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It's an "instant child". When the factory realizes its error, they come to take Konrad away -- but Konrad's new mom wants to keep him20510ocn747801543visu19820.47Cheever, JohnThe Shady Hill kidnappingDramaFilm adaptationsThe alleged abduction of a young boy causes a suburban community to become involved in various humorous projects422ocn796841513visu20120.18AliceDramaLINDA LAVIN stars as Alice Hyatt, a newly widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress, determined to make it on her own and somehow manage to keep smiling281ocn820850795visu20120.16AliceDramaLinda Lavin stars as Alice Hyatt, a widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress. Alice is determined to make it on her own and somehow manages to keep smiling201ocn236487537visu20080.16The one and onlyDramaA young man dreaming of stardom and fame leaves college to become a professional wrestler202ocn844230203visu20130.15AliceDramaSituations found in this three-Disc, twenty-four-episode collection include used "Car wars" between the girls and Mel, Vera coming down with "A slight case of ESP" and "Flo finds her father", (played by F Troop great Forrest Tucker!). Meanwhile Tommy falls in love, Alice falls for a (younger!) theatre director and, most horrifying of all; Mel sells the diner! And keep your eyes peeled for Philip McKeon's sister Nancy (Facts of life) playing a young orphan alongside Corey Feldman (Stand by me)112ocn862986072visu20120.15The gift of love a Christmas storyDramaA dream about her mother's Depression-era childhood changes the life of a woman plagued by emotional and business problems101ocn025608369visu19920.18Amazing storiesThe pumpkin competition: The tale of a greedy widow whose stingy ways prevent her from winning a pumpkin growing contest. Without Diana: The tale of a young girl who disappears for forty years. Fine tuning: Three high-school students working on a science project accidentally encounter star-struck space travelers93ocn746764107com19980.14Gibbons, KayeOn the occasion of my last afternoonHistoryFictionA Southern woman describes her life--from childhood on a plantation with a tyrannical father, to Civil War nurse in a military hospital with her surgeon husband, to pro-abolitionist in old age51ocn842241480visu20120.10The goonies Gremlins ; Gremlins 2, the new batchJuvenile worksDrama"Triple feature"--Container51ocn864442279visu20130.10AliceDramaThe fourth season of Alice saw some big changes coming to the staff of the diner. Flo departs for her own spin-off partway through the season. Mel's old flame arrives in her place41ocn869290684visu20130.10Flo the complete seriesOn the way to a new job in Houston, Flo Castleberry stops in her hometown of Cowtown, Texas, and buys an old roadhouse instead. Renaming it Flo's Yellow Rose, the rowdy redhead does her best to become a success as she deals with employees, family and friends including bartender Earl, her raucous Mama, prim sister Fran, and the wackiest ole boys in the state41ocn034780850visu19940.07Mme Doubtfire31ocn775592824visu20120.21Fitzgerald, F. ScottBernice bobs her hairFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIt's the hot summer of 1919. Visiting her cousin Marjorie, sweet-but-dull Bernice is transformed into a smooth-talking man-trap by her vampish kin. However, the "make-over" works too well, Bernice becomes the belle of the ball, captivating every boy's interest... even Marjorie's boyfriend Warren. The now worldly Bernice has the last laugh -- a clever and ironic twist31ocn781377179visu2005Gremlins Gremlini21ocn819743617visu20120.10AliceDramaLinda Lavin stars as Alice Hyatt, a newly widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress. Alice is determined to make it on her own and somehow manages to keep smiling21ocn819743619visu20120.10AliceDramaLinda Lavin stars as Alice Hyatt, a newly widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress. Alice is determined to make it on her own and somehow manages to keep smiling21ocn820817757visu20120.10AliceDramaLinda Lavin stars as Alice Hyatt, a widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress. Alice is determined to make it on her own and somehow manages to keep smiling11ocn725345850mixDuPont Hospitality (a unit of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company)Records of the DuPont TheatreReviewsPostersThe records of the DuPont Theatre consist primarily of public relations and advertising materials related to the theater's operation between 1919 and 2001. As such, they present a sequence of changing tastes in popular entertainment in a medium-sized American city11ocn401366545book1.00Floyd, CarlisleCarlisle Floyd correspondence with Robert Penn WarrenRecords and correspondenceLetters, 1973-1982, written to Floyd by American poet, novelist, and literary critic Robert Penn Warren [part of aquisition of papers, 1944-2001, added in 2007].; the majority of correspondence discusses the artistic conception and evolution of Floyd's opera "Willie Stark," an adaptation of Warren's 1946 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, All the King's Men. Warren's novel traces the rise and fall Willie Stark, the quintessential American political demagogue, and is loosely based on the political career of Louisiana governor Huey Long+-+8330348425324+-+8330348425324Fri Mar 21 15:47:36 EDT 2014batch16294