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Fri Mar 21 17:09:18 2014 UTClccn-n842129520.33Disgenoten : short-title catalogue van Het rechte gebruyck van des Heeren H. avondtmael /0.801.00Milton's secret adversary Du Moulin and the politics of Protestant humanism /24620027Pierre_Du_Moulinn 842129521279518Caracotta, Hippolytus F. 1568-1658Caracotta, Hippolytus Fronto 1568-1658 PseudonymCaracotta, Hippolytus Fronto, pseud.Du Moulin, PeterDu Moulin, Peter, 1568-1658Du Moulin, Peter the Elder 1568-1658Du Moulin, Petrus, 1568-1658Du Moulin, PierreDu Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658Du Moulin, Pierre, d.ä., 1568-1658.Du Moulin, Pierre l'aîné.Du Moulin, Pierre l'Aîné 1568-1658Du Moulin, Pieter 1568-1658DuMoulin, Peter the Elder 1568-1658Dumoulin, Pierre, 1568-1658DuMoulin, Pierre l'Aîné 1568-1658DuMoulin, Pieter 1568-1658Fronto Caracotta, Hippolytus 1568-1658M., P.D., 1568-1658Molinaeus, Petrus.Molinaeus, Petrus, 1568-1658Molinæus, Petrus, d.ä., 1568-1658Molinäs, Petrus 1568-1658Molinay, Petrus.Molineus, Petrus, 1568-1658Moulijn, P. du, 1568-1658Moulin, De, 1568-1658Moulin, Peter, 1568-1658Moulin, Petrus von 1568-1658Moulin, Pierre du.Moulin, Pierre du, 1568-1658Moulinaeus, Petrus, 1568-1658P.D.M., 1568-1658P. D. M. M. D. L. P. D. D. E. L. D. P. 1568-1658lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n82152358Du Moulin, Peter1601-1684lccn-n85115677Du Bois-Olivier, Jean-1626attlccn-n50017875Haley, Kenneth Harold Dobsonlccn-n80044551WilliamIIIKing of England1650-1702lccn-n85115675Plaix, César de-1641clblccn-n85144255Hakewill, George1578-1649trllccn-n85215670Perrault, François1577-1657np-goring, richardGoring, Richardtrllccn-no90024353Darcie, Abrahamactive 1625trlDu Moulin, Pierre1568-1658Controversial literatureBibliographySourcesHistorySermonsCatholic ChurchDu Moulin, Pierre,DemonologyWilliam--III,--King of England,God--Worship and loveArminianismMassPolitical scienceFranceTradition (Theology)LogicClergyFrance--SedanTheology, DoctrinalTransubstantiationChristian lifeCalvinismHenry--IV,--King of France,EpiscopacyJesuitsAmyraut, Moïse,Jurieu, Pierre,GodBible and traditionChurch of EnglandBaxter, Richard,Dutch War (1672-1678)Du Moulin, Lewis,HuguenotsReformed Church--ClergyLord's Supper--Real presenceApologeticsGod--ProofSynod of DortControversial literatureDrelincourt, Charles,ProtestantismLord's SupperReformationEglises réformées de FranceTheologyReformed Church--DoctrinesArnoux, Jean,CapuchinsDeath--Religious aspects--ChristianityMornay, Philippe de,--seigneur du Plessis-Marly,AuthorityLast wordsProtestantism--Controversial literature--Catholic authorsRivet, André,1568165815751592159315941596159715981600160116021603160416051606160716081609161016111612161316141615161616171618161916201621162216231624162516261627162816291630163116321633163416351636163716381639164016411642164316441645164616471648164916501651165216531654165516561657165816591660166116621663166416651666166716681669167016711672167316741675167616771678167916801681168216831685168616871689169016911692169316941697169816991700170117031704170517061709171017141716171917201721172317241725172617291730173117331734173517361737173817391740174117421746175017521755175617571765176917751783179218021824182618301833184618481852186318721873187518881893191119251953195519591966197519761982198319851987199419951997199819992001200220042005200720081147216253109273.7PR1121ocn457348297ocn458776613ocn469644529ocn457611617ocn458776617ocn458776616ocn457600186ocn469644318ocn469644524ocn469644548ocn311884393ocn798568556ocn798476050ocn798439292ocn798549219ocn798457052ocn798424466ocn798572238ocn798462234ocn798306214ocn222260768ocn762360345ocn246473217ocn422129405ocn457349139ocn257529324ocn457860365ocn464939356ocn037977164ocn457860392ocn464939352ocn457860329ocn457282318ocn064059219ocn798457806ocn798424558ocn846508166ocn798428343ocn311598354ocn249518645ocn457435946ocn422026892ocn248733042ocn25758230945034ocn012581284file16310.79Du Moulin, PierreA learned treatise of traditionsControversial literature26135ocn003100684book16200.76Du Moulin, PierreThe anatomy of ArminianismeHistorySources25711ocn013646501file16800.81Du Moulin, PierreA short view of the chief points in controversy between the reformed churches and the Church of Rome in two letters to the Duke of Bouillon, upon his turning papistControversial literature24332ocn606515015book16200.73Du Moulin, PierreThe buckler of the faith: or, A defence of the confession of faith of the reformed churches in France, against the obiections of M. Arnoux the Iesuite Wherein all the principall controuersies betweene the reformed churches and the Church of Rome are decided. Written in French by Peter du Moulin minister of the word of God in Paris: and now translated into EnglishHistorySourcesControversial literature17319ocn020212320book16240.81Du Moulin, PierrePetri Molinæi De cognitione Dei tractatus1634ocn010590667book16690.90Perrault, FrançoisThe divell of Mascon, or, A true relation of the chief things which an vnclean spirit did and said at Mascon in Burgundy in the house of one Mr. Francis Pereaud, minister of the Reformed Church in the same town1625ocn018675515book16580.86Perrault, FrançoisThe devill of Mascon, or, A true relation of the chiefe things which an unclean spirit did, and said at Mascon in Burgundy in the house of Mr. Francis Pereaud, minister of the Reformed Church in the same towne1544ocn012702838book16890.90Du Coignet, PierreAnti-Cotton, or, A refutation of Cotton's letter declaratory lately directed to the Queen Regent of France, and apologizing for the Jesuits touching the doctrine of killing kings : proving that the Jesuits were the authors of that execrable parricide, sometime committed upon the person of the French King, Henry the Fourth : together with a supplication of the University of Paris, against the Jesuits opening schools amongst them : to which is added a large new preface and postscript, fully proving the doctrine of murdering kings to be the Jesuits doctrine, and vindicating Anti-Cotton from all objections15012ocn012340484book16410.88Du Moulin, PierreThe anatomie of the masse wherein is shewed by the Holy Scriptures and by the testimony of the ancient church that the masse is contrary unto the word of God, and farre from the way of salvationControversial literature1418ocn011773437book16470.88Du Moulin, PierreThe elements of logick written first in Latine, then in French1397ocn008119116book16520.92Du Moulin, PierreHeraclitus, or, Mans looking-glass and survey of life13510ocn606527329file16120.63Du Moulin, PierreTheophilus, or Loue diuine A treatise containing fiue degrees, markes, aides, of the loue of God. Translated by Richard Goring, out of the third French edition: renewed, corrected and augmented by the author Mr. Peter Moulin, preacher of the reformed Church of Paris1345ocn012645159book16470.90Andrewes, LancelotOf episcopacy three epistles of Peter Moulin ...1329ocn013646064book16710.93Du Moulin, PierreThe monk's hood pull'd off, or, The Capvcin fryar described in two parts1329ocn017015871book16560.92Du Moulin, PierreThe love of God, or, Love divine being the subject of these ensuing meditations1294ocn021469213book16110.86Du Coignet, PierreAnti-Coton, or, A Refutation of Cottons letter declaratorie lately directed to the Queene Regent, for the apologizing of the Iesuites doctrine, touching the killing of kings : a booke, in which it is proued that the Iesuites are guiltie, and were the authors of the late execrable parricide, committed vpon the person of the French King, Henry the Fourth, of happie memorie : to which is added, a Supplication of the Vniuersitie of Paris, for the preuenting of the Iesuites opening their schooles among them, in which their king-killing doctrine is also notably discouered, and confutedControversial literature12810ocn642344129file17500.76Du Moulin, PierreThe anatomy of the Mass. Wherein is shewed by the Holy Scriptures, and by the testimony of the ancient church, that the Mass is contrary to the Word of God, and far from the way of Salvation. By Peter du Moulin. And translated into English, by James Mountaine. Together, with a learned treatise of traditions. Translated by G.CControversial literature12715ocn216886654com16340.70Du Moulin, PierreA treatise of the knovvledge of God, as excellently as compendiously handled by the famous and learned divine, Peter Du Moulin, late minister of the Reformed Church in Paris, and professor of theologie in the Vniversitie of Sedan. Faithfully translated out of the originall by Robert Codrington, Master of ArtsHistorySources11112ocn216752725com16240.73Du Moulin, PierreThe elements of logick by Peter Du Moulin. Translated out of the French copie by Nathanael De-lavvne, Bachelour of Arts in Cambridge. With the authors approbation1065ocn022302372book16280.86Du Moulin, PierreThe love of God a diuine treatise containing fiue [brace] degrees, marks, aids [brace] of Gods loue4644ocn000407368book19530.66Haley, Kenneth Harold DobsonWilliam of Orange and the English opposition, 1672-42697ocn008269142book16620.90Du Moulin, PierreThe novelty of popery opposed to the antiquity of true Christianity against the book of Cardinal Du Perron, entituled, A reply to the answer of the most serene James King of Great BritainControversial literature1715ocn012953683book16580.86An Account of the last hours of Dr. Peter du Moulin, minister of Gods word, and professor of divinity at Sedan who dyed in the said town, March 10, 1658, stylo novoBiography1222ocn002048715book19750.81Kretzer, HartmutCalvinismus und französische Monarchie im 17. Jahrhundert : die politische Lehre der Akademien Sedan und Saumur, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Pierre Du Moulin, Moyse Amyraut und Pierre Jurieu1092ocn000830133book19660.84Rimbault, LucienPierre Du Moulin, 1568-1658, un pasteur classique à lʼâge classique, étude de théologie pastorale sur des documents inédits701ocn037290517book19970.84Armstrong, Brian GBibliographia molinaei : an alphabetical, chronological, and descriptive bibliography of the works of Pierre Du Moulin (1568-1658)BibliographyUne bibliographie alphabétique, chronologique et descriptive des travaux de Pierre du Moulin, l'un des écrivains majeurs du protestantisme français202ocn007071125book18880.53Gory, GédéonPierre du Moulin; essai sur sa vie, sa controverse et sa polémique191ocn150329719book20070.33Disgenoten : short-title catalogue van Het rechte gebruyck van des Heeren H. avondtmaelBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography122ocn071683175book20050.56Verdouw, CPierre du Moulin : Hugenotenpredikant in de strijdBiographyBiografie van de Franse predikant (1568-1658) die ook enige tijd in Nederland verbleef92ocn609194925file18240.84Derniers momens de Duplessis-Mornay, Gigord, Rivet, Dumoulin, Drelincourt et Rieu92ocn794817135com18460.76Armand, EEssai sur la vie de Du Moulin et quelques-uns de ses écrits. Thèse92ocn752429129com16720.92Caillavet, PaulLes responses a trois sermons du Sr. du Moulin, ministre a Sedan sur la sacrifice de la messe et l'authorité de l'EgliseApologetic works71ocn040296593book16360.47Du Moulin, PierreSermons sur quelques textes de l'Escriture saincteSermons51ocn077313983book16800.66Milton, JohnA supplement to Dr. Du Moulin, treating of the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the Church of England With a brief vindication of Mr. Rich. Baxter. By J.M41ocn017593872book19110.66Bibliothèque nationale (France)Catalogue des ouvrages de Pierre du Moulin conservés au Départment des imprimésBibliography21ocn220687509book16290.47Andrewes, LancelotReverendi in Christo patris, Lanceloti, episcopi VVintoniensis, opvscvla qvaedam posthvma22ocn264964366book16470.90Andrewes, LancelotOf episcopacy three epistles of Peter Moulin ...21ocn020468660book16181.00Les Oevfs De Pasqves Au Ministre du Moulin : deuenu nagueres Euesque de Paris en imaginationHistory21ocn008574911book19591.00Merrill, H. GMilton's secret adversary Du Moulin and the politics of Protestant humanism22ocn084702829book16250.56Adaire, ArchibaultNarré de la conférence verbale et par escrit, tenue entre M. Pierre Du Moulin & M. Cayer. Dedié a Monsieur de La Roche, chevallier, sieur & baron de la Roche pres Chalais. Par Archibault Adaire, gentil-homme escossoisFri Mar 21 15:26:33 EDT 2014batch67921