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Fri Mar 21 17:15:07 2014 UTClccn-n850064510.00Fondamenti di psicologia /0.581.00Homogenizing the American woman /79311458Daryl_Bemn 850064511366231lccn-n89650805Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan1959-2013lccn-n80060303Lane, Harlan L.lccn-n50027012Atkinson, Richard C.lccn-n80051022Atkinson, Rita, edward eSmith, Edward E.lccn-n83149105Meer, Elke van derviaf-237125179Beyer, R.lccn-n94019618Grabowski, Joachimlccn-n85006450Bem, Sandra L.lccn-n81017534Smith, Edward E.1940-Bem, Daryl J.Handbooks, manuals, etcHistoryPsychologyAttitude (Psychology)Belief and doubtBehaviorism (Psychology)Human behaviorWomen--Social conditionsPsychology--ResearchSex roleWomen--EmploymentUnited StatesSelf-perceptionAssistance in emergencies--Psychological aspectsSocial psychologyAltruismPsychology--Research--MethodologyBrain--ResearchStereotypes (Social psychology)Women's rightsChildren--Language--ResearchHelping behaviorMethodologyWomenScience--MethodologyPsychology--MethodologyPsychology--ExperimentsSocial sciencesWomen--Vocational guidanceSex discrimination against womenSexismFeminismResearch--MethodologyPsychology--PhilosophyWomen--EducationSex discrimination in employmentStreaming videoBem, Daryl JAccidents--Psychological aspects193819601963196419651966196819691970197119731974197519761979198419901991199319951997199819992000200120032004201114794189150BF77382810ocn000060851book19700.59Bem, Daryl JBeliefs, attitudes, and human affairsDivides man's beliefs and attitudes into four human activities: thinking, feeling, behaving, and interacting with others1441ocn001823592book19650.66Lane, Harlan LA laboratory manual for the control and analysis of behavior [by] Harlan Lane [and] Daryl BemHandbooks, manuals, etc921ocn052680097book20010.35Hilgards Einführung in die Psychologie718ocn001219551book19690.81Bem, Sandra LTraining the woman to know her place; the social antecedents of women in the world of workHistory675ocn075346577book19790.50Selbstkonzept-Forschung : Probleme, Befunde, Perspektiven593ocn045307003book20010.53Smith, Edward EFundamentals of psychology+-+3077650065546ocn003059380visu19760.79When will people help? the social psychology of bystander interventionAnalyzes some of the reasons which prevent bystanders from helping others in distress. Presents two experiments in which test subjects demonstrate their ability or lack of ability to recognize and react responsibly to an emergency313ocn310462434book19740.47Bem, Daryl JMeinungen Einstellungen Vorurteile : e. einf. sozialpsycholog. Darstellung; d. notwendige sozialpsycholog. Basiswissen über Entstehung, Eigenart u. Manipulation von Meinungen u. Einstellungen, dargest. an Beisp. aus dem Alltag204ocn002918914rcrd19750.66Bem, Daryl JTraining the woman to know her placeA lecture by psychologists Daryl and Sandra Bem on the pervasive effect of sex role conditioning on women in America. They contend that this conditioning is primarily responsible for the lack of motivation among women to pursue careers other than those which society deems appropriate for them. Includes role playing games163ocn060163201book19900.35Hilgard, Ernest RIntroduction to psychologyIntroduces contemporary psychology to the beginning student161ocn057124931visu20010.35Discovering psychology1. Past, present and promise. An introduction presenting psychology as a science involving many fields including philosophy, anthropology, biochemistry and artificial intelligence. With Dr. Mahzarin Banaji and Dr. Emanuel Donchin126ocn780476895book19650.56Lane, Harlan LA laboratory manual for the control and analysis of behaviorHandbooks, manuals, etc83ocn461565711book19950.32Atkinson, R. LHilgard's introduction to psychologyA classic in its field, this introductory text has been updated to include coverage of the most recent developments and established theories in psychology+-+K99535006561ocn159990273com20010.59Understanding researchDetails the scientific method used in psychological research showing data collection and analysis in the laboratory and in the field. Emphasis is on the value of critical thinking in interpreting research findings. Includes commentary by Dr. Christina Maslach of the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Daryl Bem of Cornell University62ocn803824504book20030.47Introducción a la psicologíaLa decimocuarta edición de Introducción a la Psicología de Atkinson y Hilgard marca una nueva era para este libro de texto clásico. A los ya prestigiosos Edward D. Smith, Daryl J. Bem y Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, se unen dos nuevos autores, Barbara Fredrickson, de la Universidad de Michigan y Geoffrey Loftus, de la Universidad de Washington, que aportan una nueva y fresca perspectiva al texto, desde la Psicobiología, la cognición y la percepción, hasta la Psicología Social y de la Personalidad, y desde el desarrollo normal a la psicopatología51ocn002217375book19701.00Bem, Sandra LHomogenizing the American woman52ocn799767136book2004Smith, E. EFondamenti di psicologia41ocn005321346book19750.28Bem, Sandra LTraining woman to know her place : the social antecendents of women in the world of work42ocn256095877book19740.28Bem, Daryl JMeinungen, Einstellungen, Vorurteile : e. einführende sozialpsycholog. Darst.33ocn780652360book1995Pszichológia11ocn029736320visu19701.00Bem's radical behaviorismPresents in lecture-dramatization format Dr. Bem's theories of self-concept. Uses an extensive dramatization of an experiment to illustrate the theory that people's self-images are influenced by both internal factors and others, social and otherwise, in the environment+-+3077650065+-+3077650065Fri Mar 21 15:55:45 EDT 2014batch12336