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Fri Mar 21 17:04:26 2014 UTClccn-n850952540.00Taguchi0.691.00An explanation of Taguchi's contributions to quality improvement : Madison, Wisconsin, December 14-17, 1987 /108161310Genichi_Taguchin 850952541326787Taguchi, G.Taguchi, G. 1924-Taguchi, G. (Genichi), 1924-Taguchi, Gen-ichiTaguchi, Genʾich, 1924-Taguchi, Gen'ichiTaguchi, Genʹichi, 1924-タグチ, ゲンイチ, 1924-田口, 玄一田口玄一, 1924-lccn-n96017327Chowdhury, Subirlccn-n88642620Wu, Yuinedtlccn-n99052880Taguchi, Shinlccn-nr92015763Yano, Hiroshi1931-lccn-n88202480Roy, Ranjit K.1947-lccn-n80069033Asian Productivity Organizationlccn-n87871318Hsiang, Thomas C.lccn-n83327569Elsayed, Elsayed A.lccn-n2002010424Jugulum, Rajeshlccn-n93016453Yokoyama, Yoshiko1941-Taguchi, Genʼichi1924-Case studiesTaguchi methods (Quality control)Quality control--Statistical methodsEngineering designProduction management--Quality controlQuality controlExperimental designPattern recognition systemsIndustrial designProduction engineeringSocial sciences--Statistical methodsSix sigma (Quality control standard)Information technologyOrthogonal arraysProduction controlTaguchi, Genʼichi,Engineering--Quality controlPattern perceptionMultivariate analysisGraph theoryIndustrial productivity19242012195119521953195419561957195819591960196119621966196719691972197519761977197919801981198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971999200020012002200320042005200720092010201120123950109318658.562TS156ocn442702543ocn85668648861314ocn055286157book20040.66Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi's quality engineering handbook"In the last fifty years, one man stands out as the driving force behind the quality revolution - Genichi Taguchi. Now, for the first time in one volume, Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook presents all the methods and beliefs that have made Taguchi one of the most respected authorities on quality engineering and management in the world." "No other single volume presents the full breadth of founding beliefs behind the successful engineering practices used by today's leading companies."--Jacket+-+398869629546523ocn016277853book19800.66Taguchi, GenʼichiIntroduction to quality engineering : designing quality into products and processesFrom the Back Cover: Introduction to Quality Engineering is the first book with specific in-depth methods that places the responsibility of quality on everyone associated with the marketing, engineering and manufacturing of a product, and turns them all into Quality Control specialists. The book quantifies the loss due to lack of quality of a performance characteristic by directly relating it to its deviation from target performance, and shows efficient experimental and analytical techniques to minimize it. Unlike other books on quality and industrial experimentation which treat the subject speciality in a localized manner, this book encompasses all major activities of an industry, and links them together with a common objective of reducing quality loss. Chapters of the book progress smoothly and build upon the previous chapters. Each chapter introduces the subject matter, then a real life case study follows and ends with question and answer session between Dr. Taguchi and the student in a typical class. The techniques shown are powerful but easy to apply, and does not require statistical background or any other prerequisites; thus, the subject can be taught to engineers in an industry or in engineering schools36312ocn015133302book19870.70Taguchi, GenʼichiSystem of experimental design : engineering methods to optimize quality and minimize costs35815ocn017878344book19880.59Taguchi, GenʼichiQuality engineering in production systems29712ocn026543603book19930.73Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi on robust technology development : bringing quality engineering upstream+-+33755364252018ocn041967265book19990.70Taguchi, GenʼichiRobust engineeringCase studies+-+37329862551838ocn049320377book20020.81Taguchi, GenʼichiThe Mahalanobis-Taguchi strategy : a pattern technology system+-+28887562951665ocn044634395book20000.86Taguchi, GenʼichiThe Mahalanobis-Taguchi system"MTS goes beyond theory - it shows you exactly how international business giants have successfully put the system to work for them. The book includes 15 case studies that provide an inside look at how organizations such as Fuji, Nissan, Sharp, Xerox and others have utilized the system effectively. MTS can be applied in patient monitoring, medical diagnosis, software, manufacturing, weather forecasting, automotive collision prevention system, and fire detection." "Doctors, researchers, engineers, insurance experts, financial analysts, programmers, and anyone else with an interest in pattern recognition and forecasting will find this book a blueprint to improved decision-making."--BOOK JACKET+-+58171862551323ocn027728136book19930.81Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi methods : design of experiments663ocn056590950book20040.81Taguchi, GenʼichiComputer-based robust engineering : essentials for DFSS+-+K771438235664ocn018715640book19860.70Taguchi, GenʼichiOrthogonal arrays and linear graphs : tools for quality engineering+-+K658976945653ocn025675296book19920.73Taguchi methods, research and development475ocn011384442book19790.86Taguchi, GenʼichiIntroduction to off-line quality control474ocn012207787book19790.70Taguchi, GenʼichiOn-line quality control during production456ocn025735249book19890.66Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi methods : case studies from the U.S. and EuropeCase studies+-+K619771549435ocn020089654book19890.79Quality engineering series402ocn029635279book19940.66Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi methods271ocn165442774book19890.37Taguchi, GenʼichiEinführung in quality engineering : [Minimierung von Verlusten durch Prozeßbeherrschung]222ocn028281182book19910.53Taguchi methods, signal-to-noise ratio fro quality evaluation204ocn018124598book19870.47Taguchi, GenʼichiTaguchi methods : orthogonal arrays and linear graphs - tools for quality engineering+-+K6589769454533ocn019885533book19900.63Roy, Ranjit KA primer on the Taguchi method41ocn045769715book19970.47Wu, YuinDiseño robusto utilizando los Métodos Taguchi31ocn045651240book19890.47Terninko, JohnRobust design key points for world class quality : a pocket guide for Taguchi's philosophy21ocn018565180visu19850.47Taguchi methods of experimental designsIntroduces Dr. Taguchi's techniques that associate quality control in businesses and manufacturings21ocn502210163book19880.47Quality and reliability engineering international+-+019574629532411ocn027353161book1985Taguchi11ocn039039420book19871.00An explanation of Taguchi's contributions to quality improvement : Madison, Wisconsin, December 14-17, 1987Conference proceedings+-+3988696295+-+3988696295Fri Mar 21 15:44:56 EDT 2014batch17800