determine their march, the disposition of their products and their connexion with the present state and past history of the globe : leading to the establishment of a new theory of the earth+-+058725356618613ocn065307278file18460.90Scrope, George PoulettLetters to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell on the expediency of enlarging the Irish poor-law to the full extent of the poor-law of EnglandHistory1819ocn065315557file18480.89Scrope, George PoulettThe Irish relief measures, past and future1759ocn065309957file18470.89Scrope, George PoulettRemarks on the Irish poor relief bill17511ocn065307484file18460.92Scrope, George PoulettHow is Ireland to be governed? a question addressed to the new administration of Lord Melbourne in 1834, with a postscript, in which the same question is addressed to the administration of Sir Robert Peel in 18461719ocn065315676file18480.89Scrope, George PoulettThe rights of industry, or, The social problem of the day as exemplified in France, Ireland and BritainHistory17010ocn065309958file18470.89Scrope, George PoulettReply to the speech of the Archbishop of Dublin delivered in the House of Lords, on Friday, March 26th, 1847 : and the protest, signed R. Dublin, Monteagle, Radnor, Mountcashel, against the poor relief (Ireland) billHistory1699ocn065253790file18300.92Scrope, George PoulettThe currency question freed from mystery in a letter to Mr. Peel, showing how the distress may be relieved without altering the standard1668ocn065255321file18300.90Scrope, George PoulettThe common cause of the landlord, tenant, and labourer, and the common cure of their complaint in a letter to the agriculturists of the South of England1629ocn065256609file18310.90Scrope, George PoulettA letter to the magistrates of the south of England on the urgent necessity of putting a stop to the illegal practice of making up wages out of rates, to which alone is owing the misery and revolt of the agricultural peasantryHistory1628ocn065315648file18490.90Scrope, George PoulettThe Irish Poor Law, how far has it failed, and why? a question addressed to the common sense of his countrymen15910ocn065316916file18490.87Scrope, George PoulettThe Irish difficulty and how it must be met with a postscript1545ocn065253792file18300.90Scrope, George PoulettOn credit-currency, and its superiority to coin in support of a cheap, safe, and sufficient circulating medium1243ocn065272652file18320.90Hermit in StroudThe currency, the Quarterly Review, and Mr. Scrope a few strictures on these important subjects1122ocn011827625book19840.93Sturges, R. PA bibliography of George Poulett Scrope : geologist, economist, and local historianHistoryBibliography1073ocn024212343book19910.74George Scrope (1797-1876), Thomas Attwood (1783-1856), Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890), John Cairnes (1823-1875)11ocn062930030book18430.10Art. IV. --Memoir of the life of the Right Hon. Charles Lord Sydenham, G.C.B. : with a narrative of his administration in Canada. Edited by his brother, G. Poulett Scrope, Esq., M.P. London : Murray. 184311ocn779562687visuEddis, Eden UptonGeorge Julius Poulett Scrope. Lithograph by J. S. Templeton, 1848, after E. U. Eddis11ocn851111883book1991George Scrope (1797-1876),Thomas attwood (1873-1856), Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890), John Cairnes (1823-1875)11ocn084935365book18460.47Naper, J. L. WObservations in answer to Mr. C. 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