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Thu Oct 16 17:49:49 2014 UTClccn-n841814770.00Bestor, Arthur Eugene0.561.00W. Stull Holt papers,108469893Arthur_Bestorn 841814771255411Bestor, Arthur.Bestor, Arthur 1908-Bestor, Arthur 1908-1994Bestor, Arthur E.Bestor, Arthur E. 1908-Bestor, Arthur E. 1908-1994Bestor, Arthur E. (Arthur Eugene), 1908-1994lccn-n84162180Karier, Clarence J.lccn-n84181479McMurray, Fosterlccn-n92072913Mearns, David C.(David Chambers)1899-1981lccn-n50037359Daniels, Jonathan1902-1981lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n79022932Roosevelt, Franklin D.(Franklin Delano)1882-1945lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n50042709Maclure, William1763-1840lccn-n50041510Harmony Societylccn-n94033327Fretageot, Marie Duclos1783-1833Bestor, Arthur Eugene1908-1994BibliographyHistoryTerminologyOutlines, syllabi, etcUnited StatesCommunismCollective settlementsEducationUtopiasCommunitarianismEducation--PhilosophyBestor, Arthur Eugene,Lincoln, Abraham,Roosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Jefferson, Thomas,Education--Aims and objectivesBooks and readingIndiana--New HarmonyHarmony SocietyHarmonistsChautauqua InstitutionPublic schoolsHistory--Study and teachingEducational changeTerman, Lewis M.--(Lewis Madison),Immigrants--EducationEducation, SecondaryEducation--Social aspectsIntelligence testsVocational educationEducational tests and measurementsEducation, PrimaryTrack system (Education)Educational sociologyEducation--CurriculaArchivesHistory--SourcesBrisbane, Albert,Dewey, John,SlaverySocialistsFourier, Charles,New York (State)--ChautauquaJacks, David,Jacks, Lee L.,New York (State)World War (1914-1918)SocialismPolitical scienceAmerican Federation of LaborEducation and stateEducation--FinanceStates' rights (American politics)Educators1908199419091914191719241932193319341936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196319641966196719681970197119731974197519761978197919801981198519901994199920012004200520125878106242370.973LB875ocn000689129ocn000388831ocn615605406ocn021863774ocn768276578ocn757471772ocn038670644ocn866645537182944ocn000273020book19500.50Bestor, Arthur EugeneBackwoods utopias; the sectarian and Owenite phases of communitarian socialism in America, 1663-18298818ocn000964489book19550.53Bestor, Arthur EugeneThe restoration of learning; a program for redeeming the unfulfilled promise of American education7706ocn000422443book19550.53Bestor, Arthur EugeneThree Presidents and their books59313ocn000177059book19530.56Bestor, Arthur EugeneEducational wastelands : the retreat from learning in our public schools2915ocn000689129book19480.66Maclure, WilliamEducation and reform at New Harmony; correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, 1820-18331216ocn000970310book19340.90Bestor, Arthur EugeneChautauqua publications; an historical and bibliographical guideBibliography619ocn002482387book19550.66Bestor, Arthur EugeneThree Presidents and their books : the reading of Jefferson601ocn000299494book19660.82The Role of history in today's schools; a discussion by Erling M. Hunt, Charles G. Sellers, Harold E. Taussig [and] Arthur Bestor525ocn008147457book19500.92Bestor, Arthur EugeneRecords of the New Harmony communityHistoryBibliography435ocn002974649book19410.97Bestor, Arthur EugeneBrook Farm, 1841-1847: an exhibition to commemorate the centenary of its foundingBibliography333ocn023679462book19470.93Bestor, Arthur EugeneAlbert Brisbane, propagandist for socialism in the 1840's285ocn007769858book19610.77Bestor, Arthur EugeneState sovereignty and slavery; a reinterpretation of proslavery constitutional doctrine, 1846-1860198ocn003556620book19380.93Bestor, Arthur EugeneAmerican phalanxes : a study of Fourierist socialism in the United States, with special references to the movement in western New York174ocn016696724book19450.95Bestor, Arthur EugeneDavid Jacks of Monterey, and Lee L. Jacks, his daughterHistory116ocn016072905book19380.93Bestor, Arthur EugeneContemporary American problems and their historical backgroundsOutlines, syllabi, etc102ocn023887820book19170.98Bestor, Arthur EugeneAmerica and the great war85ocn021863774book19380.96Bestor, Arthur EugeneA documentary history of the conflict between the American Federation of Labor and the Committee for Industrial OrganizationHistory81ocn035592829book19480.86Bestor, Arthur EugeneThe Evolution of the Socialist vocabularyHistoryTerminology72ocn164243116book19570.27Ausbildungsprobleme in den USA61ocn031535178book19340.98Bestor, Arthur EugeneThe federal emergency education program8402ocn011728322book19850.56Bestor, Arthur EugeneEducational wastelands : the retreat from learning in our public schools562ocn048226781visu20010.50School. the story of American Public EducationHistoryA four part documentary on the history of public education in the United States. Part 2: By 1900, 6% of America's children were graduating from high school; by 1945, 51% graduated. This program recalls how massive immigration, child labor laws and the explosive growth of cities fueled school attendance and transformed public education. Also explored are the impact of John Dewey's progressive ideas as well as the development of controversial IQ tests and educational tracking through the efforts of Arthur Bester and Lewis Terman181ocn023082878book19900.66Cram, Mary Frances BestorChautauqua salute : a memoir of the Bestor yearsHistory21ocn028416760mix1.00Holt, W. StullW. Stull Holt papersArchivesDiariesRecords and correspondenceThe William Stull Holt papers cover the life and career of the American history professor through correspondence, diaries, photographs, reports, speeches, writings and other materials. The bulk of the collection relates to Holt's academic posts and several of the major correspondents are comprised of fellow University of Washington faculty members, as well as colleagues from other institutions, including Douglass Adair, Arthur Bestor, Robert E. Burke, Warren Cohen, Giovanni Costigan, Donald Emerson, Lawrence Gelfand, Kent Greenfield, Solomon Katz, Thomas Pressly, Max Savelle, Robert Skotheim and Dennis Strong. Other correspondents reflect Holt's political activities and include such notable figures as Brock Adams; his affiliation with the Democratic Party at the local and national level is further represented through conference and convention files. Also of note among Holt's professional papers is a 1953 reel to reel audiotape recording of lectures given by Holt and Savelle. His military service during the First World War is documented through diaries and photographs (loose and in one album), some of which were published in The Great War at Home and Abroad (1999)11ocn138921876art0.10Yale College (1887- )Arthur Eugene Bestor, JrBiography11ocn083630387book0.47Chautauqua Institution[Miscellaneous biographical material]11ocn028421968mix1.00Smith, Mortimer BrewsterRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, minutes, documents, retirement letters, books, articles by and about Smith, book reviews, and speeches relating to the founding of CBE, the publication of The Public Schools in Crisis (1956), basic intellectual disciplines, John Dewey, educators, "life adjustment", moral education, progressive education, public schools, publishing, reading schools, teacher education, and related topics; includes Smith's And Madly Teach (1949), The Diminished Mind (1954), and The Public Schools in Crisis (1956). Correspondents include Arthur Bestor, Mrs. Barry Bingham (Mary Caperton Bingham), Harold Clapp, Gordon Chalmers, James J. Kirkpatrick, Henry Regnery, Kenneth S. Templeton, and CBE directors and supporters11ocn057349999art19090.10Arthur Eugene BestorBiography11ocn050919397art1999Bestor, Arthur Eugene11ocn144643642art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenBestor, Pres. Arthur E(ugene) : Chautauqua, N. Y11ocn013815795mix19760.47Zimney, Robert JosephArthur Bestor's rationale for the intellectual disciplines11ocn031179314mix19940.47Sellars, Etta LAn historical comparative analysis of the ideology of selected educational reformers of the 1950's and 1980'sCompared the ideology of selected educational reformers of the 1950's with others of the 1980's. From the fifties were: Arthur Eugene Bestor, Hyman G. Rickover, James Bryant Conant. From the eighties were: Mortimer J. Adler, Ernest Boyer, Theodore R. Sizer, and John I. Goodlad11ocn665877685art19790.10Bestor, Arthur Eugene 64Periodicals11ocn040390969mix19800.47Conference on Crisis in Values: Its Meaning for Higher Education in the 1980'sThis collection contains general correspondence, brochures, the grant proposal, final report of the conference, and 12 audio-cassettes of the speakers and panel discussions11ocn011711084rcrd19751.00Melby, Ernest OscarThe second educational revolution [farewell address after 19 years at Michigan State University11ocn747428245art19140.10Bestor, Arthur Eugene: dir. Chautauqua InstBiography11ocn027295031book19671.00Long, Adelbert HA study of three contemporary educational criticsHistory12ocn207173652bookStreeter, Thomas WHistoryThis collection consists of 20 boxes of Streeter's papers, 1920-1965, comprised of 4 boxes of correspondence, 3 boxes of donations lists, and 13 boxes representing a Catalogue of his American Library. Included in the correspondence is information on Streeter's friendship with Henry Raup Wagner (1862-1957) of Berkeley, Calif., a noted bibliographer and authority on early explorations of the West. The letters refer mainly to the buying and selling of Americana between the two collectors and from booksellers, such as Edward Emory Eberstadt (1883-1958) of New York City. There are occasional comments on the distress of the Great Depression and the Presidential leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), as well as much family news. Also included is Streeter's correspondence with Lawrence Counselman Wroth (1884-1970), librarian of the John Carter Brown Library, Providnece, R.I. Their letters contain many references to Streeter's wish to extend his work on Joseph Sabin (1821-1881) and his enlistment of Wroth's help. There are also comments on the proceedings at the meetings of a number of historical societiesThu Oct 16 15:24:35 EDT 2014batch22902