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Fri Mar 21 17:11:19 2014 UTClccn-n851518640.00Moss Hart and Kitty Carlisle papers,0.221.00Promotional photographs for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde39517049Fredric_Marchn 851518647084561715085Bickel, Ernest Frederick McIntyre.Bickel, Ernest Frederick McIntyre, 1897-1975Bickel, Frederic McIntyre.Bickel, Frederic McIntyre, 1897-1975Bickel, Frederick M. 1897-1975MacIntyre Bickel, Frederick 1897-1975March, Frederic.March, Frederic, 1897-1975March, FredricMc Intyre Bickel, Frederick, 1897-1975McIntyre Bickel, Frederick 1897-1975lccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Inclccn-n79045158Wyler, William1902-1981proprfflmdrtcmplccn-n80098354Loy, Myrna1905-1993cstprfactlccn-no90020456MGM/UA Home Video (Firm)lccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inclccn-n50014652Tracy, Spencer1900-1967prfactlccn-n85151626Wright, Teresa1918-2005cstprfactlccn-n78092244Mayo, Virginia1920-2005cstprfactlccn-n50048145Kelly, Gene1912-1996prfactlccn-n50057783United Artists CorporationMarch, Fredric1897-1975DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFictionMusical filmsFilm and video adaptationsWar filmsHistorical filmsWorld War (1939-1945)VeteransUnited StatesScopes, John ThomasTrialsTeachers in motion picturesLee, Robert Edwin,Lawrence, Jerome,Nineteen fortiesTennesseeKantor, MacKinlay,Science teachersEvolution (Biology)--Study and teaching--Law and legislationTeachersVeteran reintegrationMan-woman relationshipsWilson, Sloan,Corporate cultureAdulteryTrials in motion picturesNew York (State)--New YorkFranceRussiaAlexander,--the Great,Tolstoy, Leo,--graf,Karenina, Anna (Fictitious character)Multiple personalityEngland--LondonArizonaApache IndiansSocial historyFamiliesSuccessSelf-realizationPolitical crimes and offensesIllegitimate childrenInheritance and successionSuburban lifeKnebel, FletcherEscapesMarriageMothers and sonsBars (Drinking establishments)Skid rowRecovering alcoholicsO'Neill, Eugene,Korean War (1950-1953)Nineteen tensCoups d'étatConspiracies189719751927192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619581959196019621963196419651966196719691970197119731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013232584701373791.4372PN1997ocn044613484ocn061157146ocn061325822ocn056729068ocn044504695ocn054056678ocn047659730ocn755112671ocn070169251ocn855783515ocn002719466ocn009334031ocn009954697ocn009333885ocn009333801ocn009151379ocn009334543ocn009342746ocn009954605ocn009954628ocn045825262ocn320142428ocn670899416ocn009341263ocn036912326ocn048681211ocn039282894ocn045121717ocn238234798ocn631793432ocn703879116ocn670428316ocn048377305ocn654100583ocn631363507ocn047237718ocn225763472ocn221225202ocn221871909ocn225650183ocn671644638ocn703226005ocn663111004ocn084694144ocn469489471ocn216339734ocn225916905ocn743137986304573ocn044613484visu19460.23Wyler, WilliamThe best years of our livesFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsRecounts the problems faced by three returning veterans of WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives+-+3703834006324203637ocn048585056visu19590.23Kramer, StanleyInherit the windFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTracy and March square off as opposing attorneys in this dramatization of the famous 1925 "Monkey Trial" in Tennessee, in which John Scopes, a biology teacher, was arrested, tried and convicted for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the schoolroom1150122ocn039317175visu19370.21Steiner, MaxA star is bornFictionDramaMusical filmsFilm adaptationsA fading star meets an aspiring actress, falls in love with and marries her. Her career skyrockets, while his continues to fade with tragic results111139ocn061325822visu19350.23Brown, ClarenceAnna KaréninaDramaFilm adaptationsAnna Karenina, dutiful wife and doting mother, knows contentment but not passion. That changes when she meets ardent Count Vronsky. For him, she throws away marriage, family, social position and finally her life+-+299253469698817ocn061157146visu19560.21Johnson, NunnallyThe man in the gray flannel suitDramaFilm adaptationsA veteran of World War II, still haunted by memories of the war, gets a job in a public relations firm. He attracts the attention the firm's lonely CEO, and his career takes off. But his marriage suffers. Finally he must choose between career and family94741ocn054056678visu19310.22Mamoulian, RoubenDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDramaFilm adaptationsA doctor experiments on himself with terrible results. Contains the original uncut long version starring Frederic March, for which he won an Oscar and the 1941 remake with Spencer Tracy in the title role92296ocn051182798visu19320.21Wellman, William ANothing sacredFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA young woman diagnosed with "radium poisoning" is given a last fling in New York City for two weeks, but it all turns into a publicity hoax+-+611512623532488826ocn050053879visu19660.17Ritt, MartinHombreDramaFilm adaptationsWestern based in the 1800's, its the story of a journey by stagecoach across Arizona. The passangers include a half-breed Apache who hates whites, an unscrupulous Indian agent, a bullying gunman and a Mexican driver86919ocn044504695visu19640.10Seven days in MayHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptations"It happens with startling swiftness and violence. An armed cadre seizes state control. Fortunately, a coup d'etat can't happen here. Or can it? ...At odds are a popular general and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and an unpopular President with a pacifist agenda. At stake is the survival of the Republic. A vigilant colonel uncovers the scheme. But are the seven fateful days ahead enough time to derail a disaster?" -- Container85023ocn056729068visu19550.19Rossen, RobertAlexander the GreatHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsEpic story of the Greek hero and world-conquerer+-+305713742578319ocn123450261visu19350.21Les misérablesHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsJean Valjean is a young man accused of stealing. He escapes prison and spends the rest of his life miserable and being chased by one man: a policeman named Valert+-+008255773565919ocn047659730visu19540.19The bridges at Toko-riFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe masterful story of a war-weary World War II veteran who must leave his family to fight again+-+71756674253246506ocn051856470visu19730.25O'Neill, EugeneEugene O'Neill's The iceman comethDramaFilm adaptationsIn the faded, Vermeer-like light of Harry Hope's 1912 New York skid row bar, a rag tag group of fallen men await the annual arrival of their friend Hickey. But now Hickey is sober, and he wants his drunken friends to do the same50328ocn070169251visu19360.24Ford, JohnMary of ScotlandHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsHistorical drama about the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots, and her cousin Elizabeth, Queen of England+-+343373469632449033ocn052540683visu19550.21Wyler, WilliamThe desperate hoursDramaFilm adaptationsHarrowing story about an escaped convict who breaks into a suburban home and takes a family hostage+-+199566742532447422ocn855783515visu19420.21Clair, RenéI married a witchFictionDramaFilm adaptationsComedy about a witch who was burned at the stake 300 years ago. She plans to take revenge by marrying the descendent of her persecutors and ruining his political aspirations, but doesn't count on falling in love!3917ocn173522043visu19530.22Wise, RobertExecutive suiteDramaFilm adaptationsThe president of a furniture company suddenly dies, leaving seven board members locked in a power struggle35114ocn755112671visu19330.24Lubitsch, ErnstDesign for livingFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA trio of Americans in Paris who enter into a very adult 'gentleman's' agreement, in this continental pre-Code comedy freely adapted by Ben Hecht (Notorious) from a play. A risque relationship comedy and a witty take on creative pursuits, it concerns a commercial artist unable, or unwilling, to choose between the equally dashing painter and playwright she meets on a train en route to the City of Light+-+49146526963242951ocn059717282visu20050.23The Gary Cooper collectionDramaFilm adaptationsThe lives of a Bengal lancer: A man joins two other Bengal lancers in the quest to protect British India's Northwest Frontier from Islamic invaders+-+49146526963242852ocn318451919visu20090.25Pre-code Hollywood collectionDramaFilm adaptationsTorch singer: Claudette Colbert plays a sexy radio chanteuse who passes her time with an entourage of drunken debauched friends while raising her child born out of wedlock. The Code prohibited stories of illicit love and drunkenness3213ocn000246804book19710.35Quirk, Lawrence JThe films of Fredric March1702ocn032857664book19960.84Peterson, Deborah CFredric March : craftsman first, star secondBiography+-+0753478685483ocn000077093book19690.93Burrows, MichaelCharles Laughton and Frederic March91ocn018900311score19270.50Nicholls, HoratioAmong my souvenirsPortraits21ocn046789271score19410.47Shalit, JosephSo ends our nightPortraits11ocn061274890mix1.00Downer, Alan SeymourAlan S. Downer collectionPhotographsRecords and correspondenceContains correspondence of Downer, Princeton professor of English (1946-1970), much of which is related to Princeton's Spencer Trask lecture series, the Voice of America radio series, and invitations to notable members of the theater to address Downer's classes; works by Downer, including articles, lecture notes and course material, miscellaneous research notes, and unfinished projects; papers of various lecture series, and articles, notes, and photographs relating to American theater; and reports and miscellaneous papers dealing with McCarter Theatre11ocn173692573mixHart, MossMoss Hart and Kitty Carlisle papersThere is also a script for "My Fair Lady" (1956), which Hart directed on Broadway. For several of the above titles there are also notes, business records, clippings, and photographs. Of more personal interest are two diaries, the first kept by Hart during a world trip in 1935 while he wrote "Jubilee," and the second a journal of his theatrical activities and personal life during 1953 and 195411ocn122417703mixShumlin, Herman11ocn423392196visu19381.00Tropic holidayCaricatures and cartoonsParodies, imitations, etcDrama"Ken Warren is sent to Mexico by his producer, Sol Grunnion, to write a romantic screenplay. He is assisted by his secretary, Midge Miller, who falls in love with the serenading Ramon. Meanwhile, Ken falls in love with local beauty Manuela, and while using their relationship as material for his screenplay, he discovers the true meaning of love. Breck Jones, Midge's suitor since kindergarten, flies to Mexico to insist that she marry him, but caught up with the romance of the place, Midge insists she is only interested in a brave man who will pursue her. In the meantime, Midge tries to impress Ramon by taking bullfighting lessons, but is a miserable failure. Breck takes Ken's advice and attempts to duplicate the suicide scene from the film A star is born, hoping to attract Midge's attention. She is uninterested, however, and he is rescued by a local fishing boat. Then, Breck is imprisoned after a staged fight with some locals falls through, and he hits Barrera, who runs the bullfights. When Barrera receives news that his famous female bullfighter will not be able to perform due to an injury, Barrera promises Midge that he will have Breck released if she goes into the ring. Midge reluctantly agrees. Ken's Hollywood starlet fiancée, Marilyn Joyce then comes to town to take him back to Hollywood to marry her. Although she admits they are not in love, Marilyn is afraid she will receive bad publicity if it appears she has been jilted in favor of a Mexican unknown. Later, the wrong bull, Furioso, is accidentally let in to the ring with Midge, and she has quite a time dodging it until it crashes through the wall of the jail and reappears with Breck on its back. Breck calms the beast and is finally Midge's hero, after which he cleverly sets up Marilyn with Ramon, thereby allowing Ken to stay in Mexico and pursue his romance with Manuela"--AFI catalog, 1931-194011ocn025459940visu1.00Hazel Scott portrait collectionViews of pianist and singer Hazel Scott dated from the 1930's to the 1970's. The collection contains numerous studio portraits, some of which are publicity stills. Scott also seen at Democratic Campaign; holding newborn; during radio broadcast and performing on stage. Individuals identified in group-portraits include Ed Sullivan, Mrs. Alma Long Scott, Dr. James Thornton, Adam Clayton Powell Sr., Ann Tanneyhill, Fredric March and Anne Cornell. Quarter, half, three-quarter and full-length photos available11ocn173692623mixKerr, WalterWalter and Jean Kerr papersPapers of Walter Kerr, playwright and drama critic, and his wife Jean Kerr, humorist and playwright; the collection documents their individual and their collaborative careers. For their New York productions such as King of Hearts (1954), Mary, Mary (1961), and Poor Richard (1964), there are scripts, musical scores and recordings, photographs, notes, clippings, correspondence, and financial records. Also included are materials relating to Walter Kerr's teaching, and his career as a theater critic. Jean Kerr's writings are represented by correspondence and financial and legal material for Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1957), and drafts of three collections of her free-lance articles. Among many prominent correspondents in the collection are W.H. Auden, Richard Burton, Carol Channing, Oscar Hammerstein II, Moss Hart, Helen Hayes, Hubert H. Humphrey, Elia Kazan, Clare Boothe Luce, Fredric March, Mary Martin, Groucho Marx, Richard Rodgers, William Saroyan, Gloria Swanson, and Tennessee Williams11ocn173692737mixOsborn, Paul11ocn830036014book19380.28Charnley, Mitchell VThe buccaneer (the story of Jean Lafitte) originally published under the title: "Jean Lafitte, gentleman smuggler,"HistoryFictionPictorial works11ocn853665657visu1.00Promotional photographs for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydePictorial worksFilm adaptationsPromotional photographs for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1931-1933, which consist of two film stills and a large promotional photograph. The large photograph depicts actor Fredric March as the character Mr. Hyde. One of the film stills depicts actor Halliwell Hobbes11ocn666897402file19981.00Hobart, RoseRose HobartInterviewsRaw footage of an interview with Rose Hobart taped in 1998 for Turner Classic Movies. Rose Hobart describes how she became an actress, moving from silent films to sound, and working with Joan Crawford, Frederic March, and Humphrey Bogart11ocn061116551visu19430.10Veronica Lake and Frederic MarchA publicity shot of Frederic March and Brooklyn-born Veronica Lake from the film I Married a Witch11ocn702166356mix1.00Theater manuscripts collectionAutographsCorrespondence, autographs, playbills, notebooks, and writings relating to the American theater and the history of theater in New Haven, Connecticut, as collected by Jack Crawford, Mary Hamlin and others11ocn557620289visu19560.10Cecil B. DeMille honored at Screen Producers Guild banquetPhotograph caption dated February 1, 1956 reads, "Milestone For DeMille - Thirty-two all-time stars whose film careers were boosted by Hollywood's elder statesman, Cecil B. DeMille, joined the 74-year-old veteran at the Screen Producers Guild Banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where DeMille was honored with the coveted Screen Producers Guild Milestone Award for historic contribution to the American Motion Picture. Left to right, front row: Jesse L. Lasky (DeMille's first producer, 1913); Virginia Grey ("Unconquered," 1947); Loretta Young ("The Crusades," 1935); Julia Faye ("The Affairs of Anatol," 1921); Walter Brennan ("The Buccaneer," 1938); Jane Darwell ("Rose of the Rancho," 1914); Winifred Kingston ("The Squaw Man," 1913); Cecil B. DeMille; Barbara Stanwyck ("Union Pacific," 1939); Reignald Denny ("Madam Satan," 1930); Kathlyn Williams ("We Can't Have Everything," 1918); Claudette Colbert ("Sign of the Cross," 1945); Raymond Hatton ("Temptation," 1916); Susan Hayward ("Reap the Wild Wind," 1942); Katherine DeMille Quinn ("The Crusades," 1935); Beulah Bondi ("The Buccaneer," 1938); Eddie Quillan ("The Godless Girl," 1928). Left to right, back row: Rod LaRocque ("The Ten Commandments," 1923); Fredric March ("Sign of the Cross," 1945); Ben Alexander ("The Little American," 1917); Richard Cromwell ("This Day and Age," 1933); Ricardo Cortez ("Feet of Clay," 1924); Paul Kelly ("The Story of Dr. Wassell," 1944); Yul Brynner ("The Ten Commandments," 1956); Laraine Day ("The Story of Dr. Wassell," 1944); Charlton Heston ("The Ten Commandments," 1956); William Boyd ("The Volga Boatman," 1926); Lon Chaney Jr. ("Northwest Mounted Police," 1950); Gary Cooper ("The Plainsman," 1937); Ward Bond ("Unconquered," 1947); Anthony Quinn ("Union Pacific," 1939); Henry Wilcoxon ("The Crusades," 1935); James Stewart ("The Greatest Show on Earth," 1952)."11ocn505493267art19950.10Quigley, MartinMarch, Frederic: ActorBiography Dictionaries11ocn078754229visu1.00Washington, FrediFredericka Washington photograph collection+-+2992534696+-+2992534696Fri Mar 21 15:13:11 EDT 2014batch49570