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Fri Mar 21 17:09:06 2014 UTClccn-n840551920.01Big Southern Butte quadrangle, Idaho--Butte Co., 1972 : 7.5 minute series (topographic) /0.720.97Radioactive waste management : a bibliography of publicly available literature pretaining to the USAEC's National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho /273093559n 840551921199465National Reactor Testing Station (U.S.)U.S. National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho Falls, IdahoUnited States. National Reactor Testing Station, IdahoUnited States. National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho Falls, IdahocontainsVIAFID/126101535Idaho National Engineering Laboratorylccn-no2010048240Phillips Petroleum CompanyAtomic Energy Divisionlccn-n77019310Idaho Chemical Processing Plantlccn-n82106870U.S. Atomic Energy CommissionIdaho Operations Officelccn-n86111418Nace, Raymond L.(Raymond Lee)1907-1987lccn-n78034861U.S. Atomic Energy Commissionlccn-n80092173Geological Survey (U.S.)lccn-n91123605Voegeli, Paul T.1923-lccn-n81132130Deutsch, Morris1925-nc-geological survey u sGeological Survey (U.S.)np-weber, l dWeber, L. 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Filmed in a stark and formally challenging visual style, SL-1 explores the consequences of nuclear radiation while raising serious questions about human fallibility411ocn021285119map19640.96Bates, Robert GlennNatural gamma aeroradioactivity of the National Reactor Testing Station Area, IdahoMaps242ocn014235402book19740.76Robertson, J. BThe influence of liquid waste disposal on the geochemistry of water at the National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho : 1952-70211ocn003668485book19680.94Allred, Dorald MTicks of the National Reactor Testing Station177ocn009046128book19570.66U.S. Atomic Energy CommissionNational Reactor Testing Station : thumbnail sketch132ocn727568240com19720.70Carrigan, P. 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