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Fri Mar 21 17:04:12 2014 UTClccn-n842298040.01Emma's yucky brother /0.051.00Zephyr /110207156Jean_Littlen 842298041172243Little, Jeanリトル, ジーンlccn-n80135638Plecas, Jenniferilllccn-n79033087Sandin, Joanilllccn-n82061560Truesdell, Sueilllccn-n50037186Lazare, Jerryilllccn-n88072402Zimmermann, H. Wernerilllccn-n90630822Wilson, Janet1952-illlccn-no2010165791Fernández, Laurailllccn-n91076381De Vries, Maggielccn-n87133426Gilman, Phoebe1940-2002illlccn-n84095346O'Young, LeoungillLittle, Jean1932-FictionJuvenile worksBiographyPoetryParodies, imitations, etcDomestic fictionBrothers and sistersFamiliesCanadaAdoptionFriendshipDogsPeople with disabilitiesDeathLittle, Jean,People with visual disabilitiesSchoolsAuthors, CanadianChildren's stories--AuthorshipBashfulnessChildren's literatureMagicChildren's poetry, CanadianLizards as petsPetsAllergyGermansCancerSwineGiftsAuthors with disabilitiesChristmas storiesAnimalsPhobiasPeople with mental disabilitiesTwinsTeenage girlsChildren's storiesUnited StatesJewsDysfunctional familiesAbandoned childrenHearing disorders in childrenStorytellingHumorous storiesChildren of missionariesWorld War (1914-1918)Young womenGirlsPrejudicesCerebral palsyHigh schoolsShort storiesChildren with disabilitiesPicture books for childrenCanadian poetry1932194519471950195119521954196219641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201428585421929[FIC]PZ7.L7225ocn866796475ocn866238682ocn69543651420159ocn041528032book20000.01Little, JeanEmma's yucky brotherJuvenile worksFictionEmma finds out how hard it is to be a big sister when her family adopts a four-year-old boy named Max+-+8398375155152419ocn017768553book19860.06Little, JeanHey world, here I am!Juvenile worksPoetryA collection of poems and brief vignettes from the perspective of a girl named Kate Bloomfield, reflecting her views on friendship, school, family life, and the world+-+K938599155151227ocn000522612book19620.06Little, JeanMine for keepsJuvenile worksFictionAfter spending five years in a cerebral palsy center, Sally is challenged to adjust to normal family and school life+-+7214035215150912ocn038096942book19980.01Little, JeanEmma's magic winterJuvenile worksFictionWith the help of her new friend who has magic boots just like her own, Emma overcomes her shyness and no longer hates reading out loud in school+-+354807515513079ocn045841497book20020.01Little, JeanEmma's strange petJuvenile worksFictionEmma is allergic to animals with fur, but because she and her adopted brother really want a pet, they decide to try a lizard+-+0508375155121726ocn000572064book19720.06Little, JeanFrom AnnaJuvenile worksFictionWhen the family moves from Germany to Canada in the 1930's, a nine-year-old girl discovers the reason for her awkwardness and apparent inability to do anything right+-+6995599155121226ocn011187538book19840.07Little, JeanMama's going to buy you a mockingbirdJuvenile worksFictionYoung Jeremy and Sarah learn to cope with their grief and drastically changed lifestyle during their father's battle with cancer, which forces their mother to sell their house and return to school full time+-+9282685965324114316ocn015604873book19860.06Little, JeanDifferent dragonsJuvenile worksFictionDomestic fictionTimid Ben learns how to deal with his fears when he spends the weekend with Aunt Rose and meets a big Labrador retriever named Gully+-+434468596532492623ocn053814541book20030.01Little, JeanPippin the Christmas pigJuvenile worksFictionIntimidated and dejected by the other animals' stories about the important gifts brought by their ancestors to the stable where Jesus was born, Pippin the pig performs an act of kindness and discovers the true meaning of Christmas giving+-+871501489579610ocn000301982book19620.06Little, JeanHome from farJuvenile worksFictionWhen her twin brother is killed in an accident, Jenny, feeling that part of herself is gone, is convinced that she will never get over the loss76921ocn014520673book19810.06Little, JeanLost and foundJuvenile worksFictionLonely in a new town, Lucy finds a little dog and wants to keep him but her parents insist that she try to find the dog's owners+-+72446859653247627ocn000083784book19700.06Little, JeanLook through my windowJuvenile worksFictionWhen Emily's parents move to an eighteen-room house so that her four unpredictable cousins can live with them, life for Emily, an only child, is never again the same7543ocn000301980book19680.06Little, JeanTake wingJuvenile worksFictionWhen Mother is hospitalized, everyone in the Ross household must finally face the long ignored problem that seven-year-old James is not a baby, a slow learner, or lazy, but mentally retarded7309ocn001325907book19660.06Little, JeanSpring begins in MarchJuvenile worksFictionAn adolescent girl learns to cope with problems at school and at home with her large family+-+793538596532471018ocn024694255book19900.06Little, JeanOnce upon a golden appleJuvenile worksFictionParodies, imitations, etcWhile on a picnic, a father puts together familiar elements from various stories until he comes up with a version his children like+-+881473521564914ocn043283203book20000.06Little, JeanWillow and TwigJuvenile worksFictionTen-year-old Willow and her difficult little brother Twig, abandoned on the streets of Vancouver, take a chance and get in touch with a grandmother Willow barely remembers, crossing Canada to make a new home in the Ontario countryside with a peculiar group of people and animals+-+210333521563613ocn002968655book19770.06Little, JeanListen for the singingJuvenile worksFictionAs the world around her braces itself for World War II, a young Canadian girl with impaired vision prepares to begin public high school6265ocn000198477book19710.06Little, JeanKateJuvenile worksFictionProduct of a Jewish-Protestant marriage, Kate finds her dilemma over her religious leanings threatening her relationship with her best friend56213ocn036438546book19950.08Little, JeanHis banner over meJuvenile worksFictionThe daughter of missionary parents stays in Canada with relatives while her parents head back to Taiwan+-+491103521555510ocn000011766book19690.06Little, JeanOne to grow onJuvenile worksFictionTwelve-year-old Janie's family had reached the point where no one believed anything she said. But then godmother Tillie appeared at just the right time to save the summer--and Janie99810ocn022002461book19870.07Little, JeanLittle by little : a writer's educationJuvenile worksBiographyOne of Canada's most popular children's book authors recalls the challenges of her youth -- wrenching moves from home, the fight for acceptance in a new school, and her battles against failing eyesight+-+70787859656044ocn024538891book19900.20Little, JeanStars come out withinBiographyAn autobiography dealing with the author's career as a writer, her blindness, and her guide dog Zephyr881ocn019390052book19890.07Gaitskell, SusanA story of JeanBiographyFiction471ocn016357504book19870.28Greenwood, BarbaraHer special vision : a biography of Jean LittleBiography371ocn733044949com20040.29Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+904411232591ocn050632012book19990.92Little, JeanHide and seek : a lecture given at the Osborne Collection in Lillian H. Smith branch, November 12, 199853ocn270292980book19950.92McGill, Patricia ABibliotherapy in the children's literature of Jean LittleCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn026800846book19910.73Little, JeanEin Leben wie ein RomanBiographyJean Little, die kanadische Autorin, die fast blind ist, erzählt aus ihrer Kinderzeit. SW: Behinderter31ocn085750449visu19960.96Mind's eye Jean LittleBiographyBiography of Jaen Little, one of Canada's great literary treasures, a gifted storyteller who is almost totally blind33ocn319770739rcrd19870.10Little, JeanLittle by LittleJuvenile worksBiographyAn autobiography of one of Canada's leading children's author who has been visually impaired since birth31ocn022813458book19831.00Little, JeanZephyrBiography21ocn319687733visu19850.92Jean LittleBiographyPresents the life and work of Canadian children's author, Jean Little21ocn048012875visu19870.47Jean LittleBiographyA profile of the life and works of children's author Jean Little11ocn026697989rcrd19900.06Jean LittleBiography11ocn016185955visu19850.06Meet the author, Jean LittleJuvenile works11ocn605692850visu19851.00Jean Little ; Eric Wilson ; James HoustonBiographyPresents the life and works of Canadian children's authors ; Jean Little, Eric Wilson and James Houston11ocn609867003com20101.00Brenna, BeverleyCharacters with disabilities in contemporary children's novels portraits of three authors in a frame of Canadian textsCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn811641994book19980.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television and other fieldsBio-bibliography+-+966571232511ocn624449509visu19881.00JeanBiography11ocn061627706visu19851.00Meet the author Jean LittleJuvenile worksBiographyA profile of the Canadian author, Jean Little+-+8398375155+-+8398375155Fri Mar 21 15:59:46 EDT 2014batch34425