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Fri Mar 21 17:14:17 2014 UTClccn-n840322290.00Life in the pond0.070.86Herbert Halpert New York City collection77708152n 84032229lccn-n80014209Goodman, Joan E.illlccn-n81020466Page, Don1946-illfast-1105278Santa Clauslccn-n79056615Goldsborough, Juneilllccn-n80017026Watling, Jamesilllccn-n83205763Karas, G. Brianillnp-johnson, pamelaJohnson, Pamelailllccn-n50014940Snyder, Joelilllccn-n78089697Harvey, Paul1926-illnp-ellis, elizabethEllis, ElizabethillCurran, EileenJuvenile worksFictionEasterAnimalsChristmas storiesSanta ClausDinosaursBirds--NestsMountainsVolcanoesMarine plantsMarine animalsDomestic animalsTreesForest ecologyPond animalsMeadowsMeadow ecologyFolk songsAnimals--HabitationsTalking books for childrenApatosaurusBig booksTravelOregon--Portland--AlbinaCatholicsOregon--PortlandFitzell, Lincoln,Tate, Allen,Goldberg, Maxwell Henry,Authors, IrishTorrence, Ridgely,Belitt, Ben,Viereck, Peter,Carpenter, Margaret HaleyJohns, Orrick,Hasselriis, C. H. W.--(Caspar Henrik Wolffsen),Morton, David,MacKaye, Percy,Pim, Sheila,Poetry Society of AmericaNathan, Robert,Hillyer, Robert,Masters, Edgar Lee,Leach, Henry Goddard,Robinson, Henry Morton,MacManus, Seumas,Ciardi, John,Markham, Anna Catherine,Golding, Louis,Dimmette, Celia PuhrPoetry, Modern1972197619791982198519891992200939564459[E]PZ7.C92986101ocn010825264book19850.06Curran, EileenEaster paradeJuvenile worksFictionWith Nancy's help, the Easter Bunny has something to make everyone's Easter happy, until it suddenly becomes clear that there is nothing left for little Nancy5653ocn010825261book19850.06Curran, EileenLittle Christmas elfJuvenile worksFictionLittle Simon the elf is not a very efficient worker in Santa's workshop until he gets help from Santa Claus himself+-+07895216354462ocn010948552book19850.06Curran, EileenHome for a dinosaurJuvenile worksFictionA brontosaurus's disastrous trip to the city convinces him that home is where he belongs3122ocn010849447book19850.06Curran, EileenBirds' nestsJuvenile worksAn introduction to birds' nests in simple language, explaining where and why they are built+-+17985216352822ocn010825275book19850.06Curran, EileenMountains and volcanoesJuvenile worksExplains in simple language how mountains change and form, and how some begin as volcanoes2704ocn011133006book19850.06Curran, EileenLife in the seaJuvenile worksIntroduces some of the animals and fishes that live in the ocean+-+K4995216352681ocn010849433book19850.06Curran, EileenHello, farm animalsJuvenile worksDepicts farm animals in their natural settings doing their customary activities2512ocn011067360book19850.06Curran, EileenLife in the forestJuvenile worksIntroduces plants and animals of the forest which the reader may find in the pictures+-+82995216352493ocn011211407book19850.06Curran, EileenLife in the pondJuvenile worksLooks at the frogs, fish, beavers, birds, and other animals living in or near a pond2422ocn010996981book19850.06Curran, EileenLook at a treeJuvenile worksText and illustrations describe the different things that can be seen in or around various types of trees1893ocn010849641book19850.06Curran, EileenLife in the meadowJuvenile worksA child explores a meadow in simple text and illustrations501ocn697957571file20090.86Herbert Halpert New York City collection321ocn017495495rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenHome for a dinosaurJuvenile worksFictionA brontosaurus' disastrous trip to the city convinces him that home is where he belongs231ocn016347947rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenLife in the forestTells about various plants and animals that live in the forest and describes animal homes181ocn014198007rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenLittle Christmas elfLittle Simon elf is not a very efficient worker in Santa's workshop until he gets help from Santa Claus himself+-+0789521635171ocn017911688rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenBirds' nestsDiscusses various birds' homes and explains how and why birds build them+-+1798521635171ocn042523948rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenLook at a treeJuvenile worksA discussion about the different things that can be seen in or around various types of trees161ocn016652426rcrd1985Life in the pondTells about the animals that live in or near a pond151ocn040991388rcrd19850.06Curran, EileenHello, farm animalsDepicts farm animals in their natural settings doing their customary activities141ocn016652832rcrd1985Life in the seaIntroduces some of the many animals that live in the ocean11ocn054383068book1976Curran, EileenOral history interview with Eileen CurranInterviews01ocn122308524mixSullivan, A. MArchivesCorrespondence, business and literary essays, radio scripts, plays, poems, journals, and speeches. Correspondents include Padraic Colum, Robert Hillyer, Seumas O'Brien, Shaemas O'Sheel, and other literary figures+-+0789521635+-+0789521635Fri Mar 21 15:08:17 EDT 2014batch11930