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Fri Mar 21 17:06:35 2014 UTClccn-n851853580.00Extra Ohio statesman0.601.00Peace movements in the Democratic Party of Ohio during the Civil War / Larry Eugene Todd156006665n 851853581895956Ohio Democratic Partylccn-n85824699Stevens, Harry R.(Harry Robert)1914-lccn-n2004034915Robenalt, James D.1956-lccn-n2004034920Durbin, William W.(William Warner)np-henderson, thomasHenderson, Thomaslccn-n79054058Democratic Party (U.S.)np-powell, thomas edward$1842Powell, Thomas Edward1842-edtlccn-n81130550Republican Party (Ohio)lccn-n50027507Douglas, Stephen A.(Stephen Arnold)1813-1861lccn-nr92018474Hamer, Thomas Lyon1800-1846np-jameson, h aJameson, H. A.Democratic Party (Ohio)NewspapersPolitical platformsPortraitsHistoryBiographyDemocratic Party (Ohio)OhioPolitical scienceUnited StatesDurbin, William W.--(William Warner)PoliticiansOhio--KentonMagiciansFourth of July orationsDemocratic Party (U.S.)Political partiesRepublican Party (Ohio)Ohio--ClevelandOhio--ColumbusElectionsPresidential candidatesOhio--Cuyahoga CountyDouglas, Stephen A.--(Stephen Arnold),Presidents--ElectionPress and politicsHamer, Thomas Lyon,Publishers and publishingNewspaper publishingMorris, Thomas,States' rights (American politics)American Civil War (1861-1865)Local governmentApportionment (Election law)Ohio.--General AssemblyPolitical clubsCox familyVice-Presidential candidatesVoting registersOhio League of Young RepublicansHarmon, Judson,Youth--Societies and clubsMondale, Walter F.,African Americans--Crimes againstLegislatorsMullen, MichaelAfrican AmericansCarter, Jimmy,Cox, Samuel Sullivan,Youth--Political activityUnited States.--CongressKentucky and Virginia resolutions of 1798Hoadly, George,YouthElection districtsOhio--Cincinnati--West End1807182318321834183618391842184418451848185218561857186018631864186518661868187518781879188018811882188518861893189518971905190619081910191119121913191619261938194819501952195719601962196319681969197119731974197519771978198019811995200020022004200820121106168193329.3AC11075ocn015457262book18070.95Henderson, ThomasAn oration, delivered in the court-house, Cincinnati, before the citizens and volunteer companies of that place, on the 4th of July, 1807 being the thirty-first anniversary of American independence ...325ocn008790971book18810.59Republican Party (Ohio)The Ohio platforms of the Republican and Democratic Parties from 1855 to 1881 inclusivePolitical platforms161ocn011950330serial0.81Campaign plain dealer. And popular sovereignty advocateNewspapers152ocn011980170serial0.47Ohio coon catcherNewspapers91ocn012004173serial0.81Coon dissector62ocn068762381file18630.98Democratic Party (Ohio)Address to the soldiers of Ohio41ocn011986145serialExtra Ohio statesman21ocn037934498book1911Democratic Party (Ohio)A story of the progress in Ohio during Governor Judson Harmon's administration21ocn004800763book19480.23Democratic Party (Ohio)[Platform of the Democratic Party, 194811ocn031218459book1906Suggestive facts from which Democratic argument may be adduced on the stump and in the press in the Ohio campaign of 190611ocn773611035book1864Democratic Party (Ohio)National Democratic ticket. : For president, George B. McClellan, of New Jersey. For vice president, George H. Pendleton, of Ohio (Ohio elector ticket.) For electors of president and vice president of the United States, Charles Reemelin,HistoryPortraits11ocn009004909serialDemocratic Party (Ohio)Ohio Democrat11ocn060954935book1866Vallandigham, Clement LSpeech of Hon. C.L. Vallandingham at Rossville, Butler County, Ohio, October 4, 1866. : (Reported for the Cincinnati commercial by "Mack.") Fellow citizens of Butler11ocn039475305mixMallory, William LWilliam L. Mallory papersBiographyThe collection reflects the legislative career and other interests and activities of William Mallory. It includes correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, press releases, campaign materials, legislation, committee minutes, certificates, programs, invitations, etc. Topics include colleges and universities, day care, drug education, education, housing, minority business, and reapportionment of legislative districts11ocn035452553book1968Democratic Party (Ohio)Human concern11ocn025883178book18231.00Democratic Party (Ohio)Nomination of President & Vice President of the United States11ocn856152475book18441.00Democratic Party (Ohio)Freedom to Dorr! For president, James K. Polk. For vice president, George M. Dallas. Democratic electoral ticket, : Joseph H. Larwill ... [and 22 others]Ohio Democratic electoral ticket for the presidential election of 1844. The 23 electors listed are Joseph H. Larwill, Dowty Utter, Clayton Webb, James M. Dorsey, Robert D. Forsman, John Taylor, David Higgins, Gilbert Beach, John D. White, Thomas Megrady, Valentine Keffer, James Parker, Grenville P. Cherry, George Corwine, Cautious C. Covey, Isaac M. Lanning, Walter Jamieson, Sebastian Brainard, James Forbes, Sr., Neal McCoy, Milo Stone, Benjamin Adams, and Stephen N. Sargent. In the event, Ohio's 23 electoral votes went to the Whig candidate, Henry Clay. "Freedom to Dorr" evidences the national Democratic support of Thomas Wilson Dorr, imprisoned in June 1844 on conviction of treason in consequence of the revolt he led in 1842 against the Charter government of Rhode Island11ocn004800744book19380.10Democratic Party (Ohio)Platform, Democratic party in Ohio, 193811ocn464470132com19950.47Democratic Party (Ohio)Address to the soldiers of Ohio11ocn047657930bookDemocratic Party (Ohio)National democratic ticket ... Address of the National democratic candidates for the General Assembly of Ohio4113ocn000500084book19570.63Stevens, Harry RThe early Jackson Party in Ohio2263ocn054046190book20040.39Robenalt, James DLinking rings : William W. Durbin and the magic and mystery of AmericaBiographyHe was instrumental in William Jennings Bryan's near defeat of William McKinley in Ohio, and two decades later he helped Woodrow Wilson reach the White House."+-+4353388235704ocn007548011book19130.56Powell, Thomas EdwardThe Democratic party of the state of Ohio : a comprehensive history of democracy in Ohio from 1803 to 1912, including democratic legislation in the state, the campaigns of a century, history of Democratic Conventions, the reverses and successes of the party, etc.Biography132ocn012588200serial0.93Freemen's manualPeriodicals112ocn008634213mix19810.59Cardinal, Eric JThe democratic party of Ohio and the Civil War : an analysis of a wartime political minorityHistory82ocn438012855book18390.76Bryan, John AThe Ohio state bulletin, devoted to the "cause of freedom throughout the world." The times are filled with great events. Men and parties are forming in battle array. ... just upon the point of bidding adieu to all public employment, I feel that I have the alternative presented me of either retiring to private life, or of resuming my old occupation, that of editing and conducting a public journal.82ocn438020893book18320.76Foe to slanderO Yes! O Yes!! On Wednesday the 3d of October, 1832, Thomas Morris and Forman White, of Clermont, came into Georgetown, and in conversation, they declared in presence of several persons that Mr. Hamer would not get fifty votes in Clermont County!72ocn438186079book18440.63Democratic Party (Ohio)Every man to his post in 1844. Mr. [Blank] Dear Sir: Knowing you to be an influential, ardent and faithful friend to Democracy, and believing that you would never consider it a task, but an honor, to have the privilege of heading a column of Cleveland Indomitables, in another brush with Hard Cider Whiggery, you have been selected as a committee to take charge of the [blank] school district in this town.42ocn010434910book19730.95Saeger, Richard TA longitudinal analysis of inter-party competition in the eighty-eight counties of Ohio, 1860-197021ocn070191438book18650.73Organization of the state sovereignty democracy official document, editorial from the Hillsboro Gazette21ocn028424364mix1.00Duryee, Harold TPlans, research material, newspaper articles, and other papers, relating to Duryee's career and political activities, including documentation of Ohio Republican and Democratic parties' efforts to plan the reapportionment of U.S. congressional and General Assembly districts in Ohio, and material on Ohio League of Young Republicans22ocn058810471mix19691.00Todd, Larry EugenePeace movements in the Democratic Party of Ohio during the Civil War / Larry Eugene ToddHistory22ocn022041496book1885Butterworth, BenjaminHistory of Lieut. Mullen's crime : under direction of Democratic managers he imitates Louis Napoleon, conspires against free government, and strikes a blow at a free ballot --incarcerates 152 legal colored voters in a bastille : his conviction on plea of guilty --sentence of the court --petition for pardon signed by Gov. Hoadly, Allen O. Myers, and other Democrats : Hoadly boasts that he is proud of it! : pardoned by the president, and made a delegate to the Democratic State Convention --reinstated on the police force of Cinncinnati, displacing the officer who refused to join in the great conspiracy --Hon. Benj. Butterworth gives the inside of the matter21ocn038972897bookCox, Samuel SullivanManuscript papers of Samuel Sullivan CoxHistoryRecords and correspondenceMiscellaneous papers, chiefly correspondence dealing with Cox's role in politics, especially his legislative service21ocn038140426book18951.00Brice, Calvin StewartSpeech, as chairman of the Democratic State Convention, Springfield, Ohio, August 21, 189521ocn006335143book19160.47Wilson, WoodrowPapers, 1916 Feb. 14Letter, Feb. 14, 1916, from Woodrow Wilson to Charles Q. Hildebrant, Secretary of State of Ohio, giving Ohio Democrats permission to use his name in gaining election to the National Democratic Convention21ocn028424754mix1.00Jimmy Carter presidential campaign, 1976 (Ohio), recordsNews releases, trip itineraries, speeches, position papers, and biographical information on Carter, Walter Mondale, and Carter family members11ocn213372301book1912Democratic candidate for governor : James M. Cox, Dayton, Ohio : his Progressive platform and policiesPolitical platforms11ocn045792924art1908Salen, Charles PThe democratic opportunity. (With illus., ports.)11ocn816390173book1879St. Hickory : Democrats' Day! : grand celebration of the eighth of January : happy commemoration of the great Jackson's democracy : a green day in the history of Ohio Democrats-- unity, harmony, and fellowship, grace the hour : great speeches by Pendleton, Ewing, Morgan, Ward, Warner, Bishop, Converse, Neal, Gilmour, and many others+-+4353388235Fri Mar 21 16:03:23 EDT 2014batch22622