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Fri Mar 21 17:10:37 2014 UTClccn-n851774020.20Advanced calculus /0.451.00A mathematical treatment of the initial stages of drying of a soil column /34612918n 851774021453640Chateau, Paul duDu Chateau, PaulDuChateau, Paul C.デュシャトウlccn-n85177401Zachmann, David W.lccn-n96042568Gottlieb, Johannesedtlccn-n96087016Workshop on Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Hydrology, Geology and Ecology1995Karlsruhenp-hacisalihoglu, hilmiHacısalihoğlu, Hilminp-gardner, herbert reedGardner, Herbert Reednp-zachmannZachmannlccn-n78043938Colorado State UniversityDepartment of Agricultural and Chemical Engineeringlccn-no2008093819Urbina Medal, Edmundo Gerardotrlviaf-260464286楢崎, 隆1949-lccn-n81075780Soil Science Society of AmericaDuChateau, PaulConference proceedingsDifferential equations, PartialCauchy problemMathematical analysisCalculusSystem identificationInverse problems (Differential equations)Groundwater flow--MathematicsDifferential equationsFunctions of complex variablesComputer science--MathematicsGeographyEcologyHydraulic engineeringPhysical geographyEvaporationSoil moisture--Measurement1940197219801986198719881989199019921993199620012002200720112012201315581858515.353QA374ocn468671693ocn44307515336110ocn012692771book19860.56DuChateau, PaulSchaum's outline of theory and problems of partial differential equationsCovers elliptic, evolution, and first-order equations, integral transforms, and Green's functions, and includes sample exercises+-+124326525527812ocn018380049book19890.32DuChateau, PaulApplied partial differential equationsSuperb introduction to numerical methods for solving partial differential equations, boundary-value and initial-boundary-value problems on spatially bounded and on unbounded domains; integral transforms; uniqueness and continuous dependence on data, first-order equations, and more. Numerous exercises included, with solutions for many at end of book+-+71246913951963ocn000314792book19720.73DuChateau, PaulThe Cauchy-Goursat problem1355ocn025877011book19920.28DuChateau, PaulAdvanced mathematics for engineers and scientists+-+25842913951336ocn034731816book19960.86Gottlieb, JohannesParameter identification and inverse problems in hydrology, geology, and ecologyConference proceedingsThis volume contains the results of the workshop on Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Hydrology, Geology and Ecology, held in Karlsruhe, Germany, and represents a balanced selection of contributions from the various groups of participants. <br/> The reviewed, invited and contributed articles are grouped according to the broad headings of hydrology, non-linear diffusion and soil physics, geophysical methods, mathematical analysis of inverse and ill-posed problems and parallel algorithms for inverse problems. <br/> The book also contains the three-lecture tutorial 'Introduction to Inverse Problems of Non-linear Partial Differential Equations for Physicists, Scientists and Engineers' by Paul DuChateau, held at the Workshop. <br/> <em>Audience:</em> Applied mathematicians, engineers and geoscientists working in the fields of numerical methods and analysis of inverse and ill-posed problems, hydrology, ecology, soil sciences, geophysics, porous media research, water resource planning and management, and nuclear waste management+-+34359874253241262ocn025225239book19920.20DuChateau, PaulAdvanced calculus1224ocn700301954book20110.29DuChateau, PaulPartial differential equationsFortunately for you, there's Schaum's. 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You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills+-+83610262551081ocn025186722book19920.22DuChateau, PaulOrdinary differential equations722ocn026767096book19930.24DuChateau, PaulApplied complex variables61ocn832795912book19960.47Parameter identification and inverse problems in hydrology, geology, and ecology : [Workshop on Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Hydrology, Geology, and Ecology, Karlsruhe, April 10-12, 1995]Conference proceedings+-+343598742532452ocn801817148book19880.47DuChateau, PaulEcuaciones diferenciales parciales41ocn705795384book20110.23DuChateau, PaulScaum's oultines+-+836102625532ocn704985229book20110.33DuChateau, PaulSchaum's outline of partial differential equations+-+836102625522ocn674541561book19870.47Henbibun hōteishiki21ocn636929547book19860.47DuChateau, PaulTheory and problems of partial differential equations22ocn630074997book19880.47DuChateau, PaulTeoría y problemas de ecuaciones diferenciales parciales21ocn068076098book19860.47DuChateau, PaulKısmi diferensiyel denklemler teori ve problemleri : Schaum serisinden11ocn463643440book19801.00Zachmann, David WA mathematical treatment of the initial stages of drying of a soil column+-+1243265255+-+1243265255Fri Mar 21 15:10:39 EDT 2014batch10336