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Thu Oct 16 18:03:18 2014 UTClccn-n842226160.01An apple pie /0.050.47Spirin, Gennady85476000Gennady_Spirinn 842226161286255Spirin, G.K. 1948-Spirin, Genady 1948-Spirin, Gennadi 1948-Spirin, GennadiĭSpirin, Gennadiĭ 1948-Spirin, GennadijSpirin Gennadij 1948-....Spirin, Gennadij KSpirin, Gennadij K. 1948-Spirin, Gennadij Konstantinovič 1948-Spirin, Gennady.Spirin Gennady 1948-....Spirin, Ghennadi 1948-Spirin, Giennadij.Spirin, Gkenanti 1948-Spírin, Guenádi 1948-Spirin, GuennadiSpirin, Guennadi 1948-Spirine, Guennadi K.Spirine Guennadi K. 1948-....Spirins, Genādijs 1948-Supīrin, .. 1948-Supīrin, Gennājī 1948-Szpirin, Gennagyij 1948-Спирин, Г.К 1948-Спирин ГеннадийСпирин, Геннадий 1948-ספירין, גנדיスピーリン, Gスピリン, ガナディスピーリン, ゲンナージーlccn-n90606174Guiberson, Brenda Z.lccn-n92077702Beneduce, Ann Keayedtadplccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n78095680Grimm, Jacob1785-1863edtcrelccn-n78095679Grimm, Wilhelm1786-1859lccn-n93098001Bodkin, Oddslccn-n84222619Romanova, N.(Natalʹi︠a︡)lccn-n91043224Shepard, Aaroncrelccn-n84156128Madonna1958-lccn-n90637786MacGill-Callahan, SheilaSpirin, GennadyJuvenile worksPoetryFictionPicture booksPictorial worksFolkloreBoard booksChristmas storiesNarrative poetryArtists' booksSanta ClausChildren's poetry, AmericanChristmas poetryChristmasFolkloreFairy talesAmerican poetryTaiga ecologyTaigasRussiaConduct of lifeMagicNarrative poetryToy and movable booksKings and rulersPrincesGood and evilFathers and sonsChildren's poetryJapanTreesForest ecologyChristmas storiesRussia (Federation)Frogs--BehaviorFrogs--VocalizationNursery rhymesAlphabet rhymesCastlesFrogsPrincessesYoung men--Conduct of lifeHeroesEnglandChildren--Conduct of lifeSoviet UnionCriminalsPrayerKindnessMountainsSwansStepmothersHateBrothers and sistersTwinsGermanyCatsDinosaursNativity of Jesus ChristJesus Christ19481982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201333521276618811.2PS2429.M5ocn226304780ocn035701139ocn034192624ocn057465529ocn028547448ocn759491746ocn038474631ocn020596041ocn023286869ocn054852649ocn075410437ocn722190556ocn725111722ocn075722672ocn076210055ocn075947814ocn722374067ocn076510100ocn075624022ocn72201248325913ocn226304780book20090.06Guiberson, Brenda ZLife in the boreal forestJuvenile worksThe boreal forest is buried in ice and snow during winter. But in summer lakes teem with fish, and bogs swarm with insects. Follow a snowshoe hare, beavers, a lynx, and other animals as they survive a year in this endangered landscape+-+436225053512663ocn035701139book19980.06Bodkin, OddsThe crane wifeJuvenile worksA retelling of the traditional Japanese tale about a poor sail maker who gains a beautiful but mysterious wife skilled at weaving magical sails+-+6259657065124810ocn011866217book19850.06Romanova, NOnce there was a treeJuvenile worksFictionAn old stump attracts many living creatures, even man, and when it is gone, a new tree attracts the same creatures, who need it for a variety of reasons+-+9221905965107213ocn034192624book19970.06Shepard, AaronThe sea king's daughter : a Russian legendJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionA talented musician from Novgorod plays so well that the Sea King wants him to marry one of his daughters+-+24025343158713ocn057465529book20050.01An apple pieIntroduces the letters A to Z while following the fortunes of an apple pie+-+76348744858656ocn023286869book19920.06MacGill-Callahan, SheilaThe children of LirJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionA king's children are changed into swans by their evil stepmother and can only be changed back when twin mountain peaks, the Man from the North and the Woman from the South, are joined+-+80959620363248593ocn028547448book19940.06Lewis, J. PatrickThe frog princess : a Russian folktaleJuvenile worksFictionForced to marry an ugly frog, the youngest son of the Tsar is astounded to learn that the frog is really the beautiful princess Vasilisa the Wise+-+58716285358431ocn759491746book20120.06Guiberson, Brenda ZFrog songJuvenile worksDiscusses frog vocalizations and behavior in locations all over the world8401ocn038474631book19990.01Beneduce, Ann KeayJack and the beanstalkJuvenile worksPicture booksA boy climbs to the top of a giant beanstalk, where he uses his quick wits to outsmart an ogre and make his and his mother's fortune+-+33668744858166ocn020596041book19900.06Hort, LennyThe fool and the fish : a tale from RussiaJuvenile worksA retelling of the traditional Russian tale in which a lazy fool catches an enchanted fish which promises him that every wish he ever makes will come true8027ocn054852649book20040.06MadonnaYakov and the seven thievesJuvenile worksFictionWhen Yakov, the cobbler's son lies dying, it is the thieves, pickpockets, and criminals of the village whose prayers are heard, causing the boy to be healed+-+92330552157937ocn026402242book19930.06Beneduce, Ann KeayGulliver's adventures in LilliputJuvenile worksFictionAn Englishman is shipwrecked in a land where the people are only six inches tall+-+10806550253247642ocn047625293book20020.06Spirin, GennadyThe tale of the FirebirdJuvenile worksWhen Prince Ivan sets out to find the Firebird for his father the tsar, he must complete a series of tasks before obtaining the Firebird and winning the hand of a beautiful princess+-+69308744857314ocn488730647book20100.01Spirin, GennadyLittle Red Riding HoodJuvenile worksFolkloreFairy talesA little girl meets a hungry wolf in the forest while on her way to visit her grandmother. Includes a note about the history of the tale+-+19520961257253ocn018191115book19890.06San Souci, Robert DThe white cat : an Old French fairy taleJuvenile worksFictionThe White Cat helps the youngest prince win his father's throne+-+84530568057206ocn237402346book20090.01Spirin, GennadyGoldilocks and the three bearsJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionPicture booksA simplified retelling of the adventures of a little girl walking in the woods who finds the house of the three bears and helps herself to their belongings. Includes a note on the history of the tale+-+01400961257134ocn827841546book20130.06Guiberson, Brenda ZThe greatest dinosaur everJuvenile worksPictorial worksAn illustrated fact-filled guide to dinosaurs compares a variety of species to reveal which were the biggest, strongest, fastest, and smartest while inviting young enthusiasts to choose their favorites7092ocn038157287book19980.06The Christmas story : according to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from the King James BiblePresents the story of the birth of Christ, from Mary's meeting with the angel Gabriel to the birth of baby Jesus in a stable and the visit of the shepherds and the three wise men. A beautifully illustrated version of the Nativity that incorporates verses from the Gospels of Matthew & Luke from the King James version of the Bible. According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from the King James Bible. The story of the birth of Christ, celebrated around the world at Christmas, is one of the most beautiful in the New Testament. From Mary's meeting with the angel Gabriel to the birth of baby Jesus in a stable, to the visit of the shepherds and the three wise men, the story is rich in imagery and symbolism. Here, in a triumph of glorious art, is that wondrous story excerpted from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew from the King James Bible. Gennady Spirin has been described in the Boston Globe as an artist who "truly represents the picture book as an object of art." In The Christmas Story, his paintings are luminous and reverent. Drawing on both his classical training at the Stroganov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow and his Orthodox Christian faith, Mr. Spirin has created a work of art to be passed from generation to generation+-+07470505356985ocn060671799book20060.07Moore, Clement ClarkeThe night before Christmas : poemJuvenile worksSoftwareCatalogsBibliographyFictionPoetryParodies, imitations, etcPictorial worksChristmas storiesNarrative poetryTextured booksToy and movable booksBoard booksPicture booksArtists' booksNew illustrated version of the classic poem about an important Christmas eve visitor+-+73470961256803ocn054825935book20050.01Spirin, GennadyMarthaJuvenile worksFictionThe author relates how he and his Moscow family rescued Martha, a crow with a broken wing, and how she joined their household+-+953487448511ocn231688641visu20060.47Spirin, Gennady+-+4362250535+-+4362250535Thu Oct 16 15:18:57 EDT 2014batch25915