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Fri Mar 21 17:07:31 2014 UTClccn-n850788590.10Love, Alice my life as a honeymooner /0.200.81Jackie Gleason, "the great one" : [exhibition] September 25, 1987-February 6, 198822327344Jackie_Gleasonn 850788591330154Gleason, Herbert John.Gleason, Herbert John, 1916-1987Gleason, Jackie, 1916-Gleason, Jackie C. 1916-1987J. Gleasonlccn-n94016648Meadows, Audreyprfactlccn-n85183864Carney, Art1918-2003actlccn-no00072349Randolph, Joyce1925-prfactlccn-n84183139Rossen, Robert1908-1966sceproflmausdrtlccn-n79049179Newman, Paul1925-2008cstprfactlccn-n81098896Scott, George C.1927-1999cstactlccn-n78038758Laurie, Piper1932-cstprfactlccn-n87914312Carroll, Sidneysceauswamlccn-n79112367Tevis, Walter S.lccn-no95018262MPI Home Video (Firm)pbldstGleason, Jackie1916-1987DramaFilm adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)Crime filmsDetective and mystery filmsFilm noirGangster filmsSituation comedies (Television programs)Christmas storiesTelevision comediesUnited StatesGleason, Jackie,ComediansTelevision personalitiesCalifornia--Los AngelesMotion picture actors and actressesCrimePool (Game)Swindlers and swindlingTevis, Walter SMinnesota Fats,Television comediesMan-woman relationshipsHoneymooners (Television program)PolicePopular cultureTelevision broadcastingEllroy, James,Truck driversNew York (State)--New YorkBilliard playersPool playersFilm noirGamblingGamblersTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Police corruptionKramden, Ralph (Fictitious character)Norton, Ed (Fictitious character)ProstitutesCriminal behaviorFathers and sonsNeighborsKramden, Alice (Fictitious character)Organized crimeAmerican fictionBoxingChildren of the richBoxing--Corrupt practicesAdult children of divorced parentsIllinois--ChicagoAdvertisingRoasts (Public speaking)FamiliesMillionairesSheriffsComedyMarriageMusicalsPopular music191619871942194419501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014199428171339791.4372PN1997ocn123031346ocn039058069ocn030955352ocn028837765ocn033273625ocn031690222ocn035968097ocn031698088ocn862825260ocn049010168ocn031151823ocn025896071ocn006103973ocn008796910ocn034820879ocn004426335ocn036058180ocn022646675ocn034497215ocn034820719ocn247557811ocn765782868ocn765782833ocn038038124ocn011584813ocn004424718ocn024596098ocn006978967ocn006979025ocn027149673ocn009510047ocn008416983ocn031968521ocn726852739ocn729576733ocn726852713ocn455328524ocn690652642ocn739100919ocn708254033ocn022785486ocn277000400ocn725581126ocn725581107ocn725662409ocn725581114ocn047204884ocn047204894ocn038096111ocn054964443ocn057563838ocn692437160ocn220336842ocn234197810207940ocn123031346visu19610.20Rossen, RobertThe hustlerDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsMotion picturesItinerant pool shark challenges the top man for the championship, sacrificing everything until he realizes the stakes are too high113319ocn067839527visu19770.15Smokey and the BanditDramaCar-chase filmsComedy filmsRoad filmsShort filmsA man guarantees that he can get a truck load of unavailable beer from Texas to Atlanta in 28 hours, and is pursued all the way76828ocn053382940visu19850.19The honeymoonersDramaTwo couples, the Kramdens and the Nortons, perpetually scheme to improve their lot in life in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn56815ocn058397244visu19820.14Donner, RichardThe toyDramaGleason is U.S. Bates, a megalomaniac millionaire who owns most of south central Louisiana. Pryor is Jack Brown, a former journalist who has worked his way down the vocational ladder to the position of janitor in Bates' department store. Bates' son, Eric, selects an elaborate toy--Jack Brown--and the relationship teaches Eric more about life that fun and games5552ocn247557811visu20080.21Hanson, CurtisL.A. confidentialFictionDramaFilm noirGangster filmsDetective and mystery filmsCrime filmsFilm adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)Three detectives in the corrupt and brutal L.A. police force of the 1950s use differing methods to uncover a conspiracy behind the shotgun slaying of the patrons at an all-night diner. A lush tribute to tough film-noir crime films+-+699003469654812ocn049502101visu19860.15Nothing in commonDramaComedy filmsChicago advertising executive David Basner lives a carefree life, until his parents split up after thirty-four years of marriage+-+05266321253243355ocn049884296visu19620.23Requiem for a heavyweightHistoryDramaDrama about a heavyweight fighter who, as a broken man at the end of his fighting career, is coerced by his manager into participating in staged wrestling matches2238ocn052743871visu19800.14Needham, HalSmokey and the bandit IIDramaThe notorious "Bandit" and his beautiful companion Carrie find themselves involved in a mission to transport a pregnant elephant cross-country in 24 hours or less! Hot on their heels is archenemy Sheriff Buford T. Justice, who vows to finally put the Bandit behind bars2018ocn050276370visu19930.13How to commit marriageFictionDramaThe Bensons' daughter wants to get married, but they are getting a divorce. The father of the groom brings the impending nuptials to a halt in order to sign them up for a new rock-n-roll band1877ocn234317648visu19620.14Papa's delicate conditionDramaA respectable family man in turn-of-the-century Texas does wild and crazy things when he has had too much to drink. After a series of misadventures, he and his family are reunited and reconciled1691ocn045772636visu20000.17The very best of the honeymoonersA compilation of bloopers and blunders from The Honeymooners and The Jackie Gleason Show, including the full length episode, Letter to the boss, which originally aired on Nov. 14, 19531686ocn031151823rcrd19590.39Merrill, BobTake me along original cast recording15915ocn048663370visu19850.19The honeymooners lost episodesDramaTelevision playsRalph Kramden is a New York bus driver who dreams of a better life. With his eccentric good friend, Ed Norton the sewer worker, he constantly tries crackpot schemes to strike it rich. All the while, his exasperated wife, Alice, is always there to bring him down to earth or to pick him up if he beats her to it. For as much as they fight, even dunderhead Ralph knows that she is the greatest and vice versa1457ocn244642132visu19850.13Izzy & MoeDramaComedy filmsMade-for-TV moviesTwo out-of-work vaudeville actors become unorthodox prohibition agents who are highly publicized and very creative Roaring Twenties crimestoppers+-+89227526963241392ocn051448561visu19870.12Honeymooners holiday classicsDramaTwo Christmas episodes of the television program "The Honeymooners" from 1953. Includes two special bonus episodes from 1956+-+20995133251316ocn228503721visu19790.18Don't drink the waterDramaThe Hollanders, a typical family on vacation, are stranded in Vulgaria after a hijacking. Trying to maintain their vacationing spirits, they start taking pictures, but the Vulgarians think they're spies. The Hollanders try to flee the country before the evil government throws them in prison11911ocn028623893rcrd19670.21Gleason, JackieThe best of Jackie Gleason & his orchestra1131ocn256973161visu20080.13Holiday treats T.V. setsDramaSituation comedies (Television programs)Television comediesChristmas storiesFeatures holiday episodes from I Love Lucy; The Honeymooners; The Andy Griffith Show; The Brady Bunch; Taxi; Family Ties; Frasier; and Wings1124ocn038038124rcrd19970.18Goldsmith, JerryL.A. confidential1003ocn741618089visu20040.20SkidooDrama"Tough Tony Banks, a retired gangster ... reluctantly comes out of retirement to silence his old friend and squealer. ... Tony's [San Francisco] suburban haven comes crashing down as his daughter ... takes up with a hippie ... and [Tony's] wife ... gives them permission to move into their house with their hippy friends. The all-star cast includes ... Groucho Marx in his final role as the mob boss named God"--Container14284ocn024908843book19920.15Henry, William AThe great one : the life and legend of Jackie GleasonBiographyBiography of comedian and entertainer Jackie Gleason examining his dual personalities+-+388069038512175ocn029952620book19940.16Meadows, AudreyLove, Alice : my life as a honeymoonerActress Audrey Meadows recalls her life on the television program The Honeymooners, and working with Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, and Joyce Randolph+-+26334026059195ocn012105820book19850.18Bacon, JamesHow sweet it is : the Jackie Gleason storyBiography6931ocn009683519book19840.59Marc, DavidDemographic vistas : television in American cultureHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIn Demographic Vistas, David Marc shows how we can take television seriously within the humanist tradition while enjoying it on its own terms. To deal with the barrage of messages from television's chaotic history, Marc adapts tools of theatrical and literary criticism to focus on key personalities and genres in ways that reward serious students and casual viewers alike6363ocn024954262book19920.17Weatherby, William JJackie Gleason : an intimate portrait of the great oneBiographyA biography of the comedian based on the author's personal interviews1822ocn000397418book19560.28Bishop, JimThe golden ham; a candid biography of Jackie Gleason922ocn185036832visu20060.16Jackie Gleason genius at workBiographyFeatures a look at some of Gleason's most popular characters, sketches that haven't been seen since their original live broadcasts, commentary, and interviews+-+4122513325324812ocn031144345rcrd19940.10Meadows, AudreyLove, Alice my life as a honeymoonerAudrey Meadows recalls the years she spent playing Alice Kramden opposite Jackie Gleason's Ralph. Filled with anecdotes of Gleason's inspired, sometimes alarming antics, as well as personal stories of co-stars Art Carney and Joyce Randolph583ocn123913957visu20020.14GleasonBiographyDramaPresents the story of America's favorite comic, including his earlier times and successes like the Honeymooners261ocn028744156rcrd19930.15Henry, William AThe great one the life and legend of Jackie GleasonBiography+-+4966284236324252ocn028359834book19920.19McGarry, AnnieThe honeymooners232ocn047903361visu19990.13Martin, DeanThe best of the Dean Martin celebrity roastsThe guests of honor are showered with insults, putdowns and jokes from legendary celebrities211ocn034269139visu19940.18Frank Sinatra with Jackie Gleason Frank Sinatra with Louis ArmstrongBiography"This unique collection showcases Ol' Blue Eyes at various stages of his career--and working with some of the greatest names in the history of show business."--Container212ocn049508679visu20010.16Jackie Gleason the great oneBiographyA biography of comedian Jackie Gleason, including a behind the scenes look at The Honeymooners and interviews with friends, family and co-stars, including Marilyn Gleason, Anthony Quinn, Burt Reynolds, and Neil Simon151ocn028474059book19930.18Weatherby, William JJackie Gleason : an intimate portraitBiography101ocn043614230score19630.27Van Heusen, JimmyCall me irresponsibleJuvenile worksPortraitsMusicPictorial works61ocn027212981book19870.81Jackie Gleason, "the great one" : [exhibition] September 25, 1987-February 6, 1988Exhibition catalogs51ocn317547435book19920.10Weatherby, William JThe great one : the life and times of Jackie GleasonBiography31ocn317617006rcrd19940.27Meadows, AudreyLove, Alice [abridged]31ocn021464376visu0.23Jackie Gleason and away we go!+-+6990034696+-+6990034696Fri Mar 21 15:35:41 EDT 2014batch42033