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Thu Oct 16 17:55:14 2014 UTClccn-n840757620.00Correspondence : Leggett (William) and Engelmann (George),0.731.00Sketch of the life and labors of Prof. John Torrey : of Columbia College, New York, United States assayer, and for many years an esteemed collaborator of the Smithsonian Institution /2586502John_Torreyn 840757621107385Torrey, J. 1796-1873Torrey, J. G. 1796-1873Torrey, J. (John), 1796-1873Torrey, John G. 1796-1873lccn-n87827736Hall, James1811-1898lccn-n79069640United StatesArmyCorps of Engineerslccn-n50025411Frémont, John Charles1813-1890lccn-n50082080Baird, Spencer Fullerton1823-1887lccn-no2004027689Girard, Charles1822-1895lccn-n79038411United StatesArmyCorps of Topographical Engineerslccn-n50032053Gray, Asa1810-1888edtlccn-n87881042Stansbury, Howard1806-1863lccn-n84804071Haldeman, Samuel Stehman1812-1880lccn-n90648067Engelmann, George1809-1884Torrey, John1796-1873ObservationsHistoryCatalogsWar poetryIllustrationsCatalogs and collectionsPoetryBiographyTerminologyUnited StatesDiscoveries in geographyBotanyTravelUnited States, WestRocky MountainsGeologyUnited States--Pacific StatesSouthwest, NewPaleontologyNatural historyCaliforniaTorrey, John,UtahUnited States.--Army.--Corps of EngineersUtah--Great Salt LakeMeteorologyOregonAstronomyMexicoBoundariesPlantsNew York (State)North America--Rio GrandeZoologyBirdsNorth America--Colorado RiverNorth AmericaNorth America--Pacific CoastMissouri--Saint LouisMississippi River ValleyUnited States--Northwestern StatesAnimalsFrémont, John Charles,Stansbury, Howard,Medicinal plantsPlants, UsefulPhytogeographyPlants--Therapeutic useNorth Carolina--New BernMormon ChurchMormonsMinnesotaDarlingtonia californicaNortheastern StatesMiddle Atlantic StatesPhanerogamsTorrey familyAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Botanists17961873179718191821182218231824182518261827182818311833183618371838183918401841184318451846184818501851185218531854185518561857185818591861186318641867186818701873187418811885189218951899190019211942195219531958196019621963196519661968196919701971197219731974197819791980198219841986199219961999200020042008201320148733324666917.8042F592ocn07390072594125ocn000563061book18450.63Frémont, John CharlesReport of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and north California in the years 1843-'44HistoryObservations9245ocn000961243book19660.37Frémont, John CharlesReport of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains88214ocn001468130book18520.77United StatesExploration and survey of the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah : including a reconnoissance of a new route through the Rocky Mountains68014ocn002338704book18570.77United StatesReport on the United States and Mexican boundary survey, made under the direction of the secretary of the Interior+-+833250079648216ocn035836564book18430.88Torrey, JohnA flora of the state of New York : comprising full descriptions of all the indigenous and naturalized plants hitherto discovered in the state ; with remarks on their economical and medicinal properties41923ocn000001805book18380.79Torrey, JohnA flora of North AmericaTerminology2 of 2 vols3422ocn003095199book18610.77United StatesReport upon the Colorado River of the West : explored in 1857 and 1858 by Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers, under the direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys31714ocn009522988book18430.86Nicollet, J. 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J.C. Frémont in California1138ocn002775681book18530.88New York State MuseumCatalogue of the cabinet of natural history of the state of New York, and of the historical and antiquarian collection annexed theretoCatalogs and collections1132ocn183096201file18370.88Croom, Hardy BryanA catalogue of plants, native or naturalized, in the vicinity of New Bern, North Carolina with remarks and synonymsCatalogs+-+K3693939051123ocn004074605book18310.90Lindley, JohnAn introduction to the natural system of botany : or, A systematic view of the organisation, natural affinities, and geographical distribution of the whole vegetable kingdom : together with the uses of the most important species in medicine, the arts, and rural or domestic economy9113ocn008500360book18500.93Torrey, JohnPlantæ frémontianæ, or, Descriptions of plants collected by Col. J.C. Frémont in California892ocn003757368book18530.90Torrey, JohnOn the Darlingtonia californica, a new pitcher-plant from northern California842ocn008352448book0.86United StatesReport on the United States and Mexican boundary survey795ocn008538953book18740.94Torrey, JohnPhanerogamia of Pacific North America7045ocn000170727book19420.63Rodgers, Andrew DennyJohn Torrey; a story of North American botanyBiographyTorrey was the center around which the botany of North America first became systematized. To him came most of the botanical materials gathered by all the great expeditions of his time, the military and geographical explorations and the railroad surveys that tapped the west from Canada to Mexico. He was the instructor, consultant, or associate of every prominent North American botanist of the day, and together with Asa Gray, once his pupil, he produced the Flora of North America, the first great systematic work on a continental scale in the New World842ocn027797313book19920.92MacPhail, IanJohn TorreyBibliography662ocn000571657book19730.94New York Botanical GardenCatalog of the manuscript and archival collections and index to the correspondence of John Torrey282ocn023679978book18730.98Gray, AsaJohn Torrey a biographical noticeBiography232ocn016914940book0.31Torrey, Frederic CThe Torrey families in America201ocn011216879book18630.93Torrey, JohnAmerica a dramatic poemHistoryPoetryWar poetry102ocn013978966book18730.93Gray, AsaJohn Torrey and William Starling Sullivant101ocn014865454book19680.95Robbins, Christine ChapmanJohn Torrey (1796-1873) : his life and times51ocn873821861book20140.47Parry, C. CParry's California notebooks, 1849-51 : with letters to John TorreyRecords and correspondence53ocn084372707book20080.27Torrey, Frederic CThe Torrey families and their children in America. v. 1-William Torrey (d.1690) was a son of Philip Torrey and Alice Richards of Combe St. Nicholas, England. He married twice, and in 1640 immigrated with 2 young sons and his three unmarried brothers (James, Philip and Joseph) to Weymouth, Massachusetts. He married a third time there, with six children. He is the ancestor of two-thirds of the Torreys in America, and most of the others are descendants of his brother, James Torrey (ca.1612-1665), who married Anne Hatch, and settled in Scituate, Massachusetts. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York and elsewhere. Includes some descendants of other Torrey immigrants from Scotland to North Carolina, and from Scotland to Nova Scotia. Vol. 1 covers the first six generations, as well as English ancestry. Vol. 2 covers the seventh through the tenth generations, plus additions and corrections to v. 151ocn014396351book18950.27Torrey, James HJohn Torrey, 1807-189451ocn023164167book18731.00Gray, AsaSketch of the life and labors of Prof. John Torrey : of Columbia College, New York, United States assayer, and for many years an esteemed collaborator of the Smithsonian Institution31ocn084159547book18731.00Dall, William HealeyRemarks of W.H. Dall and resolutions of the California Academy of Sciences on the death of Doctor John Torrey : April, 1873Biography31ocn033059806book18671.00Torrey Botanical ClubThe Torrey festival21ocn005256691book19791.00Gray, AsaMemoir of John Torrey, 1796-187322ocn042369309mix1.00Torrey, JohnJohn TorreyHistoryArchivesCollection pertains to Torrey's work as botanist and professor. A collection of letters to and from individuals other than Torrey are also included. It is uncertain how he came to possess these letters. Original artwork, several manuscripts and a vasculum are aslo included in the collection21ocn084221258book19691.00Ewan, JosephOnly ten feet less21ocn024095818mix1.00Short, Charles WilkinsCharles Wilkins Short papersHistoryThe collection includes letters from Short to members of his family; letters to Short from relatives, including two letters, 1784, 1849, from his uncle, diplomat William Short (1759-1849); and letters from other botanists, among them John Torrey (about 15 letters, 1850-1860) and Asa Gray (about 40 letters, 1849-1879). Also included are a few botanical drawings21ocn025739415book19001.00Memorial of Dr. John Torrey, 1796-1873 : exercises at Torrey Day, 27 June, 1900Bibliography11ocn867850570mixLeggett, William HenryCorrespondence : Leggett (William) and Engelmann (George)PeriodicalsGuidebooksRecords and correspondenceFolder contains original letters+-+8332500796+-+8332500796Thu Oct 16 15:59:40 EDT 2014batch29709