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Thu Feb 12 22:13:36 2015 UTClccn-n840174110.00The Spirit of praise : a collection of hymns old and new0.481.00Denver, Colo., to Philip D. Sherman73972266n 8401741111042703424049Brothers DalzielBrothers Dalziel 1815-1902Dalziel Bros 1815-1902Dalziel, G. 1815-1902George Dalziellccn-n84017412Dalziel, Edward1817-1905egrillautprtviaf-100227960Gilbert, John1817-1897illautlccn-n85387556Dulcken, H. W.(Henry William)1832-1894trledtautlccn-n79058883Tenniel, John1820-1914illautlccn-n79056546Carroll, Lewis1832-1898autlccn-n85368782Foster, Myles Birket1825-1899illautlccn-n78095526Bunyan, John1628-1688autlccn-n79056429Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth1807-1882autlccn-n88132279Elliott, J. W.(James William)1833-1915autlccn-n82105521Harvey, William1796-1866illDalziel, George1815-1902FictionJuvenile worksBibliographyPortraitsChristian fictionPoetryBiographyIllustrationsHistoryRecords and correspondenceChristian pilgrims and pilgrimagesAmerican poetryChristian lifePuritan movementsFantasyAlice (Fictitious character : Carroll)American prose literaturePoetryNursery rhymes, EnglishPilgrim's progress (Bunyan, John)Fantasy fictionFairy talesEnglish poetryEnglandChessDreamsNursery rhymesChildren's poetry, AmericanAdventure and adventurersQueensAllegoriesAnimalsPoets, AmericanFlowersTwinsSalvationConduct of lifeChildren--Conduct of lifeBartholomew FairAnimals, MythicalWood-engraversAuthors, English--Early modernChristian biographyParables, BiblicalPuritansChildren's poetry, EnglishMirrorsDenmarkWood-engraving, EnglishNonsense literature, EnglishFantasy fiction, EnglishChildren's stories, DanishChristian literature, EnglishWit and humor, JuvenileImaginary placesGreat BritainUnicornsInsectsPortmanteau wordsDecision making18151902182818301843184518461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618981900190119021904190519061909191019151917192019221930196519661967196819691975197719781979198019821983198419871988199920022007200820135384441854811PS2250ocn000645793ocn003381024ocn005065528ocn012349336ocn025285906ocn018552000ocn818822111ocn681176477ocn806423736ocn027022435ocn060016876ocn007942568ocn001493660ocn262629717ocn697901963ocn263168997ocn015171887ocn874186112ocn029175754ocn009745308ocn008504690ocn032403241ocn223196515ocn177729512ocn078546129ocn022303234ocn177701707ocn022975684ocn024568421ocn177790081ocn681176477ocn024018362ocn022874969ocn025695483ocn025812039ocn057119742ocn026319586ocn810652569ocn023288317ocn841579535ocn762679560ocn4648689762438ocn000758048book18720.08Carroll, LewisThrough the looking-glass and what Alice found thereJuvenile worksFictionPoetryIllustrationsFantasy fictionArtists' booksFantasy fiction, EnglishIn this sequel to "Alice in Wonderland," Alice goes through the mirror to find a strange world where curious adventures await her16810ocn795891137file18560.30Longfellow, Henry WadsworthPoems and other writingsJuvenile worksBiographyPoetryPortraitsNo American writer of the 19th century was more universally enjoyed and admired than Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His works were extraordinary bestsellers for their era, achieving fame both here and abroad. Now, for the first time in over 25 years, Poems and Other Writings offers a full-scale literary portrait of America's greatest popular poet. Here are the poems that created an American mythology: Evangeline in the Forest Primeval, Hiawatha by the Shores of Gitchee Gumee, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Wreck of the Hesperus, The Village Blacksmith Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree, The Strange Courtship of Miles Standish, The maiden Priscilla and the hesitant John Alden; and verses, like: A Psalm of Life and The Children's Hour, whose phrases and characters have become part of the culture. Erudite and fluent in many languages, Longfellow was endlessly fascinated with the byways of history and the curiosities of legend. His many poems on literary themes, such as his moving homages to Dante and Chaucer, his verse translations from Lope de Vega, Heinrich Heine, and Michelangelo, and his ambitious verse dramas, notably The New England Tragedies (also complete), are remarkable in their range and ambition. As a special feature, this volume restores to print Longfellow's novel Kavanagh, a study of small-town life and literary ambition that was praised by Emerson as an important contribution to the development of American fiction. A selection of essays rounds out of the volume and provides testimony to Longfellow's concern with creating an American national literature12714ocn013289122book18300.33Bunyan, JohnThe pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to comeHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyBibliographyFictionPortraitsChristian fictionA religious allegory which follows the trials and tribulations of Christian as he journeys to the Celestial City, and looks at the fate of his wife, Christiana, and their children--left behind when he began his quest1218ocn003611613book18650.85Goldsmith, OliverDalziels' illustrated Goldsmith : comprising11518ocn004935158book18280.56Bunyan, JohnThe pilgrim's progressHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyBibliographyComparative studiesFictionPortraitsPictorial worksChristian fictionThe pilgrim Christian forsakes the world in order to undertake the dangerous journey to the Celestial City, experiencing numerous crises and temptations along the way1091ocn000411512book18590.77Morley, HenryMemoirs of Bartholomew fairHistory1085ocn005315710book18600.56Tennyson, Alfred TennysonThe princessCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryIllustrationsDrama993ocn002551848score19090.08Elliott, J. WMother Goose's nursery rhymes and nursery songsMusical settingsMusic806ocn003212521book18740.85Bierce, AmbroseCobwebs from an empty skullDive into this eclectic, entertaining collection of tales from Ambrose Bierce, one of the masters of the American short story. Cobwebs From an Empty Skull brings together fables, essays, observations, and other thoroughly engaging odds and ends that readers of all tastes and interests are sure to enjoy8011ocn004425766book18630.54Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian nights' entertainmentsJuvenile worksFiction774ocn008568129book18720.08Rossetti, Christina GeorginaSing-song : a nursery rhyme book and other poems for childrenJuvenile worksFictionPoetryA collection of poems and rhymes about childhood activities, flowers, animals, and seasons727ocn003381024book18670.20Griset, Ernest HenryGriset's grotesques, or, Jokes drawn on wood677ocn006400720book18650.07PlancheĢ, J. RAn old fairy tale told anew in pictures and verseJuvenile worksFictionPoetry674ocn008828230book18590.90Montgomery, JamesPoems of James Montgomery639ocn029689289book18510.07Doyle, RichardThe story of Jack and the giantsJuvenile worksFolkloreFiction621ocn009072862book18650.54Carroll, LewisAlice's adventures in WonderlandJuvenile worksFictionAlice in Wonderland (also known as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), from 1865, is the peculiar and imaginative tale of a girl who falls down a rabbit-hole into a bizarre world of eccentric and unusual creatures. Lewis Carroll's prominent example of the genre of "literary nonsense" has endured in popularity with its clever way of playing with logic and a narrative structure that has influence generations of fiction writing615ocn000908954book18660.90A Round of days described in original poems613ocn010480486book18580.82Krummacher, Frederic AdolphusThe parables of Frederic Adolphus Krummacher609ocn050476853book18620.90Taylor, TomBirket Foster's pictures of English landscapeArtPictorial works6010ocn018552000book18660.16Andersen, H. CStories and talesJuvenile worksFictionEighty of Andersen's best-loved tales -- from "The Ugly Duckling" to "The Red Shoes" and the thrilling, if chilling, "The Snow Queen."+-+93403706952085ocn000941756book19010.70Dalziel, GeorgeThe brothers Dalziel : a record of fifty years' work in conjunction with many of the most distinguished artists of the period, 1840-1890Records and correspondence573ocn005417055book19780.47Dalziel, GeorgeThe brothers Dalziel : a record of work, 1840-1890Biography261ocn015525112book19880.90Tenniel, JohnSir John Tenniel's illustrations to Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass : ninety-one prints from the original wood blocks engraved by the Brothers Dalziel from drawings by Sir John Tenniel & one print from an electrotypeCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrations82ocn759479181file18740.77Picture posies31ocn051407588book19020.97Millais, John EverettTwenty India paper proofs of the drawings by Sir John Everett Millais, Bart., P.R.A. : to the parables of our Lord : engraved on wood by the brothers Dalziel : with which is given a collection of twenty autograph letters (in facsimile) from Millais to the Dalziels during the progress of the workIllustrations11ocn122383907mix19201.00Dalziel, GilbertLondon, to Philip D. Sherman, Oberlin, OhioPlans to inform Mr. Sherman about items regarding the Brothers Dalziel when he (Dalziel) has recovered his health11ocn009867451book19820.10George and Edward Dalziel, 1840-189011ocn221505362book19650.54Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian nights' entertainmentsJuvenile worksFiction11ocn122544258mix1.00Dalziel, John SandersonDenver, Colo., to Philip D. Sherman[1] 1931, March 26, to Pawtucket, R.I. [4 p. with two notes, one signed].--Discusses his 7 year apprenticeship with the Brothers Dalziel, i.e., John, Edward and George. [2] 1931, April 8, to Pawtucket, R.I. [2 l. with envelope].--He will sell to Mr. Sherman for his college, a folio of Birket Foster's with engravings by William Harvey. He discusses his family history. [3] 1931, April 28 [3 p. with card, and signed leaf with coat of arms, thumb prints and engraving].--Mentions his descendants, sends him some proofs of his engravings, and offers him "a set of my work" if he buys English Landscapes by Birket Foster. [4] 1931, June 18, to Oberlin, Ohio [4 p.].--Mentions some books, comments on the depression, and promises to send him a photograph. [5] 1931, July 2 [1 l. with photograph of John Sanderson Dalziel].--The passing of Thomas [i.e., Timothy] Cole "Leaves me the Last of the Line of the Artistic Craft of Wood Engravers." Mentions some apple trees he has planted. [6] 1931, July 15, to Oberlin, Ohio [1 l.].--Sends an account of an interview of himself and comments on it11ocn780537634book19750.56Lutyens, MaryThe parables of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus ChristJuvenile worksIllustrationsPictorial worksParables11ocn221498409bookThe Spirit of praise : a collection of hymns old and new11ocn841794258book18810.80Dalziel, GeorgeDalziels' Bible gallery : illustrations from the Old Testament : from original drawings by Sir Frederick Leighton, E.J. Poynter, H.H. Armstead, F. Maddox Brown, S. Solomon, F. Sandys, E.G. Dalziel, W. Small, A.B. Houghton, G.F. Watts, E. Armytage, F.R. Pickersgill, E. Burne Jones, T. Dalziel, E.J. Brewtnall, Fs. Walker, A. Murch, and Holman HuntIllustrations+-+9340370695+-+9340370695Fri Feb 13 11:17:50 EST 2015batch34200