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Fri Mar 21 17:12:12 2014 UTClccn-n851122360.00Above, Alexis of Piedmont and Albertus Magnus; centre, William Harvey and Francis Bacon drawing aside a curtain to reveal secrets; below, Dr. R. Read, Johann Jacob Wecker, Ramon Lull. Etching by R. Gaywood, 16600.780.96Les secrets et merveilles de natvre Recueillies de diuers autheurs, & diuisez en XVII. liures49560557Johannes_Jacob_Weckern 851122361342423Uvecker, Jean Jacques, 1528-1586Vecker, Johann Jacob 1528-1586Vecker, Johann Jakob.Vecker, Johann Jakob 1528-1586Veckerus, Johannes Jacobus 1528-1586Vuecher, Jean 1528-1586Vuecher, Jean Jacques.Vuecher, Jean Jacques 1528-1586Vuecker, Jean-JacquesVueckerus, Johannes Jacobus, 1528-1586Vueckerus, Johannes JakobusWecherus, Johannes Jacobus, 1528-1586Wecker, Hanns Jacob 1528-1586Wecker, Hannss JacobWecker, Hans Jacob.Wecker, Hans Jacob, 1528-1586Wecker, Hans Jakob 1528-1586Wecker, Hanß Jacob 1528-1586Wecker, Iohann Iacob, 1528-1586Wecker, Jacob.Wecker, Jacob 1528-1586Wecker, Jacobus 1528-1586Wecker, Jan Jacques 1528-1586Wecker, Jan JaquesWecker, Jan Jaques 1528-1586Wecker, Jean Jacques.Wecker, Jean-Jacques 1528-1586Wecker, Johann J. 1528-1586Wecker, Johann JacobWecker, Johann Jakob.Wecker, Johann Jakob, 1528-1586Wecker, Johannes Jacob 1528-1586Wecker, Johannes Jakob 1528-1586Wecker, John.Wecker, John, 1528-1586Wecker, John James 1528-1586Wecker, John Jeams.Wecker, John Jeams 1528-1586Weckerus, Ioan. Iacobus.Weckerus, Ioan. Jacobus.Weckerus, Ioannes I. 1528-1586Weckerus, Ioannes Iacobus, 1528-1586Weckerus, Iohannes Iacobus.Weckerus, Joa. Jac., 1528-1586Weckerus, Joan. Iacobus 1528-1586Weckerus, Joannes J. 1528-1586Weckerus, Joannes Jacobus.Weckerus, Joannes Jacobus, 1528-1586Weckerus, Johannes J. 1528-1586Weckerus, Johannes Jacobus, 1528-1586Weckherius, Joan. Jacobus, 1528-1586lccn-n81057258Ruscelli, Girolamolccn-n2002094425Read, R.lccn-n83007664Culpeper, Nicholas1616-1654lccn-nr93000542Banister, John1533-1610lccn-n88038927AlessioPiemonteseapproximately 1471-nc-british libraryBritish Librarync-adam matthew digital firmeAdam Matthew Digital (Firme)viaf-103217347Banister, John1540-1610lccn-n81007973AlbertusMagnus, Saint1193?-1280lccn-n50035172Hill, Thomasb. ca. 1528Wecker, Johann Jacob1528-1586Prescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcEncyclopediasHandbooks, manuals, etcHistoryTerminologyMedicineScienceCosmeticsNatural historyPhilosophy of natureFormulas, recipes, etcScience, RenaissancePhilosophy, RenaissanceBeauty, PersonalMedicine, PopularPharmacyMagic tricksAmusementsPuzzlesAlchemyLanguage and medicineMedicine--PracticeMedicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiricTechnologyOccultismMedicine, Greek and RomanMedicine, ArabMateria medicaSermonsMedicine, AncientCryptographyPharmacopoeiasEncyclopedias and dictionariesPrecious stones, ArtificialPrecious stones--Therapeutic useLatin language--Medical LatinGreek language--Medical GreekEuropeMilitary art and scienceBacon, Francis,Science, MedievalAlbertus,--Magnus, Saint,Alessio,--Piemontese,Wecker, Johann Jacob,Harvey, William,Llull, Ramon,Magic15281586155815591560156115621563156815691570157115731574157515761577158015811582158315841585158615871588158915901592159315951596159715981601160216031604160516061608160916101612161316141615161616171620162216231625162616271628162916301631163316371639164116421643164416511652165316591660166116621663167416801698169917011704174017501975197719801981198219881990199220052007201120122315321793615.13Z2002ocn311709336ocn311621314ocn834959858ocn834985260ocn834959793ocn834985222ocn008797373ocn311641104ocn833166711ocn833177493ocn174996977ocn311658671ocn312153153ocn312153195ocn699620433ocn311660210ocn312152373ocn257657876ocn256920971ocn837248106ocn836590545ocn837148378ocn77485215829788ocn008456057book15820.84Wecker, Johann JacobDe secretis libri XVIIHistoryEncyclopediasPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc16712ocn012334285book16600.92Wecker, Johann JacobEighteen books of the secrets of art & nature being the summe and substance of naturall philosophy, methodically digested1072ocn020178480book16330.90Banister, JohnThe workes of that famous chyrurgian, Mr. Iohn Banester by him digested into five bookes, his cure 1. Of tumors 2. Of wounds 3. Of ulcers [brace][brace] in generall and particular 4. Of fractures and luxations 5. His Antidotary, being a storehouse of all sorts of medicines belonging to the chyrurgians use : to which is added a treatise for distilling of ayles of all sorts, with a perfect order to prepare all minerals, and to draw forth their oyles and salts, &c1037ocn317920241file16600.73Wecker, Johann JacobArts master-piece, or, The beautifying part of physick whereby all defects of nature in both sexes are amended, age renewed, youth continued, and all imperfections fairly remedied : with many the most approved physical experiments, so far discovered, that every man may be his own apothecary : never before extant, though long since promised by Mr. Nic. Culpeper, but now published by B.T. Doctor in physick783ocn607035184file16600.70Wecker, Johann JacobCosmeticks or, the beautifying part of physick. By which all deformities of nature in men and women are corrected, age renewed, youth prolonged, and the least impediment, from a hair to a tooth, fairly amended. With the most absolute physical rarities for all ages. Being familiar remedies, for which every one may be his own apothecary.6740ocn014306382book15740.50Wecker, Johann JacobAntidotarium generale et speciale: ex opt. authorum tam veterum quàm recentiorum scriptis fideliter & methodicè ... congestum & dispositum. Nunc verò supra priores editiones omnes multis novis & optimis formulis, maximè verò extractis auctumPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc6514ocn311621380book15690.53Wecker, Johann JacobEin nutzliches Büchlein von mancherley künstlichen wasseren, ölen vnd weinen6229ocn014305809book15760.76Wecker, Johann JacobMedicinae utriusque syntaxes, ex Graecorum, Latinorum, Arabumque thesauris : ... singulari fide, methodo ac industria collectae & concinnataeTerminologyPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc596ocn606487532file15850.66Wecker, Johann JacobA compendious chyrurgerie: gathered, & translated (especially) out of Wecker, at the request of certaine, but encreased and enlightened with certaine annotations, resolutions & supplyes, not impertinent to this treatise, nor vnprofitable to the reader: published for the benefite of all his countreymen, by Ihon Banester maister in chyrurgeriePrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc4618ocn026026775book15760.88Wecker, Johann JacobAntidotarium generalePrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc4419ocn024464256book15630.76AlessioD. Alexii Pedemontani De secretis libri septemPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc334ocn607151524file15840.73Hill, ThomasA Briefe and pleasaunt treatise, entituled: Naturall and artificiall conclusions:3311ocn035148726book15840.96Wecker, Johann JacobLes secrets et merveilles de natvre Recueillies de diuers autheurs, & diuisez en XVII. liures279ocn014311841book15820.92Wecker, Johann JacobDe secretis libri XVII : ex variis authoribus collecti, methodiceque digesti ...Prescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc2613ocn029336748book15850.66Wecker, Johann JacobPractica medicinae generalisHandbooks, manuals, etc265ocn311896333book15820.47Wecker, Johann JacobArtis Oratoriae Praecepta Ex Aristotele, Hermogene, Cicerone, Quintiliano caeterisq[ue] probatioribus autoribus collecta; in tabularum formam redacta, ac methodicè digesta263ocn311630881book15760.66Wecker, Johann JacobAntidotarivm Generale Nvnc Primvm Laboriose congestum, methodicè digestum; Cvm Elencho LocvpletissimoPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc2510ocn034874543book15730.96Wecker, Johann JacobEin nutzliches Büchlein von mancherleyen künstlichen Wassern, Ölen und Weinen jetzt neuwlich inn Teutsch gebracht2410ocn014319008book15850.95Wecker, Johann JacobPractica medicinae generalis ... VII. libris explicata233ocn311631936book15740.47Wecker, Johann JacobAntidotarivm Speciale Ex Opt. Avthorvm Tam Veterum quàm recentioru[m] scriptis, fideliter congestu[m], methodiceq[ue] digestum; Cvm Elencho Locvpletiss.11ocn779599504visu1660Above, Alexis of Piedmont and Albertus Magnus; centre, William Harvey and Francis Bacon drawing aside a curtain to reveal secrets; below, Dr. R. Read, Johann Jacob Wecker, Ramon Lull. Etching by R. Gaywood, 1660Fri Mar 21 15:39:34 EDT 2014batch27812