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Thu Oct 16 18:00:10 2014 UTClccn-n851700900.39Sets for mathematics0.601.00Functorial semantics of algebraic theories and, Some algebraic problems in the context of functorial semantics of algebraic theories /51665022William_Lawveren 851700901480932Lawverc, F. William 1937-Lawvere, BillLawvere, Bill 1937-Lawvere, F. W.Lawvere, F. W. 1937-Lawvere, F. William.Lawvere, F. William 1937-Lawvere, Francis WilliamLawvere, Francis William 1937-lccn-n2002011309Rosebrugh, Robert1948-lccn-n85170091Schanuel, S. H.(Stephen Hoel)1933-ctbedtlccn-no2007065651Maurer, Christian1945-edtlccn-no2007065654Wraith, Gavin C.1939-edtlccn-n82020223Bucur, Ionel1930-1976lccn-n79038417Dalhousie Universitylccn-n92030102Bucur,, mTierney, M.lccn-n84801813Lambek, J.lccn-n82150306Illusie, L.Lawvere, F. W.Conference proceedingsProgrammed instructionCategories (Mathematics)Set theoryToposesHomology theoryTriples, Theory ofLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalGeometry, AlgebraicField theory (Physics)Continuum mechanicsModel theoryFunctor theoryAlgebraic logicMathematicsAlgebraic fieldsAlgebraProgrammed instructionAlgebra, HomologicalMathematical physicsK-theoryAlgebra, AbstractAlgebraic topology193719601961196319641966196819691970197219731974197519761982198419861991199219931994199619971998199920002002200320042005200720082009201020112012430631204511.322QA3ocn000508438ocn310902274ocn797178471ocn797392142ocn466115561ocn466117503ocn681170422ocn638962395ocn802810525ocn797257344ocn247945324153514ocn057545184file20020.39Lawvere, F. WSets for mathematicsIn this textbook, categorical algebra is used to build a foundation for the study of geometry, analysis, and algebra+-+351565670585652ocn033667984book19910.59Lawvere, F. WConceptual mathematics : a first introduction to categoriesThis is an introduction to thinking about elementary mathematics from a categorial point of view. The goal is to explore the consequences of a new and fundamental insight about the nature of mathematics+-+526329670552324ocn000508438book19720.77Bucur, IToposes, algebraic geometry and logicConference proceedings+-+757405590852324ocn001527615book19750.77Lawvere, F. WModel theory and topoi : a collection of lectures by various authors+-+991625590851022ocn013121580book19860.77Lawvere, F. WCategories in continuum physics : lectures given at a workshop held at SUNY, Buffalo, 1982+-+014516590815411ocn000385540book19600.90Lawvere, F. WAn elementary theory of the category of sets599ocn000523907book19600.77Lawvere, F. WThe language of algebra; fields and ordered fieldsProgrammed instruction445ocn002831524book19750.95Lawvere, F. WVariable sets etendu and variable structure in topoi163ocn047060220book20000.93Categorical studies in ItalyConference proceedings143ocn859816886book19940.47Lawvere, F. WTeoria delle categorie : un'introduzione alla matematica : matematica concettuale136ocn738377482file20100.79Adámek, JiříAlgebraic theories : a categorical introduction to general algebra"Algebraic theories, introduced as a concept in the 1960s, have been a fundamental step towards a categorical view of general algebra. Moreover, they have proved very useful in various areas of mathematics and computer science. This carefully developed book gives a systematic introduction to algebra based on algebraic theories that is accessible to both graduate students and researchers. It will facilitate interactions of general algebra, category theory and computer science. A central concept is that of sifted colimits - that is, those commuting with finite products in sets. The authors prove the duality between algebraic categories and algebraic theories and discuss Morita equivalence between algebraic theories. They also pay special attention to one-sorted algebraic theories and the corresponding concrete algebraic categories over sets, and to S-sorted algebraic theories, which are important in program semantics. The final chapter is devoted to finitary localizations of algebraic categories, a recent research area"--Provided by publisher+-+2774666705138ocn002840887book19630.88Lawvere, F. WFunctorial semantics of algebraic theories81ocn052563333book20020.47Lawvere, F. 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WFunctorial semantics of algebraic theories and, Some algebraic problems in the context of functorial semantics of algebraic theories+-+5263296705+-+5263296705Thu Oct 16 15:36:22 EDT 2014batch13758