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Thu Oct 16 17:58:05 2014 UTClccn-n848013490.00Combinatory logic. Vol. 10.671.00Haskell B. Curry papers,34535556Haskell_Curryn 848013491096525Brooks Curry, Haskell 1900-Curry, H. B.Curry, H. B. 1900-Curry, H. B. 1900-1982Curry, H. B. (Haskell Brooks), 1900-Curry, H. B. (Haskell Brooks), 1900-1982Curry, Haskell B.Curry, Haskell B. 1900-1982Curry, Haskell B. (Haskell Brooks), 1900-1982Curry, Haskell BrooksCurry, Haskell Brooks 1900-Curry, Haskell Brooks 1900-1982Karri, Chaskell B.Karri, Haskell B.Karri, Khaskell B.Karri, Khaskell B. 1900-1982Карри, Хаскелл Б..lccn-n80047156Hindley, J. Rogerctbedtlccn-n80047310Seldin, J. P.ctbedtlccn-n85189298Feys, Robertauilccn-n2006054437Craig, William1918-auinp-seldin, pSeldin,, j p$jonathan paulSeldin, J. P.(Jonathan Paul)lccn-no2002047239Project Euclidnp-seldlin, jonathan pSeldlin, Jonathan, willa aWyatt, Willa A.lccn-n83163662Schoenberg, I. J.Curry, Haskell B.(Haskell Brooks)1900-1982Logic, Symbolic and mathematicalMathematics--PhilosophyCombinatory logicCurry, Haskell B.--(Haskell Brooks),Algebra, AbstractInterpolationENIAC (Computer)Computer programmingMathematiciansSpline theoryBallisticsPennsylvania--University ParkHarvard UniversityEducation--CurriculaMathematicsUnited StatesMathematics--Study and teachingCalculatorsEducators190019821926193019371946194919501951195219551957195819601961196319651966196719681969197019721974197719801985199420002012342044226511.3QA9ocn800366176ocn46304140090726ocn000526475book19610.59Curry, Haskell BFoundations of mathematical logicA comprehensive account of the constructive theory of the first-order predicate calculus, which is central to modern mathematical logic and important for mathematicians, philosophers and scientists whose work impinges upon logic. The first half of the book gives the basic principles and outlines of the field. After a general introduction, the author discusses formal methods including algorithms and epitheory. A brief treatment of the Markov treatment of algorithms is included. The elementary facts about lattices and similar algebraic systems are then covered. In the second half of the book Curry investigates the possibility for a formulation which expresses the meaning to be attached to the logical connectives and to develop the properties which follow from the assumptions so motivated. Written by a man considered by many to be one of the major pioneers in the field of mathematical logic, this book avoids a doctrinaire stance, presenting various interpretations of logical systems.--From publisher description+-+571981139577840ocn000523920book19510.66Curry, Haskell BOutlines of a formalist philosophy of mathematics53025ocn000373234book19580.70Curry, Haskell BCombinatory logicProvability, Computability and Reflection+-+122904535532435529ocn000523606book19500.82Curry, Haskell BA theory of formal deducibility2343ocn006305265book19800.86To H.B. Curry : essays on combinatory logic, lambda calculus, and formalism18111ocn000881099book19520.88Curry, Haskell BLeçons de logique algébrique17828ocn428097407book19580.47Curry, Haskell BCombinatory logic16316ocn428097338file19720.50Curry, Haskell BCombinatory logic+-+1229045355324233ocn029770205book19670.37Curry, Haskell BLógica combinatoria125ocn042823186book19300.96Curry, Haskell BGrundlagen der kombinatorischen Logik91ocn769219250book19580.47Combinatory logic71ocn012811587book19690.77Curry, Haskell BOsnovanii︠a︡ matematicheskoĭ logiki53ocn063616576book19460.97Curry, Haskell BA study of inverse interpolation of the EniacA study is made of methods of using the Eniacto convert a table giving values of two functions x(t, phi), for evenly spaced values of t (time) and phi (angle of departure) into a table giving t for evenly spaced values of x and phi. At the same time there may be additional functions of t and phi to be expressed in terms of x and phi. A basic scheme for doing this is set up and programmed in detail. This scheme contains three additional functions y, z, w. The basic scheme is such as to be readily modified; some modifications are studied and programmed in somewhat less detail than the basic scheme. (Author)32ocn493458782book19690.47Curry, Haskell BOsnovaniâ matematičeskoj logiki32ocn493306175book1958Curry, Haskell BCombinatory logic. Vol. 121ocn247046425book1969Curry, Haskell BOsnovanija matematičeskoj logiki22ocn500432480book1968Curry, Haskell BCombinatory logic v 121ocn536254640file19720.47Curry, Haskell BStudies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, 65 Provability, Computability and Reflection+-+122904535532421ocn031252137book19650.92Curry, Haskell BOn polya frequency functions22ocn834129972serialCombinatory Logic11ocn244444621mix1.00Curry, Haskell BHaskell B. Curry papersArchivesThe papers of the mathematical logician Haskell P. Curry document his scholarly work and include lecture notes, articles, reports, journals, exams, and research reports11ocn708578140art19850.10Curry, Haskell Brooks. mathematician, educatorBiography11ocn044231960fileHaskell Brooks CurryPresents a brief biographical sketch of American mathematician Haskell Brooks Curry (1900-1982), compiled as part of the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland. Notes that Curry's main work was in mathematical logic11ocn077075715book19261.00Curry, Haskell BThe fundamental properties of geodesics+-+5719811395+-+5719811395Thu Oct 16 15:22:44 EDT 2014batch14240