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Thu Oct 16 17:59:36 2014 UTClccn-n851806010.00Oral history interview with Theodor Wolfgang Hänsch,0.660.94Frontiers in laser spectroscopy : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 23 June-3 July 1992 /84241264Theodor_W._Hänschn 851806011394046Haensch, T. W. 1941-Haensch, T. W. (Theo W.), 1941-Haensch, Theo W. 1941-Hänsch, T. W.Hänsch, T. W. 1941-Hänsch, Ted,Hänsch, Ted 1941-Hänsch, Theo 1941-Hänsch, Theo W.Hänsch, Theo W. 1941-Hänsch, Theodor 1941-Hänsch, Theodor W 1941-Hänsch, Theodor Wolfgang 1941-lccn-n79145388Società italiana di fisicalccn-n83183124Inguscio, M.edtlccn-n83164129Shen, Y. R.edtlccn-n88167756Bassani, G. F.(Giuseppe Franco)1929-lccn-n83017800Walther, H.(Herbert)1935-2006edtviaf-49306680Neizert, B.edtlccn-n79078128American Institute of Physicslccn-n00004155Venghaus, Herbertlccn-n88201219Monemar, Bolccn-nr96036654Asakura, ToshimitsuHänsch, T. W.(Theo W.)1941-Conference proceedingsMetrologyStandardizationPhysical constantsPhysical measurementsSolar cellsPhotovoltaic power generationLaser spectroscopyQuantum theoryInterference (Light)Quantum interferenceCoherence (Nuclear physics)Coherent statesHydrogen--SpectraAtomsPhysicsNuclear physicsPlasma (Ionized gases)Physical opticsOptical materialsCondensed matterEngineeringElectrical engineeringElectromagnetismHänsch, T. W.--(Theo W.),PhysicistsAutismCaliforniaCalifornia--StanfordSpectrum analysisColumbia UniversityBell Telephone LaboratoriesQuantum opticsPhoton correlationSpecial relativity (Physics)Atomic clocksEinstein, Albert,Nonlinear opticsNobel PrizesGlauber, Roy J.,MeasurementHall, J. L.--(John L.),LasersCanadaScientistsStanford UniversityPhotovoltaic power systemsAmerican Physical SocietySpectrum analysis--ResearchUnited StatesLasers--Research19411969197019711972197319741975197619771979198419851987198919911992199319941995199719982000200120022003200520062007200820112013168776130530.8QA465ocn468465375ocn797311865ocn450713500ocn427535285ocn722066895ocn864591649ocn466162765ocn468319197ocn846580184ocn177348958ocn7531629148347ocn276166121file20070.47International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"Metrology and fundamental constants Metrologia e costanti fondamentali : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 18-28 July 2006Conference proceedingsOne of the exciting characteristics of metrology is its intimate relationship between fundamental physics and the leading edge of technology which is needed to perform advanced and challenging experiments and measurements. This title includes a set of lectures which present the relevant progress in Metrology+-+193285130623412ocn012556941book19850.88International Conference on Laser SpectroscopyLaser spectroscopy VII : proceedings of the seventh international conference, Hawaii, June 24-28, 1985Conference proceedings1786ocn019354801book19890.92Bassani, G. FThe Hydrogen atom : proceedings of the symposium, held in Pisa, Italy, June 30-July 2, 1988Conference proceedingsAtomic hydrogen, the simplest of all stable atoms, has been a challenge to spectroscopists and theoreticians for many years. Here, as in similar systems like positronium, muonium and possibly helium, the accuracy of theoretical predictions is comparable to that of experimental measurements. Hence exciting confrontations are possible. This together with expected large experimental improvements explains the strong interest in the symposium held in Pisa in June-July 1988. The resulting book completely covers the precision spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen and hydrogen-like systems, and also discusses aspects of QED and the influence of strong fields1334ocn030545565book19940.94International school of physics "Enrico Fermi"Frontiers in laser spectroscopy : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 23 June-3 July 1992Conference proceedings884ocn028353800book19930.84International Conference on Atomic PhysicsAtomic physics 13 : Thirteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics, Munich, Germany, 1992Conference proceedings332ocn801052283file19750.82Haroche, SLaser spectroscopy : proceedings of the second international conference, Megève, June 23-27, 1975Conference proceedings275ocn315803740file20050.63Goetzberger, APhotovoltaic solar energy generation"This comprehensive description and discussion of photovoltaics (PV) is presented at a level that makes it accessible to the interested academic. Starting with an historical overview, the text outlines the relevance of photovoltaics today and in the future. Then follows an introduction to the physical background of solar cells and the most important materials and technologies, with particular emphasis placed on future developments and prospects. The book goes beyond technology by also describing the path from the cell to the module to the system, proceeding to important applications, such as grid-connected and stand-alone systems."--Jacket264ocn801029697file20010.90Karshenboim, S. GThe hydrogen atom : precision physics of simple atomic systemsConference proceedingsCD-ROM contains: Reviews printed in text -- 40 contributed papers also presented at the conference "Hydrogen Atom 2" held in summer 2000 -- Proceedings of first "Hydrogen Atom" conference held in 1988+-+2084695908144ocn315795200file20050.79Ficek, ZbigniewQuantum interference and coherence theory and experiments"For the first time, this book assembles in a single volume accounts of many phenomena involving quantum interference in optical fields and atomic systems. It provides detailed theoretical treatments and experimental analyses of such phenomena as quantum erasure, quantum lithography, multi-atom entanglement, quantum beats, control of decoherence, phase control of quantum interference, coherent population trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption, lasing without inversion, subluminal and superluminal light propagation, storage of photons, quantum interference in phase space, interference and diffraction of cold atoms, and interference between Bose-Einstein condensates. This book fills a gap in the literature and will be useful to both experimentalists and theoreticians."--Jacket131ocn255834797book20070.31100 Produkte der Zukunft : wegweisende Ideen, die unser Leben verändern werden105ocn062561997book20050.59Atoms, quanta and relativity : a century after Einstein's miraculous year42ocn610356669book19930.47Walther, HAtomic physics41ocn860455416book20070.47Scuola internazionale di fisica Enrico fermiMetrology and fundamental costants : proceedings of the International school of physics Enrico Fermi : 166.Course : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero 18-28 july 2006+-+193285130641ocn831571410book19940.47Frontiers in laser spectroscopy : proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi", Course CXX, Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 23 June - 3 July 199231ocn254475661book20050.47Special issue: atoms, quanta and relativity - a century after Einstein's miraculous year33ocn227404583book19730.47Stanford UniversityUltranarrowband Tunable Dye Laser for New Approaches to Atomic Spectroscopy;Contents: A simple high-power pulsed nitrogen laser; Linear pressure tuning of a multi-element dye laser spectrometer; Saturation spectroscopy of atoms32ocn716166675book19940.47International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"Frontiere nella spettroscopia laser = Frontiers in laser spectroscopyConference proceedings21ocn610343157book19850.47Hänsch, T. WLaser spectroscopy22ocn827207819book19730.47Stanford UniversitySimple dye laser repetitively pumped by a xenon ion laser21ocn074082449book19690.47Hänsch, T. W(Zur Wechselwirkung zweier Laser-Lichtfelder mit angeregten Neon-Atomen)92ocn795641140com19980.84Schawlow, Arthur LOptics and laser spectroscopy, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1951-1961, and Stanford University since 1961 :InterviewsSchawlow family background, Depression years in Toronto; early aptitudes in radio engineering; college and university studies in math and physics, and World War II interruption; Malcolm Crawford and thesis research on atomic beam light source; post-doc at Columbia University, 1949-1951; co-author, with Charles H. Townes, of Microwave Spectroscopy (1955), dealing with theory and experimental techniques of microwave spectroscopy; marriage in 1951 to Aurelia Townes, and move to Bell Telephone Laboratories: working on superconductivity, in 1957-1958 collaborating with Townes on the optical maser (laser), and publication of "Infrared and Optical Masers"; discussion of the atmosphere at Columbia and at Bell Labs, pressures, publications, patents; joins physics faculty at Stanford University: research group in laser spectroscopy, Ted Hänsch, students, administrative matters, other faculty; interest in teaching, motivation, ethical issues, funding and the military, telling stories, timing, hindsight; expert jazz collector; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1981, and other honors; son Arthur, Jr., and discussion of the treatment of autism21ocn071802129visu20050.47The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2005Poster depicts the Nobel physics laureates who have contributed to the explanation of the nature of light11ocn881395614file1984Hänsch, T. WOral history interview with Theodor Wolfgang HänschHistoryLaser research at the Universität Heidelberg, 1965-1970. Thesis research. Collaboration on a commercial laser. Hänsch's laboratory style. Frustrations of doing spectroscopy with the early, non-tunable lasers. Laser research at Stanford University. Comparison of resources at Heidelberg and Stanford. The high-resolution, tunable laser of 1971 and the research program it engendered. Also prominently mentioned are: Mark Levenson, Arthur Leonard Schawlow, Isa Shahin, Peter Smith, Peter Toschek; and American Physical Society11ocn742346695art19980.10Hansch, Theodor Wolfgang: physicsBiographyDirectories+-+1932851306+-+1932851306Thu Oct 16 15:17:44 EDT 2014batch18827